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Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Many people are sending me pictures of the guy addicted to drug or mental illness.

I made this video because the guy was causing a huge disturbance....

Now...MANY people are saying there's nothing wrong in acting like a lunatic on the street and he has the right to do whatever he wants.

The Cops are saying they can't do anything until he commits a crime. In my view...I believe it's not to put him in Jail.

Now....MANY are telling me where he got the drugs and all kinds of stories....Myself I am NOT INTERESTED where he gets the drugs or the drug dealers.....

I'm just sharing these videos so the people know what's going on.

The guy was freaking out at Shoppers Drugs Mart around 30 minutes ago. He has been chasing cars in the Northside all evening but the Cops can't do a thing.

He's not that he was sitting on a bench brushing his teeth.....

I believe the Cops will escort him for the summer months..just to warn the people that he's in the area.....what a bunch......

Fredericton Lawyer Danny Watters hunted down by Blogger!!!!

Idiot with a guitar sings In Spite of Ourselves !!!

One of my best and you NEVER know who watches these videos.....After this video?..I cut down on my swearing 90%!!!!..:P..:P..:P

Fredericton Police on the job tonight....Good weather is here.....

Friday, 24 May 2019

High on Crystal meth on the street in Fredericton!!!!

Coverage of Climate Change Protest at the New Brunswick Legislature continues!!! BLOGGER STYLE!!!

Climate Change Protest at the New Brunswick Legislature covered!!! BLOGGER STYLE!!!

New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs knows how to keep pain in the Ass Blogger away from him!!!

Fredericton Sport Ambassador Brad Pond all ready to attend Stanley Cup Finals in Boston!!! the dumpster this afternoon....someone wants it???

Media in New Brunswick NEVER talk about Clear-Cuttung the cost of the Floods!!! WHY???

Don't do a rant without keeping an eye on Deogy...sighhhhh..

Thursday, 23 May 2019

L'historien Fidèle Thériault de Caraquet et Le Bloggeur de Memramcook!!

Fan of my Videos.......:)

Big fan of Deogy and Videos.......:)

Fredericton Police in action....always trying to keep the peace....< I REALLY want to believe this >

Fixing Pot Holes in Fredericton!!!!

Why do people see God behind bars???

How MANY New Brunswick suffers Epileptic Seizures and refuse to tell their Doctor or go to the Hospital????

Molly's Restaurant on Queen Street in Fredericton to soon shut down forever!!!!

WATERMELON FOR $2.99 EACH AT THE VICTORY MEAT MARKET!!!! P.S. I made a complaint to the owner...the Watermelon was too heavy...:P..:P..:P

Friday, 17 May 2019

Entire Fredericton Police Force suspended with pay indefinitely!!!!

Fredericton — All staff at the Fredericton Police Force have been suspended with pay indefinitely, due to an internal investigation that launched today.

“It’s obvious that our public has no faith in us whatsoever, with the exception of a few sheep who blindly follow figures of authority,” said police spokesperson Amy Barrett.

“So we’re conducting an internal investigation on ourselves to figure out how we can regain the public’s trust. Until then, we’re all suspended with pay. We’re encouraging our officers to take this time to pursue activities that will make them seem more relatable, such as visiting Hawaii, driving a Tesla or touring Asia.”

The Fredericton Police have been the target of much criticism over the past few years due to officers being dismissed for various crimes ranging from shoplifting, to domestic abuse and drunk driving, while other officers are being charged with falsifying police reports and receiving conduct complaints.

While the force is on paid suspension, the local RCMP districts will pick up the duties of ensuring Frederictonians obey the law.

“We’re just pumped to be able to use that crazy armoured vehicle the cops somehow got the city to buy for them,” said RCMP officer Wayne Duguay. “That thing looks like so much fun to drive. I don’t know when we’ll ever need it, but you can bet your ass we’ll be cruising through the Tims drive-thru in that beast.”

Saturday, 11 May 2019

C.U.P.E. kicked out of Social Development Building in Fredericton...

McInnes Cooper Canadian Business Law Firm serves Blogger at home.....

Well for the love of God, Charlie, how in the name of fuck did you ever, ever manage to cross paths with this piece of shit??? Lucifer himself lives within him, my friend. Egoism drips from his very lips every time he opens his damn mouth. The only thing I know is that he, in all due respect to human nature and the rite to believe in Almighty God, has gotta be running for political office. The tyranny, the self righteousness, the capitolism that runs thru his very veins, Charlie, is something that only the very likes of Nikita Kreuschev, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin, Justin Trudeau, Uncle Donnie Trump, the list goes on and on, could ever dream of. And if the likes of Adolf Hitler, Bonito Musalini. or Emperor Hirorito were ever mentioned in the same breath as this God-foresaken imbisile, HE'D FIT RIGHT IN!!!! WELL PRAISE THE LORD, ALLAYUYHA, and GOD SAVE THE QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luv the shit outta ya Boobie!!!!

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Fredericton Councillor Mark Peters confronted by angry Blogger!!!

New Brunswick Social Development bureaucrats cuts service to their Clients!!!

MLA Miramichi Bay-Neguac Lisa Harris confronted by Blogger!!!

CUPE NB President Brien Watson chat with Blogger about latest issues!!!!

Ex miner Roger LeBlanc continue to protest in front of the New Brunswick Legislature!!!!

C.U.P.E. ends protest at Social Development Building in Fredericton!!!!

Deogy visits the C.U.P.E. protest at the Social Development Building in Fredericton!!!

ADHD in action...

Troy Ashfield just sold Clippermens Barbershop on Regent Street!!! Retiring in June!!!!

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Blogger tells Blaine Higgs how to end Protest by C.U.P.E. Workers at Social Development Building!!!!

Fredericton Firefighters shows up at 10:30pm to put out fire at C.U.P.E. Protest at Dorothy Shepard Office!!!!

CTV Journalist Jessica Ng with Breaking News!!!!!!

Fredericton Police Officers at C.U.P.E. Protest in Fredericton!!!

Fredericton Idiot Mayor Mike O'Brien runs inside......

Diabetic C.U.P.E. Protesters are DENIED Medical need by Blaine Higgs Government!!!

C.U.P.E Members protesting at the Government Office in Fredericton!!!!

PANB Fredericton - York MLA Rick DeSaulniers is denied the right to bring food to the C.U.P.E Protesters at the Social Devellpment Office!!!!

C.U.P.E. members shows up to support Protesters at Social Development Office in Fredericton!!!

Blogger visits and is denied entry to Social Development Office where C.U.P.E. are protesting!

Green Matters message from the City of Fredericton is a HUGE scam!!!

Huge 2019 Flood from Westmorland Bridge in Fredericton!!!

May 1 2019 during HUGE fLOOD in Fredericton...

Saint John MLA Gerry Lowe questioned by Blogger...

Pere Emery Brien avec sa guitare!!!