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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Fredericton to pay tribute to Mayor Woodside with huge $2,571,000 Bust!!!

The pillar and bust will be placed in the centre of the new roundabout that will be constructed at the top of Smythe Street. The 2 pieces when placed together will stand approximately 3 times the height of the nearby water tower. The bust will face Fredericton’s downtown.

“I truly believe the people of Fredericton will love this new tourist site. I’ve been told that I’ll be able to stand on the front steps of City Hall and look up the hill and see this beautiful masterpiece,” said McConaghy. “That will be truly inspirational.”

Coun. Marilyn Kerton was thrilled with the idea when it was first proposed to her 2 years ago; she has been working behind the scenes to ensure the project could proceed.

“I really love the enormity of this project. It’s going to put a lot of skilled people to work,” she said, beaming with pride. “I know the people of Fredericton will fall in love with it, much like they have for this mayor since he held his first council position in 1981. We had originally thought about moving and modifying the statue of Glooscap located in Truro, Nova Scotia, but we quickly realized that it was too small for our purposes.”

Mayor Brad Woodside seemed a little nervous about the whole idea. “I remember working at CFNB radio in my youth, and if someone said the word ‘bust,’

Read more -

Hot Soup at Molly's on Queen Street in Fredericton...

Fredericton Police begins arresting citizens who write bad things about the Cops!!!!

This is nuts!!!

First these Cry Babies shuts down blog and now this???

We need a Police Force that has Balls and not cops who runs to the Justice System every instance someone writes against them!!

These ARE NOT Cops!!!!!

We must eliminate this Force and replace it with the R.C.M.P.!!!!

A Police Force who falsely accuse citizens to be Pedophiles are not Cops but steroid Gorillas!!!!'s time to get rid of these Cry Babies!!!! The sooner the better!!!

Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Fredericton Police Force in action!!!!

How come this is allow at the SuperStore in Fredericton????

It doesn't bother me but security used to run the Panhandlers off the Property!!!!

Good shape eh???

President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities < Smoky >Brad Woodside to continue Fascist agenda across Canada!!!

‎The rest of Canada better be prepare......

Blogger returned to the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital Tuesday night for 20 hours!!!!

Idiot!!!! Another Epileptic Seizure!!!! I must remind me to take my Pills....Idiot!!!!

But I must say that the staff at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital are true professionals.

While sitting in my bed, I noticed someone wheeled in. The guy in his 50s was complaining of Chest Pain!!

Workers soon surrounded the bed with their own little job to do.

It's amazing to watch them at work.

The man was replying in a VERY polite manner.

Soon afterwards, his wife came to the scene with a VERY look on her face.

The husband asked for a phone. He asked his son to bring out the Calf and hay from the barn.

Soon after the wife broke down crying. It was a farmer and his wife.

Yes....from the filthy rich to the very poor or even including the Farmers.

No manner what we are in life, we are still going to end up in the same building.

Yes...we should be proud of our medical staff at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital!!!

P.S. I would have written more but I heard Fascist Mayor Brad Woodside is suppose to have this Blog shut down!!!

Ian Mcdonald of Fredericton sad story will be on CTV News with Andy Campbell tonight at 6:00pm!!!

Ian McDonald 1955-2015 Ian McDonald McDonald, Ian The death of Ian McDonald occurred at home on January 21, 2015. He was the son of James P. and the late Clara McDonald. There will be no visitation by request. The Funeral Service will be held at Brunswick Street Baptist Church on Tuesday, January 27th, 2015 at 2:00 pm. For those who wish, memorial tributes may be made to the charity of the donor's choice. Here's the CTV News Link -

I was told Quebecois Dan Bussieres renewed his contract for 5 years!!!!!

New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant is confronted by Blogger at the 2015 State of the Province Address!!!!!

New Brunswick 2015 State of the Province Address!!!!

Federicton Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau spotted in Fredericton???

I believe this is the 4th State of the Province Address without a Protest!!!

Especially since it's located in the Downtown Core!!

Remember this????

Getting my picture taken with Yvon Godin!!!!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Blogger took another seizure.....:(

This picture was taken one year ago after I had my first seizure.

I went for a walk and watched television until I fell asleep on the chair.

I decided to go for a nap. I woke up one hour later and I couldn't remember where I was or what day it was?

My modem was on the floor and my desk moved so something happened.

I guess I have to take my medication on a regular basis.

It's ok to live alone but it's also VERY scary at times....:(

Victory Meat Market, Government, City Hall, Malls,Tim Horton's and Liquor Stores in Fredericton are all shut down but Picaroons Traditional Ales remains open!!!

I don't post pictures of the City in this Blog any longer...check my facebook.....


This is good!!!!

Big snow storm hits Fredericton on January 27th but nobody is staying home!!!!

Is there any cancellations????

Not from the amount of vehicles driving by my window..

Monday, 26 January 2015

Why the silent of the Bathurst Police shooting a Citizen at the VIA Rail Train Station????

The guy was buried almost 10 days ago and all is quiet on the front.

The question is why?

No follow up by the nothing!!!

I still say it was a drug bust that went bad.....but is it still an excuse to shoot the guy????

I expected some news to come out last week but I was wrong!!!

Moi wrong??? Can you imagine that????

New Brunswick Government Plow Operator no mercy for the citizens who are shoveling their Drive way!!!

While helping a friend shoveling their drive-way, I quickly noticed a speeding New Brunswick Government Plow Operator heading towards us.?

We couldn't run away because the driveway was a skating rink.

I quickly went for my camera..< surprise? > but couldn't focus my camera on video.

You can see my friend in the snow blizzard made by the Operator.
She had the shovel on top of her head in this pic..... respect at all...


Sunday, 25 January 2015


My God??? This just told Canadians it was in Moncton!!!<br/>
That's right CBC NATIONAL DON'T KNOW know about the Maritmes beside the three R.C.M.P.officers who were shot in Moncton on June 3rd 2014!!!<br/>

Something to do in Fredericton this week...

Community Calendar

1. Wed, Jan. 28: Extreme Extraction: The Story of Penobsquis & the Mobilization for a Fracking Moratorium in NB and Alternatives
2. Wed, Jan. 28: Public Lecture: Global Protests and Resistance in the 21st Century by Dr. Besim Can Zirh
3. Thurs, Jan. 29: Karaoke for the NB Media Co-op
4. Fri, Jan. 30: Cinema Politica Fredericton & Maritimes-Guatemala Breaking the Silence Network present Huicholes: The Last Peyote Guardians
5. Feb. 6: Noche Latina
6. Feb. 12:  Out with the Old, In with the New: A Compassionate Farewell to Fossil Fuels with Dr. Louise Comeau
7. Feb. 21: Coldest Night of the Year: A Fundraiser for Homelessness in Fredericton
8. March 11: TREEvia returns!

1. Wed, Jan. 28: Extreme Extraction: The Story of Penobsquis & the Mobilization for a Fracking Moratorium in NB and Alternatives. Extreme Extraction: The Story of Penobsquis and the Mobilization for a Fracking Moratorium and Alternatives. When: Wednesday, Jan. 28 at 4:00pm. Where: James Dunn Hall, Room G1, St. Thomas University. Penobsquis is a rural New Brunswick community affected by potash mining and gas operations. The first non-conventional gas wells were drilled in Penobsquis in the year 2000. Since then, many more rounds of seismic testing have taken place and several more wells have been drilled and fracked and a new potash mine has been built across the road from the old one. Residents blame potash mining for water wells drying up and subsidence causing damage to homes and properties and gas exploration and production for bad air days, health concerns and a decreased quality of life. Sixty homes in Penobsquis situated above the potash mine workings lost their well water in 2004. Hear from those engaged in the movement against what's being called extreme extraction and energy, including mining, fracking and the Energy East oil pipeline. Learn more about the mobilization that occurred to achieve a moratorium on fracking and the alternatives being proposed to extreme extraction and energy from those engaged in movements for a liveable future in a time of climate change. With Beth Nixon of the Concerned Citizens of Penobsquis and the Canadian Association of Energy and Pipeline Landowner Association; Alex Bailey of the Fredericton District Labour Council and an organizer with the Voice of the People Tour; Jim Emberger of the NB Anti-Shale Gas Alliance and Mark D'Arcy of the Fredericton Chapter of the Council of Canadians. For more information, contact Tracy at Facebook event page:

2. Wed, Jan. 28: Public Lecture: Global Protests and Resistance in the 21st Century by Dr. Besim Can Zirh, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey Date: Jan 28, 2015. Time: 7:00 PM-9:00 PM. Location: Ted Daigle Auditorium, Edmund Casey Hall, Fredericton. Dr. Besim Can Zirh will deliver a public talk entitled “Global Protests and Resistance in the 21st Century” on Wednesday, January 28th in the Ted Daigle Auditorium at 7:00 pm. Zirh is a visiting scholar who teaches Sociology at Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey.  The lecture is being presented by the Global and International Studies Initiative, the Sociology Department, and the Institute for World History at St. Thomas University. In 2011, Time magazine named the “Protester” as the person of the year. Yet in many ways, the protester is actually the person of our decade. Movements of popular protest have increasingly become driving forces and integral parts of the 21st century social landscape. Zirh’s talk will examine the recent Gezi Park protests in Turkey as part of this global geography of resistance. Within the context of this urban protest movement he looks at which local, sectarian, and financial forces are involved, and why. His attempts to understand the Gezi Park Protests in Turkey as a globalized face of the newly emerging geographies of resistance. Following a police intervention in a peaceful “occupy” campaign, which was organized partly to protect a well-known park in the heart of Istanbul, a series of large-scale protests erupted in Turkey at the end of May 2013 and lasted for months. This nation-wide outpouring of mass protest was unexpected and unprecedented. It thus changed the direction of Turkish politics irreversibly. Zirh will focus his talk on this local aspect of a global phenomenon, and examine the efforts to unite or divide such popular movements. Following the lecture, Dr. Gül Çaliskan and fourth-year Sociology student Alex McGregor will offer a general overview of Global Uprisings of the 21st Century, from the 1999 Seattle WTO protests to the 2014 Ferguson demonstrations.

3. Thurs, Jan. 29: Karaoke for the NB Media Co-op. Thurs, Jan. 29, 2015 at 9:00pm. boom! night club in Fredericton. The NB Media Co-op and boom! Night club proudly presents "Karaoke for the Co-op!" This is a great opportunity for karaoke enthusiasts to come out and compete for a variety of prizes, all of which are sponsored by local businesses. Prizes include an Acer laptop, 18 speed mountain bike and gift baskets. Registration fee for entering the contest is $10 and the cover charge is $3. Contestants can pay at the door or pre-register by contacting Nikita at There will be a cover charge of $3. All registration fees and cover charges will be donated the NB Media Co-op. Share/invite your friends on Facebook:

4. Fri, Jan. 30: Cinema Politica Fredericton & Maritimes-Guatemala Breaking the Silence Network present Huicholes: The Last Peyote Guardians Friday, Jan. 30 at 7:00pm at Conserver House, 180 Saint John St. Cinema Politica Fredericton and BTS Guatemala-Maritimes Solidarity Network present Huicholes: The Last Peyote Guardians. With special guest speaker Jeremias Tecu from Breaking the Silence. The story of one of the last pre-Hispanic alive cultures in Latin America, and their ongoing struggle against the Mexican government and multinational mining corporations to preserve Wirikuta, their most sacred territory and home of the famous peyote cactus. Film by Vilchez, Hernán / 2014 / 125 minutes. This screening is part of the 2014-2015 Divine Interventions: Documentary, Spirituality and Social Justice screening project. Co-sponsored by the Inspirit Foundation, DOC, CCA & CALQ. For more info/trailer: Facebook event page:

5. Feb. 6: Noche Latina. Noche Latina is an annual evening of Latino food and music hosted by the Maritime-Guatemala Breaking the Silence Network and co-hosted this year by the Multicultural Association of Fredericton (MCAF). Friday, Feb. 6 at 6:00pm at Wilmot United Church. The evening is a traditional Guatemalan meal combined with Latin rhythms. There is also a silent auction with unique items from Latin America as well as here at home. Proceeds go to support ongoing solidarity work in Guatemala and for the MCAF Newcomer Scholarship Fund. Tickets are $12 for adults and $25 for a family (two adults, two children). Ticket sale locations: Westminster Books, MCAF office and True Food Organics. Please note that only a limited number of tickets will be available at the door. Facebook event:

6. Feb. 12:  Out with the Old, In with the New: A Compassionate Farewell to Fossil Fuels with Dr. Louise Comeau. Come Celebrate Global Divestment Day at the University of New Brunswick! Join us Thursday, February 12th from 7-8:30pm at Tilley Hall Rm. 102 for an evening focused on confronting the terrifying reality and inspirational solutions to our planet’s climate crisis. The event will be a double feature. First we will be showing Bill McKibben’s film ‘Do the Math’ about the growing global Divestment movement that is working to make fossil fuels history and renewables the future. We will then be joined by Dr. Louise Comeau, climate advocate and policy expert. Dr. Louise Comeau will provide us with her analysis of the climate crisis at the global, national, and provincial level, as well as provide an inspirational perspective on how we as a society can come to terms with the end of this era and move forward into a more sustainable future. Hosted by UNB’s Divestment group, Fossil Free UNB, and St. Thomas University STUdents for Sustainability. All are welcome to attend and the event is free of charge. Facebook event:

7. Feb. 21: Coldest Night Of The Year: A Fundraiser for Homelessness in Fredericton. February 21st is Fredericton’s inaugural Coldest Night Of The Year walk, hosted by the John Howard Society and Youth In Transition. Since 2011, this national initiative has raised $5 million for the hungry, homeless, and hurting by funding poverty-related projects in communities across Canada. This is a non-competitive, family-friendly walk with 2, 5 or 10km options. This gives participants a hint of the challenges faced by those experiencing homelessness, while raising much-needed revenue for local charities. Participants have the option to walk and fund-raise as part of a team, or individually. There is no limit to the size or make-up of your team. Teams can register at The John Howard Society works to reduce the causes of crime by providing education, training and employment services for youth, counselling, literacy and/or life skills programmes, and residential programmes. It also offers several long term, stable, supportive housing units for high-risk homeless, which have been a dramatic success story. Those enrolled in the program are 63% less likely to need medical emergency services or come into contact with the police, justice system, and detox services. The proceeds from Coldest Night of the Year will go to expanding this program. Youth In Transition fills a gap for clients ages 16-19, a demographic in which youth in abusive or neglectful home situations are often unable to access appropriate services and have nowhere safe to go.  As one of only two facilities in New Brunswick  accommodating this age group, Youth In Transition has a wider mandate than just the Fredericton area. We will need volunteers to help make this event possible: food teams to make some food and hot drinks for the walkers; registration teams to get it all set up, people to host at the rest stops along the route; people to welcome; and photographers. More information at or email with any questions.

8. March 11: TREEvia returns! What bird in our forest sings a song that sounds like “Hey, free beer?” What tree’s tea was used to treat scurvy? What company controls most of our public forest? Save your answers for TREEvia, a special night of fundraising for the Conservation Council on Wednesday, March 11! Round up a team and enjoy a night of tree-themed trivia, laughs, and specials on drinks and wings at Dolan’s Pub. Registration is $10 per team. Sign up your team (max. 6 players/team) by contacting Tracy Glynn at or 506-458-8747. All proceeds support the Conservation Council. Prizes will be given to the TREEvia winners and for best team spirit. And remember to get creative with your TREEvia team name and costume! Facebook event page:

The weekly community calendar seeks to connect people in Fredericton who are working towards social change.

To subscribe/unsubscribe, email:

Visit the community calendar online for more events in NB and updates at:

NB Media Co-op
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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Ian Mcdonald from 72 Regent Street in Fredericton died!!

Ian McDonald 1955-2015 Ian McDonald McDonald, Ian The death of Ian McDonald occurred at home on January 21, 2015. He was the son of James P. and the late Clara McDonald. There will be no visitation by request. The Funeral Service will be held at Brunswick Street Baptist Church on Tuesday, January 27th, 2015 at 2:00 pm. For those who wish, memorial tributes may be made to the charity of the donor's choice.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside and Turn Coat Acadian so-called Police Officer Martin Gaudet was unfinished business in the Capital!!!

Women begged Fredericton Police to stop drunken Poet Andrew Spencer!!!

I might add this is the Fredericton Police Force main witness against me!!!!

What a bunch of Goofballs!!!!!

What's the scary part in this issue is the Cops fooled the Attorney General Office to lay these False charge!

I didn't know Cops were allowed to lie to the Legal system???

Truly stay tuned...many stories to come!!!!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Blogger Charles LeBlanc is not well and going at the Hospital!!!


After everything that's been going on during the past week? You would believe that I would be in a fighting mood right???

I bumped and talked to the Minister of Justice Stephen Horsman TWICE in two days and never hunted him down with my camera asking for his views on what's going on????

You know, just like in this video a few months ago -

But during the last 48 hours, I saw the Minister TWICE and never said a word.....something is VERY wrong with me...I'm going at the hospital for a check up!!!!

Nosy Bastard?

Blogger Charles LeBlanc forward 10 Items of disclosure to the Attorney General Today!!!!

I will not go into details of my visit to the office but it was interesting.

I can't show the disclosures but I will say that I saw the video on the CD of the Poet and he lied 36 times on his statement. < Which will be proven in Court >

One sad part was the Police intimidating the only witness who saw everything into quitting as a witness or face 14 years in jail!!

This case is getting more interesting with each passing day.

Someone IS IN big trouble and it's not me!!!

Truly stay tuned!!!!

Prayer is stronger than Prescription drugs or Marijuana!!!

The Assault charge against Blogger Charles LeBlanc - Different law in New Brunswick than the rest of Canada???

Police and the legal system provides such funds to witnesses and others within the legal system all the time-often even if they DON"T need it. My suggestion WAS clearly a solution if the problem is that Charles was reluctant to get into a cop car and travel to Miramichi-and I can't say I blame him for that, or not wanting to go into the fredericton police station. IF those were the only options given, then Charles refusal to talk to them is perfectly reasonable. Whether a person can pay for the bill is irrelevant-why should they?

You aren't 'entitled' to legal aid duty counsel. The provinces set the standard and they don't have to provide legal help AT ALL.

However, if charles isn't asking for a lawyer, and refusing to talk to the police, he can't really complain about them not taking his statement or not providing a lawyer.

I'm not so sure about whether they will win or lose, they probably don't care and are just trying to continue to rack up his 'history' with the police so that any time he has a legitimate complaint they can preface it with his 'record' and discredit him. Also, giving statements on a blog is not the same as giving them to the police.

As for the Bernard Richard report, there was virtually nothing that could be asked that Charles hadn't already gone over repeatedly in his blog. I sort of think it was a mistake not to talk to him just because of the perception, but it very well could have simply given Richard more 'ammunition' to target Leblanc, as he clearly did in his report. So in the end it may have been the smarter thing to do.

I think some of that 'stubbornness' does work against Charles. That seems to often be the way, but without that stubbornness he probably would have given up a long time ago, so its not really surprising.

But on his video Charles actually has a witness and the laws regarding assault are that if somebody comes at you, you have to use 'limited' force (which sadly doesn't seem to apply to police), and charles use of force seems to be clearly limited according to what his witness says. So yeah, unless the police have another witness somewhere saying something different, I don't see how this is 'assault'. Mind you, this is a province where the provincial government told Charles he would be charged with 'assault' if he even set foot on the grounds of the legislature, so clearly the 'powers that be' in New Brunswick 'be' reading a different law book than the rest of us.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

ABC Taxi in Fredericton are old school!!!

I would walked by a cab and noticed the driver playing with his i-pod or other electronic toy!

But tonight I noticed a driver from ABC Taxi just sitting there waiting for a customer!!!

Old school..YES!!!!....:)

Irving Paper did a good Job covering the Blogger issues....

Fredericton’s best-known activist blogger is on the hunt for evidence that would prove his allegation that the Fredericton Police Force influenced or interfered with his assault investigation. Charles Joseph LeBlanc, 55, of 1-145 Westmorland St. made his first appearance Monday in provincial court to answer to a count of summary assault, alleging an incident involving complainant Andrew Spencer in downtown Fredericton on July 3. LeBlanc was joined by a handful of supporters in the courtroom. Though the incident leading to the charge occurred in Fredericton, the matter was investigated by the Miramichi Police Force, which also laid the charge in Fredericton provincial court. The Fredericton Police Force farmed the case out to the outside agency because it has a tumultuous history with LeBlanc. The controversial blogger told Judge Brian McLean on Monday morning he wasn’t prepared to enter a plea and that he had some questions. He first asked on the record if the disclosure package he’d already received from the Crown was complete and if the documents represented true copies of the evidence and reports. Prosecutor Cory Roberts confirmed that was the case. Then LeBlanc asked for copies of all emails between the Fredericton Police Force and its Miramichi counterpart in the case. Roberts said LeBlanc could ask the Crown prosecutors’ office and someone could look into the issue to see if there was anything available on that point. McLean adjourned the case to Feb. 16 for plea. “This has Fredericton police all over it,” LeBlanc told reporters outside the Justice Building on Monday following his court appearance. The Fredericton Police Force declined to comment on the allegation Monday. “Given the difficult and public relationship between Mr. LeBlanc and the Fredericton Police Force, at [police Chief Leanne Fitch’s] request, an outside agency was sought to assess and investigate the complaint,” spokeswoman Alycia Morehouse wrote in an email. “Miramichi police agreed to do it, therefore any questions pertaining to the investigation must be directed to them.” Sgt. Jody Whyte of the Miramichi Police Force said the Fredericton force had nothing to do with the assault probe. “It was investigated by our agency,” he said. To his knowledge, Whyte said, the Fredericton police’s only involvement in the file would have been to request the Miramichi police to conduct the investigation, to receive a heads-up about the results of the investigation and for a Fredericton officer to give a fellow officer from Miramichi a ride to LeBlanc’s home to serve him a summons for court. LeBlanc has protested the city police force’s enforcement of cycling bylaws, suggested online the force is harbouring pedophiles and steroid users among its membership, and has alleged harassment. The blogger points to his video-recording of a rough arrest effected by a member of the Fredericton force that was ultimately used as evidence against the officer in an assault trial. That officer was acquitted, but LeBlanc points to that situation as the trigger for a campaign by the force to get back at him. Members of the city police also raided his apartment three years ago and arrested him as part of a criminal libel investigation that alleged LeBlanc had unjustly smeared another one of its officers. The case was scuttled when the Crown declined to prosecute, noting constitutional issues had arisen in other jurisdictions with that particular section of the Criminal Code of Canada. LeBlanc learned last year that a document filed with his Internet service provider as part of that libel investigation referred to a child sex exploitation investigation. The police force has explained it was a clerical error, as the document used in the case is typically filed with ISPs to get evidence in child-pornography cases, not libel matters. LeBlanc has rejected that explanation, alleging the force was purposefully trying to label him a pedophile. In turn, he started suggesting on his blog that several members of the city police were pedophiles. A complaint from City of Fredericton chief administrative officer Chris MacPherson to the free hosting service owned by Google about those comments led Google to take the blog down in its entirety last year. LeBlanc has alleged the city has violated his right to free speech. He has since launched a new blog on the same free hosting service, on which he has alleged that while the Miramichi police investigated the new assault complaint, the Fredericton Police Force has had its hands all over the case as part of its alleged vendetta against him. “This is a waste of taxpayers’ money,” the blogger told reporters Monday. LeBlanc told the court he hadn’t consulted with duty counsel Monday morning, and he told reporters later he didn’t know if he’d apply for legal aid. He also noted in court his first court appearance on the Spencer assault complaint was three years to the day Fredericton police raided his apartment for the libel investigation. The blogger also pointed out the new assault charge was laid the day before the limitation for the summary charge would have run out. With a summary assault matter, police have six months from the time of the allegation to file a charge. Miramichi police laid the July 3 charge in Fredericton court on Jan. 2, which was a Friday. LeBlanc told reporters the police didn’t conduct a full investigation and didn’t ask him for his side of the story. However, he then admitted the Miramichi police did contact him for a statement, offering to meet with him either at the Fredericton police station or to drive him up to the Miramichi and back. “I didn’t feel comfortable,” he told reporters, noting he’d rather give a statement over a cup of coffee instead of in a police interview room on video.

Miramichi Police Force Tactics against Blogger Charles LeBlanc are questioned by concerned citizen in Miramichi???

Charles, Miramichi Magazine

Just watched a video from Charles LeBlanc that has this Editor shaking his head about the procedures used by the Miramichi Police Force when investigating an assault case. Mr. LeBlanc was charged with assault by our own Miramichi Police Force because Fredericton Police asked them to investigate this case. Mr. LeBlanc seems to think they (The Fredericton Police Force) have an axe to grind with him but Mr. LeBlanc claims that NOBODY from our hometown Police Force spoke to him as part of their investigation. How is that an investigation when ALL PARTIES are not interviewed?? If this claim by Mr. LeBlanc hold true than something is not completely right with the investigation methods of our police force, in my opinion, since I believe the Miramichi Police Force are beyond reproach and if Mr. LeBlanc's claims are true, than it really opens the door to this reputation becoming tainted.

Ever wondered where the money from the Parking Meters in Fredericton goes???

Sorry for the computer or program was shutting down!!!!!...:(..

Blogger Charles LeBlanc and New Brunswick Justice System hits world stage!!!

This is spreading fast!!!!!

Darn shame I can't post the Disclosure so the Public can REALLY see what's going on in this case?

Oh well....everything will come out during the Trial and a Public inquiry will follow because the Police failed to conduct a PROPER investigation!!!!

These Cops must be confronted for their actions against the less fortunate!

As I wrote in the past on many occasions....if this happened to me? What other person is in jail because they never received any media attention????

Scary stuff!!!!

Here's a video from CBC television on my Court Appearance -

Can so-called Poet Andrew Spencer be in HUGE trouble????

Must be a VERY slow News Day to hit the front page as this one but maybe just maybe the Irving Journalist Don MacPherson knows after his years of expertise in the Court system that there's something VERY fishy in this case?

I am not going to go into the details of this case but I will say that the Fredericton Police and Miramichi Police are telling the Prosecutor that I'm a guy who is exploiting kids between the age of 8-12 years old for Financial Gain.

The so-called Poet  approached me yelling and waving his arms in Army Fatigue was upset over this video.

The Police never bothered asking the Parents if they were upset with the video? The Idiot Poet told the Cops the parents begged not to be in the video. I might add the Parents are VERY private and good people. They asked the Poet to drop his concerns but he wouldn't!!!

The reason the small child was scared is because the Parents were riding their bicycle and the kid didn't have a helmet.

A female Cop stop her cruiser and began yelling and screaming that the Cops were going to take the kid away from the Parents.

The poor child couldn't sleep at night because he was terrify the Police would take him away?

I might add after the Cops left, people began to gather on the street asking what was going on???

The Parents explained what just happened.


All lies.....The Police fooled the Prosecutor to take this case.

There's nothing wrong with the video and the Cops are going on a fishing exhibition.

This is the last time I'm going to lower myself in writing about this idiot mentality ill individual.

Listen to this video disrupting a women protest against violence.

He had the same attitude the day he came after me but he's making himself look like the victim!

Here's another video with the same attitude and someone else wanted to punch him. Observe the beginning of the video with his arms in the air.


That was the EXACT same attitude he had when he approached me on July 3rd.

It's no use writing about this idiot because it's the Police pushing this issue via the Courts.

There's no way that I'm guilty and it will be proven but I must say this - Maybe Irving Journalist Don MacPherson knows there's something IS NOT RIGHT in the way this case is being handle?

Police tricking the Prosecutor????

One question? 95% in the disclosures are all lies!!!! What can be done to the idiotic Poet if he's known to tell the police all lies????

Can he be charge???? Can anyone walk in the Police station and tell lies? Don't the Police have to truly investigate a case before it goes to the Prosecutor????

Truly stay tuned.

Found dead person at 72 Regent Street in Fredericton tonight!!!!

Monday, 19 January 2015

Elsipogtog Chief Arren Sock is confronted by Blogger in Fredericton!!!!


Premier Brian Gallant sits down with Blogger!!!

Story of the assault by Blogger!!!

This is the story and I might add my witness didn't know why we were doing the video....

Blogger Charles LeBlanc face Media after being charge with Assault!!!

Picture 4248Picture 4240

Blogger will show up in Court this morning at 9:00am for ridiculous charge!!!

Don't worry Charles. The crusade against you by the City of Fredericton is one stupid move after another, and this assault charge against you is the latest example of that stupidity. The person who is bringing the charge against you is the same person who yelled in anger at woman gathered for last September's "Take Back the Night" rally - a rally to stop violence against women! I just can't believe the City could be so stupid as to bring this charge forward in our courts. If it wasn't sad, it would be right out of the "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" movie.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Blogger expects his hundreds of Facebook Friends and close to 1,000 Twitter Followers to show up in court in the morning at 9:00am!!!!

Tomorrow morning I will be in court for a so-called assault charge...I might add they will label me as a pedophile < from the Fredericton Police > so I expect all of my hundreds of Facebook and Twitter friends to show up in support!!..

Fredericton Police Force will ONCE AGAIN labeled Blogger as a Pedophile in Court in the morning!!!!

These idiots from City Hall and the Fredericton Police Force are AGAIN labeling the Blogger as a Pedophile.

You wouldn't believe what's in that disclosure? I'm going to launch another Lawsuit against the Fredericton Police.

I just don't get it!!!! These so-called Cops can label citizens as Pedophiles but you can't call them Baby rapists?

It's time to get rid of this Force!!!! Idiots!!!!

Now I understand why the Crown Prosecutor Sebatien Michaud agreed to the charges. But they are all lies and the Cops never investigated!!!

P.S Just when I started to talk to them....:P...The Cops must love the negative publicity?...:P
This is from a few months ago - 

Blogger Last meal before going to court at 9:00am in the morning at Diary Queen on Union Street in Fredericton!!!! Is this a sign of what's coming???

This looks Evil....

If I was a child? I would be afraid to walk in that building...

This is so sad.....

These pictures were found in a old house but nobody knows who they are.....very sad that family members don't spread the word to future generations of who these people are...:(

Who do you trust the most for good pictures???

This will NEVER happen in Fredericton in the Racist City of Fredericton!!!

Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside speaking from both side of his Mouth!!!

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Fredericton Police vicious Prosecution continues against Blogger!!!!

I just got my disclosures and I can't say much because they forced me to sign papers not to share the information.

I just can't believe how far the Fredericton Police Force would go to put me in Jail???

They are still trying to portrait me as a pedophile and everything will be in Court!

I have people looking into the books to have the Province have an Public Inquiry on the Fredericton Police Force!

How can you bring a person in court by lies????

I showed this to a few people and they just can't believe what they read!!!

A Family is VERY upset that their names were forcefully dragged in this mess because of these false accusations by the Lunatic Poet!!!!!

I apologized to them last night but they are the main issue of this confrontation

The Police never bothered talking to them and this is insane!!!!!

Cops are too busy chasing people riding a bicycle without helmets while dead bodies and people are assaulted.. We need a true Police Force and not a bunch of clowns

I am going to make a complaint to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General after Monday.  This cannot go unchallenged.

Look at him going after women and the woman pleaded to the Cops to grab him but they didn't!!!!

The manner you see him shouting is the way manner he was when he approached me on the street. Idiot!!!

What a HUGE waste of money!!!!

...and to think I was ready to sit down with their lawyers to talk about my lawsuit???

We need a major Television show like W-5 to investigate our Justice System and our Police Force!!

They never made a proper investigation and now a poor family will have to be drag in Court because the Cops and Prosecutor believe a drunken mentally ill Poet who harass people on the Streets.This is nuts!!!!

I will not show the video that's the center of this issue.....I will share after Monday!!!

If you see this Lunatic? Ignore him because he's a nut!!!!!

Truly stay tuned for Monday morning at 9:00am at the Justice Building!!!!

English Language is BYE BYE in New Brunswick!!!!!

Can Fredericton Mayor Brad < Smoky > Woodside ever be trusted????

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Blogger is going to take it easy!!!

I was going to go at the Police Station today or tomorrow to press an assault charge against the idiotic Poet Andrew Spencer but I decided to take it easy.

I know the Justice System is corrupt and especially racist against the less fortunate.

I replayed and replayed the confrontation I had on July 3rd when the drunken so-called Poet confronted me on the streets in Fredericton.

I don't know the guy but I will admit that it was scary.

My God...Immigrants were running away from this drunken lunatic before he came after me.

In a year from now? I will be laughing at this saga.

I'm going to take it easy and see what they say in the disclosures...

Police are protecting the Idiots!!!!


I just read a guy in NB was charged after his place west of Saint John was broken into in the night, 2 guys and a girl..he struggled with one guy, ended up shooting the break in bandit in the leg and hes charged??

Thats fucked up totally..


Will the Catholic Religion remain strong in smaller Communities???

Special Crown Prosecutor Sebastien Michaud will give Disclosure to Blogger in the morning!!!

Took long enough....sighhhhhh

Then we will know who is behind these false accusations....lets not forget that someone from the Crown Prosecutor Office accuse me of exploiting kids for Sex exactly three years ago Monday!!!


I never went against the Crown prosecutor as I did with the Public Safety Minister but something is VERY odd in this charge.

I might add that I don't have the rights to a Lawyer....

One thing is certain...the issue of the Fredericton Police Force will be debated during the trial. Maybe we finally can get some answers because the drunken Lunatic Poet Andrew Spencer confronted me and accuse me to be a Pedophile.

Truly stay tuned.....

Quebecois Dan Bussieres not leaving???

Heard the News last night...The Government renewed his contract for another 5 years I guess?

Can anyone confirm this????

Praying for Carla LeBlanc from Minto!!

Will Fredericton Police have their wish on Monday morning at 9:30am in the Justice Building????

This is SO WRONG but we must asked the question - How many other people have this happened to????

Someone from the Crown Prosecutor is going out of their way to set up these bogus chrge against me.

Are these the same people who accuse me of exploiting Kids for Sex???

Lots of issues going on but can't say in here....will bring it up Monday morning!!!

Racism against the less fortunate? Of course it is!!!! We need a Provincial Inquiry against this Racist Agenda!!!

The Debate continues.....

By André Faust

In an unprecedented move by law enforcement, Social Activist Charles Leblanc was given a court date to enter a plea on and assault charge without receiving a notice to appear. This information was reported by Irving’s Canada East court reporter Don Macpherson, Macpherson writes; Blogger to appear in court on summary assault charge at 9:00am on January 19, 2015.

What is extremely bizarre is Charles LeBlanc was never given a notice to appear from the police or any court officials yet a court date has been scheduled.

I spoke with Charles and as of 8:00 pm on January 7th 2015 Charles hasn’t received any documentation from the courts or the police requiring him to appear on January the 19th. This is quite unusual, even for a trivial offense such as riding a bicycle without a safety helmet the enforcement officer issues a notice/promise to appear which is contained in the ticket and if the person does a no show than a warrant for their arrest will be issued.

In Macpherson’s article published on January 6th in the Daily Gleaner, Macpherson make no reference to who is laying the charge, so it is not known whether it’s the Miramichi Police Force or the crown who filed the charge against Leblanc, because Macpherson has not mention who laid the charge, one can’t rule out that the story may be a fabrication.

If the story is accurate the implication is that a person can be given a court date to answer to the charge without their knowledge. Common sense tells that the likely hood of non-appearance is pretty high if they have not been formally given notice to appear in court. What happens, are they arrested and detained for failing to appear?

This would appear to be contrary to the intent of our charter of rights, which is pretty scary stuff when you consider that people can be arrested and put in jail because they failed to attend their court date because haven’t been given an appearance notice. Once this issue is resolved, either for or against Blogger Charles, the public should be told how much it cost to get this low level offense into court, and in addition a comparative cost this action with other summary assaults that the courts have heard over the years.

The onus is on the crown to prove that Charles is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, if the crown fails, and Charles is found guilty, then one can only conclude that the courts found him guilty to justify the high cost of bringing Charles to trial.

4 Responses Mordaith, on January 9, 2015 at 18:30 said: Andre. Dude. Not cool. I had a great deal of respect for you up until this point. Macpherson is a stand up journalist. Who has only treated Charles with the fairness and respect he not only deserves but has asked for. Seriously? Making a comment that he may have made it all up? Do you know how you rule that stuff out? You know before you possibly slander a man and bring his professional credentials in to question? You ask him. Or you ask the cops. You check the facts. A simple phone call to the court, the police, or hell even the news paper could have illuminated this situation. Maybe you should really take a good firm look at how to check this information out, learn how to report on issues, before you start shooting at the hip with your itchy trigger finger against the first ‘evil corrupt Irving baddie’ you can find. You probably have no idea who I am. But I consider my self and old friend of Charles. And I had a large amount of respect for you until I read this. Shame on you. This kind of knee jerk reactionary writing is exactly the fodder that the big companies and the other powers that be need to continue to discredit left leaning people who value critical thinking.

Reply lefteyex, on January 9, 2015 at 21:29 said:

In response to your argument. I re-read the commentary, and I could not find anything that could be construed as an attack on Don MacPherson person nor did I find anything derogatory references about Don. The only thing that I could see was the comment “one can’t rule out that the story maybe a fabrication”, but I didn’t say nor suggested that it was Don who fabricated the story. The context was, where Don Macpherson omitted to mention his source, then one cannot rule out rule out the likely hood that the information that he provided may have been fabricated. Later in the commentary it did say “if the story is accurate”. The faux pas that Don MacPherson did, is, he reported that the accused was charged with an offense and the date of the court appearance before the accused was notified that they were being charged with an offense, Charles Leblanc was served with a summons to appear in court on the 19th of January which is two days later after Macpherson’s story, but that doesn’t exonerate the fact that the Daily Gleaner published prematurely the court date before Charles received his summons to appear. I have made several inquiries to see if is common practice for media to publish Charges being laid and the appearance date without the accused having prior knowledge that they were being charged. From my query it does appear that is not common practice for media to “Put the cart before the horse”. If you can show me explicitly that the commentary is not factual, I will re-evaluate the story, and if you are correct I will take the responsible action to remedy it, while I appreciate your feedback on the commentary, I stand by my commentary as is. – André Faust Reply

Mordaith, on January 10, 2015 at 00:40 said:

“In Macpherson’s article published on January 6th in the Daily Gleaner, Macpherson make no reference to who is laying the charge, so it is not known whether it’s the Miramichi Police Force or the crown who filed the charge against Leblanc, because Macpherson has not mention who laid the charge, one can’t rule out that the story may be a fabrication.” Seems pretty clear, to myself, and other who read this, that you implied Don made it up. And if you are trying to ‘spin’ it any other way, you are just as bad as the same people you criticize. Changing your narrative, claiming context and inference when what you meant was pretty darn clear. Shame on you Andre. I’m seriously disappointed. Consider yourself down one reader.

Reply Margret Leaky, on January 11, 2015 at 02:34 said:

I read the story the was published in the Daily Gleaner. I didn’t find any inaccuracies in Andre’s story. As far as fabrication, given the relationship that charlie with the justice system, it would be possible for someone to make something up just to discredit “The Blogger”

To be fair...Here's the Irving story -

DON MACPHERSON Fredericton Daily Gleaner Share this article January 5, 2015 Charles LeBlanc, a controversial blogger in Fredericton, will appear in court Jan. 19 to answer to a charge of summary assault.

Photo: Stephen MacGillivray/The Daily Gleaner archive

A controversial blogger and anti-poverty activist is set to appear in court later this month to answer to an assault charge.

Charles Joseph LeBlanc, 55, of 1-145 Westmorland St., Fredericton, faces a summary charge of assault, alleging an assault on Andrew Spencer in downtown Fredericton on July 3.

While the incident is alleged to have occurred in Fredericton, the city police force had asked an outside agency – the Miramichi Police Force – to investigate the complaint.

LeBlanc’s first appearance on the assault charge is scheduled for the morning of Jan. 19.

The Daily Gleaner reported last fall the Miramichi Police Force was investigating an assault complaint at the Fredericton force’s request, and LeBlanc confirmed he was the focus of that investigation.

LeBlanc has a tumultuous history with police officers in Fredericton.

He’s been arrested, convicted and sentenced for causing a disturbance, stemming from a one-man bullhorn protest at the police station.

The city police also investigated him for criminal libel, but that didn’t lead to a charge.

The provincial Attorney General didn’t approve the charge as the relevant section of the Criminal Code of Canada had been found to be unconstitutional.

City hall paid for an independent review of how the city police handled that libel investigation, which involved the police seeking information from LeBlanc’s Internet service provider.

A document filed with the provider that indicated the police were seeking evidence in the libel probe also referred to a search for evidence of a child-exploitation offence.

The police force said that was a clerical error, but LeBlanc doesn’t accept that explanation.

On his blog, he referred to members of the Fredericton Police Force as pedophiles, though he’s never had any evidence to back up those claims.

Those allegations led city chief administrative officer Chris MacPherson to file a complaint with Google, which owned the free online service on which LeBlanc’s blog was hosted.

The city official requested that posts on the blog that referred to officers as pedophiles be removed. Google opted to remove the entire blog.

LeBlanc has since launched a new blog at the same hosting service.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Accident at corner of King and York Street Fredericton!!!!!!!

Why is informant Andrew Spencer protected by the Fredericton Police????


Maybe Andrew is an informant. That would explain why the police did nothing when Andrew Spencer heckled the woman gathered for the "Take Back the Street" rally in front of Fredericton City Hall on September 19, 2014.

The video clearly shows Andrew Spencer yelling so loudly at the crowd that he disrupted the speeches.

 One of the organizers is trying to speak in the microphone over his yelling and says: "Is there anybody who would feel comfortable escorting this gentleman perhaps over to our police officer's car who could maybe address the profanity?

And then I am going to start again." The police did nothing.

 Can we "Take Back Our Police Force"?

Fredericton Police rush to scene of 10 year old out of control!!!

This is insane!!!!

A 10 year old out of control < hitting the walls >and the first thing he's going to see are Cops???

Come on now??? What are these steroids Gorillas going to do??? Taze the little boy???

We know this little boy WILL NOT respect the Cops when he's older so we all know where his future is going to be located....sad...

UPDATE....Now the cops are called for a 4 year old???? FUCK!!!!!!!< excuse my humble language >

Lets not forget it's the same Cops that River Rat Matt Myers gave the orders to taze a 16 year old Autistic kid a few months back!

Monday, 12 January 2015

What's new with the Forestry Deal?????

Racists Members of the Fredericton Police Force driving the less fortunate to their Grave!!!!!

Accusing the less fortunate to exploit children for Sex...hoping they might commit suicide... Time for the Province of New Brunswick to have a open Public Inquiry on the Witch hunt being done by the Fredericton Police against the less fortunate!!!


Fredericton Police to order Saint John Police to give ticket to Clifford Jesso in Saint John???

No bicycle helmet.....why not?..The same happened to me when they gave me a ticket 9 days after Dan Bussieres made a complaint that I was riding a bicycle on the sidewalk!!!!

Je suis Charlie is not respected in Fredericton New Brunswick!!!!


Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside DOES NOT support Je suis Charlie!!!

Memorial for the Boys "n" Red one hour ago on Highway 8!!!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Maurice The Homeless views on Blogger's Arrest by Fredericton and Miramichi Police!!!


Any one that has known Charles since he was a kid knows that he has been in lots of fights.

Most of his fights were because Charles can be a pain in the ass or people just wanted to make a name for them self by bragging that they beat up Charles.

They also know that for some weird reason he will always let the other guy take the first swing and hope that there first punch is a good one. A stupid way of fighting if you ask me but that is Charles.

Then after that I hope the guy is ready for a ass whipping if he didn't land his first punch.

The nut case poet attacked Charles like he does everyone and is a real nut case and a known police informant. But since he is a police informant he is there boy and they will protect him.

I wonder how much crack the cops gave him from the impound stash for him to go after Charles? I wonder how many times people made complaints about him and nothing was done because he is there boy?

Its funny that two panhandlers picked a fight with Charles in such a short period of time when Charles hasn't been in a fight in years.

This is such a mickey mouse charge anyone can tell that its a other one of the Fredericton police farce witch hunt to get Charles put in jail so he will stop exposing all there dirty deeds.

What a fucking joke!!!

Come on, How many times will they try to frame him?

I hope this gets mainstream media attention and Leane, Bobbie Simone and everyone involved loose there badge over this bullshit witch hunt once and for all.

All Charles wanted was a public apology for every time they tried to frame him with bogus charges.

You see, Charles was treated very well by the Fredericton police farce until he made the mistake of video taping one of there cops beating the crap out of a Canadian soldier.

They have been after Charles ever since and they wont stop plotting a plan to put him in jail until they succeed.

--maurice the homeless guy--

A few months this thing would cost $150.00 for a quarter of Gas!!!

Today it cost $70.00!!!!

Andrew Spencer Court case could he helpful for Panhandlers in Fredericton???

This guy is into everyone faces....Even an elder told me today that she's afraid of this Lunatic!!

This is the reason I'm putting a complaint to the Minister of Justice and the New Brunswick Police Commission about this situation.
If the Crown wins this case? All Citizens could be a victim in the Downtown area?

If you're confronted by this guy in Army Fatigues and fight back? You will be charge.

The public better ignore this idiot!!!!

Even in this video? The woman asked the Police to take this lunatic away but they didn't!!!..Why????


You give money to this Lunatic??? This what he does!!! He goes after the citizens and if they fight back?

He cries like a baby to the Cops!!!!

I'm glad I saved this clip because it truly shows the idiot he truly is!!!!

I believe the Fredericton Police sent this guy to disrupt the Female Rally because they never touched him!!!!

Watch this video -


Fredericton Police Sergeant Tim Sowers and Greg Scott from the Miramichi Police charge Blogger with Assault!!!

This is so wrong.....they charged me with assault and no Cop have talk to me about this issue.

First the Fredericton Police accuse me of having Sex with kids and now this?

I'm putting a complaint to the Justice Minister and the Police Commission!!!! 
This is insane!!!

Who is the Cop from the Fredericton Police Force anyway???

Nice walk around the Bridges last night!!!

Court date set for Blogger Charles Leblanc without Blogger's knowledge!!!!

By Andre Faust
Re blogged from The Left Eye

 In an unprecedented move by law enforcement,  Social Activist Charles Leblanc was given a court date to enter a plea on and assault charge without receiving a notice to appear. This information was reported by Irving’s Canada East court reporter Don Macpherson, Macpherson writes; Blogger to appear in court on summary assault charge on January 19, 2015. What is extremely bizarre is Charles LeBlanc was never ( more  click here ----->)

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Irving media to be sued???

We sure can't have this!!

Many people are approaching me asking me what happened that the Cops charged me with Assault???

There's something VERY wrong in this case!!!

I have never been served and the Irvings tells the public that I was charged with Assault!!!!

People are giving me a dirty look and I don't like it!!!

Maybe with a lawsuit, I would get some answers? Can they do this? Do I have to show up because it was in the Irving Media???

Mayor Brad Woodside and City of Fredericton to applaud the murder of 12 people in Paris!!!!

This City is the most anti-Freedom in the whole World!!!!

Hey???? Are they going to shut down City Hall for a Month????


This is where the new Methadone Clinic will be located in Fredericton!!!

It's pictures and stories like these the City of Fredericton wanted destroyed by ordering my Blog shut down!!!


Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Why would Assault Charge be on the Front Page of the Irving Paper if Blogger wasn't served????

Carla LeBlanc from Minto will laid to rest today!!!!

I just found out the sad News and it's VERY sad she died so young....I learned a lesson...when someone is in the hospital and emails you to visit them?

Don't let your busy world stand in your way!!!

Go and visit them. I didn't drop in for a visit and now she's gone...:(

Sadly it was Carla Birthday on December 31th. I left a message saying - Birthday? I taught you were dead???

No joking manner....maybe she was dead....:(

We have lost a great human being. She had a heart of Gold...

She always reminded me that she owns me a coffee...:)....If I'm allowed to go to heaven? I hope to have that cup of coffee with my good friend.

We have lost a great one and May Carla find peace that she had a Very difficult time to find in this life on Earth...


Good Bye my friend and till we meet again....:)

Blogger Charles LeBlanc Assault charge makes the Front Page of the Irving Media but Blogger never been served!!!!!

Nothing on the Radio Stations this morning so that's a good sigh!!!

The Liberal Government must launch an Public Inquiry on the Fredericton Police Force!!!

What bothers me is I was assaulted at the New Brunswick Legislature and no charges went ahead!!!