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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Little Grasshopper is learning from the best at the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

Final Day for Maudit Calice de Quebecois Richard Tremblay!!!

This was from a Bureaucrat who received all kinds of warning from Maudit Quebecois!!!


Fredericton Police Deputy Chief Martin Gaudet is hunted down morning after Not Guilty verdict of Blogger!!! Why hire BAD Miramichi Cop Shane Henderson???

To all my Supporters!!! I say - MERCI BEAUCOUP!!!!

I haven't blog much after the verdict...I believe I was just mentally drain!!!!

To my Friends and Anonymous donors....this would have never been possible if it wasn't for you to donate money!

But we must focus on the many innocent who are in Jail because they were denied a lawyer. The Crooked members of the Fredericton Police Force MUST be investigated.

Police Chief Leanne Fitch IS NOT taking this issue seriously and MUST resign!!

She hired Shane Henderson as a member of the Force!!!

I will wait till after the weekend and filled a complaint on the manner this was handle.

Lots of lies in this case and Sgt River Rat Matt Myers wanted me charge for aggravated assault!!!

I might add they ONCE AGAIN labelled me as a pedophile and this is not right!!!

Once again!!! Thank You to my supporters!!! < You know who you are >..:)

Blogger Charles LeBlanc and Lawyer Mathieu Boutet face Media after not guilty verdict!!!!

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The verdict of my Trial comes Tomorrow < Wednesday > afternoon at 1:30pm!!!!


By André Faust The Left Eye

Blogger Charles Leblanc refused to accept signing a peace bond which would bind him to “Be of good behavior”. According to Leblanc he has no choice but to refuse because he has seen too many times where the Fredericton city police has used violation of peace bond to arrest those in poverty and those who are aboriginals. The concept keeping good behavior is so broad that almost any behavior could be interpreted as contrary to keeping good behavior. Leblanc, because of his negative past experience with the Fredericton city police is quite sure that if he signs the peace bond the Fredericton City Police would use the broad definition of peace bond to have him lock up.

The offer that was given to Leblanc is that if Leblanc signed a peace bond to have no contact with Andrew Spencer and be of “good behavior” for six months the summary charge of assault on Andrew Spencer the charge against Charles Leblanc would be dropped. Leblanc said that he had some while back signed and order that he would “be of good behavior”. Promises were made to him at that time if he signed the peace bond. Once he signed the peace bond the Fredericton City Police and the Crown renege on their promise. The three days later his apartment was raided by the Fredericton City Police. As a result of Leblanc’s past experience with the Fredericton City Police he has no confidence or Trust in the Fredericton City Police.

Failure of blogger to sign the peace bond agreement the crown opted to proceed to trial.

At the trial Andrew Spencer testified that he was upset about Charles Leblanc doing an interview with a child without the parents’ consent, and that Charles was using children to benefit from them. When Spencer saw Leblanc on July 3rd, 2015 he decided to Confront Leblanc and let Leblanc know  his displeasure on this matter. During the confrontation Spencer say’s Leblanc took off his glasses then hit him on the right side of his jaw causing him to pivot 270 degrees an fall to the ground.

Crown Witness Constable John Lally was called to the stand where he told the court that he noticed a slight reddening of the jaw. Defence lawer Mathieu Boutet asked Lally if it could have been caused by anything else, Lally response was yes, but the injury is consistent with Spencer’s complaint.

Crown witness Terry Wishart description of the event is that Spencer crossed kings street shouting at Mr. Leblanc, once he crossed the street started to argue aggressively waving his hands in front of Leblanc. Leblanc at that point removed his glasses, at one point Spencer reached for Leblanc’s face and that is when Leblanc struck Spencer in the face causing Spencer to fall to the grown, when Spencer got up he yelled at Charles “Is that all you’ve got!”. Wishart explains that he and Charles walked away from Spencer leaving Spencer screaming and hollering.

The final witness to be called up to the stand was Charles Leblanc, in his testimony he said that Spencer came across the street yelling and came up to him telling him that it was not right to video children to put on his blog without the parents’ permission, and that he was using the children to benefit himself.

Artist Conception: Andrew Spencer
Artist: Emma Leigh
Leblanc told the court that during the altercation Spencer was aggressively swinging his hands in front of his face. Being proactive LeBlanc removed his glasses. Crown Prosecutor Sebastien Michaud question LeBlanc’s motive for removing the glasses, LeBlanc reiterated the reason that he removed his glasses was because two weeks earlier in a similar situation he was assaulted by panhandler Mike Gaudette, Leblanc did not want to take a chance to have a repeat of the previous week, because he could not afford to buy a new pair if his glasses were to be broken. Leblanc continued to explain that he repeatedly told Spencer to leave. Spencer thrusted his hand towards Leblanc face and hit Leblanc’s cap that is when Spencer was struck in the face. Moments flowing the punch Leblanc told the court that he and Wishart walked away from Spencer.

In the closing arguments to the court Crown Prosecutor Sebastien Michaud argued that Leblanc was actually enticing Spencer when LeBlanc said hit me, hit me and when Spencer turn away that is when Leblanc sucker punched Spencer, this is not self defence striking a person when their back is turned.

Leblanc’s defence lawyer Mathieu Boutet argued that Spencer was on a mission to confront Leblanc about his dissatisfaction about a video that Spencer only partially saw, in addition there is no evidence of a sucker punch.

After hearing the arguments from the crown and the defence. Judge Julian Dickson told the court that he will render a verdict on June 29th, 2016 at 13:30hr.

Minister of Education Brian Kenny is asked about changing name of Anglophone and Francophone School District!!!

New Brunswick Lieutenant Governor Jocelyne Roy-Vienneau is about Fredericton Men Shelter!!!

MLA'S from the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick are asked about $50 fee to vote for new Leader in October!!!!

Former Mayor Brad Woodside spotted in Downtown area...

Just for the record...someone JUST sent me this was meant for the election!!!!

This will be the last photo of making fun of Woodside I guess...he will be truly missed...:(..

I was surprised to see the former Mayor chatting with someone.

I said something < agitating as usual > and quickly said - OHHH....THAT'S RIGHT!! YOU'RE NO LONGER A PUBLIC FIGURE!!! YOU CAN TELL ME TO GO FUCK MYSELF!!!

Being quickly  Brad he answered - What do you mean??? I told you to go fuck yourself when I was Mayor!!!

We had a little chat but I did noticed 90% of the person walking by would acknowledge the former Mayor!!!! < maybe it was 98% >

Anyway....he seem very happy with his new life and I wish him the VERY best of luck.

P.S. I still say that he should be appointed to the Senate!!!

Fredericton Police could have killed a citizen last night!!!

It began when I noticed Cruisers coming from Lincoln...they were FLYING!!!! All this because of a exercise < I think >...Why so many cruisers??? A child will get killed by these cruisers one day because there is NO COMMUNICATION between the cops and the scanner and no thing!!!

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Blogger educated our youths Saturday.....

This was funny.....The young girl asked me if I wanted a free Daily can ONLY GUESS what came from my ADHD mouth...:P

Can you guess???

What works better to get rid of those pesky Mosquitoes???

Will Premier Brian Gallant changed the name of the School District when he announces the new 10 year education Plan???

Playing the Violin at the Brunswick Street Baptist Church in Fredericton!!!

Low Life Non-Educated Idiot Redneck and Blogger debate $50 charge to vote in P.C. Leadership!!!!!

Rednecks on the Miramichi River!!!

Fredericton Police Officer Cst Duncan Lombard is confronted about Helmets and Immigrants!!!


....and they gave me a little gift....I wonder if they're trying to tell me something????...:P..:P..:P

Suicidal Critters on side of the road in Fredericton!!!

The annual Cultural Expressions Festival is on in Fredericton at Officer's square!!! They have ADHD!!!

Friday, 24 June 2016

J.D. Irving long lost twin brother found Homeless in Miramichi!!!

Miramichi Mayor Gerry Cormier will be buried today at 1:00pm!!!

This could have been one of the last time he was seen in public....I had a chat with Mr.Cormier congratulating him on beating Cancer but sadly the War wasn't over...:(

I made this video 2 weeks ago...:(..

My DEEPEST sympathy to this family and Friends....:(


Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Why is Fredericton Police enjoying fishing on taxpayer's money???

This racist Cop falsely accused me to be a Pedophile.

He retired soon after and enjoying fishing!!!

I must asks the Minister of Public Safety Denis Landry the reason he was allow to get away in calling me a Pedophile and raid my place....

The true FACTS of the reasons New Brunswickers are the most Obese people in Canada!!!!

Fredericton Police Helicopters over the City looking for something!!!!

They are searching for Indians, Syrians or welfare Bums riding a bicycle without helmets!!!!

Saint Louis Goalie Jake Allen and Blogger Charles LeBlanc debate issues!!!

Longer one than Ken

HA!!!! Fredericton Police are asking the public for help!!!! Protectors of the Citizens???...HA!!!!

This is funny because the Cops are always asking for the public for help hours after the crime happened!!!!

This time it's an idiot exposing himself to females.

After the asshole leaves the scene? The cops are called and hours later they asked for help.

If the Public had Scanners? They could run outside and help the investigation by locating the model of the vehicle.

It's time we got rid of these idiots because they don't serve to protect. They only serve the public for Overtime!!!!


Need I to say more????

Monday, 20 June 2016

Fredericton Police Hunting Down Syrians riding a Bicycle without a Helmet!!!

Fredericton Police DON'T CARE for the safety of the Citizens in the Capital!!!


So I'm a little calmer now and can't help but wonder about the different conclusions that last night could have come to. I was frantic, at my wit's end. If Sampson doesn't come when I call, it's because he can't. I became 200 percent positive the guy next door was responsible for my cat's absence when he kept lying to me. I had no recourse but to call the police, and not wanting to bother 911, tried looking for the FCPs number in the phone book. For the life of me I couldn't find it. So I though "well, it IS an emergency" so I called 911. They said they can't help me, this was not life or death. I asked if they would dispatch me through to the Fredericton City Police, and they wouldn't. So I tried again to find their number in the phone book, but maybe it was my nerves, I had to call directory assistance. When I finally got through to them they were bemused, saying I had no "proof" that he has my animal. I said look, he has lied to me, I know he has him, will an officer accompany to his home? She said "No|. I said "look, you're the police, you're all I've got. Will you advise me? Guide me? What do I do??" She said "I'll put you thorugh to constable such-and-such." Constable such-and-such gets on with a bored "hello" and when I tell him what's going on, he refused to assist. I said, "then you're leaving this in my hands, can't he call the police on ME if I go banging on his door again??" The cop laughed and "yes, and I wouldn't blame him." I was disgusted. I hung up on him and handled the problem myself which was basically me just making as much noise as possible until Sampson magically re-appeared and the guy took off and never came back. I'm just floored, sickened. Don't really know what to think.

Mayor of Miramichi Gerry Cormier just died,,,,:(

This could have been one of the last time he was seen in public....I had a chat with Mr.Cormier congratulating him on beating Cancer but sadly the War wasn't over...:(

I made this video 2 weeks ago...:(..

My DEEPEST sympathy to this family and Friends....:(


Friday, 17 June 2016

VERY Low Life None Educated Bigot Redneck is chosen by God!!!

Minister Donald Arsenault is asked about Francophone and Anglophone Schools! Racism???

NDP Leader Dominic Cardy asked about Francophone and Anglophone School? Racism???

How come I can loose weight????

I only had 3 feed....

Green Party Leader David Coon Francophone and Anglophone School! RACISM IN THE SYSTEM????

Fredericton Vigil for the victims in Orlando is covered by Blogger!!

Evil City of Fredericton.....

Showing LOVE at Fredericton City Hall in memory of the victims in Orlando!!!!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Indians are not a stupid Culture!!!!

Donald Trump addressed a major gathering of the American Indian Nation. He spoke for almost an hour about his plans for increasing every Native American's present standard of living. Though vague in Detail , he spoke about his ideas for helping his "Red Sisters and Brothers." Afterwards, the Tribes presented him with a plaque inscribed with his new Indian name, "Walking Eagle", which he proudly accepted. After Trump left, a news reporter asked the chiefs how they came to select this name. They explained that "Walking Eagle" is the name given to a Bird so full of shit that it can no longer fly.

Député de Rogersville - Kouchibouguac Bertrand LeBlanc veut que le monde le contact!!!!