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Monday, 30 March 2015

Second Bangladesh blogger gets murdered in a month!!!

Everyone is upset but Fredericton is not far off the mark!!!

Look what they did to this Blogger??!!!!

So-called Judge Julian Dickson ordered me in jail because I refuse to sign a condition not to go across the Westmorland Bridge!!!! I might add he ordered my medications cut off!!!

Our corrupt Justice System failed to kill the Blogger so they tried this -

FPF Application to ISP by Charles LeBlanc

Now..we have these false charge of assault!!!!

I am going to sue the City AGAIN and we must have a Provincial Inquiry...

Too many corrupt people in this City!!!!!

Yes...Fredericton is not far from Bangladesh of the manner they treat Bloggers!!!

But I am ready for the battle even if it kills me!!!!

I noticed many people are asking me on the street about my health...but I'm still fighting.....

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