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Monday, 16 March 2015

New Brunswick Attorney General Serge Rousselle supports Fascist style of going after the less fortunate!!!!

To: Serge Rousselle, NB Attorney General, Re: Complaint against Special Prosecutors Cory Roberts, Kathryn Gregory and Sebastien Michaud

I wish to submit complaints regarding the above Crown Prosecutors as follows:

1. Sebastien Michaud has failed to appear at all three of my hearings so far - that is unacceptable. He is preventing me from getting answers to serious issues and avoiding answering to the fact he is p rosecuting a charge with no evidence to support it.

2. Cory Roberts, Special Prosecutor, lied to the Court at my hearing on 16th February, 2015, when he said I was provided all disclosure. There are many documents mentioned in the Police/Crown case that have been concealed.

3. Kathryn Gregory (who was known as Kathryn El-Khoury) appeared at my hearing on Monday in a direct conflict of interests. She and her father both worked with the presiding Judge Julian Dickson's wife, in their law firm Athey, Gregory Dickson. They are clearly in a close relationship, that leads a reasonable person to believe they are friends, and gives the appearance that justice cannot be seen to be done if she represents the Crown against me and Dickson is the judge.

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4. Ms. Gregory lied on the Court record twice at the last hearing of my prosecution, Monday 2nd March, 2015, when she falsely stated I had all the disclosure and I was using delay tactics. The first hearing confirmed I was entitled to more disclosure - which I have not yet received - and the second hearing was during a snow storm when even the judge did not turn up, but I did.

I require an investigation into this and an explanation from you for Crown Prosecutors lying in my hearings.


Charles LeBlanc

Just received this email today -

Reply From AG March 2015 by Charles LeBlanc

I have been hearing some bad stories about this VERY snobbish female!!

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Stay tuned!!!

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  1. Charles are you meeting up with some very unfriendly people of Fredericton?