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Sunday, 30 November 2014

The State of HOMELESSNESS in Canada

Re-blogged from the Left Eye

By André Faust

When we think of homeless we envision, a bunch of social outcasts who represent the lower stratum of our class conscious society. We attribute many uncomplimentary adjectives to describe them, such as Lazy, druggies, alcoholics and mental cases and so on. The last place that we want these degenerates is in our back yards. While drugs, alcohol and mental issues may contribute to some homeless people, this is not necessarily the case. Loss of employment and low wages now seem to be the biggest contributors to why there seems to be an increase in the incidents of homelessness. 

According to Stephen Gaetz, Tanya Gulliver, & Tim Richter (2014), the current homeless crises is directly correlated to the Federal Government and the decline of federal investments have been steady during the last two decades. Fredericton is an example of a city that has the highest rates for rents, which is out of reach for most minimum wage earners, yet it appears that per capita Fredericton has the lowest number of affordable and subside housing when compared to other centers like Saint John, anecdotally, according to one source the wait time in Saint John for either subsidized housing or affordable house is much less than the wait time in Fredericton. According to the Saint John source even if you’re single with no children you have a better chance of acquiring affordable housing. In Fredericton is you’re a single Male regardless of age, your chances of sleeping on a park bench is by farther greater the likelihood of getting affordable or subsided housing. 

It appears that in Fredericton because there are some many students, who will use their student loans to pay top dollars for living units, and if you included Government employees, they tend to rent rather than pay a house mortgage. What is the incentive in Fredericton develop affordable houses for less income. Is Fredericton a classic case of supply and demand, profits before people? The following report gives a very good explanation to why, not only in Fredericton, but in all of Canada why we are now in crises situation. Continue Reading -->

A Canadian captured in Syria???

Stephen Harper must be proud of this one!!

Any surprise if the poor individual is beheaded?

I just cannot believe the way our Government are proud to announce the Bombing if ISIS Targets!'s going to be scary to watch Harper in action. Will Brad Woodside order the closing of City Hall????

Don Cherry is 100% right!!!

Fredericton-south Green Party MLA David Coon opens his Office to the Public!!!

First time I ever been in can even hold Community Meetings in there...

Here's a video -

This picture was taken on September 17, 2005!!!

The good old days when we fought against Ritalin or Roomers Rights.

Look at the issues these days? wonder my hair turned white but thee the battle for Justice will continue.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

2014 Santa Claus Parade in Fredericton!!!

What outside my window but what is there to be Jolly about in Fredericton????

All gone...

Very determine in Fredericton!!!!!

Should the Students at Fredericton High School be suspened because of Protest???

But this Blogger is having a VERY difficult time to understand their point of view???

They want to be allowed to be half naked in the school????

Please explain....

If the individual who won 25 Million in Fredericton is a HUGE FAN of the blog?

I'm not greedy...I want $1,000 for new computer, camera and other stuff so I can continue to blog.....:)<br/><br/>
Send money to -
Charles LeBlanc
145 Westmorland Street
Apt 1
New Brunswick
E3B 3L4

Man just sexual assaulted a woman on York Street minutes ago!!!

The guy was following this woman. Man in his 20s...

Someone won 25 Million Dollars in Fredericton in Lotto Max Lotto!!!

Friday, 28 November 2014

Maurice the Homeless views on Black Friday!!!!

Charles, Now the Blacks have a thing against "Black Friday" it was on cnn.

They think its degrading to there race because its called "black friday".......Jeessss

What are they going to cry about next?

Black paint? a Black car? a Black eye? a Black cat?

If they want to change it to white Friday or purple Friday or freaky Friday I don't give a rats ass.

Am I going to cry if it was called it White Friday? Who cares?

What the fk are they going to cry about next?

The blacks and the gays have more rights then the whites so move on, quit crying and be a good contributing part of society. If you don't like it here or in the u.s. then go to a other country and cry there.

We are tired of hearing you cry about everything, We don't riot for everything that happens that we don't like and we don't burn down a city because a judge didn't do what we want. Grow the fk up! I have some black friends that are cool and they hate how there portrayed because there not like that.

Now a Quebecois? I would never want one of them as a friend.

Never in a million years. --maurice the homeless guy--

Harmony Inc Elm City Echoes and Ladies Barbershop Chorus in Fredericton!!!

I was going to confront a few politicians at the lighting of the Christmas but back off and when home...this was much better...:)

The People who breaks the law in Fredericton are cheap Bastards!!!!

Fredericton is Beautiful but VERY Evil!!!

I never would have expect the Fredericton City Council supporting false accusations by the Police!!

We must eliminate this Council < except for one Councillor >

ADHD Rapper in Fredericton...

WOW!!!! Provincial Judge Mary Jane Richards denied my request!!!! Fredericton Lawyer Edward Derrah is allow to lie in Court!!!!

Mr. Leblanc,

I’ve attached a copy of the request you made for a court recording from R. v. Gaudet. Please be advised that this request has been denied.

Thank you,

Katherine Katherine Thériault Supervisor, Court Attendance, Fredericton Region Surveillante, Préposé(e)s aux Tribunaux Région de Fredericton Department of Justice / Ministère de la justice I was going to drop this issue but now I guess that's out of the question!!!!

Lawyer Edward Derrah I believe told the court last Monday that my assault was justified because I'm a guy who takes video and pictures.

I have to visit the Justice Building to find out what's the next step!!!

To have a Lawyer tell the court this and the victim is not allow to defend himself???

Here's the video-

UPDATE - I WILL GET THE TRANSCRIPT OF WHAT I WANTED!!! Maybe we can close this issue afterall...:(

Found old Souvenirs....

I opened my tickle trunk and found these...See I'm not just a guy who decided to take on the bicycle helmet for no cause. I rode a bike across Canada and the U.S. without a helmet in the 70s.

Very Snobby driving in Fredericton!!!

Will The Fascists Members of the Fredericton Police Force scare the children for tonight Lighting of the Christmas Tree at the New Brunswick Legislature and City Hall???

I guess the kids were scared of the Cops during the Remembrance Day Ceremonies. I guess it was like a Moscow Victory Day Parade.

I will never again attend a Remembrance Day ceremony because I don't need to watch the Police to show their mighty force. The Fredericton Police are totally out of control!!!

I'll be around tonight but not to cover this event as I used to do in the past.

Our Mayor have changed his attitude towards certain culture in this City and he must be shown the door the next Municipal Election.

Will the Cops scare the little kids tonight????

If there are any arrest? I'll be there.

Truly stay tuned!!!

City of Fredericton don't give a darn about the less fortunate during a storm!!!

Ohhh...we have the Grant Harvey Centre way out in nowhere land.....what a racist attitude eh????

They just announced on the media that only a couple of people have use the Harvey Centre.

Shit!! What do you expect? Nobody can find it and the less fortunate can't get there!

Pizza for the Call Centre Workers during the Big Storm in Fredericton!!!

St.Mary's First Nation Female Native Activist Angee Acquin took a Heart Attack!!!

She's the female on the left.

Her and her sister Judie are always having fun. Love to play for the

Here she is singing away!!!

 All my prayers goes out to her for a speedy recovery!!!...:)


Thursday, 27 November 2014

Victory Meat Market in Fredericton had to throw away all their meat!!!

I wonder why St.Mary's Supermarket gave all their products away during Tropical Storm Arthur???

Health Department VERY strict once it comes to this issue I guess???

Heavy Snow hits the Evil City of Fredericton New Brunswick!!!

<iframe src="" width="640" height="480" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen></iframe><br/>

I no longer promote this Racist City in this Blog...want to see nice pics? Go on my Facebook...

Black Friday at River Valley Footwear on Queen Street in Fredericton!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Blogger filled a complaint against the Fredericton Police to the New Brunswick Police Commission!!!

The Battle continue!!!!

I will be confronting former Fredericton Police Officer and new Minister of Justice, Public Safety and Deputy Minister Stephen Horsman next week once the Legislature opens for business!.

I do understand a former Cop will not against its own but it will be interesting to watch?

This issue could have been settle with a meeting of the Mayor and Police Chief but they denied. The battle could continue for the next 4 years. < until the next Provincial Election ><br/>
Maybe he'll be force to resign and sit as a Backbencher????
 Truly Stay tuned....

New Sergeant At Arms of the New Brunswick Legislature will also be from Quebec!!!!

Another kick in the face to New Brunswickers!!!!

How come we cannot find a New Brunswickois to do this job???

There would be a war if a New Brunswickois would be the new Sergeant-At-Arms in Quebec would be from this Province!!!

Strange how we don't care eh???

MLA Madeleine Dube is told of Blogger's new Job!!!!

Wanta be jumper on the Walking Bridge in Fredericton!!!!

I'm going to bed....


You know Charles, i heard a radio ad today with a spokes lady speaking about the importance and benefits of buying locally.

It seems everyday you hear someone say i bought this in Maine or New Hampshire for half price?."Moan, moan whine and sniff".

Compare those apples!

The poor and working class buy all their stuff locally. These are the main contributors in a smaller part perhaps, but to a larger part of their incomes as compared to the "bargain hunters" that spend seemingly "nothing"to travel to support another economy in another country.

WHY?? The logic is baffling.

Ask Christa Ross, Fredericton Chamber of Commerce, she will let you know the benefits! Ask the local merchants, ask YOURSELF what is right to do.

Who wins, when you buy from your local business, who offers great service, local problem solving,and hires local folks to serve you? It seems to be a no brainer.

Local business is keen,honest, and will be there when you call them, needing service. The Grinch that stole the economy, may just perhaps be in your online account or out of country"shopping experience". I just wonder how those businesses contribute to the YMCA? Community Kitchen? Local school? Fund raiser for a community need? Raise a roof for Humanity?Help a local kid with breakfast at school? Worth giving this a serious thought? I hope so. Food for thought..many thanks to those that support local New Brunswick businesses, big or small. Tax Payer John

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Shouldn't the Members of the Fredericton Police Force show the fine example by having two hands in the wheel???

Members of the Fredericton Police Force would have shot Blogger in Moncton!!!

French Cafeteria must be shown the door at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital!!!! SHIP BACK TO PARIS FRANCE!!!!

This is BULLSHIT!!!!

This area is located right at the main entrance of the Cafeteria!!!!

Je suis Acadien and I will never agree with this shit!!!

This is just the idea of some maudit Quebecois working at the Hospital!!!!

I will question the Minister of Health Victor Boudreau on this crap!!! We must have LOTS OF MONEY to spend eh???

Here's a video and pictures....

Still waiting for happy times with the Toronto Maple Leafs???

When was the last time you had a shave at the Barber Shop???

How's this for a Electric Car in Fredericton???

New Brunswicker Blogger applies for job of Sergeant-at-Arms for the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

Liberal Minister of Energy Donald Arsenault is confronted about Shale Gas!!

MY GOD??? The City honoured members of the Fredericton Police for searching for Justin Bourque!!!!

Excuse me? Isn't this their job???? Who nominates these so-called Police Officers after they do their jobs???

A Police Force that are racist against a certain culture in this City SHOULD NOT be recognized for their so-called good deed.

What kind of Police Force lies to the Internet Provider that the citizens are exploiting Children for Sex?

This Blogger will be confronting the Liberal Government on this Issues during the next few months!!!!

Truly Stay tuned!!!

Fredericton City Hall opens its doors but is it safe???

Monday, 24 November 2014

Blogger head of Security at the New Brunswick Legislature??

Well Dan ya old fart, we're gonna miss the hell outta ya. It jist aint gonna be the same without Charlie's daily rants about his most favorite public enemy numero uno.
But, alas, he indeed still has a humungus cast of characters from which to choose his victims in the days and years to come. There will, for example, always be a plethora of asshole politicians, there will always be a premier, there will always be a Fredericton police force, there will always be a chief-of-police and, yes, there will indeed always be a sergeant-at-arms. And if any or all of that does not suffice, my friend, his brand new and now infamous feud with our beloved Mayor and city council should provide him with plenty of gas to throw on the fire.
And now,ole boy, as you depart our fair city and indeed, our province for greener pastures and a brighter future in your next calling, rest assured pal, we'll take care of Mr LeBlanc. I believe full that he would fit the bill very well as head of security at the New Brunswick Legislature. Or even better, he would make an excellent Speaker of the House.

Police officer Darren Wilson won’t be charged in fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

I must make a video of my experience visiting that area on a Ten Speed in 1978...:(

How New Brunswick Judges are Appointed!!!


This email was sent by Rob Moore, who announced Justice Bruce Noble's appointment to the judiciary in 2008. I wrote and asked him how Noble was chosen to be a judge of the Family Division,when he does not appear to have spent one single day in family court during his 31 years as a lawyer and people have been complaining about him. Noble was the Fredericton City solicitor for 19 years too, which is no recommendation. As you can see from the email, the actual qualifications of the judge don't seem to matter - they are elected by cops and robbers and the process is confidential!!!

----- Forwarded Message ----- From: "" Sent: Monday, November 24, 2014 10:56 AM Subject: Re: Appointing Judges with no qualifications


Dear ....,

Thank you for your letter.

In Canada, Federal and Provincial Judges are appointed utilizing a similar method. Federal Judges are appointed through Judicial Advisory Committees while Provincial judges are appointed in much the same process. Each Province contains one Judicial Advisory Committee consisting of 8 members representing the bench, bar, law enforcement, and members of the General Public.

The process in appointing judges is incredibly intensive, with various personal and professional factors associated with the appointee being taken into account by the committee prior to appointment. The suitability of the appointee is thoroughly screened by all members of the Committee. Furthermore, according to the Department of Justice, additional factors including “geography, gender, language and Multiculturalism” are also taken into account when appointing Judges in both Federal and Provincial jurisdictions.

In terms of additional requests from members of the public, such as yours, the Department of Justice states, “all committee proceedings and consultations take place on a confidential basis.”

Please contact me at should you have any additional questions or concerns.

Thanks again for writing.

Hon. Rob Moore, P.C., M.P. Minister of State (ACOA) Member of Parliament – Fundy Royal

Did Lawyer Edward Derrah tell the Court that it was justified that Blogger be assaulted?

Sorry jumping here and there in this one!!!! I just couldn't believe once the lawyer told the Court that Mike Gaudet was justified to assault me....I asked for the copies to the Clerk of what he said because there must be a investigation if the lawyer told the court that it wasn't no big deal the Blogger have been assaulted.

I asked him to explain himself but he replied - I DON'T HAVE TO TALK TO YOU!!!!!

A snob as a lawyer??? I guess he wants to battle with me???? I have no problem with that at all!!!!

I guess we have to go higher up???

There's a lawyer telling lies to the Court and the victim can't defend themselves???? Sorry is VERY wrong in our Justice system!!!!

I'm going to find out who's this Ed Derrah??? A lawyer that promotes violence????

Truly Stay tuned!!!

Fredericton City Hall is once again open for business over a month after the shooting in Ottawa!!!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Huge Accident in Northside of the Westmorland Bridge on a Sunday night.BLOGGER OUT OF BREATH!!!!

The Battle for Justice for the less fortunate will continue in Fredericton for years to come I guess???

What can you do when the Politicians and Police go against you???? They won't listen so therefore the battle will continue.....

Dangerous for your Health???

But it's so good...:)

What can you do when the Government and the Irvings don't want you to work???

Getting ready to celebrate a new Police Force and new City Council in Fredericton!!!!

Enjoying a Hot Soup at Molly's on Queen Street in Fredericton!!!!

Will Gas return to below $1.00 per Litre???

Blogger continues to single-handedly knocked off a high-ranking members in Fredericton!!!!

danbussieres Well Charlie, Ya did it agin. Let me see, you have now, single-handedly knocked off a high-ranking member of the Fredericton police force, a clerk-of-the-legislature, a chief-of-police, two successive premiers along with their governments and numerous cabinet ministers and high-ranking politicians, and now, as I told you would happen, my friend, the sergeant-at-arms. I told you it was coming, but, as usual, you thought I was full-a-shit. YER A ONE MAN WRECKING CREW, ole buddy, I've been tellin' ya that since the beginning of time. You will indeed, my friend, before you're reign of terror is over, bring down another chief-of-police, God knows how many more premiers and sergeant-at-arms, HELL, YOU'LL PROBABLY KNOCK OFF A PRIME MINISTER OR TWO!!! I would say the President the Pope, Harold Ballard, the head of the KGB and indeed, Fredericton's chief librarian, should be takin' f----n heed. But THE one position that is, without a doubt, absolutely and totally safe, pal, is THE MAYOR my friend. Our present mayor is simply too sacred to fall for your caniving ways. BRAD IS MAYOR FOREVER!!!! GOOD RIDENCE, DAN, WE LOVE YA!!!!

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Pain in the Ass Panhandler Robbie MacDonald arrested today with assaault with a weapon!!! He will be gone for a while!!!

I was listening to the Police Scanner and Robbie was VERY out of control...walked into a restaurant and raising his voice at the people inside. Cops were called and he was on his way...soon after the Cops was called at Saint Mary's First Nation. Security grabbed Robbie after he showed them a needle. I made this video over a month ago!!! What can you do? There's no help for these people while behind bars and you can bring a horse to water but...... I'm so happy that I'm not into that shit!!! Poor Robbie!!!

It's that time again this year to give to the Salvation Army in Fredericton!!!

Picture 2649 ...and of course who can forget this guy??..:( IMGP1301

Fredericton Community Kitchen back in Business!!!

Picture 2656Picture 2661Picture 2660Picture 2659

Fredericton Soup Kitchen close door to 75 people on a VERY COLD DAY!!!!

frederictonsoupkitchenPicture 2645 Very strange...especially since the City of Fredericton have announced a Racist Agenda against the Less fortunate in this City....How come the City didn't have a Emergency action to feed these people??? There are Kids in there!!!! This City is getting worst every day!!!! P.S. A guy was kicked out from the Shelter late last night was VERY COLD last night....Someone told me the Cops ignored the situation...was there a dead body discovered this morning in the area this morning??? Frozen to death????

Friday, 21 November 2014

Fredericton Emergency Shelter just kicked someone outside 10 minutes ago!!!! It's 10:30pm!!!

This is nuts!!!...IT'S COLD OUTSIDE!!!! They claimed the guy was drinking...

Still Kicking...


Big Booyyyy!!!



Sorry but Idiot Coward Jerkface will have to post somewhere else......

coward So brave behind a Monitor...sighhhh....

Dorothy Tucker's son Matthew Linus charged with murder!!!!




Little girl broke her leg in Playgound at Bliss Carman Middle School in Fredericton!!!!

I bet the playground will be gone in weeks...we sure can't have kids injured in a playground can we??? Sigghhhhh....

Will Dan Bussieres meet the Blogger before leaving New Brunswick for good????


How come The HOME Depot is the only supplier to The City of Fredericton????


Will Fredericton Mayor Brad < Smoky > Woodside go up or down???


Thursday, 20 November 2014

Robbie MacDonald out of jail and sleeping here and there in Fredericton.....

Picture 2584


Picture 2604

Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick Sergeant-at-Arms Dan Bussieres quits!!!!!

Picture 2549 I knew there was something going on? Dan Bussieres was being nice to me during these last few months and I told people something is not right!!! He always told me that he was going to stay there for 12 more years. Where is he going? Ottawa???? What am I going to do? The fun is over??? Sergeant-at-Arms Competition No. LA-SAA-01 The Sergeant-at-Arms is a permanent officer of the Legislature responsible for security within the Legislative precincts. The Sergeant-at-Arms is responsible for developing and implementing security policies and procedures, advising the Speaker and Clerk on issues of security policy and procedures, ensuring the safety and security of Members, legislative staff and visitors, supervising security personnel and acting as liaison with elected officials, legislative staff, police and government departments. Traditional responsibilities include ceremonial functions that may be required for the proper conduct of the business of the Legislative Assembly and such other duties as may be prescribed by section 26 of the Standing Rules of the Legislative Assembly. The Sergeant-at-Arms is also responsible for overseeing the operations and maintenance of the Legislative Buildings and grounds; the recruitment, training and supervision of Pages and Tour Guides; and the provision of visitor information services to the public. Qualifications Extensive police force or military experience and comprehensive knowledge of the principles of policing and law enforcement; demonstrated experience in implementing and maintaining security services in a high profile environment; development of security policies and procedures; experience in dealing with outside community/policing organizations; thorough understanding of procedures of House; superior management skills, excellent leadership and negotiating skills, superior writing and verbal communication skills, exceptional interpersonal abilities, judgement, tact and diplomacy. An equivalent combination of training and experience may be considered. Written and spoken competence in English and French is required. Salary: $74,178 - $99,710 per annum. Forward applications including resume to: Mr. Donald J. Forestell Clerk of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick 706 Queen Street Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 1C5 Email: Fax: 506 444-3331 Closing Date: December 22, 2014 Subject to the response to this competition, qualifications related to education and experience may be raised. UPDATE - I WENT FISING AND I FOUND OUT THAT BUSSIERES IS MOVING TO BRITISH COLUMBIA???? I WONDER WHY???

A so-called Comedian....

Picture 2551

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Idiot on the St.John River in Fredericton today!!!

Picture 2567Picture 2565 

I just received an email telling me the idiot is River Rat Matt Myers...


 So therefore I was 100% by saying there was an true idiot on the river today!!! :P..:P..:P

Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside set up weapon at Officer's Square to eliminate Blogger???


Big fight at Dolly's in Fredericton at 11:00am IN THE MORNING???

Bernard Lord wanted to sell NBPOWER before Shawn Graham!!!

Stephen Harper's Income splitting won't help majority of Canadians

By Ralph Goodale (Regina, Sask.)

Re- Posted  The Left Eye

Middle-class families should not have to pay more to give wealthier families like those of MPs and cabinet ministers at $2000 tax break. But that is exactly what is happening with Stephen Harper's new “income splitting“ scheme.

In families where the parents are in different tax brackets, it allows the higher income supposed to claim a tax credit of up to $2000 per year (as if a portion of his or her income were being taxed at the other parents is lower rate).

Former finance minister Jim Flaherty was concerned that such a policy would be expensive and unfair to most Canadians. more-->

Monday, 17 November 2014

NDP Leader Dominic Cardy meets David Alward after 3rd defeat!!!


Last Video of Homeless Woman sleeping in front of Wilmot Church in Fredericton!!!

This will be my last issue on this issue...I guess she's hurt by the nasty comments...:(...once you go on a public protest? You are going to get the nay-Sayers and that's the way it is!!! I wish her the best of Luck!!...:)


I won my bet but I feel safe to say that Dominic Cardy will never have a political career in New Brunswick!!! I just wonder if it's the way he took control of the Party? There was never a true Leadership Convention..:(

Different view of Fredericton on Drugs......

Picture 2222


Picture 2347Picture 2347

Honest Vendor at the Farmer's Market in Fredericton!!!

Picture 2350 Found it and return everything!!..:)

Darn Scotsman ruined my day!!!

Picture 2351

Should the Members of the Fredericton Police Force be political????

Picture 2391 I noticed since former Fredericton Police Officer Stephen Horsman have been elected? They're more members of the Police Force present at Liberal meetings? I noticed one yesterday chatting with a Doctor. I went to the Doc and said - You're not too fussy who you're talking with??? He answered - Ohhh yeah...he's a Cop and you guys don't get along. I pointed to the off duty < I think? > Cop and said - HE'S AN ASSHOLE!!!! I walked out of the building!!!! So? Why are the members of the Frede4ricton Police Force political these days? Get a raise in their Pension???? Who knows???

Pissed off Voters in Saint John East By-Election!!!! Dominic Cardy wins!!!!

roger brown 068 If not? It's the end of his wanta be political Career!!! One member of the Liberal Party told me one month ago that the Liberals will win by 1,000 votes!!! I bet $5.00 with the guy that the Liberals won't win!!! What do you think???

Collecting a few pennies in Fredericton...

Rick Miles political career is tout fini???

Randy Dickinson Chairman of New Brunswick's Human Rights Commission will no longer talk about the issue of the less fortunate!!!

I saw the guy at the Federal Liberal Nomination Saturday and asked - Are we going to fight for the less fortunate? I asked without my camera and I received a VERY rude answer that he was upset because of an old interview I made. I believe he means this one - I was surprise the Human Rights don't care about the less fortunate. I believe it's time for Randy to be shown the door. I did made one last video with the Jerk!!! It's time to get rid of the Commission is they don't wish to fight for a certain group or culture of this Province.

What does this mean?

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Maybe it's not a bad thing that you're forgotten???

The Political Master at work...

I love this time of the year!!!!

The new Federal Fredericton Liberal Candidate should be Matt Decourcey!!!

I just came from there and lots of people and lots of support for Matt Decourcey. They seem to be VERY well organize...I don't even know the guy. He'll give Rick Miles a run for his money I guess. Stay tuned!!!

Homeless woman was still sleeping in front of the Wilmot Church in Fredericton last night...

It came to Canada but it's gone....

Councillor Greg Ericson and David Coon to meet the public on Saturday!!!!

Will the Blogger ever find Peace in Fredericton???

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Fredericton Panhandler Robbie MacDonald was arrested tonight!!!

Of course, I filmed the guy a few days ago!!!! He looked great... The Cops approached Robbie tonight and told him they had a warrant out for his arrest on two counts. A trespassing one and the other was indecent exposure. I stopped my video and watched the situation very carefully. I must admit they treated Robbie like professionals. They even allowed poor Robbie to have a smoke....sigh..... Of course, I had to put a few agitating remarks in there...< in fun > He'll be in the slammer for a few more months. Did I just praised the Cops???? That's it!!! I'm going to see my Doctor in the morning.

Guess where???

New Brunswick Liberal Party Banned the Blogger for Life from the New Brunswick Legislature!! Will they lift the Ban???

Guess where?

Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz resigns!!!!

What happened???

City of Fredericton to unveil Statue of Joseph Stalin???

Saint John East P.C. candidate Glen Savoie only interview with Blogger!!

New Brunswick Judges Being Investigated!

Hey Charles,

Not long ago we heard that NB Court of Queen’s Bench Judge Paulette Garnett was in trouble with the Canadian Judicial Council - see link:

She has been a NB Court of Queen’s Bench Judge for 16 years, and for 15 of those years she has repeatedly taken more than the lawful time allowed, under the NB Judicature Act, of 6 months, to deliver her decisions – yet the people responsible did nothing about it.

The NB Chief Justice, Earnest Drapeau, has to give his permission when a judge cannot deliver a decision within the required 6 months, so did he know and just ignore this problem for 15 years?
Obviously yes. The Attorneys General of Canada and NB are also responsible for judges - they also did nothing. Justice Garnett was also chastised for being rude and abusive to self represented parties before her, and was ordered to apologise. Charles, you complained of Clendening doing the same to you - this misconduct and abuse has to stop - we need to start complaining.

The Canadian Judicial Council has admitted that Garnett sometimes takes “years” to deliver her decisions, and this has been her MO for almost the entire time she has been a judge, but they decided not to do anything more than allow Garnett to try harder (see link:

Now, another judge of the Court of Queen’s Bench is being investigated by the Canadian Judicial Council – Judge Bruce Noble of the Family Division of the Court of Queen’s Bench of New Brunswick. He has also taken years to deliver decisions, and makes entirely inept and negligent decisions, as confirmed by the NB Court of Appeal overturning two of his decisions in July 2013 (follow link to: - see Lambert v. Lacy House and S.H. v. the Minister of Social Development.)

As the attached letter shows, the Canadian Judicial Council has decided to submit a complaint against Bruce Noble, filed in October 2013, to the next level of a Review Panel of up to five judges.
This quite clearly confirms the complaint, filed in October 2013, has merit and substance.
The complaint was for negligence and possible fraud and highlights that Bruce Noble WAS THE CITY OF FREDERICTON SOLICITOR FOR 30 YEARS AND NEVER SPENT ONE DAY IN FAMILY COURT!!!

He has no experience in Family law, which shows in his appalling decisions which are destroying people's lives.

Many of us, who have been involved in family legal issues, have seen first-hand that the NB legal system is set up for failure, because it is not about justice: it is only about lawyers earning a lot of money, with the help of the judges, who are nothing but ex-lawyers.
It is time this changed. People need to complain about the judges of New Brunswick and here is how to do it: To complain about NB Court of Queen’s Bench Family and Trial Division and NB Court of Appeal: complain to the Canadian Judicial Council,

For complaints about NB Provincial and Criminal Court judges contact the Secretary to the NB Judicial Council, Natalie LeBlanc, at: – she is located in the Court of Appeal office, Room 202, Justice Building, 427 Queen Street, Fredericton NB, E3B 5H1, Telephone: (506) 453-4230 Fax: (506) 453-7921

We are paying these people – it’s time we got a bang for our bucks - complain and help to change things for the better. Most of the complaints against judges are simply stopped by the NBJC and CJC but we need to wise up and speak out – they are destroying lives.

Concerned Citizen

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Blogger sits down with Sour, Low Life, non Educated Fredericton's River Filthy Rat!!

Homeless Woman still sleeping outside in front of the Wilmot Church in Fredericton!!!


Fredericton Police still go after people on 3rd Party complaint!!!!

Possible House Fire on argyle street in fredericton!!!!

Kouchibouguac Hero Jackie Vautour and Blogger Charles LeBlanc viewed by Maurice The Homless!!!!

Jacky Vautour.....hmmmm I like Jacky, the guy has balls, he has more balls then anyone I know. Charles is probably a close second. Jacky fought for decades for what he believes in and there is no quit in him. They tried every legal and illegal way to get him off of his land and decades later he is still there. Decades of them poking him in the butt and having the mighty RCMP pecker bumping them time and time again. ....How would you like to wake up at 3 am in the morning with a big cramp and have to put your winter cloths on to go out in -25 in a snow storm and have to go way out to the out house to have a shit in a shit house? I bet many times he didn't make it in time. What there doing to that elderly couple just plain SUCKS! Let him have his mini home for fuck sake, I'm ashamed of all our no good greedy politicians. Fuck them all and there big ass illegal pensions and there catered meals and there expense accounts..........bunch of greedy bastards! Pisses me off to see a senior citizen couple living that way. Jacky must have thought he won the lottery when he found out he was getting a free mini home but the bastards took it away from him. If there so concerned about how his property looks like now....duhh...wouldn't it look better with a nice mini home on it? No one goes to Kouchibouguac Park anyway...... I'm ashamed of the politicians we have in New Brunswick. He is tough as nails but at his age, Let the couple have a decent last few years they have left for fuck sake! Jacky is a Legend Charles will do the same, there is no quit in him either. Either they publicly apolagise to him and make things right or in 20 years old man Charles will be like Jacky.....still fighting for what he thinks is right, there is no quit in Jacky and Charles. --maurice the homeless guy--

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Fredericton is not safe!!!!

Blogger stayed away from Fredericton Remembrance Day Ceremony...too many Cops...too dangerous!!! Left the city last Thursday!!!

Army Cadet fainted during Remembrance Day Ceremony in Fredericton!!!

Cops are in a panic!!!! More Cadets are dropping on the streets...Fredericton Police to use this as a terrorist attack????

Commanding Officer of the RCMP in New Brunswick Roger Brown was hunted down by Blogger one year ago this morning!!!!

Fascists Fredericton Police Chief Leanne and Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside are next????

Fredericton Police are turning Volenteers away from the 2014 Remembrance Day Parade in Fredericton!!!

Click below to listen to these idiots in action!!! You're going to see a Parade that reminds you of Russia!!!! I wonder how much extra security going to cost the City???? Idiots!!!!!

Why God???

Monday, 10 November 2014

But will Blogger be arrested this morning????

I have been doing this for years....

Federal Government should give Jackie Vautour and Wife a home!!!

Jackie & Yvonne Vautour Dear Prime Minister We are writing to you about the concerns we have of our parent’s Jackie and Yvonne Vautour’s situation. First and foremost we must let you know about the unacceptable conditions our parents have been living in for the past 36 years. A little 10x20 cabin without running water or toilet and no electricity. An old wood stove is slowly sinking through the floor and wild animals come in through holes in the walls and floors. You must think that Jackie decided to live that way and if he do not like it, he should move. We know for a fact that no one chooses to live that way and it is obvious to us that the State is responsible for their situation. Our parents still has in their possession, the title of their land and they still refuse to leave today! Moving for them is not an option. In May 2014, we started a fundraiser to provide our parents better living conditions. Parks Canada prohibits us from any substructure or to make renovations on their small cabin and access to running water and electricity. What right does Parks Canada has to condemn our parents to live without the basic essential needs of human life? We are very worried about the security of our parents and our family. Parks Canada admits publically to have increased the Parks security to monitor the situation to make sure no merchandise is delivered at our parents. That surveillance is not reassuring at all, the presence of those security agents is apparent and makes us feel harassed and intimidated. Does Park Canada have the intention to use physical force to evict our parents out of their land one more time? We are alone and we do not trust the service of the RCMP to protect us because in the past we were beaten, harassed and intimidated by police officers. To whom do we turn to get the protection worthy of a Canadian citizen? The battle of our parents with Parks Canada has been going on for 36 years. At the end of his mandate, Premier Richard Hatfield of New Brunswick recognized the prejudices caused to our family and offered our parents compensation, but no agreement was made to sell or transfer the title of his property to Parks Canada. Premier Hatfield never asked our parents to leave their land. For all the prejudices that our family suffered, it is not $228,000 and two pieces of land that are not legally fixed that compensate for the 40 years sufferance that our family experienced. Our father is still seeking justice and has confidence in the justice system of New Brunswick. Forty years later, his cause has still not been heard. Why is the justice system keeping him hostage? Does our justice system give us the opportunity to get heard? For the sake of our family and for all, it is time that this situation gets ruled. We demand that the prejudices caused to our family stops and be repaired. In conclusion to this letter, we are asking you to conduct a public investigation concerning the Kouchibouguac Park and its creation. It is time that the State takes responsibility for the expropriated and the citizens of New Brunswick. We wish that our parents could live home, on their land, according to the norms and standards of habitat Canada. Please help them, help us! We would like to meet you as soon as possible with Jean-Marie Nadeau (Citizen Committee) to discuss this urgent matter for two elderly persons who live in an inhuman condition. After all, are we not living in Canada? Sincerely yours, Vautour family Rocky, Roy, Ronnie, Jeanne, Maureen, Linda, Simonne, Rachelle,Edmond Note : Edmond (582-1456) This is their Home...I met the guy a few years ago >Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to meet Acadian hero Jackie Vautour!

I arrived to his door and there he was cleaning the floor with a broom.

Personally, I didn't know what to expect but I was determine to meet the guy for a few pictures.

There are so little pictures on the internet of this Acadian hero and I know he's getting up there in age.

I walked into his home with a couple who didn't know or heard of the man.

I knew that I had to move fast because this could be a very short visit.

This was my second visit in the same little home. The year was 1978. This is the Jackie Vautour I remember. Someone took this picture of myself and Jackie Vautour. He had a gun in his hands.



He still looks in good shape for 79!!!!


I asked Jackie if he would do a short camera interview with me?

He quickly answered that he didn't feel good so he denied my request.

Can't really blame him? A stranger walks in his home and wants to take pictures. I had to move slowly because Jackie Vautour is not a stupid individual.


I wasn't sure if I was going to get one single picture?

The couple sat down and a conversation quickly pursue. He was really interested with the Native I had with me.

Doreen is from St.Mary's First Nation and a pretty smart cookie.


Of course Jackie always claims himself to be a Metis so therefore the woman had his attention 100%!!!

I notice this picture on his wall.


I met Jackie's wife Yvonne and she sure looks good for 75 years old.


Behind every good rebel activist must be a good woman. I believe she told me they had 9 kids together.


While Jackie was chatting with the couple. I began to have a conversation with Yvonne en Francais.

She told me they received visitors from all over the country every single day.

Once someone visits, she'll noticed the traffic slowing down to have a look at the famous rebel activist.


The minute someone leaves their home? Some other stranger stops by.

This was proven when someone did make a stop when we were there.

Must be difficult listening to her husband telling the same stories over and over for 40 years!!!!

It's not an easy life since the Government bulldozed their home in the late 70s. They have been living in the same spot ever since.

She reminded me they still have the same pump that was in their old home.


She added that she loves to cook so this is her pride and joy!!


When she bakes bread. She used the trailer next door because it's so hot!!!


Of course, they live in the old ways. This is the price you have to pay for standing up for your rights.

This is one of the sacrifice!!!!


Hey? Better than Sears Catalog Eh???


The reason I took those pictures is just to give the readers an idea what's going on behind the scenes. It's not an easy task when you do battle with the Government.


Jackie have come across thousands of people since his fight began. He's a professional once it comes to trust someone.

After explaining to the Metis Acadian Rebel what was a Blogger and the amount of people who reads my blog? He understood this would be a great way to spread his views.


Jackie is going to court in November and I have his story on video and will blog his issue BIG TIME till his court date.

I wish to thank Jackie and Yvonne to allow me in their homes and take some pictures.


I am very honoured this Acadian hero would allow me to take many pictures so get ready for many blogs!!!

Did you know an R.C.M.P. officer almost killed his beautiful wife?


Here's a youtube video I made with his wife Yvonne. She spoke the truth about almost being killed by an R.C.M.P. officer.

Click below -


Very sad!!!