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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Satan is all around Fredericton!!!!


This is another abuse! That is all that Fredericton seems to do is harass good people. They should fire the police chief as well as the one in charge of determining who gets prosecuted!

Very bad stuff here Charles. Bad people, evil people, almost demonic.

BTW Charles you seem to have some brain wave people who commented before me. They all sound very smart to me. Can they think do you think hahaha Just shed some light in the evil they are doing.

This is bullshit at it's worse. Fredericton should be given an award Best City to harass and charge good innocent people because they have a big fear to charge real criminals.

They were never trained to distinguish an innocent person from a real criminal. You have a right to be upset and anyone who does not see the injustice being done to you I would have to say they would be like your other commentators!

Those smart ones that finished grade 4? maybe 3 just a guess.

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