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Thursday, 31 May 2018

Hartland covered bridge to be replaced with modular bridge

Hartland — The historic Hartland covered bridge is scheduled to be demolished this summer after several shingles blew off during a recent wind storm.

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure announced that the cost of replacing the shingles was simply not in the budget, and that the entire bridge will need to be replaced with something cheaper and easier to maintain: a modular bridge.

The community of Hartland has demanded to know why the government has chosen to replace the entire bridge rather than simply replacing the dislodged shingles. Minister Bill Fraser visited the region to advise the public that the government had no other options.

The time is Late in the month of May in the year 2020 in Fredericton!!!

Fredericton Police Chief Leanne Fitch joins the Dan Bussieres and Blogge...

I miss the good old days....:(

Elsipogtog Native Jayden Augustine visits Blogger!!!

A rant about NUTIN on a hot day under a tree in front of the New Brunswick Legislature!

Idiot Coward and Liar Mayor Mike O'Brien can say he's Sorry but he's done in 23 months!!!!

Fredericton Police hunts down only certain individual riding a bicycle on sidewalk on a nice Thursday morning!!!

New Brunswick Global News interviews Idiot Mayor Mike O'Brien and viewed by Blogger!!!

Leader of Green Party David Coon confronted about Trees at Officer's Square in Fredericton!!!!!

Have you seen this guy around????

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

One good thing came after the HUGE battle between the Citizens and idiot Fredericton Mayor Mike O'Brien!!!

Debating the issue of cutting trees in Officer's Square and Idiot Fredericton Mayor Mike O'Brien!!!

Prosecutor to decide if charges will go ahead in the Brady Francis case but don't EVER forget that the Prosecutors in Fredericton are VERY well known to be Racists against the Natives....I believe this case should be handle by Ottawa!!!!

Someone told me that I needed to new wheels to run for Justice.....Many thanks for the New Balance Sneakers.....:)

Fund Raiser for Liberty Lane at the Delta in Fredericton!!!!

The Tale of Markus Harvey​ and Marcus Kingston!!! Blogger is definitely losing it!!!! IT'S OVER!!!

Idiot Fredericton Mayor Mike O'Brien QUICKLY notice Blogger and runs away!!!

One year ago Beautiful young tree was cut down at Officer's Square in Fredericton!!!

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Idiot Fredericton Mayor Mike O'Brien tried to blackmail the Government of New Brunswick!!!

New Brunswick Ambulance Worker and Blogger debate important issues!!!!

Norma Robinson, the president of CUPE Local 1252 questioned by Blogger!!!!

Activists to save the trees at Officer's Square in Fredericton are using a new approach!!!

New Brunswick Ambulance Paramedics protesting at Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital!!!

Protesters to save Officer's Square are VERY upset with Fredericton Idiot Mayor Mike O'Brien!!!!

Fredericton-Hanwell MLA Brian MacDoanld just quit politics!!!!

All I will say is - Good Bye and Good Riddance!!!!!

...and I'm CERTAIN that the woman < who is now dead > that you refuse to help would say the same thing!!!!...People like you.. the world DON'T need!!!!...:(

Chaos at Fredericton City Hall over Tree cutting at Officer's Square!!!

Monday, 28 May 2018

Fredericton-South MLA David Coon SPEAKS against cutting Trees at Officer's Square!

Pleading with the citizens to tell the Politicians to save Officer's Square in Fredericton!

Bringing the City of Fredericton in Court over the cutting of the Trees at Officer's Square!!!

Explaining the importance of Officer's Square in Fredericton before the trees are remove!!!!!

Going around at the Protest at Fredericton City Hall to save the trees at Officer's Square!!!

Covering the Protest to save the many trees at Officer's Square in Fredericton!!!

Protesting at Fredericton City Hall to save the trees at Officer's Square!!!

Seller of Fiddlehead is confronted by the Pain in the Ass Blogger in Fredericton!!!

Anyone have a little job for Blogger so he can buy a pair of sneakers..They got ruined during the HUGE Flood....:(..:(..:(

Blogger visits Officer's Square in Fredericton two days after Protest to save the Trees!!!!

Miramichi Valley High School and Miramichi Police should apologizes to N...

Friday, 25 May 2018

Mad Mayor Mike

Miramichi Valley High School and Miramichi Police should apologizes to Native from Burnt Church First Nation for falsely labeling him as a school Shooter!!!!!

Student bullies Native in Miramichi Valley High School. Bully is suspended but continues Bullying on Social Media and Miramichi Police arrest Native for suspected School shooter!!!! Racism??? You tell moi??? P.S. I am sending to a note to the Minister of Education next week....We might have a second Denis Landry in this sad case??? School officials and Police should apologize to the kid!!!!

Fredericton Police Officers Body Cameras will protect the Poor but not the less fortunate!!!!

People who can afford a lawyer will have their case thrown out because the officers didn't have their camera on when they were doing something bad earlier but the less fortunate will be force to plead Guilty!!! What a fucking system!!!! Listen to this video of when I was attack by Police Officers and I had my Camera on......Here's the video -

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Fake News in front of the New Brunswick Legislature??????

Revisiting the area where Brady Francis was killed!!! Killer or Killers must have an ugly life!!!!

CTV News Meteorologist Kalin Mitchell use Blogger's picture....

Want to get rid of Ants VERY FAST < 24 HOURS OR LESS >

Heavy Snow in Miramichi on May 23, 2018!!!!

A VERY confuse puppy hour earlier it was pouring rain and he quickly ran


Remembering Brady Francis!!!

Elsipogtog Native Jayden Augustine receives a visit from Blogger!!!!

New Brunswick Government must fix Route 11 before another Boys "n" Red happens....

Visiting a Big Fan.......

Way too much.....

Friday, 18 May 2018

SHIT!!!! Blogger is slow and getting old.....

SHIT!!!! I'm slow....went at the store and noticed this HUGE line up on the Westmorland Bridge....45 minutes later, the line up was still there....I said to myself - Must be a HUGE accident!!!..Away I go on my bicycle....once there, I noticed 4 vehicles stop near the accident...the drivers were silent...I made a u-turn...a cop was directing the traffic...he was polite and asked me - Where's your helmet Charles????.....SHIT!! I asked - wHAT'S GOING ON....long weekend safety check!!!!! i GOT THE HELL OUT OF THERE,,,,sHIT..i'M GETTING OLD AND SLOW!!!

Another School shooting in Texas!!! Why name the Killer? Why give him fame???

When are New Brunswickers going to wait up on the Irving Clear-cutting??? How many more floods???

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Blogger almost got killed at the 2018 Fredericton Marathon!!!!!

Yesterday morning I was asked - Are you going at the Fredericton Marathon? < the guy remembered I took some nice shots years ago >..for me these to promote the City of Fredericton are long gone since they ordered my Blog shut down. < Didn't appreciate what I was doing > Anyway....I answered - Why would I want to see a Bunch of Snobs jogging with their nose in the Air????....I decided to do a video...I put a orange cone < as I did a few years ago > and had two for pictures and the other for video....I was 100% wrong!!!! THANK GOD THE SNOBS DIDN'T HAVE THEIR NOSE IN THE AIR!!!!....It was VERY scary...NEVER AGAIN!!!!!! Enjoy......

Walking the Bridges tonight....