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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Michael James Stafford from Fredericton dead at a young age of 38 years old...:(

Just heard the news....sad...:(.......Michael was a good guy...last time I was him, I told him my concern about his weight...:(

He never said much....:(
,br/> Sympathy to his family and friends...:(

Fredericton Police Officer SGT Matt Myers was just hired by New Brunswick Public Safety!!!!

This bad Cop ordered me to be assaulted or possibly shot????? But then again many told me the Liberal Government could have been behind this because it happened at the New Brunswick Legislature!!!!

Ahhhh, the greatest, my friend, of all who have ever been sworn to be "OFFICERS OF THE LAW"!!!!!! Boss Hogg and Sheriff Roscoe would, indeed, Charlie, hold our beloved Matt in the highest of regards. And he is, without a doubt, pal, an absolute fan of the Jets, Oilers or Flames for sure, as he subscribes to absolutely NONE of any of this leafs/habies propaganda. And on top of this, Charlie, GMM, as usual, says GO SENS GO, all you self righteous fat-ass welfare bums!!!!

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Which one needs to be recycle??

New Brunswicker Public Safety must protect New Brunswickers!!!!!


I want to to open an public investigation on the matter that Matt Myers < a Member of the Fredericton Police Force >

I was told he was just hired an a investigator for special cases < something like that >

This man sent two members of the Edmundston Police Force after me in November 2016.

This man also wanted me charge for a First degree assault.

This man always falsely accuse me of exploiting kids for Sex!!!!

I demand that you as Minister remove this man from Public Safety or order a Public Provincial Safety of the manner this man goes after New Brunswickers or how he got hired in the first place.

If I don't have an answer of my concerns? I will make a complaint to the Federal Government.

New Brunswickers must be protected!!!!

Charles LeBlanc

The Brian Gallant Government must hold a Provincial Public inquiry on the Fredericton Police Force and other Police Force who kills New Brunswickers!!!!!!


Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Global News Cameraman Kevin Godwin will gone in a couple of weeks!!!!

This is sad News because he was one of the good ones. There are VERY few left from 10 years ago.....

Bonne Chance Kevin....:(

Fredericton Police arrest woman and Public Safety force woman to walk from Miramichi!!!

Woman gets punch in the face but Fredericton Police laughed at the situation!!!!!


\ It’s Kayla So the teenage boy was on the playing with a cart on the rink on Johnson st on the both side of Fredericton. He almost hit my 8 year old son so I told him a few times to get off the ice with the cart he said make me bitch I walked up to him and told him. To stop or I’ll call the police that is when we pulled me and punched me two times in the face broke my nose and got a black eye the police officer said it’s only a punch to the face you’ll be fine. Called The police today to talk to the head person they laughed at me you can say all they said was it’s being looked at we will let you know if he will be charged

Jayden Augustine and others in Elsipogtog First Nation!!!!

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Happy Family Day in New Brunswick!!! How many people will die???

Come on McDonald's!!!!!

I ordered a Super Fries and open the bag and got this.....I turned around and they added a little more....they sure don't load them like they use too....:(...:(...:(....Wait....I got fooled or conned by the pictures AGAIN!!!!!

Gathering for a picture.....

Too fast...

Blogger on Videos is MUCH less stressful on the head....

Space Cadets relaxing.....

When there's no Politicians to hunt down.......this will have to do...

Warrior John Levi from Elsipogtog First Nation and Blogger reflects on Warrior Crystal Cookson!!!!!