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Monday, 31 August 2015

Future New Brunswick Nurses learned a lot about Poverty in Fredericton!!!!!

IMGP6340 IMGP6342

Once in a while during the hot summer months, these girls would offer me a nice cold bottle of water.

Last Friday, they walked by me and I took a pic. < Surprise? >

I shouted - When are you girls done???

It was their final walk for the summer month so I decided to do a woman uickly

This could be one of my attention to the girls honest views on Poverty...

Playing the Accordion at the Farmer's Market in Fredericton!!!!

The only guy who can MAYBE find peace between the Blogger and the Fredericton Police Force???


Sunday, 30 August 2015

Judge tells blogger to stop bringing up irrelevant issues at hearing

D0N MAGPHERS0N ~ Fredericton Daily Gleaner
August 27, 2015

Charles LeBlanc, a blogger was in court on Wednesday.
Photo: Don MacPherson/Daily Gleaner Archive

A Fredericton blogger's arguments to quash an assault charge against him before trial didn't seem to persuade a judge on Wednesday.

Charles Joseph LeBlanc, 56, of 1-145 Westmorland St. faces a summary charge of assault, alleging an incident involving complainant Andrew Spencer on July 3, 2014.

LeBlanc who's representing himself after being denied legal aid, filed several pre-trial motions with the court,and a hearing to determine those issues resumed in provincial court on Wednesday.

The motion the court was dealing with first on Wednesday was the one in which  LeBlanc contends the charge against him should be quashed because he alleges it wasn't properly sworn before a judge.

To refute that allegation,Crown prosecutor Sebastien Michaud called two members of the Miramichi Police Force as witnesses: Const Shane Henderson and Const. Greg Scott. 

Henderson testified he conducted the investigation at the request of the Fredericton Police Force.

The alleged assault reportedly occurred in Fredericton, but given the city police force's contentious history with LeBlanc, it asked the outside police agency to handle the case.

Henderson testified about his investigation, noting he interviewed Spencer and took a video statement from him.

He also noted he learned from a video LeBlanc posted on YouTube in November there was a witness to the incident: Terry Wishart. Henderson got a sworn, video-recorded statement from him as well, and he said Wishart's comments supported Spencer's report.

"Mr. Wishart did state that Mr. LeBlanc did strike Mr. Spencer with a closed fist" Henderson said.

Furthermore,the officer said, LeBlanc made comments in his own video that were consistent wilh what the investigation had revealed to that  point.

As such, he said, he felt he had reasonable and probable grounds to believe  LeBlanc had assaulted Spencer by striking him once in the head with a closed fist.

 Testimony presented at the motion hearing doesn't constitute proof beyond a reasonable doubt. and despite what was said, LeBlanc remains innocent of the charge until proven guilty.

Under cross-examination by LeBlanc, Henderson said he did check the area in downtown Fredericton where the assault is alleged to have occurred to determine if any video camera captured those events. He said he found no video.

"I wish I had that" Henderson said.

"I wish you did too. It would've proven that I'm not guilty," LeBlanc countered.

Henderson noted he relayed the details and progress of his investigation to Scott, a fellow Miramichi police detective. Scott is the one who travelled to Fredericton on Jan, 2 and laid the information with the court, swearing he believed it to be true.

Scott testified he also had reasonable and probable grounds to believe the assault had occurred. He noted he relied on the information Henderson had provided to form those ground.

Judge Brian Mclean noted, as LeBlanc had argued in his written motion, that an officer who swears a charge must have knowledge of the file and believe there's reasonable and probable grounds to support it.

Though the judge has yet to rule on LeBlanc's motion. he repeatedly told the defendant the Miramichi officers' testimony appeared to support the Crown's contention the charge was properly sworn.

Throughout his cross-examination of the police witnesses, LeBlanc tried to explore Spencer's reasons for confronting him in downtown Fredericton at the time of the alleged incident, which was alleged to be irritation he felt over  LeBlanc's video interview of a father and son he conducted for his blog some time ago.

However, Mclean told LeBlanc he needed to focus his attention and the court's on the issue at the heart of his motion that the charge wasn't properly sworn.

The judge said the video wasn't relevant at this point in the proceedings, and he noted it appeared  LeBlanc was trying to try the case rather than deal wilh his pre-trial motions. 

LeBlanc argued that since he was charged summarily, he didn't have the opportunity to have a preliminary hearing to determine if there was sufficient evidence to set the matter over for a trial.

He said he was using the hearings on his motion as a substitute for a preliminary hearing.

This is not a preliminary hearing the judge said.

Mclean reminded him again to limit himself to the issues pertinent to the motion before the court. He said he hoped to get through the hearings on Wednesday, but the digressions were slowing down the process.

"I apologize, I didn't know there was a time limit to get justice,"   LeBlanc retorted.

When cross-examining Scott, LeBlanc repeatedly tried to raise the issue of his conflicts with members of the Fredericton Police Force but the judge kept telling him it wasn't relevant.

Furthermore, Mclean said, Scott had testified he wasn't familiar with the blogger's controversial history with the Fredericton force.

The court also heard evidence relating to another motion  LeBlanc filed that contends the Crown hasn't made full disclosure to the defence.

Henderson testified repeatedly that LeBlanc had been provided with all of the material he had from his file and that nothing was held back.

LeBlanc Told the court he believes there was email communication between members of the Fredericton and Miramichi police forces, suggesting officers in the capital had been influencing the investigation.

He reiterated several times throughout the proceedings on Wednesday that he's in over his head and needs a lawyer.

After a full day of testimony and representations before the court,the hearing adjourned, and Mclean scheduled its continuation for Sept. 18.

The assault trial itself has yet to be scheduled.

Peace Officers Memorial Day in Fredericton!!!

VERY smart Cop in the Fredericton Police Force!!!


Saturday, 29 August 2015

Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside emailed Blogger Friday to say he's going to prove Blogger is a Pedophile!!!

Boy??? I told a few people and I am VERY upset...I will respond with a youtube comment....truly stay tuned....This is going to get VERY ugly!!!

I was surprised especially after doing this one on one with the Mayor Thursday morning....:(

I just noticed this old newcomers will enjoy this one...

The good old days before this pedophile thing started....grrrr......

UPDATE - It's a letter from the law firm representing the City so therefore it represents the Mayor.....stay tuned.....

I deserve one after a VERY hard few hours....:)




IT's 4:00pm!!!!!..The scanner is going nuts!!!!!

Friday, 28 August 2015

Dreaming for big future assignments to come!!!


Mike Richardson on today's Gregory Despres appearance for Mental Health Review!

Mike was one of the first one I interviewed - May 2007!!! Made this one morning -


Originally uploaded by Oldmaison.

This was one of the first interview I ever did for this blog. Click below

<a href="";

Citizen is grabbed by Drunken Poet Andrew Spencer last night in Fredericton. Weapon is destroyed!

Many people are avoiding a part of Downtown because of this idiot swinging his stick around...Fredericton Police are turning their heads....after last night...The Idiot so-called Poet weapon is gone!!!!

Can you imagine if a Judge gives the OK to this idiot to attack the citizens on the Streets???

This is what our fearless Police Force are pushing...Chaos!!!

Truck Drivers are illiterate in Fredericton!!!

Picture 16195

Blogger behaved at Fredericton Police Chief Leanne Fitch so Cops should be at his door in morning!!!!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

New Movie Premiere to hit Fredericton!!!


Racist Fredericton Police Chief Leanne Fitch to praise in the morning innocent citizens being accuse of exploiting Kids for sex!!!

FPF Application to ISP by Charles LeBlanc

...and you have Cops like River Rat Matt Myers accusing me to be a pedophile???? This idiot will be on the stand on September 18 and I can't wait to cross examine this Rat!!!


He's the worst low life this City have ever seen and Police Chief Leanne Fitch supports these dirty cops????

I wonder if our Mayor will join the News Conference???

P.S. If these idiots Cops shows up at your door??? Call the R.C.M.P. and order them to take a Breathalyzer in front of you!!!

New Brunswick Justice System must educate themselves on the court transcript issue!!!!!


Hi Charles,


Repeated requests by Blogger Charles Leblanc for court transcripts are blocked by the court.

Our justice system is fueled by court documents. Lawyers rely on transcripts to keep track of the court proceedings.

Charles is representing himself. He needs access to the court transcripts so that he has a record of witness testimony and cross-examination. Without this record, he does not have the actual statements to prepare for future questioning of witnesses and the Crown.

After his 5th appearance in the courtroom for this case, Charles asked for a copy of the transcripts that had been collected to date. But justice was denied.

First Charles filled out the application for transcripts and submitted it to the Provincial Court office. He returned 2 weeks later and the transcript records were all ready for him in a pile of papers. But the Court office told Charles that he would have to pay $399 for the transcripts. When Charles said he was on social assistance and could not afford to pay that amount, the Court office told him he could not have the transcript. There was no recourse offered to Charles.

Does the Court office not have a copy machine? It takes 30 seconds to put a pile of papers in a copier, press "Copy to PDF", and make a digital copy of the papers. Why was Charles not offered a digital copy of the transcript on a CD or memory stick?

Next, Charles asked Minister of Justice Stephen Horseman for help and he arranged to have a justice lawyer meet with him. The Justice Department employee told Charles he would not get copies of the transcripts.

Finally, in today's appearance in front of Judge Brian McLean, Charles asked the court for an explanation why he was denied a copy of the transcripts. He spent the next half-hour pleading with the court to provide him these transcripts. It was a futile exercise and laid bare how uncaring the whole legal system was towards people on social assistance. Not one person in that courtroom - the judge, the Crown Prosecutor, the City of Fredericton police force - offered to ask the Court office if there was a way to provide these transcripts to Charles.

First he was denied a lawyer by Legal Aid. Now the system has denied him access to transcripts.

Is someone going to come forward and find a way to get these transcripts to Charles? City of Fredericton? Mayor and Council? Crown Prosecutor's Office?

The silence is deafening.

Would it not be possible for Mayor Woodside to ask someone in the Provincial Court to "Copy to PDF"? Here is an easy-to-understand YouTube that shows how this is quickly done on a copy machine.

How to Scan Documents (2:47) April 28, 2011

Blogger Charles LeBlanc needs a Lawyer...NOW!!!!!!

The Fredericton Irving Paper came out with a story and it's not that bad. I might add the Journalist Don MacPherson wasn't present at the beginning of the hearing.

He missed the part that I was denied the right to the Transcript. I believe it's VERY scary the less fortunate are not allowed to have access to the transcript especially to prove the Prosecutor LIED to the Court.

Sabastien Michaud told the court that I lied by saying that I didn't know this so-called idiot Poet???

This is the video he said I mentioned his name twice -

The video truly shows the idiot poet going after the citizen and the court might rule that he's allowed to lash out at the citizens in this City!!!!

15 supporters showed up in Court this morning < thank God it was raining! >...:P

Seriously, I appreciate the support in the Court Room and on the Streets.

As I always said - The system is on trial in this case. The Justice system is racist against the less fortunate and especially with people with mental illness.

Now....On September 18 the court want me to cross examine racist Cops River Rat Matt Myers and John Lally!!!

How can I stay calm knowing these assholes labelled me as a pedophile???

Their views will be posted shortly.....

Bottom line?..I NEED A LAWYER!!!

Here's a comment from a reader of the Irving Website to the story -

I'm not sure I understand this.

Let's see: Spencer sought out LeBlanc and confronted him over a possibly inappropriate video interview, things heated up and that resulted in a blow by LeBlanc on his confronter, Spencer.

City police seized upon this opportunity to avenge themselves on whistle-blower LeBlanc and requested the Miramichi police to help with the investigation.

The taxpayers of the City of Fredericton and the Province of NB are paying a fortune to try and convict an irritating blogger who should have got a fine to begin with.

Mr. Leblanc, Stop costing me money. Take responsibility for losing your temper and pay a fine.

City of Fredericton, identify the party responsible for this expensive investigation and fire them.

Blogger to cross examine Racists Members of the Fredericton Police Force this morning!!!


Wait till the public hears how the interfered with the evidence to convict the citizens!!!!

Truly stay tuned!!!



I'm learning....


Tuesday, 25 August 2015

He is missed....:(






Trees are long gone...


The good old days of short campaigns!!!


Strange this was 9 years ago!!!


Tomorrow the Liberal Government wit5h Stephen Horsman will announce the less fortunate in this Province will be attack and jailed without any trials!!!

Maybe it's time we bring back the old retirees from the Fredericton Police????


Who's this guy???


Friends of Charles LeBlanc denounce rejection of legal aid

Picture source
Written by Asaf Rashid on August 25, 2015

Originally Published NB Media Co-op

A groups called Friends of Justice has started a defence fund to help well known Fredericton blogger Charles LeBlanc afford a lawyer to fight a summary assault charge. LeBlanc receives social assistance and cannot afford a lawyer on his own.

The defence fund site, administered by Friends of Justice, states that the goal of their efforts will be to raise $5,000. They expect the trial to go well beyond the next court date, on August 26, and estimate that legal costs will mount. Friends of Justice says that the fund is independent of LeBlanc and that the money will go towards LeBlanc’s legal costs, not to him directly, with any remainder going towards poverty related charities.

LeBlanc applied for Legal Aid for for his first court appearance in April, but was refused. He appealed in May and was refused a second time.

Leblanc’s supporters have raised concerns over the denial of Legal Aid to LeBlanc.

“If you’re charged on a summary offence, the likelihood you’ll qualify for legal aid is highly remote,” says Andre Faust, spokesperson of Friends of Justice.

Faust stresses that this is a problem, “The judge has latitude on a summary offence to sentence you for up to 6 months in jail or fine you up to $5000.”

Faust says that in LeBlanc’s case, a judge could lean towards a harsher sentence. “Given that he’s embarrassed people in the structure, there may be what I call judicial bias against him.”

Faust is referring to LeBlanc’s blog, which pulls no punches in its criticism of local police, politicians and government bureaucrats.

“There’s a good chance he could face jail time if he represents himself,” Faust warns.

The concern is well founded. In 2010, Melina Buckley wrote a report for the Canadian Bar Association titled, Moving Forward on Legal Aid.

“The coverage criteria currently in place generally deny legal representation to low-income accused who have been charged with minor offences even though the impact of a criminal record would be extremely serious for them … unrepresented accused are often vulnerable and disadvantaged due to their personal characteristics, low levels of education and literacy, and higher rates of drug and alcohol addiction. Regardless of the seriousness of the charges against them, these individuals cannot adequately advocate for themselves. Many of them end up in prison as a result,” Buckley explains in the report.

The unrepresented fare worse than those with lawyers in both criminal and civil cases, the point being that the unrepresented generally cannot match lawyers in a courtroom. A report by Dr. Jula Hughes and E.L. MacKinnon in 2007, If there were Legal Aid in New Brunswick … a Review of Legal Services in New Brunswick emphasizes the disparity.

“The judges we consulted were unanimous in their conclusion that an unrepresented litigant is much less likely to achieve a favourable outcome than a represented litigant, particularly when self representation was not a choice,” the authors state.

In a comment to the NB Media Coop about LeBlanc’s predicament, Hughes stresses that the lack of legal aid coverage for someone facing a summary charge results in many problems. She says, “(Unrepresented) are not able to effectively participate in a criminal trial, so the consequences are more wrongful convictions, inappropriate pleas, delays, adjournments, longer trials, inappropriate sentences.”

Faust understands what LeBlanc is up against. For his next court appearance on August 26, LeBlanc is expecting to represent himself, as no legal representation has yet been secured.

“Charles has got to go up against an experienced Crown prosecutor who knows the court procedures and worked with judges on many occasions. Charles walks in without having that sophistication. The other Handicap that Charles has with self representation is his ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). He can’t focus,” says Faust.

In a statement on his blog, LeBlanc emphatically states, “I told the court many, many times, I’m not a lawyer. I need a lawyer.”

Faust adds, “We believe the allegations are groundless and that Charles has several defences available to him: however, because of his ADHD, lack of legal knowledge and experience he cannot articulate those defences to the court’s satisfaction.”

The defence fund site points out the LeBlanc is at risk of losing everything. “Charles receives an income assistance cheque of $567 per month. He lives in subsidized housing and if he goes to jail, he may end up homeless.”

Supporters of LeBlanc want to make clear that although they are currently putting their energy towards helping LeBlanc afford a lawyer, this issue is not just about LeBlanc.

“At the end of the day, we’re hoping that we can level the playing field,” says Faust. He notes that LeBlanc’s case touches on a number of important social issues. “This is a case that challenges legal aid, poverty and mental health

Long gone....


Racist members of the Fredericton Police Force will be cross examine by the Blogger tomorrow morning at 9:30am!!!


Wait till you hear what the Fredericton Police did in my case. Everything will come out in Court.

The issue of lying to my Internet provider with the support of Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside < he never apologize during the news conference > for calling me a Pedophile will also made public.

If the Irving covers this hearing properly, the public will shake their heads of what the Police Force did to have me charge.

Stay tuned because you will see your Police Force in action and you will see that many innocent citizens are in Jail because of this VERY crooked Police Force.

9:30am tomorrow morning!!!!

We need a huge public inquiry on this so-called Police Force.

Minister of Justice Stephen Horrman must investigate the way the less fortunate and people with mental illness are being treated.


Personally, I like the guy but this prosecution against the less fortunate with mental issue MUST STOP!!!!


The Cops went so far in lying to have me charge < 6 months after the idiot so-called Poet attack me on the street >

Crooked Matt Myers and John Lally should be fired!!!!!

Here's crooked Cop John Lally -

As I told everyone who will listen - I'm not on trial's the system on Trial!!!!

If you have a honest Judge < which I believe we do > The truth will come out!!!

Truly stay tuned!!!

He was the best....:)

Pictures 071

What is she going these days anyway???

Pictures 181

Is he still around the Liberal machine???


Miss him???


Monday, 24 August 2015

10 years ago....


Following orders by President Donald Trump????


Garth Hood from Fredericton reveals how few jobs are created from NB forest!!!

The good old days...


This guy have been VERY quiet lately....


Who's the goofball on the left anyway??? Every instant the P.C. goes in power? He gets a high paying job!!!


First look at the Blogger 10 years ago!!!


If they would have known what was coming? I might have been shot???..:P

Shoplifting charge against Fredericton Police Officer Const.Cherie Campbell are drop???


If this is true? To be honest with ya? I would be happy...:)

Could have been Prime Minister???


Will they ever return????


New Brunswickers are beginning to fight back against the Brian Gallant Government!!!!


Elvis lands in Fredericton!!!


Fredericton Police Officer Cst Darrell Brewer was the drunken driver on Motor Cycle that crash at Dixee Lee Sunday night!!!

I just found out and I wonder is the Union will pay his Court Cost????

He has been in trouble before -

Why was drunken Fredericton Cop treated differently???

Picture 15907

Here's a video -

I didn't know it was a Cop but I was following the accident on the Police Scanner.

I was surprised once I heard - Ok...we know who it is!!! < they had the license plate >

They never mentioned his name ONCE....

Now? If it would have been anyone else? His or her name would have been broadcast for everyone to hear!!!

Soooo??? Why was this Cop treated differently????

You tell me!!!!


Picture 15903Picture 15907

I was there and the K-9 was used to locate this other idiot!!!

It took hours to locate him...if it would have been a citizen? The poor individual would be in court in the morning!!

So? Did the drunken Cop received special treatment after trying to run away from the scene???

What example is this showing our youths???

I can't wait for Wednesday morning to get these idiots on the stand!!!..:)