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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

A fan of the Blogger point of view on different issues!!!!

I received an email the other day. It was from a stranger who wanted to chat with me over coffee!!!

I met the individual and found him a nice gentleman.

Something tells me YOU WILL read of this guy's views in the future.

Enjoy -

Charles Leblanc in my opinion is one of those people that provides the truth and asks questions. Albeit in an unusual style but the truth non the less. In my opinion we need more folks like Charles who could name you everyone in the NB legislature and tell you what role they have in government. I have researched the 2008 presidential election from new information that surfaced and left with Charles to publish and others for safe keeping but all the information is available online.

Charles asks the why question which more journalist should do. If you look at the dates of these emails that were sent prior to the 2008 election and prior to the Bank Bailout you need to ask the why questions. I have more why questions in the attachment. Why spend time doing this-so people are aware that we have become through lack of participation in our government process. I don't mean voting. We are more than a check in a box.

This email is dated August 8, 2008—notice who it is from and the date of the email. Research and find out why this is so important. To:,,,,, more,,,,,,,,,, CC:,,,,, ,,

Date: 2008-08-08 11:36

Subject: Timetable Attached is a proposed, revised, but still high-level timeline for the Personnel Working Group's work program.

(the attachment is at the end of this document)

You can use this link to explore this email and more from Mike Froman 0&sort=1#searchresult or this link to explore emails to Mike Froman =1#searchresult

What is important to remember at this time in history is that the financial crash in the US happened in September 2008 and the bailout cost the American treasury department $700 Billion or really over $16.8 Trillion when you look at the total commitment but you can verify with Forbes if you think they are a trustworthy source. bailout/#2ebac4b93723

So the banks and more are planning in August 2008 for the next president prior to the actual crash.

If you read through the emails you can see that Obama is told not to go to the G20 to discuss the crisis.

Who is the G20 and the Central Bank. Well it would be good for you to read up on that too.

So after getting a sense of some of this you might ask some questions worldwide or even locally as to some of the why questions never get answered my Main Stream News.

Here are some why questions for New Brunswick?

Why are there not independently owned News outlets in New Brunswick?

Why are deals with the Irvings done with the government done behind closed doors? Do we not elect the government and they report back to us?

What was Carl Toft the only one to serve prison time for Kingsclear when he was willing to name more than 10 others?

Some are senior members of the RCMP.

Why did two officers recently try to pick up Charles Leblanc without reading him his rights first?

Why is Brian Gallant trying to bring an Arms manufacturing company to New Brunswick?

Which company would benefit from that?

Why aren’t Native treaties honored in New Brunswick and in Canada or anywhere in the world?

Why don’t the Weapon manufacturer’s pay for the refugees that are displaced by war?

They make billions in profits.

Why is Canada sending arms to Saudi Arabia?

Why is the Trudeau government putting an 11 cent carbon pricing on our fuel consumption but not coming up with a plan to actually fight pollution? 11 cents is over $5 billion dollars a year.

Low estimate based on fuel consumption from last year.

Why is the person that released this video serving a 35-year sentence and being tortured while doing it?

Where you aware what the government told the parents of the news people killed before the video surfaced?

Why does GlobalNews mention Comet Ping Pong but fail to mention that they had other social accounts with grotesque pictures as well?

Yes once you share it on social it can be captured in other manners and why no mention of “Spirit Cooking” a lot creepy and might require viewer discretion.

Why are 50% of the population unaware of Building 7 collapse on 911?

I am reminded on occasion of how media is trying to say there is fake news out there. I agree there are some sights but I also argue that the MSM does not do a good job at covering the issues and getting us answers to the why questions. It reminds me of Sphia and Hans Scholl in Germany.

And one last why for you ….. why are so many Canadian vets dealing with PTSD?

This one I can answer….because they were told to do things that would kill civilians.

The media needs to speak to them anonymously if that is even possible in this day and age.

WW vets are turning in their graves as they thought they had sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

Attachment---- Personnel Working Group Timeline August

5 Begin developing lists of possible candidates/launch discrete consultation process

8 Finalize Timeline for Board approval

11 Identify priority positions

15 Finalize public vetting template/process and identify volunteer vetters

19 Review requirements for IT system

22 Prepare initial lists and priority positions

25 Vet priority positions and initial lists with Board


1-15 Consultation process to augment lists

2 Begin public vetting process

16-18 Continued outreach to Board re lists TBD Discussion with WH/FBI re background checks

October 17 Complete public vetting process

20-23 Brief Board on public vetting process and share memos

24 Share key White House/Cabinet lists/vetting with BO

31 BO finalizes key White House/Cabinet selections TBD Discussions with relevant Committee chairs/staff re confirmation process TBD Launch Confirmation Planning Task Forces


5 Announce key White House/Cabinet appointments (e.g. Iraq/FP, Econ, Energy, Health)

26 Complete announcement of Cabinet


15 Initial announcement of major sub-cabinet jobs


15 Further announcement of major sub-cabinet jobs

21 Confirmation of priority Cabinet positions

No one can be as Intellectually Diminished as Former President Bush


By André Faust (Nov 30, 2016)

Reprint: The Left Eye

The American election date has come and gone, and in the aftermath of this election, the Americans are getting ready to usher in their new president  Donald Trump.  Never before has anyone seen an election that looked more like the Jerry Springer show than an election.  The media coverage was in the style that Barnum Baily would have applauded.

Regardless of this show, the American  people made their decision at the polls through the election process that is an attribute to the concept of democracy.  What is disturbing is the mass rejection of the election outcome, a total dismissal of democracy.

Historically we have seen many times coups d’étate carried out in many parts of the world where a segment of the population was not satisfied with the outcome of an election, for the most part, the rejection of the elections has thrown those countries into a state of instability.  Is that what future has in store for the United States?

During the 2016 Campaign Trump has made some outlandish statements, that made the politically correct camp cringe at the sound his words. Speaking hypothetically, Trump the actor focused on the emotions of the common person to get elected, he was able to successfully play on electorate’s emotions because of his ability to read his audience and give them what they want.

Now that Donald Trump is President-elect what can the American people and the world expect from him once he assumes office? The Associated Press announced that Trump has closed a deal with Carrier Air Conditioners to keep 1,000 jobs in Indiana, originally Carrier had planned to close the Indiana plant down and relocated their air conditioning plant in Mexico. (The Associated Press, 2016).  While the Carrier deal may be just a flash in the pan, other the other hand in may be an early indicator of Donald Trump’s economic strategy “To make America Great” (Trump, 2016).

If Donald trump maintains consistency on job creation and job retention, we should further see a rise confidence in the new economic strategy as previously  cited by The Washington Examiner. Confidence has increased 17%, the highest in 8 years. (Bedard, 2016)

While Trump may have the potential to resolve the economics of America, there is the another side of the coin, social policy.  If Trump implements his social philosophy into policy, will these policies be to the detriment of the American People? According to the BBC website, Trump has articulated 24 of his personal solutions to the social issues that are currently facing the American people, however, at this time no one really knows what he will do once he is in office. (BBC, 2016)


The Associated Press. (2016, November 30). Carrier announces deal with Donald Trump to keep jobs in Indiana. Retrieved November 30, 2016, from Fortune,

BBC. (2016, November 9). Donald Trump: 24 things the next president believes. Retrieved November 30, 2016, from BBC Magazine,

Bedard, P. (2016, November 29). Trump bump: Confidence in economy highest in 8 years, up 17 points. Retrieved November 30, 2016, from Washington Examiner,

Trump, D. SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR DONALD J. TRUMP. Retrieved November 30, 2016, from Trump and Pence,

Fredericton Police Officers should offer Vegetables and NOT Pizza!!!!

Monday, 28 November 2016

Fredericton Police Officer Sgt Dwight Doyle was wrong in his prediction 13 years ago!!!

This picture was taken hours after my 6 months protest in front of the New Brunswick Legislature was done!!!!

Nobody < including myself > would have predicted that I would return a couple of weeks later.

You can hear Sgt Doyle arriving at the scene with my confrontation with the two thugs near the New Brunswick Legislature on November 8th!!!

and at the Police Station....he's doing most of the talking...

Ahhhhhh....I miss Brad Woodside......:P

Pastor Nancy Murphy from the Brunswick Street Baptist Church in Fredericton is leaving us on December 31st!!!!!

Just heard the sad News late this afternoon...:(

After I left the Church, I noticed a nice sunset.

Good sign for the both of us...:)

Pastor Terry Atkinson left us and now this...:(


The steeple came down a few weeks ago -

I wish her the best of luck...she's one of the best......:)

Homeless People are vanishing from the Streets in Fredericton! Public should be concern!

New Brunswick Police Commission replies to Blogger's complaint against the Edmundston and Fredericton Police Force!!!

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Fidel Castro knew it was time to die.....

Fredericton Phony Mayor Mike O'Brien will make certain citizens lives in fear in the Capital!!!

Fredericton Police Chief Leanne Fitch lucky day at the Farmer's Market in Fredericton!!!!

It was three weeks ago Blogger was attack by two members of the Edmundston Police Force by orders of the Fredericton Police!!!!

This is a copy of the following message you sent to NB Police Commission via New Brunswick Police Commission

This is an inquiry email via from: Charles LeBlanc

I want the New Brunswick Police Commission to investigate two members of the Edmundston Police Force < This complaint is against Deputy Chief Andre Madore and SGT Rejean Couturier. > and the members of the Fredericton Police Force.

On November 8th at around 1:00pm, I was standing at the corner of Brunswick and St.John Street. As a Blogger, I confront MLA'S heading towards the New Brunswick Legislature for stories.

I noticed two men heading towards me in Black Suits. These strangers separated once they came 10 to 15 feet from me.

One guy quickly stood behind me and the other quickly showed me a badge saying - Monsieur LeBlanc I am the Police Chief of the Edmundston Police Force. Can you come with us for a drive at the Police Station. < in French >

I quickly went for my camera because I didn't know these two individuals and I don't believe that the Chief of Police from the Edmundston Police Force would travel all the way to the Capital to speak with me.

I said - What is he doing? Why is he behind me? I told Edmundston Police officer Andre Madore.

Andre Madore identified as the police Chief asked if i wanted to go at the Station?

I said no. Edmundston Police officer Sgt Rejean Couturier said - I am the Police in charge from Edmundston.

I said - Why are you behind me?

They repeated they were Cops from Edmundston.

I asked - If they were speaking Quebecois?

Andre Madore said - Yes but Rejean Couturier said he spoke - Le Brayon.

I asked them because I had a difficult time to understand their French because I speak Le chiac and I'm from Memramcook.

They told me they wanted to speak with me about the issue of "defamatory Libel" 

 I said - Lets speak English.

They switched to English.

I had to tell them again to not get too close. I added that I had the camera on and pointed to the other cameras in the area. They said - That's good.

I asked Andre Madore the reason they did not come to my house?

He did not answer.

He said - Well... we are here now. We saw you. We decided we wanted to talk to you.

I asked - How did you know me?

He said - Like I am trying to tell you. I am with the City of Edmundston Police Force.

I asked - Are you R.C.M.P. < While telling them to stay back >

He said - Let me talk to you.

I replied - I had 3 double double coffee and I have ADHD!

We would like to talk to you about Defamatory Libel.

I said - AGAIN??

He said - Yes, in regards to the Fredericton Police Force.

He said - Several of them and the ones you called Pedophiles.

I said - This is 2016 right?

Rejean Couturier said it was November 8th.

Andre Madore said while laughing said - Why is this important?

I said - Because I taught this was all through in 2012 with the Bernard Richard's report.

Andre Madore - Those are still on your Blog. Those videos are still on your Blog. Where you are calling Fredericton Police Officers pedophiles.

I said - Did you know the Fredericton Police Force accuse me of exploiting kids for Sex? At this point, I quickly grabbed the form they have sent to Rogers < internet company > quote - In accordance with my duties and authority as a Peace Officer, I am conducting a criminal investigation relating to a child Sexual Exploitation Offense. It is an official request for an account information regarding a Libel investigation dated October 28th 2011 investigating officers Robb Costello, Bobbi Simmons- Beauchamp and Sergeant Ed Smith.

Andre Madore then said - We want to talk to you about that but we like to do it in an interview room.

I said - Noooo....that's ridiculous.

At that point Andre Madore then said - Well Charles, then we are going to place you under arrest.

I said - No..I don't think so!

He grabbed me and I yell - GET THE R.C.M.P.!!! GET THE R.C.M.P.!! I DON'T KNOW YOU!!! I DON'T KNOW YOU!!!! HEY!!! NO! NO! NO! NO!! I don't know you. Leave me alone. Get the R.C.M.P. here. Don't grab etc etc...while running in the middle of busy King Street with two strangers chasing me.

Andre Madore yelled - STOP!!!

I repeated my objections of being grabbed. I began to yell for the R.C.M.P.!!

They kept on yelling - STOP!!! They continued to grabbed at me in the middle of King Street.

Then I yelled repeatedly - GET THE POLICE to the dozens of bystanders.

Andre Madore said- We are going to go!!

I said- No! You are not taking my anywhere.

I repeated my previous objections and asked again for the Cops while they continued to grab me. I shouted You could be Mafia for all I know.

I said - You hurt my shoulder!!!

They said - Well did that yourself. They both shouted - STOP RESISTING!!!

I repeated myself in shouting - STAY AWAY!!! I DON'T KNOW WHO YOU PEOPLE ARE!!!

I repeated for the need of an Ambulance. They said - You are coming with us!!!

I said - No!


I said - I would not get into their car because they were in plain clothes.

Andre Ouellette the Executive Assistant to Minister of Public Safety Denis Landry arrived at the scene.

I asked him if he was responsible for this???

Andre and the plain clothes individual all told me to relax.

I said - Ok...get the R.C.M.P. here.

The Cops then told me they were taking me to R.C.M.P. Headquarters.

I said - No!!! STOP TOUCHING ME!!!

They once again told me that I was under arrest.

Andre Madore told me that I should know Rejean Couturier because I have supposedly seen him before.

Rejean Couturier then proceeded to explain to me that he met with me at my house concerning a case ordered by Dan Bussieres < 4 years earlier >

Here's the video....I forgot his face and name. Why is Rejean Couturier coming after me AGAIN????

He wanted to charge me with criminal code 300 4 years ago also -

I repeated the fact that I wanted a uniform Cop and stop grabbing me. They then said they wanted to take me to Oromocto R.C.M.P..

I said - I am not going there.

The Cops told me they were going to bring me.

I said - I wanted a lawyer.

They said - can see a lawyer.

I said - Do I have the right to a lawyer?

He said- Yes, you do. Lets go. We need to go to a Police Station if you want to see a lawyer.

They tried to grab me again! Then they tried to grab my camera. I put it in my pocket.

I said - Am I under arrest and for what?

For defaming members of the Fredericton Police Force.

I said - Which one?

They replied - Matt Myers, Robb Costello, Frederick L'oiseau, Darrell Carter, Yves Despres and two others!

Rejean Couturier - Come on Charles.....

Just then a citizen arrive on a bicycle and began making a video with his camera. He asked - What was going on?

Again??? I asked for the Cops and Ambulance.

The cops said - Come with us.

No!!! You hurt my shoulder!!! - I replied!

The cops yelled - STOP RESISTING!!! ..and so on....

Finally after 6 MINUTES and 20 SECONDS of my filming this confrontation they agreed to phone a uniform member of the Fredericton Police Force.

I once AGAIN told them that I have a mental illness and ADHD!!!

I told the Cops that I have a lawsuit against the members of the Fredericton Police Force.

I asked - If they knew about the case?

They said - No. I don't know about that.

I then said - Ahhhhh!!!! There's a Cop!!! OK... lets < Fredericton Police arrive to the scene one minutes after being called by Rejean Couturier >

I told the Fredericton Police officer < Mike Wilson > - Now Mike! Mike? Are you involved in this???

I never had ANY PROBLEMS with Fredericton Police officer Mike Wilson.

Here's a video I made last year-

He said - Charles? What is going on??

I said - You tell me I'm not running away. Don't worry about it.

Rejean Couturier - Ok.

Mike Wilson - No, I don't know why they're here either. I have no idea.

Rejean Couturier - We are placing him under arrest but he won't come with us......< sic >......

We are going to bring him to the Oromocto Detachment for questioning but he doesn't want to go there.

I said - OF COURSE NOT!!!

Rejean Couturier - So he wanted a uniform officer and that's when we call you guys.

I said - I don't know who you people are?

Mike Wilson - Come on over here buddy...Charles...Charles...settle down...I'm going to be honest with you...I don't know what's going on either.


They are Police is the Chief of Edmundston and the other is the Deputy Chief.

The Sgt of the Fredericton Police Force Dwight Doyle told me they were the Deputy Chief and Sargent.

I said - I want these people charge and I want their names. They grabbed me...I want them charge!!!! I am not going with these guys. You guys arrest me in uniforms problem!! I am not going with those two guys...I don't know who they are?? They could be C.S.I.S.or whatever.

Mike Wilson - Charles, come and sit in my car just for a moment..calm down and we are going to try to figure all this out?

I said - I am not me. I am not running...< Because they were VERY close to me >

Mike Wilson - They are Policemen.

I said - They just came out of nowhere and suddenly they said - Charles? You are under arrest for libel.

They are coming after me again. Do you have some Ritalin or marijuana Mike?

Mike Wilson - No! I just want you to settle down for the sake of your health. I don't have any water.

Executive Assistant to Minister of Public safety Denis Landry Andre Ouellette once again came to the scene.

I said - Is this the way you do stuff? Send the God damn Cops after me???

Mike Wilson - Remember your health. Settle down!!

I said - I am not going with those two guys. You will have to handcuff me and put me on the ground. They are in plain clothes. Could be C.S.I.S., Strangers. I am not going there and get beat up. I don't think so!!!

Mike Wilson - ..and I don't want you to get beat up. I don't want you to get all work up like this. You are all work up.

I said - They grabbed me and I have to go to the hospital. Do you have a couple of pills Mike?

Mike Wilson - No...

I said - What are you f.....good for? < chuckle > Mike Wilson - Lets just get this thing figure out for your health.

< Mike try to calm me down for the next minute or so >

Fredericton Police Officer Sgt Dwight Doyle said - The Edmundston Police said he is under arrest already for something that's on his Blog so they want to take you to our Station and talk to you.

Are you listening to me Charles? I don't speak French ok?

I said - No..No..No..that's allright.

Mike Wilson - I will take you in. How's that???

Dwight Doyle - These guys are Police Officers from the City of Edmundston.

I said - Do you know that?

Dwight Doyle - Yes, this is the Chief and Sargent from Edmundston.

I said - They got the Chief of Edmundston Police coming after me?

Doyle - Mike is going to bring you at the Police Station. They are going to read your rights on Camera.


I said - I have ADHD! I asked - Who is the Chief?

Doyle - You are under arrest for Libel. You will find out at the station.

I said - I am under arrest for Libel???

Doyle - Yes.

I said - Now Bobbi Simmons came over my place in 2012 with you guys and charge me with libel.

Doyle - I don't think it's the same thing?

I said - It is the same thing..River Rat Matt Myer and L'oiseau...what are you guys doing???

Mike - It is not the same case. That's what he's trying to tell you.

I said - He mentioned..I got it on tape..he mentioned names..the same case < Names> as in the Inquiry of Bernard Richard.

Doyle - Why don't we go and deal with this all on camera?

I said - Noooo...I'm not going in front of a camera.

Doyle - Yes you are! You are under arrest. You are going at the Police Station.

I said - Ok..excuse me...are you arresting me?

My name is Doyle and No. they are arresting you. You are already under arrest.

I said - So? Are we going to the Police Station?

Here's the video -

Here's another video from someone who filmed for a few minutes to make a video -

This is my last video is at the Police station -

Charles: 300 now, before it was 301 that was two years in jail , now it's 300 and that's 5 years in jail. Why? Did you know there is a report by Bernard Richard?

cop: can I just finish (the blue board?) before the end of this?

They're gonna want to talk to ya, you can have all those questions answered when they're talking to you ok?

So you don't meet the conditions of release until they say you meet the condition of release. ok?

Charles: who are these people?

cop: or the judge, one or the other.

cop: The Edmundston police force, it's been explained to you a few times.

Charles: (inaudible)

cop: do you want to call a lawyer

Charles: yes of course I (inaudible)

cop: ok, they are going to read you your rights and I want you to (stand) for me for a minute. Do you have any injuries as a result of today?

Charles: yes

cop: what's your injury?

Charles: shoulder - he grabbed me, they both grabbed me. Chief of police.

cop: ok do you have any illnesses? that I need to know about

Charles: yes, yes.

cop: what illness have you got?

Charles: yes, I am epileptic, and I have asthma, and I take (inaudible) sleeping pill.

cop: what's that for?

Charles: that's for sleeping and calming down.

cop: ok, have you had your meds for today?

Charles: yes

cop: good ok so, medication we've already got set. Do you have any allergies?

Charles: dust

cop: inaudible

Charles: ya (someone talking in the background) "Cop Bobbi Simmons-Beauchamp's lawyer is mentioned

Charles: Cop Bobbi Simmons-Beauchamp? what does that mean? Cop Bobbi Simmons-Beauchamp lawyer?

oh my god

cop: when's your birthday Charles?

Charles: 01 - 08 - 59

cop: what's your address?

Charles: (I'm done talking now)?

cop: that's ok we know it off by heart

another cop: inaudible in background

cop: what's your address

Charles: email

cop: I don't know why you have to be so difficult. We're not being difficult with you.

cop: How tall are you? 6 feet? 5-9?

Charles: I have nothing to say until I see a lawyer

cop: well you're not going to see a lawyer but you'll get to talk to one.

Charles: I know (inaudible - both talking at the same time)

cop: says something to the other cop

other cop: right now?

cop: yup

cop - do you want French or English?

Do you want your rights in French or English?

Charles: chiac

cop: well, we started in English, so, continue with that, it's his choice. If you want me to read it in French let me know. ok, um, I'm deputy Chief Andre (Rourke?)

Charles: so you're deputy chief and the other one is the chief?

cop: no

Charles: I thought you said it was the chief here.

cop: No, I misunderstood

Charles: how many times have you guys misunderstood?

cop: he's a deputy I'm sorry I misunderstood. I thought he said he was chief

Charles: deputy chief what? I've got a headache. Can someone give me some drugs for a headache please?

cop: not until the end of the (inaudible)

cop: so you were arrested for defamatory libel

Charles: when did that happen?

cop: it happened at the end of 2013 and again in the beginning of , the middle of the year in 2014. ok, about two years ago. You posted some stuff on your blog. That's why we did this.

Charles: defamatory criminal code - excuse me , hold it. Criminal code

cop? : let me finish reading you your

Charles: I'm arrested for what? that's what I am trying to find out here.

cop: OK, ok I'm sorry because you posted some things on your blog regarding pedophilia - and for calling police officers pedophiles or could be pedophiles, and even identified someone as a (something cougar)

Charles: what?

cop: we talked to you about that, and that's why you were arrested.

Charles: no, no, no, by the way, the camera's on?

cop: yes it is. It is my duty to inform you you have the right to remain silent.

Charles: Fredericton police force I in accordance with my duties as a police officer

cop: charles

Charles: conducting a criminal investigation of child sexual exploitation offense.. Fredericton police. Where I'm at now, labeled me as a pedophile.

cop: I'll read that after do you understand? ok? cop: do you understand your rights?

Charles: I don't understand why I'm here. I asked for a lawyer and you refuse to bring me a lawyer.

cop: well, do you want one?

Charles: yes. I want a lawyer (inaudible) this week. (inaudible talking)

cop: do you want , do you have a name of a lawyer?

Charles: brought me to this place for nothing that camera's on right?

cop: do you want me to leave?

Charles: I want, anyone can explain to me what I'm here.

cop: Is that what you're waiting for? Do you want to talk to us or do you want to talk to a lawyer?

Charles: ya get a lawyer here

cop: ok

asks an inaudible question if you wish to speak to, ok, depending on your choice, it's up to you, we can call legal aid.

Charles: inaudible

cop: you get free legal advice do you understand those rights?

Charles: no I don't.

cop: you don't understand?

Charles: how come you guys grabbed me off the street. There's got to be a public inquiry - a proper public inquiry,

cop: that's ok Charles

Charles: how come you grab people off the street (inaudible both talking)

cop: do you want me to leave? do you want me to leave

Charles: ya I want a lawyer here

cop: you need not say anything, you have nothing to hold from me. (inaudible two people talking) you have the right to remain silent

Charles: oh my god, now you say that to me. ok. I have nothing to say.

cops in back ground talking about duty council

cop: do you want duty council?

Charles: I want a lawyer here. I don't know why I'm here.

cop: there won't be a lawyer that will come to you but you'll get to talk to one.

Charles: I gotta see, I can't say, he says what I say will be held against me.

cop: do you have a specific lawyer?

Charles: no I don't.,

Ambulance attendants arrive and start working on Charles

Medic: it's still a little high, do you want to go up to the hospital to get checked out?

Charles: yes

Medic: you do?

cop: only if he has to go

Medic: only if he has to go?

cop: only if he has to go

Medic (female) it's his choice

cop: ya well

Medic (female): and we cannot, um, rule out anything with his heart

cop: you can, I can't ok, you can I can't He's not going to the hospital unless you say he's got to go.

Medic: hmm Medic (female) we can't rule this out as being not cardiac,

cop: so you're saying he has to go?

Medic (female): our medical advice is that he has to go. and for the record, any patient that says they want to go, we're not allowed to deny them to go.

cop: he's in custody

Charles: for what?

cop: criminal libel 301

Charles: 301 - that's already been found unconstitutional in 3 other provinces.

(inaudable) Medics finishing up.

Medic: Charles, we're going to take you up ok?

Charles: if (sic) wouldn't talk I'd stay calm.

cop: it is true if you are able to calm down that it might help blood pressure will come down a little bit

inaudible - checking blood pressure

Charles:: here we go again with the Fredericton police force

cop: hat - glasses - necklace, and anything that's in your pockets

Here's the video -

There are so many unanswered questions in this case that I don't know where to begin.

1- The " Officers " accosted me on the street < Corner of King and St John Street near the New Brunswick Legislature. Seemingly an inappropriate action by people who have no Jurisdiction in Fredericton.

2- This person < now identifies as Andre Madore > told me and Fredericton Police Officers told me that he was the Chief of Police and his partner was the Deputy Chief. Later he changed his mind saying he was the Deputy Chief and his partner was the Sgt.

3- They arrested me under the Criminal Code 300. This charge seem to be the same information as they had in 2012. In 2012, they arrested me with the same charge by the same members of the Fredericton Police Force. I was charged under the Criminal Code 301. This seem to be Double Jeopardy.

4- They < Police of Edmundston > said I was under arrest. Tried to arrest me. Did not succeed. The Fredericton Police intervened and took me to the Police Station to straighten the matter out. When they were asked directly by Police Mike Wilson if I was under arrest? They said - No.

5- At 3:03 in the video at the Police Station. Fredericton Police officer Sgt. Bobbi Simmons-Beauchamp's lawyer name was mentioned by Jason Forward < a Fredericton Police Officer >while I was in the lobby at the Fredericton Police Station. Why was Bobbi Simmons's lawyer mentioned?

6- The Officers from the Edmundston Police Force were playing games with my mental Illness < ADHD > by confronting me on the street. Notice in the video before the wrestling match, Deputy Chief Andre Madore was smirking at his partner. He was goading me. Why?

7- Edmundston Police Sgt Rejean Couturier quickly stood behind me at the beginning. Making me VERY uncomfortable.

8- Did the Edmundston Police officers have jurisdiction to arrest a citizen in the City of Fredericton? Did someone direct them to arrest me on the street?

9- I requested on MANY occasions for a uniform officer. Do they have the right to ignore the wishes of a citizen who demands that an uniform officer be present?

10 - Fredericton Police Sgt in charge Dwight Doyle was not aware of their presence or their intentions. Should the Fredericton Police Force have been inform of the presence of another Police force in their City?

11- They have been working on the case for one year and a half. They told the media two years. The Fredericton Police Force didn't have knowledge of this case? Who did and who pays?

12- I was told by the Deputy Chief of the Edmundston Police " Andre Madore " that they DID NOT read the Bernard Richard Report that was made public on December 6th 2012 after my place was raided by the Fredericton Police Force. I was charge under the criminal code 301. Why would they be investigating without all the evidence? Why ignore the report?

13 - I was never shown a warrant for my arrest. So? Why was I arrested in the first place? The only paper I signed was a paper to make certain I had all my belongings. Looks like they arrested me just to interrogate me. Is this not a violation of my rights?

14 - I was treated as a Criminal by the Fredericton Police Force. Before going to the hospital. They took my shoes, hat, jacket, belt, wallet. I wasn't in handcuff or shackles. But this look like an attempt to intimidate me and validate the abduction.

15- In video the Deputy Chief Andre Madore and Sgt Rejean Couturier would allow me to relax then grabbed me AGAIN. This went on and on for close to 9 minutes and 19 seconds. Unless they are going to arrest an individual. They should not touch them. < watch video >

16- Why didn't the members of the Edmundston Police Force read my Rights to me once they mentioned I was under arrest? In closing, I want the New Brunswick Police Commission to investigate my complaint. Did the Edmundston Police Force over step their duty in confronting me on the street in Fredericton?

Here's some other closing remarks - They approached me on the street.

They did not tell me that I was under arrest.

They split up. One in front and the other behind to intimidate me.

They told me they wanted to talk to me. To come in their car.

To go to the Oromocto Police Station. Since I was not under arrest? Why would they do this?

I told them to stay back. They would not.

This would have been abduction if they have succeeded.

They hurt my shoulder.

They would not call uniform officers to the scene.

I find it offensive and frighting. To think that any plain clothes Officer can go to any place and threaten an individual into submission to comply with their wishes. I did not comply and I do not think they had the right to do that.

When I defended myself they switch to " Arrest me " to force me away.

In the end there was no arrest but I have been physically assaulted and emotionally Traumatized!!!

I was approached on the Street.

Edmundston plain clothes Police attempting to arrest me in Fredericton.

Same people trying to take me to a third jurisdiction.

My rights were not read to me not until I was inside the Fredericton Police Station.

Do they not need a warrant to arrest me at all?

The following police forces < Miramichi and Edmundston > to date have been part of this harassment, which appears to be orchestrated by the Fredericton Police Force, and maybe other players.

I wish there to be a thorough investigation of the incidents of harassment by the various police forces in NB. My civil rights have been breached by the continuous harassment based on false charges or other specious reasons.

I wish specifically an investigation of certain individuals who appear to be involved in the pattern of harassment which includes Matt Myers, Frederick l'oiseau, Yves Despres, Bobby Simmons-Beauchamps and others.

The appearance of Edmunston cops with no apparent mandate and being deceptive of their office, the duplicity of whether I was or not under arrest, the strange mention of Bobbi Simmonds's lawyer suggests clearly that this is part of the ongoing systematic harassment.

When I told them it was ridiculous to go to a third jurisdiction interview room. They then snap, said I was under arrest and they gabbed at me repeatedly. Refusing to comply with my request for a uniform police officer.

The grabbed and hurt my shoulder.

I haven't been the same since the attack on the street by the Edmundston Police officers.

I was once again publicly humiliated.

I don't feel safe when I notice a Police Cruiser driving by.

I am very edgy.

I am very insecure.

I was just beginning to trust the Fredericton Police Force.

They were having a change of attitude towards me and me towards them.

This action by the Police is very disappointing. Now they have bought this matter back up to the surface. Is this really necessary?

There has been a pattern of harassment by the police dating back to June 6th, 2011

I am sensitive to the activities of police forces against me due to this harassment. Thank you

Charles Leblanc

145 Westmorland Street

APT # 1


New Brunswick


E3B 3L4

Should Racist Member Yves Despres of the Fredericton Police Force have arrested Drug Dealer???

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Former Saint John Councillor Dennis Knibb is dead!!!!!


Go at River Valley Footwear in Fredericton for a new pair of Winter Boots!!!! Best service and products!!!!..:)

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  1. >img_3998

                        Last week, I received a nice pair of brand new books!!!

The boots were giving to me by River Valley Footwear on Queen Street in Fredericton!!

Of course many readers were surprised I got a hold of such a nice pair.

Some suggested I advertised on my blog in exchange of a free pair?


I learned something yesterday and I feel that I just had to blogged the truth!!

The owner of River Valley Footwear David Traboulsee noticed the sticker on the shoes in the blog.


He said- Brand new pair??


I just took these boots because I was wearing the ones I was

This is when I learned something about River Valley Footwear?

They sell good high quality products from that store.

Such as my boots which will go for as high as $150.00!

During these past few years, they would have people returning their purchase boots for different reasons.

They could have just put them in the garbage or sent them back to the company.

This is what they do!!!

They go on the street and asked the homeless or people such as myself that does a lot of walking.


They asked - What size do you wear?

If they locate the right person? They bring the individual to the store and give them a nice brand new pair for the cold winter months.

I might add they give them a good shine before going out the door!

As for me? One worker asked me on the street - If I wanted a pair of shoes?

At first, I wasn't interested in shoes but then again? I might need them for a funeral.

Once at the store? I was shock to find out the brand of shoes or boots they were willing to give away to this blogger for free.

I quickly and proudly wore them and before leaving the store I thanked them very much.

I showed up one hour later feeling guilty that I never took a picture so I could give them a little advertisement.

I was very surprise to witness such a good gesture from the owner of a shoe Store in Fredericton.

It was there that I insisted for an interview.

These are the unsung heroes of the City.

They help the less fortunate and don't asked nothing in return.

Here's my interview with the owner of River Valley Footwear David Traboulsee!!

Click below -

And oh to wake a sleeping giant in the Capital by the Idiots members of the Fredericton Police Force!!!!

And oh to wake a sleeping giant. All is calm, all is bright, we'll rough up the blogger, oh what a sight. And it came to pass that the blogger was seen lurking in the downtown. And lo, there were, in the same town, two cops keeping watch for terrorism by day. When the eyes of the cops shone down upon the blogger they said, don't move, for we bring you many tidings from the local posse. For onto you are placed this day, hand cuffs, while we take you for a drive. And the blogger was very afraid. And, due to much comotion, unrest and protest, there gathered a great multitude of citizens, praising the blogger and saying, don't go anywhere with them man, they're up to no good. And this shall be a sign unto you that round two has started and we're in for a helluva ride.

I want a Christmas Present......extra large...:P..:P..:P

Député de Rogersville - Kouchibouguac Bertrand LeBlanc est contre le Spraying des forests

Blogger and Faust show in Fredericton!!!!!!


Homeless Pain in the Ass Robbie Macdonald's is also looking for Sheldon missing in the Capital!!

Blogger on the hunt for Sheldon the Homeless Guy in Fredericton!!! Fredericton Community Health Clinic should be more open with Information!!!