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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

CTV Journalist Andy Campbell to leave CTV friday for Communications for all of the varsity teams at U.N.B!!!


Sad to hear...:(...I always liked his style of Journalism...he was a straight shooter in person also...< a red head of course >

Here's some old pictures in link below -

Bonne Chance Andy...:)

Liberal Cabinet Minister Bill Fraser is confronted by Blogger about Miramichi Nursing Homes!!!

APTN Journalists are confronted by the Blogger in Miramichi!!!

Self-representation more costly to taxpayer than cost of Legal Aid lawyer



by André Faust

Abraham Lincoln had it right when he said "He who represents himself has a fool for a client".
Given a choice, most persons accused of a crime would prefer a lawyer represent them in court. But not everyone has a choice. The poor are denied access to justice when they cannot afford to pay legal fees of $125 per/hour or more. And when they turn to New Brunswick Legal Aid for help with summary offenses such as assault, they are refused.

Where a middle-class or wealthy person hires a lawyer to stickhandle the same offense through the system, a poor person has to defend herself or plead guilty. If she challenges the system, she ends up representing herself in court - becoming "the fool" of Abe Lincoln's legal maxim.

As a result, we see a growing number of low-income, self-represented litigants and accused who have become a standard feature in New Brunswick 's civil and criminal courts.

According to the Canadian Bar Association, the cost of self-representation is expensive to both the accused and the taxpayer. The self-represented consume significantly more court time and resources than those with legal representation and they lose more often than they win.

The Charles Leblanc case is a glaring example of Legal Aid's abject failure to help low-income persons make their way through the justice system. It also shows that self-representation costs considerably more to the taxpayer than a Legal Aid lawyer.

In January, the controversial blogger was charged with the summary offence of assault, an accusation he vigorously denies. LeBlanc has been diagnosed with ADHD and epilepsy and receives a monthly income assistance cheque of $576. He lives in subsidized housing and cannot afford a lawyer. He applied twice for Legal Aid but was refused. If found guilty, LeBlanc could go to jail, lose his apartment and become homeless.

Given the circumstances, LeBlanc believes he has no choice but to represent himself in court. A group called "Friends For Justice" has set up a website and raised more than $1100 with a goal of $5000 to pay for a lawyer and give LeBlanc a legal defence. Until then, however, LeBlanc continues to have a "fool for a client", as Abe Lincoln would say.

Leblanc’s first court appearance as a self-represented accused was on January 19 before Justice Julian Dickson. Since, then, he has appeared five more times before Justice Mary Jane Richards and Justice Brian McLean along with Special Crown Prosecutor Sebastien Michaud, who has been brought in from Edmundston.

Two recent hearings on July 7 and August 26 took 12 hours, the last one to question two members of the Miramichi Police Force who received the original assault complaint at the request of the Fredericton City Police. These two officers have travelled to Fredericton at least nine times on taxpayers' expense, perhaps more.

The next court date is Friday, September 18, at which time two Fredericton police officers will be cross examined by LeBlanc. Anyone who has sat in on the proceedings would agree it is painful to watch LeBlanc struggle with complex legal processes while begging the judge to appoint a Legal Aid lawyer. If previous hearings are any indication, the next session will be at least eight hours. And if the case goes to trial, it could be very lengthy with LeBlanc representing himself.

The costs to the taxpayer are surely in the tens of thousands of dollars by now and there is no end in sight, but what is an accused to do if he believes he is innocent? Ironically, had a Legal Aid lawyer argued LeBlanc's case from the beginning, this would have been resolved months ago, and the cost to the taxpayer would have been significantly reduced.

The problem is that policies making civil and criminal Legal Aid available for the working poor, seniors, students and those on income assistance are at the bottom of the priority list across Canada . The common denominator seems to be costs. Accessibility to Legal Aid is a budgetary matter and budgets determines one's eligibility, not justice.

Justice Minister Stephen Horseman must order changes to Legal Aid that will make it easier for New Brunswickers to qualify for assistance and get the necessary representation to resolve their legal issues.

If not, we will have more poor people tying up the courts and costing the taxpayer tens of thousands of dollars for cases that could be resolved quickly and easily with a Legal Aid lawyer.

Lots of people with mental issues on the street in Fredericton...:(

I don't know if it's because I haven't been in the City for a week but this morning while at King's Place, I noticed many people with mental issues...some I haven't seen for a while.

I might add the Police Scanner was VERY busy last night with issues of mental illness.

As a matter of face someone believe to have jumped off the Westmorland Bridge.

So??? What's going on anyway????..Cutbacks????

Or this???


Saturday, 26 September 2015

Low life non educated Racist Redneck views on Sports!!!

Oromocto Flats is the place to go for a bike ride!!!!!

Enjoying the first days of Fall 2015!!!!


Why would the citizens in Fredericton vote for Keith Ashfield???


You must be a believer....



A believer??? Ya damn well BETTER be a believer, pal. The owner of this damn place knows EXACTLY what you're up to all the time. And as I watched, with great interest, the activities of Pope Francis during his visit to North America this past week, THE one constant that I could never get out of my mind, was that after the Pope's visit comes to a close, the Great Creator Himself, may just decide to put in another appearance. Because, hell man, He did it once, and if He so choses, HE'LL DAMN WELL DO IT AGAIN!!!! And for all you sadsack, loudmouth, fat-ass welfare bums out there, the God who gave you life will do WHATEVER HE DAMN WELL WANTS TO DO, WHENEVER HE DAMN WELL WANTS TO DO IT!!!! COMPRENDE??? And as we all know, the owner of the RMS TITANIC, when asked how unsinkable the ship was, stated emphatically and without hesitation, THE LORD HIMSELF CAN'T SINK THIS SHIP!!!! Amen and amen to that, my friend.


Racist City of Fredericton are leading the way in Jailing free speech!!!!


First they accused me to be a pedophile and then they had my Blog shut down!!!!

WE must replace the whole council < except for one > during the next Municipal Election!!!

A message to my idiot coward Jerkface!!! Mayor Brad Woodside Family members are off limit!!!!


Lately, I noticed people are trying to leave comments against Brad Woodside's family members!!!

Sorry but these members are not to be talk about in this Blog!!! They are off limit!!!

Now? If you wish to call the Mayor - A Racist, bigot, smoking, snobby and non educated person? That's ok but he called me the same names. My God...I forgot the word - Pedophile.....anyway...I hope I made myself VERY clear....:)

Thursday, 24 September 2015

I haven't seen the preacher all he still alive???

Lord??? Why do we bitch and complain? We have our health!!!

Summary Charges: a fast track to trial and conviction – access to justice irrelevant.

Picture 708

Charles LeBlanc has repeatedly asked the Fredericton court reporter, Don MacPherson, to write an article on the injustices of summary charge prosecutions. Charles has learned, the hard way, that summary charge process is little more than a fast track to trial and conviction – unless you know the law better than a lawyer. Even then judges argue on behalf of the Crown and protect dirty cops.

Just before his hearing, on 18th September, 2015, Charles asked MacPherson (yet again) to write an informative article on the disaster that is summary charge prosecution. In response the court reporter stormed out of the hearing, saying Charles obviously didn’t want him there. Nothing could have been farther from the truth.

Don MacPherson has said many times his job is only to report what he hears and sees; he does not investigate or pass opinion. The trouble is what he hears and sees is not always what is reported. MacPherson also lectures people for attacking his “journalistic integrity”. I think his article, published on 21 September, tells us exactly where his journalistic integrity lies. Even though he did not “see” or “hear” anything of Charles’s hearing (having left in a tantrum) he still wrote an article as the court reporter. His short article was full of errors and misinformation, including a false and defamatory headline, saying Charles was going to trial for assaulting a police officer. Better to write nothing at all than to misinform the public and defame someone.

The Irving press clearly has no interest in educating the public, exposing systemic abuse or improving quality of life in this province. It is actively suppressing systemic wrongdoing and the court reporter seems to be one of Irving’s instruments. Since the Irving press won’t write the article I will. The public needs to know.

There are two levels of criminal offence in Canada: summary and indictable. Summary is less serious and the chosen route for most complaints. Depending on the offence, a summary conviction can result in up to 6 – 18 months incarceration and/or fines up to $5,000. It is still a very serious matter, negatively impacting reputations as well as Charter rights to liberty, security and equality – sometimes even life, as we saw with the tragic outcome of RCMP Corporal Ron Francis’s ridiculous charges and prosecution.

Under the Criminal Code of Canada the Federal Government has set up a two-tier system for laying, prosecuting and trying the two levels of charge. The differences create a huge disconnect for access to justice. Those charged with indictable offences have far more access to court process that may prevent a charge from proceeding to trial, assuming the accused know their rights, or have a competent lawyer (both of which are rare as the yeti).

Both types of charge are usually laid in provincial court by police officers who swear an “Information” before a judge. However, for more serious indictable offences, the Crown can prefer an indictment, submitted directly to the Superior court, which is not so common.

What are the big differences between summary and indictable criminal process? When indictable charges are presented to a court the judge is required to review the grounds and evidence before accepting it. This may require a hearing, held without the public or accused allowed, so I doubt that happens very often.

After entering a plea those accused of indictable offences can choose to be tried by one of the following: a provincial court judge; a Superior Court judge; a Superior Court judge and jury. The defence can also request a preliminary inquiry, which is a hearing to decide if there is enough evidence to proceed to trial. There are no such luxuries provided for summary offence prosecutions.

When a summary charge is laid judges are under no obligation to review any evidence or grounds. There is no right to a preliminary inquiry and no right to elect if the trial will be in provincial or superior court, or by judge and jury.

The Criminal Code also does not allow appeals from interim judicial decisions – however appalling – until the accused has been convicted and/or sentenced. In short, the criminal justice system is designed to fail defendants. There seems to be a nationwide agenda to use summary charges to fast-track people to trial, which almost always results in the Crown winning a conviction, based on little to no evidence and police officers “testilying”. (“Testilying” is the act of police lying on the witness stand – yes, it is so common it even has a name.

As we all now know, Legal Aid Services New Brunswick is withdrawing even basic services. Many people facing jail for a summary charge are not represented. Summary trials seem designed to convict people as quickly as possible. I heard a Fredericton Provincial Court judge say her trials average 30 minutes.

So, why is our criminal justice system such a disaster? First, I think this province has very few real jobs. Zero growth in business and industry and a contracting job market means the government has to preserve a facade that we need lots of police, judges, sheriffs, court staff, jails and their employees and Crown prosecutors. Without those jobs this province would be in an even bigger economic crisis than it is already in.
And let’s not forget the other winners in a prosecution: defence lawyers. Prosecutions create jobs and income for them. Private defence counsel costs up to $500 an hour. Even if you can pay that your lawyer will be working to clock up the hours, not to acquit or terminate the proceedings in favour of the client.

We don’t have speed dating in New Brunswick – we have speed prosecuting.

New Brunswick Tobique-Mactaquac Federal Green Party candidate Terry Wishart!!!!!

Picture 500

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Fredericton police hunts down Blogger Charles Leblanc at home!!!

I survive......

Picture 635

Less fortunate collecting a few bucks....

Picture 649

Brunswick Baptist Church in Fredericton feeding the less fortunate!!

Picture 675Picture 676

...and a little singing....

Listen to John McKay Speech!!!!

I'm not one to listen to 30 minutes videos but I'm glad I did with this one....

Nobody can explain politics better than this guy!!

Disable and Mental people are told to walk home after being release from Provincial Jail!!!

I predict someone will die this winter. The Government believe this is a BIG Joke!!!

The Court are sending New Brunswickers to jail and there's nothing the people can do beside a revolution!!!!

If they Jail someone? They should bring them back home.

I predict someone will die in the cold somewhere in New Brunswick this Winter

If the Sheriffs can bring them to Jail? Why not bring them home?

We need a Provincial Jail in Fredericton but we can't because this City is full of horny bastard!!!
 < Kingsclear >

Monday, 21 September 2015

Fredericton Daily Gleaner, Fredericton Police and Justice working together to fool public????

Fredericton Daily Gleaner tells public that Blogger will on Trial for assaulting Fredericton Police Officer!!!!

Picture 708

I just couldn't believe they would do such a thing!!!!

I noticed this morning people were giving me a strange look < more than usual!! >..:P

So? ONCE AGAIN???? The story that I'm going to court is in the Irving media before I know it!!!!!

I better get ready for another raid or the Cops might arrest me on the street and put me in jail until the trial!!!

They will say - Hey??? I read it in the Irving media so therefore it must be true???

Always something!!!!!

A VERY upset Blogger Charles LeBlanc telephone the Fredericton Daily Gleaner!!!

Sunday, 20 September 2015

A observer view on the motion hearings on Blogger Charles LeBlanc!!!!

Picture 522

This is the idiot who attack me on the streets but the Cops changed the story and the Judge sided with the Fredericton Police!!!! SCARY TIMES IN THE CAPITAL!!!!! You see this idiot? Run or ignore him!!!!



September 18th 2015


New Brunswick judges hear nothing at “hearings”

Charles’ hearing on 18th September, 2015, should have been about his formal application for state funded counsel, and his motion to order production of the transcripts/audio recordings of the hearings and evidence so far. The day before the hearing Charles was served a 252 page Brief, from a lawyer in the NB Attorney General’s office (Maya Hamou), obviously filed to argue against the application. Hamou also appeared at the hearing, to argue against Charles’ application.

Ker-Ching! The cost of preparing that document, making multiple copies, and counsel appearing could have paid for many hours of legal aid representation for Charles; instead the money was spent stopping him from exercising his right to counsel.

When the judge entered the courtroom Ms. Hamou introduced herself as representing the Minister of Justice. Her documents came from the Attorney General’s office and said she was “counsel and agent” for the respondent – which is the Attorney General. The Minister of Justice is not involved. I guess the Attorney General wants to pretend this is not his responsibility, and “patsy” Stephen Horsman is there to hide behind.

The judge then read a summary of the case so far, in a very stern voice. He confirmed he would not hear the Application for state funded counsel, but Mr. LeBlanc could pursue that if the matter goes to trial, He indicated he might not be the trial judge. He also refused to hear the motion for production of the transcripts, or audios of the hearings so far. This means Charles has no access to relevant evidence, on the public court record, which he is entitled to. The judge gave no reason for simply refusing to hear those matters.

Charles also filed further submissions requesting new information to be taken into account, on his previous motions, and requesting an adjournment until he had the transcripts, because he needed the evidence to support his motions. The judge told him he was not going to pay any attention to those materials.

Another important issue Charles raised was being denied the opportunity to re-examine himself under oath, after the Crown cross-examined him on his affidavits. The judge simply refused him that right, no reason given, and kept saying: if Charles had not filed so many motions the trial would have been over by now! (Yes, and Charles would, without a doubt, have been convicted for something he didn’t do.)

Examination of witnesses is a principle of fundamental justice, as is the defence’s right to have the last word. During this most recent hearing, after Charles had cross examined the Crown witnesses, the judge asked the Crown if it wanted to re-examine – something he did not do for Charles at previous hearings. The Blogger is being treated very differently than law requires. The judge’s only reason for denying Charles his lawful rights seemed to be a drive to hurry things to trial.

The Crown called its FPF witnesses: Cst. John Lally, administrator Shawn Quartermain and S/Sgt. Matt Myers. Crown’s direct examination, of course, only asked questions that supported the Crown. When Charles cross-examined them Crown counsel objected to almost every question, saying, “That’s for trial...” The judge supported the Crown and constantly interrupted, to explain why Charles could not ask those questions. This, of course, took our ADHD blogger off course and made him question every one of his own questions, which seemed to be the desired outcome.

Some interesting facts did come out during the examinations though. One was how many senior police officers were involved, in pushing this very trivial, petty matter to a very costly charge and prosecution. After telling the Court he was “second in command of the Major Crime Unit”, Matt Myers said this complaint went to a Fredericton Police Executive Board for approval. The Executive included the Chief of FPF Leanne Fitch, the Deputy Chief and Cpl. Linda Johnson. Corporal Linda Johns was the “FPF Quality Reader” of complaints, who recommended the matter be investigated by the Miramichi police, at huge public expense.

Myers also stated he pays no regard to public costs of such investigations and is not required to, adding the police exercise their discretion, case by case, on whether matters should proceed. Charles always seems to be the one they exercise their discretion to persecute and prosecute.

At least Charles established, on the court record, Andrew Spencer decided to confront him that day and the police all agreed. They also agreed the confrontation was about an interview Charles made, with a father and son. All of the cops swore, under oath, at no time did any of them view it or obtain a copy, so see if Spencer had any reason to confront Charles. At the last three hearings Charles confirmed he wanted to play the video, to prove Spencer lied about its content. He was refused. The court clearly does not want to review any evidence that might prove this charge is a fabrication, with no evidence to support it. The court’s have a duty to resolve matters in the most cost effective, timely and just manner – which is not happening here.

This entire proceeding continues to be a vile miscarriage of justice. It is an abuse of process, waste of public money and is an insult to the Canadian Constitution. This latest fiasco, of a Kangaroo court non-hearing, is confirmation that Charles and his truth-telling blog are so important that tens of thousands of public dollars are being spent to shut him up – and stop his civil actions against the City of Fredericton from proceeding.

New Brunswick Justice is being seen for the fraud it is. As I was told recently: the only place to find justice in our Fredericton courthouse is the carved word over the entrance.

Fredericton's Green Party of Canada candidate Mary Lou Babineau is confronted by the Blogger!!

Picture 563

People are always taking a Selfie!!!


Blogger Charles LeBlanc will go on Trial November 30th and December 1st! Six Months in Jail?

Another $20.00 to the Blogger Defense Fund!!!

Picture 654

Word is spreading that I will be to Jail for 6 months!!!!

After listening to Judge Mclean on Friday...there's no questions about it!!

It's all change...I'm not allow to call witnesses, show videos or prove that the Cops and Lawyer are lying!!!

The Irving media ARE NOT interested in covering the issue of Summary charges....

I put a complaint to the Court Journalist on Friday and he got mad and walked out!!!

Yes...I need a lawyer and the way things are going? I am going to have a VERY difficult time in locating one in this Province....

A very drain Blogger Charles LeBlanc after the Judge dismissed all motions in Court!!!!

Picture 520Picture 534

Friday, 18 September 2015

Blogger to face Racists Members of the Fredericton Police Force this morning at 9:30am in Court in Fredericton!!


This morning at 9:30am!!! Blogger will once again have to represent himself against crooked false charge by the Fredericton Police Force. Justice System is broken!!!!!....Be there at 9:30am to watch your Tax at work!!!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

New Brunswick Justice System needs to be studied!!!!



If you need figures to back up the numbers here they are. Also, below is an article quoting Dickson saying the average trial costs 5 - 10K (average trials are half a day so I guess this covers the costs of prosecution).

The salaries of judges, sheriffs and Crown counsel are found at although these are the GNB accounts up to end of 2014. Here are the key ones:

Sebastien Michaud: $100,000 to $124,999 (probably the high end - he has been there a while). He costs more than $500 a day plus gas, mileage, food expenses and has attended.

Provincial Court judge: $200,000 to $224,999 (McLean is new so probably the lower end). He costs over $800 a day plus mileage, gas etc to and from Saint John.

Sheriffs: (not all listed - around $50,000)

Clerical and admin staff are around $36,000 - $60,000 a year, depending on years of service.

The cops - this link is to the City of Fredericton police bi-weekly pay scales for cops Matt Myers is on just over $100,000 a year but, with seniority, he may be getting more than the base amount. Lally is on around $88,000 a year. Since police are unionised I assume the Miramichi Detective Constables are on similar salaries to Lally - maybe less because Lally has been there 25 years. The cops cost around $1,400 a day when they are all there - as they have been!

The hearing of 26 August was all day, plus travel and expenses for the judge, sheriff, stenographer, two cops and Crown counsel. Myers was there for half a day. That day cost taxpayers around $3,000 - without taking the travel etc for the judge, prosecutor and two Miramichi cops.

Here is the Irving press article quoting Dickson, sayinig the average trial costs $5,000 - $10,000:

Alleged egg-throwing could cost courts $5,000, warns judge


Dickson made the statement in a form of a rhetorical question after scheduling the boy to return to court on Aug. 19 to set a trial date.

The boy’s case had been recommended for post-charge diversion, which could lead to a discharge, but such an option would be available only if the boy admitted his guilt. The boy refused to do so, even after Dickson double-checked to confirm the boy’s decision.

The initial charge against the boy was that he caused mischief by interfering with someone else’s property on Feb. 7. However, Dickson said he had“never read such a vague charge in my life.”

“How’s he expected plea to that?” Dickson questioned Crown prosecutor Shara Munn.“If I was asked to plead to that. I would say, ‘Sorry, I don’t understand the charge.’”

Munn apologized for the lack of particulars, noting that she doesn’t see the information before it gets laid before a judge.

Dickson said it was “only reasonable” that the charge specify what the accused is alleged to have done, and she aid Munn had to convince him that the boy understands what he’s accused of.

Munn requested that the information be amended. She specified the location of the property as being on Victoria Street and the mischief to have been the throwing of an egg on the property.

Before accepting the requested amendments, Dickson sought the opinion of duty counsel Margaret Gallagher, who suggested the matter either be set for trial or be withdrawn.

Dickson asked Munn if she was prepared to withdraw the charge, but she wasn’t, and the charge was amended. The boy maintained his not guilty plea.

But Dickson still had difficulty with the Crown’s decision to take an alleged egging incident to trial.

“Isn’t there a maxim that the law doesn’t trifle with such things?” asked Dickson before reciting the latin maxim de minimis non curat lex.

“I think it’s a culmination of a number of complaints,” said Munn. “It’s probably why it was recommended for post-charge diversion.”

“But if he didn’t do it, he didn’t do it,” Dickson countered.

The judge then continued on, saying the average trial in New Brunswick costs between $5,000 and $10,000.

“But if that’s what the Crown wants, that’s their right,”said Dickson.

Throughout the back-and-forth between Dickson and Munn, the boy, no more than five feet tall, twiddled with the lectern.

Munn, who’s not a regular prosecutor in the Saint John office, said she would return the file to a Saint John Crown prosecutor for it to be reviewed before the boy’s scheduled August return date.

I haven't seen these guys around for the last 2 years...:(


Are they still alive???

New Brunswick Common Front for Social Justice Inc. are truly out of touch with the issues concerning the less fortunate!!!


They always refuse to debate the issue of the less fortunate and the Court System.....:(

Another politician soon to be history....


Building and Photo Journalist are both gone...:(




Still missing...