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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Lunatic so-called Poet Andrew Spencer outside my window...

Sent by the Cops???

Accident at corner of George and Westmorland Street in Fredericton!!!!

Fredericton Police K-9 in training!!!!

The Brian Gallant Government MUST build a Provincial Jail in Fredericton!!!!

It's nuts the way the Fredericton Police are setting up conditions to the poor people with mental disorders that are totally impossible to follow therefore ending up jail in Saint John or Miramichi.

Family members can't make it to those Cities.

The Justice System are known to be racist against the less fortunate so therefore the poor should be given a break and set up a Provincial Jail in Fredericton!

Oh wait.....we can't have a Jail in this City because of the horny bastards in this area...Kingsclear all over AGAIN????

Martin Butler remembered in Fredericton!!!

He died 100 years ago this August. I read about this guy in a book and it looks like he was a second Charles LeBlanc with opinions?

He was smarter..look at the Flag he designed in 1898 -

It's VERY strange there's no memorable of this guy in this City???

Here's a video -

Taken EXACTLY One year ago!!!

I truly hope that idiot Fredericton Ward 12 Candidate Randy Dickinson wins the by-election!!

This Co-Co will look good for the rest of the Council because he NEVER shuts up!!!!

Let me show you what kind of an idiot this guy is truly is???

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed this guy at King's Place talking to different people. I never seen him there in the past so I found it strange.

I was 100% right because days later he announced he was running as a Candidate for Ward 12!!!

I approached him with my camera last year at a certain event.

Listen to this wacko -

Months later, I was at a Federal Nomination meeting and bumped into the guy and said - Hello!!!!

He turned VERY angry and told me that he didn't approve the interview I made with him a few months earlier!!!

I backed off and confronted the guy!!!

Yes...I hope he wins because this idiot always talk about nothing!!!!

Blah..blah...blah but nothing is done!!!!! I put in a complaint to the Human Rights Commission of the need of a Provincial Jail in Fredericton!!

But Randy didn't seem too concern about the manner the less fortunate are being treated in the Justice System or this City!!

If you want a politician who BLAH..BLAH..BLAH....and doesn't do anything???

Randy is your Man!!!!

I might add it would look good for Council to listen to a BLAH BLAH BLAH follow Councillor for hours!!!!


Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside and Fredericton Daily Gleaner Photographer Stephen MacGillivray final moments!!

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Don't ever block entrance of the Victory Meat Market in Fredericton!!!!! The Cops should have known better???

Why was Drunken Fredericton's Poet Andrew Spencer allow to disrupt Take back the night Rally in Fredericton???


He must be an informant!!!! Police never bothered him!!!!


Because he is a police informant duhh

Why do you think the drug addict was never charged with drug position?

Why was he never charged with assault?

Why wasn't he never charged with harassment?

Why wasn't he ever charged for being drunk and causing a disturbance?

The nut case is a drunk, drug addict panhandler that harasses everyone, Its not like its a top secret that he is a police informant. He is a known rat on the streets.

But the cops will do everything to protect there boy.

So its you against the cops rat, You will have a problem wining against the cops boy.

Why would 3/4 dead Fredericton MP Keith Ashfield run during the next Federal Election? He doesn't talk to the voters!!!

Whats with the extremely gay looking guy shielding the MP?

Is our tax money paying for MPs to have gay looking body guards?

I know that the gays nowadays have more rites then we do but a MP shouldn't have body guards even if there gay or look gay.

Charles, did he smell like he just ate fruity pebbles cereal?

--maurice the homeless guy--

Roofer injured on Westmorland Street Fredericton!!!

Did Shaun Nixon die???

Monday, 27 April 2015

Summer around the corner...

He's a big boy these days...:)

Cost a lot of money for attending the 2015 Harvest Jazz Festival in Fredericton!!!

Fredericton Police in full force in arresting youth in Martimes Bus!!!

The past....

Who will die or get injured in this year 2015 Snobby Harvest Jazz Festival???

Blogger heading for a huge surprise in Court??

The past...

Where are they now???

..and now he works for the Cops!!...Siigghh...

Building the racist city of Fredericton..

Bigot Mayor Brad Woodside can take his place!!!

Who is this guy???

The old Trails...

The summer will never be the same without Stephen...:(

The Fredericton Park Patrol ready to make little girls cry during the Summer months!!!

The last of the Irving Photographer will be laid off this week...:(

Blogger tries Panhandling in Fredericton!!!

New Brunswick Legal Aid workers runs away from Blogger!!!

Canada CAN'T help Nepal because we're at War!!!!

The whole World is in War so Bonne Chance Nepal!!...:(

New Maritimes Most Wanted Youtube Show hosted by the brave members of the Fredericton Police Force!!!


The Public have got to know what's going on in our Court system!!!

This arrogant woman made quite a show during my last Court Appearance and she was allowed to act like a child because Racist Provincial Judge Julian Dickson's former dead wife used to be a partner with Snobbish Fredericton Lawyer Kathryn Gregory.

No wonder I didn't get this stupid charge thrown out or a chance to read my statement in Court.

The Judge refused to allow me to have full disclosures and it doesn't make any sense.

The whole Justice System is corrupt and it should be interesting on my next Court Appearance on May 7th!!!

Especially since New Brunswick Legal Aid called me last Friday and told me that I had no rights to a lawyer.

I wish we had some die hard private investigator Journalists in this Province but sadly that's not the case. As someone from Ontario told me - New Brunswick is living in the 1920s!!!

I showed two lawyers my so-called disclosures and they couldn't believe the New Brunswick Team of Special Prosecutors would accept this strange charge.

But then again? They are the same ones who supported a criminal code of 301 against me. I might also add that agreed that I was a pedophile.

Speaking of being accuse to be a pedophile?

Does anyone have a picture of Perth Andover Lawyer Sebastien Michaud??? Send it to me at Merci...

Many people are in jail because of this corrupt justice system and we must fight these Bastards!!

Even if they have the fancy suits? They are nothing in my books!!!!

They are a racist bunch that will go after the less fortunate.

Kathryn Gregory LIED IN COURT when she told her buddy Judge Julian Dickson that I was using delaying tactics!!!

She said that twice and it pissed me off.

A delay tactic is when you know you're guilty and there's no way you can win.

This case is insane and many citizens are approaching me about me because of the media attention. One Government official asked me - Does this issue go back of you filming the soldier being beaten up by the Fredericton Police Force?

No delay tactics in this case because I demand full disclosure and audio or transcripts of the first hearings but they are denying me the rights to have it!

This case have the Fredericton Police all over it and I plan to fight these bastards for years to come until I get Justice.

Clean up Fredericton 2015!!!

Never noticed one single Councillor in that event....Green City????

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Fredericton 100 years ago!!!!

MAN OH MAN, Charlie, I had absolutely NO idea whatsoever, Just how long ole Dan has really been around. And it's right there for all to see, no mistaking it, that's him on the very front corner, closest to the camera. I know damn well it is. YA CAN'T FOOL ME, DAN, YA OLE FART!!! I know it's you. Ya can run like hell anywhere ya want, man, but ya can't hide from MOI!!!

But, in all honesty, Charlie, I do have to say that your old buddy and forever friend, does hold his age remarkably, remarkably well. Hell man, he aint even collectin' flys. And I am certain beyond all reproach, that it MUST have something to do with your most honorable presence in our fair city, the capital city, forever covering all of the nonsencical shenanigans within the very walls of MOI MAISON, THE DEMOCRATIC HOUSE of the PEOPLE of NEW BRUNSWICKOIS.

LUV YA!!!!

CBC Journalist Julianne Hazlewood tonight at 6:30pm!!

Autistic Woodstock citizen Aaron Bouma is confronted by the Blogger!!

I was chatting with someone and he came along....very interesting guy to chat with...:)

Did notorious Pedophile Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh died in a Nepal Jail during the Earthquake???

I sure hope not because it would have been the easy way out for this asshole!!!

The Shady Bunch in Fredericton??

Here's the story

Of a man named Victor

Who was dreaming up some very nasty plans

All of them had hearts of coal

Like their leader

The youngest one in years

It's the story

Of a man named Brian

Who was busy with ideas all his own

All the rest had other plans

Lead by Justin

Yet they were all alone.

'Til the one day when the leader met this fellow And they knew LeBlanc was much more than a whip That this group must find a way to force the fracking That's the way they all became the Shady bunch

The Shady bunch, the Shady bunch That's the way They became the Shady bunch

Friday, 24 April 2015

Assholes in Fredericton!!

Think for a moment, Charlie, about just how different our wonderful city would be if we had characters such as these two runnin' 'round armed.

A very, very sobering thought indeed. Gives me the damn jitters jis' thinkin' about it. I lay awake all night at the very thought of it, my friend, as should we all who call this city home. And a marvelous, marvelous city it is indeed here in our beloved Fredericton.

But then, as usual, bud, I gradually begin to realize jis' how safe and secure we really are here. Right here, right now, as we speak, we have before us THE very best police force the entire world has to offer. We have our well trained and well loved Royal Canadian Mounted Police never far away. We have THE greatest Military in the world right on our doorstep. What the hell more could we ever wish for???

Now, go to bed, my friend, rest peacefully, sleep enduringly and SNORE TA BEAT HELL!!!!


Tracy Glynn from Fredericton gives an VERY emotional talk on Guatemala!!

How much longer will Global New Brunswick remain in this Province??

Citoyen de République démocratique du Congo est confronter par Le Blogger a Fredericton!

Women Protest in front of the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

Canada's 1st indigenous Olympic gold medallist not recognized, family says

I hate that word!!!!

New Brunswick Leader of the Green Party David Coon debate the issue of Mathadone in this Province....

Where am I???

A supporter of the Blog invited for lunch..guess where? I'M STILL FULL!!!!...One interesting part was an old 75 year old woman recognized me and slid 10 bucks under my plate....that was where am I???

New Brunswick Legal say no to Blogger!!!

This is too funny!!! They just called me and told me that I had no rights to a Lawyer!

How the hell am I suppose to go after the Racists Members of the New Brunswick Special Prosecutors alone???

Stay tuned!!!!

Evil being watered out from Fredericton....

Application to New Brunswick Attorney General Serge Rousselle for Stay of Proceedings!!!!

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Big American News - BRUCE JENNER IN A BRA!!!!!

Bigggg deeaalll!!!...Siigghhhh...

Fredericton Police Officers going after individual with Mental issues!!!

The strange part in this issue is the poor guy shouted that he was going to kill someone after they stoled his medications!!!

Now the Police never listens to reasons so they gave him conditions and of course he's still angry!!

What a bunch of Keystones Cops!!!

Heyyy??? I was talking about this issue to our Non-educated Redneck friend last night!!!!

Friends or Foes of the Native Population???


Can the Freeman style of Justice ever work in Canada???

St.John River in Fredericton is going down!!!

Just walked around the Bridges...11:00pm on Thursday and the water went way down....

Huge 2015 flood in Fredericton because of crooked Irving Forestry Deal?????

Will the Gallant Government pass dirty Bills during the Flood as in 2008???

Racist of Fredericton being Flooded.....

More pictures on my Facebook!!!

Monday, 20 April 2015

Celebrating 420 Day in Fredericton!!!

The Battle and War over publishing Full Disclosure continues!!!!

This is getting out of hand but what can the Taxpayers expect when you deal with Lawyers who are paid by the Province?

This saga would spin New Brunswickers's heads of how much money the Justice Department have spent on the Blogger?

But that's ok because we are reaching a old German style of Justice right here in Canada and things are going to get much worst after Bill 51!

This is old Germany all over again because Canadians are not opening their eyes!!

I didn't or forgot to read my disclosure during my last Court Appearance because I was distracted by Lying Snobbish Lawyer Kathryn Gregory who lied to Racist Judge Julian Dickson about my right to ask for full disclosure.

Later on, I found out that Kathryn Gregory was a former law partner to Judge Julian Dickson's dead wife!!!

The public does have a right to know what's going on here???!

Here's the exchange of letters!!

Fredericton Park Patrol or Rat Patrol made little girl cry!!!

Evil City of Fredericton...

Rest of the pictures are on my facebook...

Pedestrian hit at the corner of Brunswick and Westmorland Street in Fredericton!!!!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Pictures taken EXACTLY one year ago today...

What to do once Bill 51 becomes Law!!!!

Racist Police Chief Leanne Fitch to push for the elimination of the Minorities and the Immigrants this morning at the Brunswick Baptist Church!!!

She supports people don't exercise and if they do? They will be arrested!!!!

Time for this Racist Chief to go!!!!

River Rat Matt Myers from the Fredericton Police ready to arrest Bill 51 Protesters!!!!

Second Rally against Bill 51 in Fredericton!!!

New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant is asked about facing Protesters during his term!!!!!

New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant is hunted down after avoiding CUPE New Brunswick Protesters!!!

CUPE New Brunswick Protest at Legion against Premier Brian Gallant while giving Legion $5,000,00!!!!!

Fredericton Federal Liberal Candidate Matt DeCourcey is would he attend Rally against Bill 51 in Fredericton???

Saturday, 18 April 2015

What would happen if a Gyrocopter landed on the front lawn of the New Brunswick Legislature????

Charlie old Buddy..

First we have some lame brain idiot making his way through to the east room of the white house, Charlie. Now we see that some low-life welfare bum has nothin' better to do with his time than to fly his self-made, good-fer-nothin' concocation from Gettysberg, Pensylvania, all the way to Washington, land it on the front lawn of nothin' other than the Capitol, and live to tell the tale. No-fly zone around the nations capital??? HE'S DAMN F----N' LUCKY THEY DIDN"T BLOW HIS BALLS OFF LONG BEFORE HE CAME ANYWHERE NEAR THE DEMOCRATIC HOUSE OF THE PEOPLE, MOI MAISON!!! I mean, holy shit, man. they shoulda been out there hollerin' at this poor sucker to STAY OF THE PROPERTY!!! NEXT STOP, the NEW BRUNSWICK LEGISLATURE!!!! COME POLICE, COME!!!! ARREST HIM, ARREST HIM!!!! HE'S NOT WEARIN' A HELMET!!!! ARREST HIM!!!! Sleep well, Boobie, we still luv ya!!!!

Blogger speaks against Bill 51 at a Rally in Fredericton before camera broke down!!!!!

Evil City of Fredericton at night.....

Taken EXACTLY one year ago today....

Friday, 17 April 2015

Blogger to chase New Brunswick MLA'S with new toy next week!!!

Too many fucking spiders in Fredericton???

FUCK!!!! What's with all these fucking Spider stories???? How many spiders have you killed in your home so far???? FUCK!!!

Fredericton Councillor Stephen Chase views on Racist City and Prayers!!

Blogger Charles LeBlanc filled in new Lawsuit against the City of Fredericton this morning!!!

Fredericton Racist Police Chief Leanne Fitch to address the Brunswick Baptist Church this Sunday Morning!!!

Blogger will be a complaint against Fredericton Police Officer John Lally next week!!!

I never heard of this Cop but he could be one of the Cops who accuse me of having Sex with Kids!!!! This behind the scene Cop must be investigated!!! We could be dealing with a Racist Cop in this Case??? Any Cop that doesn't do a proper investigation should be fired!!!!

Excerpts from motion materials requesting disclosure:

Andrew Spencer’s written statement, which he admits giving to Cst. John Lally, of the Fredericton City Police, on 3rd July, 2014, which is repeatedly referred to, but the Crown is denying its existence. The evidence in the disclosure confirms this was a 3 page, handwritten statement, given approximately 20 minutes after the alleged events – for example, in the video statement Mr. Spencer stated as follows:

Q- You went straight to the Police station?

A- Ya

Q- Did you give a written statement?

A- Awe yes, gave one to the officer on duty then I wrote one at home and brought it to the police station the next day.

Spencer also confirmed, in his second written statement, as follows:

I was unaware of the exact time but from (???) this happened roughly 20 minutes before I gave my statement to Officer John Lally.

There is clearly a missing 3 page statement, written by Mr. Spencer on 3rd July, 2014, and missing police notes from 3rd July, that have not been provided. Only one hand written statement by Mr. Spencer has been provided, of 4th July. The defendant believes the three page statement is being suppressed and contains evidence that the allegations had no merit. The defendant also believes Mr. Spencer was intoxicated, and/or high at the time of the altercation and the making of his original statement 20 minutes after. The original complaint is relevant and necessary disclosure.

In his videotaped interview of 25th July, 2014, Mr. Spencer clearly stated to Det. Henderson that he provided the FPF with two written statements, which Det. Henderson also included in his reports, one example being at page 57 of Exhibit “A” as follows:

Q- You went straight to the Police station?

A- Ya

Q- Did you give a written statement?

A- Awe yes, gave one to the officer on duty then I wrote one at home and brought it to the police station the next day.

There is no doubt - Mr. Spencer confirmed he made two written statements.

Cst. Lally’s report, at page 38 of Ex. “A”, (page 4 of 6) is titled: “INITIAL OFFICERS REOPRT – 1,” and refers to Mr. Spencer’s complaint made to the FPF on the 3rd July, 2014. In this report Cst. Lally also confirms Spencer went straight to the police station, from the alleged incident, and states: Mr. Spencer has provided a “true version statement.” Since this report only refers to Mr. Spencer’s initial visit to the station on 3rd July, it can only be concluded that his “true version statement” was the written one he gave on that date, which has not been provided to the defence.

Mr. Spencer’s statement from 4th July, delivered to the FPF on that date, states:

“I was unaware of the exact time but from (???) this happened roughly 20 minutes before I gave my statement to Officer John Lally.”

It is repeatedly confirmed that Mr. Spencer went to the FPF station and gave a statement to Cst. John Lally. I require a copy of the first statement.

In his summary of Spencer's video interview, Cst. Henderson states:

“Q: You referred to walking towards the coffee shop and Mr. LeBlanc “cuffed me” on the right side of my jaw, please explain? Were you face to face?”

At no time in the interview did Spencer ever say I “cuffed him” or that is was “on the right side of my jaw.” The word “cuffed” was only used in his statements of 3rd and 4th July. The only time the word “jaw” was used was when Cst. John Lally gave a direct quote from Spencer, in his report of the initial complaint being made on 3rd July. This confirms – yet again - that there is a missing statement by Spencer, given on 3rd July.

Even if the statement of 3rd July, 2014, was verbally given (as the Crown claims), Cst. Lally would either have written the first statement for Spencer to sign, OR made notes from the meeting on 3rd July, from which he wrote his report at page ..... of Exhibit “A”. However, Cst. Lally’s report refers only to Spencer’s statement of 3rd July, and clearly states Mr. Spencer gave a “true version statement” on that date. There are no grounds for the Crown to continue denying the existence of the handwritten statement of 3rd July, 2014. I require that statement and I require all of Cst. Lally’s notes/statements/reports/any video of Mr. Spencer’s initial reporting of the incident on 3rd July, 2014.

The fax, dated 14th August, 2014, from FPF “Shawn for S/Sgt Matt Myers” to Cst. Henderson, very clearly states it only contained statements from Andrew Spencer, nothing else, and was 5 pages in total – the cover page, plus four pages of Mr. Spencer’s “statement” to the FPF. The Fax cover page states:

SUBJECT: Statement

COMMENTS: Please see attached statements from Andrew Spencer.

The fax cover confirms there was more than one statement from Andrew Spencer, which confirms Mr. Spencer’s videotaped interview, where he stated the following, which Cst. Henderson also repeated in his reports, (page 57 of Exhibit “A”) which I will repeat here:

Q- Did you give a written statement?

A - Awe yes, gave one to the officer on duty then I wrote one at home and brought it to the police station the next day.

There were clearly two statements by Spencer, one of which has not been provided to me, and is being concealed. I have no doubt it will provide evidence that supports Mr. Spencer’s allegations are false. I require the missing handwritten statement to be disclosed and all of Cst. Lally’s notes etc from 3rd July, 2014, since it is my belief that Mr. Spencer was either high or intoxicated at the time he provoked the incident, and he made more misleading and inconsistent statements to the police, which will be revealed by his missing hand-written statement of 3rd July, 2014.

Radio-Canada Journaliste Rosaire L'Italien a tout fini!!!

Bon Gars...:)...Bonne Chance Rosaire!!...:)

Minister of Social Development Cathy Rogers is hunted down by Blogger of 10% cut on Welfare people!!!!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Is Provincial Judge Julian Dickson Dead or Alive???? On Thursday, Blogger will forward at the Justice Building reasons for Julian Dickson not to preside over Blogger's trail!!

You have some legal help now.
Now I'm really interested in the outcome of this crooked trail and that crooked judge.
I know your not a quitter and will always fight for what you think is right.
The people need to know what crooked things our cops do as well as how crooked our judges are.
good luck Charles.

--maurice the homeless guy--

Minister of Public Safety Stephen Horsman is asked about the elimination of Police Scanners!!!

It's impossible for the less fortunate to fight for Justice in the Courts in Fredericton!!!

Your normal day New Brunswicker!!!! Guess where???

Members of the Fredericton Police Force are not the alone to hate Blogger!!!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

It was EXACTLY 5 years ago today that I quit smoking!!!!

It's quite amazing all through the hardship the Fredericton Police gave me and I never smoke one single cigarette!!!!

Here's my first blog I wrote -

I don't know if it was a good idea because I can't seem to loose this darn extra weight.....but I will admit that I do feel better...:) But water is better than smoking I guess??? DO IT!!! DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!!!


Here's a blog I wrote -



Well? Tomorrow is the big day!!!

I'm going to try to do something that I never did during the last 30 years!!!!

I'm going to give it a good Scottish try!!!

It's not going to be easy!!!


I noticed in the youtube < video > that I'm breathing very heavy and I HATE IT!!!!

Watch this one with Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe!!!




I have been thinking of this one for a long time. I have been talking about this one for the past week.

I'm 50 years old and I might have 15 years left on this world. < If I'm not shot before then? >


So many people died before reaching the age of 50 but I'm still around!!!!

Only the good die young I guess!

Especially living alone? All I do is watch television and on the computer.

But then again that's no excuse because many parents will smoke because of the stress running a Family!!!

I wake up in the morning and blog till Noon and out the door I go.

When you quit smoking? You have to change all your life style and I believe staying inside till Noon will change.

Smoking is a habit. Once I begin chatting with someone? I light up a smoke.


I always lite up a smoke when I listen to the News or read the comments in this Blog.

My female cousin quit one year ago and I can do the same.

I'm Half pure Scottish and there's nothing more stubborn and a GOD DAMN Scotsman!!!! Once we turn? WE TURN!!!

I wouldn't wish this awful gene on my worst enemy!!!

A stern friend of mine told me a few days ago- YOU CAN'T QUIT SMOKING BECAUSE YOU'RE TOO WEAK!!!!

Moi weak???? UGH!!!

I know talk is cheap and a Blog is like a Diary.

I understand that many readers will be watching to see if I DO have the willpower to do this!!!

It's not going to be easy!!!

Especially if I'm having a coffee or beer!!!

My nerves will be shot but it's something that I must do if I wish to continue blogging in the Capital!!

If I continue smoking? I might take a stroke or wrost yet no more lungs to run with the politicians for interviews.

Sure can't do it in a wheelchair or a walker!!!

I have a few friends who are smokers and going to quit tomorrow!!!

It's going to be like an AA Meeting!!!

If I'm craving for a smoke? I'll just sent an email for encouragement!!!!

Yes!!! Tomorrow will be the new 50 for this Blogger and it's going to be a huge battle!!!


Can I do it???

Any advice out there????

Anyone else out wish to quit smoking????

Tomorrow is the Day!!!!

Truly stay tuned!!!

Once the Police and the Justice System turns against you? You turn to......

Met some youths today and I guess there's a lot of people who's in a group like this...

What do you think????

New Brunswick Prosecutor Sebastien Michaud apologized to Blogger. The fight continues against the New Brunswick Special Team of Prosecutors!!!!!!

I got this letter yesterday and I wonder what they mean by March 2014????

I replied for some true facts!!!!!

Fredericton Racist Mayor Brad Woodside helps the Homeless in the Capital!!!

Racist City Hall Clock is 4 minutes late!!!

Only in Fredericton when the clock strikes 10:00pm. It shows the time of 10:04pm!!!!

Our Bigot Mayor must have contracted some cheap people < friends of his > to do the work on the new Clock!!!

Thousands of Robins lands in the Bigot City of Fredericton!!!

Monday, 13 April 2015

Pictures taken EXACTLY one year ago today!!!!

Relaxing in Racist City of Fredericton....

It was EXACTLY 3 MONTHS AGO Michel Vienneau was sot dead by the Bathurst Police Force!!!! CLOSE TO 8.000 PEOPLE VIEWED THIS ONE!!!

CPAC - Cable Public Affairs Channel interviews Blogger Charles LeBlanc in Fredericton on Canadian Politics!!!!

Brunswick Baptist Church to honor Racist Fredericton Police Chief Leanne Fitch next Sunday!!! Is it a good idea???

As the regular readers of my Blog or youtubes knows I go to Brunswick Baptist Church when I want to relax.

I love the atmosphere and enjoy listening to the Choirs singing away.

Pastor Terry Atkinson is a great Preacher! < as this video shows >

Yesterday, they baptized someone and it was interesting.

Once in a while my ADHD would go back to my problems with the Justice System and the Cops!!!

I would say to myself - Come on Charles!!!! Go back to the Church Charles!!! Focus on the words of the Lord Charles!!! FOCUS!!

Then came Sirens from Firemen outside of the the past I would run outside but not this time!!! It's the Devil who's trying to have me remove from the House of God!!!

More sirens came to the scene and I would just ignore the situation but all this change once someone came from behind Pastor Terry Atkinson and whispered in his ear.

This reminded me of someone who whispered to President Bush after New York was attack!

I jumped from my seat and noticed a Emergency Team taking care of an old citizen who was attending Church. I just went back to my seat and continue to listen to the Service.

I don't know the reason but I had a VERY difficult time focusing on the service this morning. But I didn't go home. I stayed put!!

Before the ending of the service, a Pastor took the stage and told the parishioners that next week will be special because they are going to be visited by the Members of the Fredericton Police Force!!!!!

I almost shouted - WHAT???????

He continued on telling the audience that we must respect and honour the people who are keeping our City safe!!

My God!!! I never said one word but I did confront the Pastors afterward and asked them if I could be excuse for next week service?  I also added that my tongue still hurts from biting it!!!

I kept my mouth shut during the service without smoking a joint and take my Ritalin!!!!

Yes sure was a rollercoster ride for this service!!!

But seriously.....I understand this what makes the Baptist Church so unique from the others. I remember during my Bicycle trip across the States. I attended a Baptist Service in Florida and the focus was on the 52 hostages held in Iran.

You will never hear this kind of talk in a Catholic Church < Which I'm Catholic and will always remain a Catholic >

But is it a good idea of honoring this so-called Police Force????

The Brunswick Baptist Church go out of their way to help the less fortunate.

They serve A HUGE meal once a month.

They are good but in this case? I don't believe it's a good idea to honor the Devil...oppppsss I mean the Cops because their track record is not a good one!!!

You never know? I might smoke 10 joints and take 30 Ritalin and attend the service next Sunday just to see with my own eyes???

It would be a good place to hold a protest on the sidewalk!!!!

Who knows???

To have a Police Force accusing a citizen having Sex with kids and no apology is unacceptable!!!! We must eliminate this so-called Police Force and replace them with the R.C.M.P.!!!!

Riding a Bicycle for the first time on a nice Sunday day in Racist City Fredericton!

You should city the people exercising??? But this will all come to a sudden stop once the Rat Patrol and the Racist Members of the Fredericton Police Force puts a stop to this!!!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Independent News Media Free From Government and Corporate Constraints

By André Faust
Re-blogged from The Left Eye

News reporting is not like what it used to be back in the 40’s and 50’s. Those were the days when it was common to see a journalist with a press card in the hat and a foot in the door getting the, who, what, when, where and why of a story without any worries about offending the advertiser or producing a contradictory story to the spin given by corporate and government communication departments.

Today’s journalists when reporting on the salient news have to rely on the information that is provided to them by communications officers who are all well trained in the science of public conscious and the art of persuasion in influencing public thinking. Modern communications officers will not directly answer any questions that are outside the prepared script. Unfortunately, this places the journalist at a disadvantage to get to the actual facts over the spin version of the facts, and as a result, regardless of the integrity of the journalist, it is impossible to get the “True News”.
 Read more --->

Which one should I have???

Did you the store at Carleton Place was shut down last week after 20 years???

I wonder what happened in this case????

Darn shame because during the hot summer months? They had the coldest soda in the City!!!

Alan Sears from UNB gives his views on Volunteers!!!

Honoring the Volunteers at the Fredericton Soup Kitchen!!

93 or 97 years old!!!

They all die in Vain!!!!

Therese Murray is the new Executive Director of the Fredericton Community Soup Kitchen!!!

Sounds like a nice person...:)

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Relaxing with Tony......

Maudit Quebecois Dan Bussieres is nervous around the New Brunswick Legislature!!!


Well, well, well, how's it hangin', Dan, you ole bastard??? Ya gotta beware a dem dar big green monsters lurkin' 'round MOI MAISON. Keep 'er goin, ya big arsehole, or da blogger'll be on yer ass. Have ya met da blogger yet Danny??? If ya ain't, we'll innerduce ya to him one day. You hjave one helluva weekend, Danny. You hoist one fer me, I'll hoist one fer you, and together we'll RUN DA F----N' BLOGGER RIGHT TA HELL OUTTA TOWN!!! Keep 'er goin Danny, yer doin' one helluva fine, fine job.

Quebecois Dan Bussieres driving around with a Rejected Sticker!!!

For the record Charlie,

Here I am, a common, ordinary, run-a-the-mill, thirty-grand-a-year workin' stiff who has NEVER, and I repeat NEVER, driven any type of vehicle whatsoever, bearing a REJECTION sticker of ANY, and I repeat ANY kind. And now here we have this 150 thow idiot drivin' 'round town in an absolute DEATH TRAP!!! This vehicle should Absolutely, and I repeat ABSOLUTELY should be ordered to STAY OFF THE F----N' PROPERTY!!!! NUTTIN' MORE, NUTTIN' LESS. This is akin, my good and decent friend, to riding a bicycle on the sidewalk, perhaps with NO, and I repeat NO, helmet, J-walking in close proximity to DA PEOPLES' HOUSE, or forcing ones own banishmemt from MOI MAISON due to the very idiocity of NUISCENCISM. HOLY SHIT ON DAT MAN!!!

This would appear, ole boy, to be a severe case of snobbism, someone of great self-righteousness, and/or a very, very unfortunate individual suffering from a severe case of maple leafism, thus requiring a visit from Dr. GMM, THE only cure from this type of ailment.



Fire Alarm goes off at The Creighton - Premiere Executive Suites!!!

Friday, 10 April 2015

The Summer of 2015 will be the year the Fredericton Police shoots dead an innocent citizen!!!!

By the way they are acting lately? There's no question about it!!!

My Lord??? They were complaining that they had to pick up a drunken passed out Native near the sidewalk???

They said - We may as well help him because we will never hear the end of it!!!

What does that mean anyway????

Why are the Racists Members of the Fredericton Police Force allow to label the Citizens on False accusations of having Sex with Kids????

FPF Application to ISP by Charles LeBlanc

This is what I find distrustful by the Cops and no citizens should trust these Steroid Gorillas in their Homes!!!

The sad part is they have the backing of the New Brunswick Police Commission and there's nothing we can do!!!

You're stop by these idiots? DEMAND to have an R.C.M.P. Officer present!!!!

Do not trust them!!!!

None-Educated Low Life Racist Red Neck gives his view on the Air Germany disaster!!!

Fredericton Police Force taking advantage of people with Mental Illness AGAIN????

With beautiful weather comes the people with their stories.

I bumped into a guy whom I haven't seen in months.

Anyway...I can't go into details because I heard that Bigot Mayor Brad Woodside is working with the Cops to have this new Blog shut down AGAIN!!!! < They never learn >

Anyway...they arrested this man with a mental illness for a unpaid fine.

Once in Jail, they convince the poor guy that he would go to Jail in Saint John for one week!!!!

The Fredericton Police Officers told the poor guy that his name would all over Irving paper therefore he should forget going to Court and just go straight to Jail.

The poor guy agreed and didn't bother to have his day in Court!!!

It's high time we get a lawyer station in that Gestapo...I mean Police Station!!!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Denis Landry MLA Bathurst East-Nepisiguit-Saint-Isidore Minister of Natural Resources is asked about the murder of Michel Vienneau by the Bathurst Police Force!!!

New Brunswick Minister Denis Landry comes face to face with new Blogger near the Legislature!!!

More complaints of the Fredericton Police Force!!!!!

Charles, They stopped a friend of mine this morning and made him remove covers he had on his license plate.

He is on Dialysis and has a sever heart condition.

When he could not complete the removal of the plate the police officer removed them for him and issued him a warning. They would not let the car move until they were removed. What a bunch of idiots.

I know Woodside reads this blog so he should see who the officer was that issued that warning on Prospect street and send him on a public relations course 101 as this is just crap to flex your muscle with a sick senior.

Get out there and chase the real criminals.

Blogger had a VERY different attitude at the office of the Justice Building this week!!!!

Very strange...I walked in there and in the past, I was met with a smile and VERY good public Relation skill!!!

This time it was a total different ballgame. Last week, Racist Judge Julian Dickson denied my request for audio of the three hearings.

I am still trying to find out who was in the Court Room on the last day of the 6 months limitation that the Judge agreed that I should be charge with assault!!!

This has corruption written all over it!!!

This is the way they do things in Fredericton against the less fortunate but I'm one of them that WILL fight back!!

Especially that Fredericton Snobby Lawyer Kathryn Gregory is involved!! She's the former law partner of the Judge's dead wife!!!

Ok...going back to the staff of the Justice Building!!!

I met a worker who told me that it could take months to get the transcript of the process because people are busy. we are not allow to have the audio's but now will not have the transcript of the hearings in time for the trail.

But what I found strange was a female worker watching with his hands on her hips. < Telling me that I was a pain >

The strange part was a big woman showed up and got the paper that I was looking for.

She gave it to the worker and the worker gave it to me.

The big woman left the office and watch over my shoulder looking for what I was looking for???

I wonder if I would have been dress in a three piece suit if the woman would have down the same action???

Are the staff working with the Police on these cases???? Too much socializing??? We know of one romance in that workplace.


They gave me the attitude that I SHOULD NOT be asking for these items!!!

Why audio from the proceedings are release in Quebec but not here????

My God?? We have a Judge that told a homeless person to leave the city by noon or go to Jail!!< the homeless guy been living in the City since 1989!!!!

The less fortunate or people with mental illness are treated like the blacks or Natives were treated 60 years ago!!

Need something to calm me down before I walk into the New Brunswick Legal Aid Office!!!

I really have to calm down before I walk in there. If I'm met by a snob? It could turn ugly????

Waiting to hunt down the Mla's at the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

Monday, 6 April 2015

Asking questions in Bathurst of the murder of Michel Vienneau by the Bathurst Police Force!!

Fredericton Police Force would be held responsible if Citizen would have been killed after chase!!!

Why do these Steroid Gorillas always chase after people anyway????

Is it that important the thief gets caught????

Can money replace a human life???

Why did the person try to escape? Maybe she had some VERY bad experience with this Police Force???

As I said and wrote in the past - You see these so-called Cops at your door??? Demand the service of the R.C.M.P.!!!! These are NOT Cops!!!!!

Any Police Force Force that accuse Citizens of having Sex with kids on a False charge are NO Cops!!!

Or chasing after Minorities or Natives for exercising with having a helmet are no Cops!!!!

Dead bodies are appearing all over the place and people are disappearing from the face of the Earth because of this so-called Police Force.

The faster we replace them with the R.C.M.P.? The better this City will be!!!

Be brave and stand up to these Jerks!!!!

Remove the uniform and they are Nothing!!!!

Here's the story of the chase -

Eat all the Eggs you want!!! It's good for you!!!!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

So what was Michel Vienneau from Tracadie-Sheila doing here????

Just found this on youtube!!!

Why no answers in the Shooting death of Michel Vienneau by the Bathurst Police Force???



They probably knew pretty good what happened an hour after the shooting or right after they questioned the Bathurst police and some visual witness about what happened.

They are doing a full investigation, I understand.

But: Why is it taking so long, why didn't they intercept M. Vienneau as soon he was getting out the train? Why the police were not wearing uniform, instead of being undercover? Was he the person they wanted to intercept?

and why is it taking so long, I'm almost afraid to think that we will never know. The longer it takes, the more I'm suspicious I am of our justice system. I hope the truth is gonna come out, mistake or not from the Bathurst police. In order to trust, we need to know the truth.