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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Fredericton Police Officers should have their name Tags on coat when entering a Home!!!

Just heard this story tonight!!

Now I know Fredericton so-called Cop Darell Carter goes into people's home and arrest the citizens without reading their rights!!!

So the Couple is VERY upset with the Fredericton Police Force!!!

This video last 12 minutes and make sure there's no kids around!!! IT'S A STRAIGHT FORWARD BAD ONE!!!!

The funny part is they are going to meet bad Cop River Rat Matt Myers in the morning!!! I wonder how they will do??? HA!!!!!


  1. they shouldn't even be entering a home. I wouldn't let them in. Who would?

  2. This guy should be a comedian.... he's hilliarous ...

  3. Try stopping these cops from entering your home - four of them broke my door down, without any knock or announce procedure, pushed me down to the ground and pepper sprayed me without even checking my ID. Then, they arrested and charged me for assaulting two of them, in the hope they would shut me up because I had evidence of frauds committed by the then-Deputy Mayor of Fredericton City and lawyers, one of whom is now a judge. Wearing name tags? They have no rules and they do not abide by the law. Like the Law Society of New Brunswick our Fredericton City Police force is nothing but an organised crime ring. And, of course, the NB Police Commission, Mayor and Minister of Public Safety are only there to protect the police, not the public.