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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Man Trial who killed 21 people in Saint John takes 2 weeks but Dennis Oland takes over one year for one single Murder???

We will be doing this in Fredericton after the Police destroys all Police Scanners!!!

Beautiful Sunday morning in Bathurst....


New Brunswick Multicultural Council is charging to pick up furniture for Refugees!!!

Syrians Refugees running out of Food will be the least of their Problems in Fredericton!!


Coming back to the Evil City of Fredericton.....


Are you a Believer??

Picture 5633

We are still $600.00 short of the $5,000.00 goal!!!

Picture 4284

The trial is this April and we might not get a lawyer if we can't raise that extra $600.00 for a lawyer.

Go read on top of the Blog for more info....

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Via Memramcook!!!!

Tarot Cards tells Blogger Charles LeBlanc's Future!!!


and with this last one....please explain!!!


This is the verdict!!!!! What does it mean????


Fredericton Police Force Aptitude test failed by Blogger!!!!

Nanook loves Arm & Hammer Cat Litter!!!



Fredericton Police Chief Leanne Fitch won't allow Cop to chat with Blogger about Medal of Bravery!!!

Fredericton Police should go after idiots who post personal info about Citizens from Police Scanner on Social Media!!!!!!

Low Life Non-Educated bigot Redneck chat with Blogger about Refugees in Fredericton!!!

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Horny Male Cat gets distracted by GGGOOOAAALLLL!!!!

Fascist Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside will get money any ways he can!!!!

  1. bradwoodside



Hi Charles,

Please Attend the Fracking Commission's Press Conference this FRIDAY, FEB. 26th (9:00am-11:30am, Crown Plaza Hotel, downtown Fredericton)

Why are any of us even considering participating in any discussions around the viability of shale gas in this province, even as a counter-voice?

Those discussions were valid initially when we basically had to ‘educate’ government. But that is no longer the case. Coupled with Dr. Cleary’s extensive research, report and recommendations, we have delivered more than enough knowledge/facts to ban the industry. If they were evenly remotely inclined to do so, it would have already happened. While initially productive, we have now reached the point of diminishing returns... more will not be better and we all know that.

There is nothing left to discuss.

There is a basic principle in human interaction that is hard to argue: what you do shouts louder than what you say. The medium is the message; engaging in on-going discussion on a topic sends a clear message that there is still something to discuss. Are we in fact sending the message, albeit unintentional, that shale gas is still on the table?

We must ask ourselves why this Commission was struck in the first place. What was its genesis? Could this Commission possibly have access to better research than Dr. Cleary and others like her have produced? How ludicrous would it be to deny the services of a brain surgeon, preferring instead to ‘do it yourself’? But instead of calling the government out on the ridiculousness of hitting that reset button and repeating its associated societal toll, we continue to discuss. This is our best ever chance... NOW IS THE TIME TO SIMPLY STAND to stand and say “NO... there is nothing to discuss... this is a non-issue” ...and mean it.

We must stand beside our Natives Allies.

Most importantly, our Indigenous Allies have said “not under any condition”. What can be left to discuss? Do we stand with them or do we not? Are we truly Allies or are we not? Tomorrow, Allies will stand shoulder to shoulder, denying the validity of this process. Chief Tremblay has called out to members of the Wolastoq Grand Council, “I urge members from the Wolastoq Grand Council to attend, for our voices need to be heard and our presence to be felt.”. Will you walk right by Grand Chief Ron Tremblay to participate in this event?

We have delivered the knowledge piece in spades, we have stood as Allies on the lines, we have clearly indicated there is no social license for this industry in NB, and our Indigenous Allies have clearly said “No”. What on earth could be left to discuss?

Meanwhile, while we are standing in the middle of the road, distracted by all this discussion and ‘study’, the bus is charging ever closer, at twice the speed we originally anticipated, according to a new study that has just been released.1 A second study 2 released Feb.6 shows a 30% increase in methane emissions above the US in the past decade, likely linking to the 30%-60% growth in global emissions and to the fracking industry.

We are barely going to get off the road in time even if we start running immediately at top speed. It is imperative to dedicate every ounce of energy and brain power to the immediacy of this emergency.

We must focus on getting off the road, not on the debate of whether or not we should.

I know we all want the same result.

In solidarity,

Maggie Connell



New Brunswick Shale Gas Commission report to go public Friday at 9:00am at Crown Plaza!!!

New Brunswick Contraband Enforcement Unit is asked to Finance Minister Roger Melanson!!!

Wednesday, 24 February 2016


  1. danielbussieres

New Brunswick Commission on Hydraulic Fracturing Friday, March 26th @ 9:00am Crown Plaza, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Who they are going to support Fracking in New Brunswick.

I predicted this months ago after I found out one of the panelist is a Judge.

You knew there was something wrong once they were smiling with the presenters.

Why so early??? 9:00am?????

Harold Miller died last weekend!!!! Remember him????


img_1631 >img_4106img_7120

Gilles Bodarge The manager for 15 years will be history this Friday.

I also learned today that Harold will also be no more.

Who's Harold?


Harold has been standing in that area for the last 10 years. He makes sure that people can drive their vehicles safely from the parking area.

My ADHD sure couldn't handle that job. I saw the guy standing there in the cold winter winds to the heavy rain during the summer months.

He's determine....I sure couldn't do it.

I wish them Bonne Chance!!!

It sure will not be the same without these two individual at the Victory Meat Market in Fredericton.

Here's a youtube I made with Gilles a few weeks



Click below -




Syrians are escaping a world of Evil and are welcome to a world of Capitalism!!!

It's VERY good the Government gave the Refugees a $100.00 gift Certificate to those poor Refugees.

Only one problemo....these certificate were from Sobey's and the Superstore.

I mean food is food but shouldn't these refugees be encourage to buy Local as places like Peter's Meat Market and The Victory Meat Market?

Yes refugees WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF THE 1%!!!!!

New Brunswick Contraband Enforcement Unit are questioned to Minister Denis Landry and Brian Kenny!!!


Donald Thrump will be the new President of the United States because it's the American Way!!!!

Monday, 22 February 2016

Racism VERY much alive at the Justice Building in Fredricton??? You tell moi??? HERE'S THE FACTS!!!!

I was going to do a video in the area but these ones will prove my point 100%!!!!!

I really don't have to say much..< LUCKY YOU!!!! >

After our Racist Justice system orders the Indians or the Welfare Bums in Jail? They are paraded in front of the cameras for the whole world to see.

Exhibit A-

< This video was taken the day before Dennis Oland showed up in case.>

I sent this email to Justice Minister Stephen Horsman the evening before Dennis Oland arrive for his Bail Hearing!!!!

charles leblanc

To Feb 16 at 8:51 PM

I wish to voice a complaint on the manner the workers at the Justice Department in Fredericton are treating people who are being escorted or imported from Jail to the Justice Building.

Once they arrive. The Irving media are allowed to stand up on the steps and take pictures of the accuse.

But last week or other important people? The media are not allow to stand on the steps.

Can you please tell me why this Double Standard Policy?

Thank you!!

I saw the Minister a few days later on the streets. < You must love living in the Capital and never leave home without your camera >

Exhibit B -

Dennis Oland showed up the day after and I guess the Fredericton Police told the media to stay off the stairs.

You don't have to watch the whole video. Just fast forward it to 18.00! < Watch the Sheriffs freaking out!!! >

So what's with the Racist Double Standard Policy anyway???<br/>

P.S. It's strange that media don't cover stories like this eh????<br/>

Friday, 19 February 2016



Did the Gallant government settled with Dr. Eilish Cleary for $3.65 million???



The Gallant government settled with Dr. Eilish Cleary for an undisclosed amount of money. People are hearing rumours that the settlement was $3.65 million. While this sounds like a crazy amount, a significant portion would go to Dr. Cleary's lawyer, and compensate Dr. Cleary not only for wrongful dismissal, loss of wages, but also slander against her by the Gallant government.

Former Saint John MLA Carol Keddy has died! She was the worst MLA we ever seen!!! Saint Johners must learn by the mistakes!!!

  1. carolkeddysaintjohnmla

It is so scary to hold my camera while I do a rant that you have to wear a mask for protection from Dan Bussieres and the Fredericton Police Force..:(

  1. IMGP4044

Fredericton Police in action!!!!


CTV News Anchor Steve Murphy is asking for your help!!!!


Hello again! I hope you’re well.

This is the one and only time of year when I ask friends, associates and viewers to consider supporting a cause I personally believe in, both as a parent and as a broadcaster. Canada's Kids Help Phone is always there for our young people, helping them deal with some of the biggest challenges and issues in their young lives. It's a place for answers, not judgments; a safe place where a young person can talk openly and privately about the cruelty of bullying, the loneliness of depression or the pressure to succeed, compete or conform.

Kids Help Phone offers free, professional counselling, information and resources to kids when and how they need them.

If you believe in the value of this service, as I do, please consider making a donation using VISA, MasterCard or American Express. An electronic tax receipt is e-mailed within a day. Here’s the secure link.

The Walk is coming up the first week of May.

A special thanks to all who have supported Kids Help Phone in the past.



Homelessness is getting worst in Fredericton!!!!