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Saturday, 30 March 2019

St.John River in Fredericton will break open in a few days!!

Dan Bussieres is TRULY missed......

So Daniel, the word is abuzz all over town that Sir Charles, our most infamous blogger in residence, treated you to a Molson Canadian or two on the weekend. Awwwwwwwww. Now that is a friendship made in Heaven if I ever saw one my friend. An unbreakable, unbreakable bond that shall never ever be broken. And I'll tell you what Danny, ole Charlie misses the hell outta ya around the old leg, It's like he lost his best friend. He just wanders around aimlessly with no sense of purpose what-so-ever. He said to me emphatically, Danny, that we have to get you and our honorable friend, Abel LeBlanc instilled back into moi maison, the peoples house just to gain some semblance of sanity around the old place. 'Cause without the two of you there pal, democracy in New Brunswick has GONE TA HELL IN A HAND BASKET!!!!!! GOD LUV YA, DANIEL!!!

The issue of Bitcoin is debated in front of the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

Fredericton Mayor Mike O'Brien is A true idiot!!

Panhandler Mike Kennedy kicked out from the Fredericton Shelter for giving someone some Marijuana!!!!

2019 Fredericton Tattoo Expo....

Thursday, 21 March 2019

What going on the Irving Property on King Street in Fredericton???

Fredericton Councillor Mark Peters hunted down on the Street by Blogger!!!

New Brunswick Green Party Leader David Coon support more money to Language Commissioner in Budget!!!

Minister of Public Safety Carl Urquhart confronted by Blogger about MANY concern issues!!!

Fredericton West-Hanwell Dominci Cardy asked about 100 KMH sign at Kingsclear First Nation!

Robert Gauvin, vice-premier ministre du Nouveau-Brunswick debat Language Commissioner!

Fredericton North MLA Stephen Horsman and Blogger on straight forward issues about Budget!!!

Mary Wilson - MLA - Oromocto Lincoln Fredericton confronted by Blogger about Budget!

Dorothy Shephard Minister of Social Development Minister gives the Facts about Budget!

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

The Three Amigos.....

Walked the Bridges TWICE today.....:)

Premier Blaine Higgs confronted by Blogger about Budget!!!

Flag from Iran is in better shape than the New Brunswick Flag at the New Brunswick Legislature!!!!

New Brunswick People Alliance Leader Kris Austin confronted by Blogger on a Wednesday morning!!!

Daniel Legere speaks out at C.U.P.E. Protest at New Brunswick Legislature!!

New Brunswick Liberal Party are confronted at C.U.P.E. Protest!!!!

New Brunswick Liberal Party and other issues are viewed by Blogger at the C.U.P.E Protest at the New Brunswick Legislature!!!!

Blogger explains New Brunswick Liberal Party in a Democracy system!!

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Fans of my videos.....:)

Video of Blogger going down for the count!!!!!

New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs face C.U.P.E. Protesters at New Brunswick Legislature!!!

Security from Quebec orders New Brunswickers from the steps of the New Brunswick Legislature!!

Minister Ross Wetmore confronted by Pain in the Ass Blogger about Budget!!!

Blogger covers the C.U.P.E. protest at New Brunswick Legislature!!!!

Fredericton Police Officers in action during the C.U.P.E. Protest at the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

Some people like jumping the gun....I first noticed the Fredericton Police running to the rescue of this woman....The Cops did a good job!!!!!..