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Thursday, 19 March 2015

WOW!!!! Fredericton Police are adding to a Citizen's File that they are COP HATERS!!!! I might add WITHOUT PROOF!!!

I couldn't believe when a citizen approached me and told me on their file? He was labelled as a Cop Hater!!!

The only reason he knew if because his name was mentioned on the Police Scanner as " A COP HATER "

I asked - Have you ever been labelled in a Court of Law as " A COP HATER? "

The answer was "No "

So why are the Cops adding to the Citizens files that they are " COP HATER? "

Another False accusation by the Fredericton Police Force!!!!

What's a Cop Hater anyway???? If you're having a bad dad and you tell a Cop to " FUCK OFF!!!"

Will you be known as a Cop Hater??? What's in my file anyway???? Am I " A COP HATER?? "

This is not right and another reason we must get rid of these idiots and replace them with the R.C.M.P.!!!!

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