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Friday, 24 February 2017

What would happen if Bathurst Citizen Michel Vienneau would have been reach in the U.S.?

Les Policiers de Bathuurst qui est tuer Michel Vienneau ira pas en Trial!!!

Bathurst Cops Mathieu Boudreau and Patrick Bulger not guilty after shooting Michel Vienneau!!!!

Bathurst Cops Mathieu Boudreau and Patrick Bulger will stand trial for Manslaughter!!!!

It's the only verdict in this case because the public is demanding some answers.

The Cops in New Brunswick believe they can just approach someone in plain clothes and the individual is suppose to follow their orders. Just because they show a badge.

Such as moi, moi moi!!!!

The cops could have tazed or shoot me in this video that happened on November 8th. The Edmundston Police were following orders of the Fredericton Police to attack me on the streets in Fredericton!!!!!....Very scary stuff!!!

Here's my views on this issue....

UPDATE - I just CANNOT believe the Judge threw the case out!!!!!...Cops were seen leaving the Courtroom laughing and chatting away!!!! Do they believe killing innocent human beings is a big joke????

So true in New Brunswick!!!! Just a matter of time till a Journalist gets killed!!!!

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Commissioner of Official Languages for New Brunswick Katherine d'Entremont is to blame for the delay of Power during Ice Storm in the Acadian Peninsula!!!!!

Acadian Peninsula — Power has been restored to the Acadian Peninsula following what has been called the worst outage in New Brunswick’s history.

While suffering through nearly two weeks without power, residents became frustrated as the days progressed and the temperatures dropped. However, recent reports have surfaced suggesting that power could have been restored in as little as 36 hours if the New Brunswick Liberals had allowed anglophone linesmen to participate in the effort.

“I’ve been told by the languages commissioner that we have an obligation to our residents to provide service in both official languages,” explained Premier Brian Gallant. “Whether you’re being greeted at NB Liquor with ‘hello/bonjour’ or watching the TV screen at SNB explain how stupid you are for not doing this online, or in this case, waiting for your lights to come back on — all these services fall under the same bilingual umbrella.”

When asked if he thought that requiring all linesmen to be bilingual may have caused some inefficiencies, Gallant responded, “Oh, absolutely! It’s waaay more expensive, too! But, hey, what are ya gonna do?

Click below for rest of story -

Fredericton Police Force to soon join the Calgary and Montreal Police Force as Corrupt!!!!

The problem here in this province is we don't have investigative media to look into these issues.

My arrest on November 8th will prove the Fredericton Police Force are corrupt!!!!

I could have gotten badly injured or killed???? < Same as Michel Vienneau in Bathurst!!!

Could the MLA'S handle LIVE stream from the New Brunswick Legislature???

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Family of student who was assaulted will proudly celebrate Anti-Bullying Day at Leo Hayes in Fredericton!!!!

P.S. I wish the Fredericton Police would stop bullying Moi!!!! < I just had to add that line >

Tomorrow < Wednesday > I will wear pink in support of my daughter Nelly and every child who has ever been bullied.

Click below for story -

When you know the reason behind "Pink Shirt Day" I hope you show your support as well and post a selfie of yourself wearing pink. Travis, thank you for being a voice. You are touching so many lives with your mission.

David Shepherd, Travis Price and their teenage friends organized a high-school protest to wear pink in sympathy with a Grade 9 boy who was being bullied [for wearing a pink shirt]…They took a stand against bullying when they protested against the harassment of a new Grade 9 student by distributing pink T-shirts to all the boys in their school. ‘I learned that two people can come up with an idea, run with it, and it can do wonders,’ says Mr. Price, 17, who organized the pink protest. ‘Finally, someone stood up for a weaker kid.’ So Mr. Shepherd and some other headed off to a discount store and bought 50 pink tank tops. They sent out message to schoolmates that night, and the next morning they hauled the shirts to school in a plastic bag. As they stood in the foyer handing out pink shirts, the bullied boy walked in. The look on his face spoke volumes. ‘It looked like a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders,’ Mr. Price recalled. The bullies were never heard from again.”

Will you join in by wearing pink on February 22, 2017? Have you made an effort to practice kindness and acceptance towards both yourself and others? Will you be a voice to those who feel they have no voice? Speak out! Take a stand!

Monday, 20 February 2017

Will Religion be around in 50 years from now???


Listen all you sad sack dorks and welfare bums out there, religion has been around since the begining of time, just like prostitution, AND IT AINT GOIN' NOWHERES!!! God put this damn world here and thought he could leave it in good hands, only to have the lame brain politicians and self righteous, over inflated egos of the world come along and SCREW THE WHOLE DAMN THING!!!! What a bunch a idiots. What a bunch a fascists. And for all you self important know-it-alls and expert wannabes out there, careful whatcha say about yer maker. He brought every one of yer sorry asses into this God-forsaken world, AND HE CAN DAMN WELL TAKE 'EM OUT!!!! AND YOU AINT GONNA KICK HIM OUTTA NO CAUCUS FOR NOT TOEIN' THE PARTY LINE. NOW, SMARTIN' TA HELL UP, THE WHOLE DAMN WORKS A YAS!!!!



Are Police Officers allowed to assault the citizens in the City of Fredericton???

To Police Chief Leanne Fitch,

I was assaulted by two members of the Edmundston Police on December 8th. I forward a complaint to your Police Force on December 15th, 2016 but no answer so far.

Do I need to do to the R.C.M.P.????

Please let me know....


Charles LeBlanc

Fredericton Police refuse to investigate complaint of assault laid by Blogger against Edmundston Police Officers!!!

I want the Department of Public safety to investigate the members of the Fredericton is refusing to investigate a complaint I filed on December 15, 2016 against two members of the Edmundston Police.

I haven't heard anything on this issue. Are Police officers allowed to assault the citizens on the street and we cannot laid a complaint of assault?

I wish to know why I haven't heard from the Fredericton Police of my complaint of assault???

Charles LeBlanc

145 Westmorland Street

APT#1 Fredericton

E3B 3L4

Friday, 17 February 2017

Humans are the worst Animals of them all!!!!

Frustration and Snow in Fredericton!!!

Fredericton Racist Snobby Lawyer Kathryn Gregory working with Fredericton Police Force against Blogger!!!!

I noticed lately this little Blog that was posted on Wednesday, 4 March 2015 have been attracting A LOT of attention from across Canada.....Stay tuned!!!

Picture 5878 

Fredericton Racist Snobby Lawyer Kathryn Gregory is viewed before Battery dies in the cold!!!!

New Brunswick Prosecutors are looking at my videos of the Fredericton Police Force!!!! Fredericton Police Officer Yves Deespres made the complaint!!!!

I'm going to re-blog the blogs they are looking at!!!!!

Here's one -

This is Turned Coat Acadian Yves Despres...He allowed a drug dealer to sell drugs to kids.....and he got promoted in ranks....idiot!!!

Will mole inside the Prosecutor office ordered Blogger arrested???

This is what I have been waiting for.....I emailed the Justice Minister weeks ago demanding an outsider to take this case!!!!

Mr. Leblanc,

The Commission has been advised today by the Chief of Edmundston Police that the criminal investigation package with respect to the allegations against you is/has been filed today with the Crown in Fredericton. Any future enquiries about the criminal investigation should be directed to the Crown or the Edmundston Police Force.



Le Maire de Edmudston Cyrille Simard recoit un message a propos du Ellens Law!!!!

Fascist Edmundston and Fredericton Police to grab Blogger from the street today!!!

Always a Believer....

Thursday, 16 February 2017

I didn't mind.....

Nothing better than a Elder home bake Cake. She always made a cake for Valentine Day for her late husband who died last year < I believe > sadly her partner is gone but I didn't mind taking his place...:)

Fredericton Police CONTINUES to make friends......:(


Yesterday my Grand Daughter who is 100 pounds soaking wet was physically thrown out of her apartment by her 180pound boy friend.

He picked her up and threw her across the hall into the wall. The cops made her leave and did not arrest him, they must have been afraid he would mess their hair.

So then tonight my husband picked her up at a friends house, the cops saw him stop there, turned their lights on him for no reason, came over to the car and first told him to put out his cigarette, ( Not that he should be smoking) however it is his car, then they asked if he did, bought or sold drugs?

He told them they were free to do a drug test and get a warrant to search his car but then he would see them in court.

He was on his way to work and the man never so much as smoked a joint in his life.

He called the station and filed a harassment complaint but we both know that will not be addressed unless the wheel squeaks, There are enough real drug dealers , users and buyers they could be using their resources to bust then and arrest a man who is assaulting a woman half his size instead of harnessing innocent citizens.

I feel your pain Charles.


Lynn McCarty Brown

Lynn Mccarty-brown

Guess where???

He's missed...:(

New Brunswick MLA'S are asked about New Brunswick Language Commissioner Katherine d'entremont!!!

Will the good old days ever return at the New Brunswick Legislature???

Did Special Team of Prosecutors Cory Roberts, Kathryn Gregory and Sebastien Michau filed a complaint against the Blogger???

I noticed lately this little Blog that was posted on Wednesday, 4 March 2015 have been attracting A LOT of attention from across Canada.....Stay tuned!!!

Picture 5878 

It's funny once you blog a post? Everyone feeds my the dirt.

This woman is called the Singing Lawyer and she was married to a rich guy name Pierre.

I have given more info but will keep it to myself. < for now >

Now...wait till you read the Conflict of Interest that happened during my hearing Monday...

Truly stay tuned and I'm not kidding!!!!!

I believe the local media should cover this issue.

My God? I was even told she used to be a nice Lady but changed during the last few years. So I was 100% right on my instinct!!!!! I WAS DEALING WITH A SNOB!!!!

Well? Guess what???? I HATE SNOBS!!!!!

She's going to regret the day she lied in Court against this Scottish Blogger!!!!

Here's my complaint to the Government!!!!!! To: Serge Rousselle, NB Attorney General,

Re: Complaint against Special Prosecutors Cory Roberts, Kathryn Gregory and Sebastien Michaud

I wish to submit complaints regarding the above Crown Prosecutors as follows:

1. Sebastien Michaud has failed to appear at all three of my hearings so far - that is unacceptable. He is preventing me from getting answers to serious issues and avoiding answering to the fact he is prosecuting a charge with no evidence to support it.

2. Cory Roberts, Special Prosecutor, lied to the Court at my hearing on 16th February, 2015, when he said I was provided all disclosure. There are many documents mentioned in the Police/Crown case that have been concealed.

3. Kathryn Gregory (who was known as Kathryn El-Khoury) appeared at my hearing on Monday in a direct conflict of interests. She and her father both worked with the presiding Judge Julian Dickson's wife, in their law firm Athey, Gregory Dickson. They are clearly in a close relationship, that leads a reasonable person to believe they are friends, and gives the appearance that justice cannot be seen to be done if she represents the Crown against me and Dickson is the judge.

4. Ms. Gregory lied on the Court record twice at the last hearing of my prosecution, Monday 2nd March, 2015, when she falsely stated I had all the disclosure and I was using delay tactics. The first hearing confirmed I was entitled to more disclosure - which I have not yet received - and the second hearing was during a snow storm when even the judge did not turn up, but I did.

I require an investigation into this and an explanation from you for Crown Prosecutors lying in my hearings. Merci Charles LeBlanc

ADHD a neurological condition is being debated by the CBC and the Blogger!!!!

Blogger never pays attention to the Idiots Cowards Jerkface!!!!

For years I always get comments from these idiots cowards Jerkface. I strongly believe they are Cops playing the part as Trollers.

Here's one of them -

I wrote the fist phrase -

I am loved on Valentin Day!!!! -..:)

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Fredericton Police to grab and Jail Blogger during...":

Charles is an idiot who should be locked up in the nut house just to keep the public safe. Keeps going on about all his mental issues and that's why he can't work or why the legal system is hard to navigate for someone with his intellectual capacity and lack of income but yet he manages to run a blog and be productive all day. Of course he does it on the public teat so the working people are supporting his welfare fraud.

The cops should pick him up on a mental health warrant and send him away for a bit. The majority of Frederictonians would appreciate it.

1- lol "mental health warrant" imagine. Someone needs to do some reading.

2- you live rent free in that persons head


4- Charles is a great guy, once you meet him you know he's a smart guy. I understand why he can't work, I can't either, only people dealing with mental issues will understand. I pay his wages with my taxes, that way people don't have to complain.

5- Love it when people don't have balls enough to sign their name. If your going to attack someone...grow some grapefruits and let everyone know who you are...keep up the good work Charles Leblanc

6- I happen to love the blogger gets the news out there without editing truth hurts some leave him

7- Hes not harming no one hes likes what hes does i love watching his blog and i wont stop watching keep up the good work Charles Leblanc

8 - Shame on the coward basher....that's also a mental illness not being able to face your fears ...should get help for that... keep up the great work Charles Leblanc

9- just because some people for what ever reason land on wlfare,that does not mean that we should not continue to try and contribute to society!!keep up the good work Charles and the haters please just go away and find something usefull to do with your life!!Charles has as well as many others!!

10 - course they had to remain anonymous, dam pussy

11- Iv been wanting to sharing this story for 2 weeks . My oldest son who is almost 14 is autistic. He once had a fear of ambulances, fire trucks and police . He has been doing well and almost had fear overcome ....... anyways I awoke at 6am and got my son up. He turned on his computer and went on YouTube. All of a sudden I heard sirens and a familiar voice. He was watching one of Charles videos. I said do you love Charles videos, he said yes. Thank u Charles for putting a smile on his face and keep those videos coming as he is watching them daily now.

12- Don't pay any attention to them...if they say who they are...they don't have any Guts to stand up for us people... Thanks Charles.

13- Charles u are loved by so many. Please focus on that ! U are a truth teller and a man who questions everything. I appreciate that u stop when I ask u too as well lol

14- as i said earlier if it wasn't for charles we wouldn't know what goes on in the city leave the guy alone he does no harm

15- Keep up da good work my friend n Happy Valentine's Day

16- The writer of those comments is very ignorant of mental health issues and our province's inadequate services in this area. Here's my Valentine's message to you, Charles: Thank you for your blog. Thank you for your inquiring mind and the information you provide. Thank you for all the work you did enlightening the public about the shale gas issue. I love how the news networks had to get coverage of the arrests up on the 116/126 from you! Happy Valentine's Day!

17- Keep that camera rolling, ,maybe it's someone in the department that wanted to give you a heads up! ! Your a smart man and always alert, ,you know you do have friends in high place's there looking out for you, ,I enjoy your video's and pictures keep up the good work Charles and happy valentine's day! !

18- Charles is using his time productively, he given his circumstances he could, drink beer, get drug fixes. Instead, he is out there. Could you imagine if other people in his same situation (income disability assistance) were challenging the system? Social changes would happen much quicker.

Using Charles phrase "those coward jerkfaces" had any F$%ken intelligence. they should be able to figure out what unemployment means. you have 10 jobs, and 15 not working, if one of the 10 loses their job the 1 of the 15 will get a job for those with limited analytical skills it would look like there is work a plenty.

Unless there are new jobs created, if anyone gets a job it means someone has lost a job, eig, death, retirement, health, quit.

There is also another aspect to it the employer who have work but no one will work for him/her. When that happens, it is usually justified. We call them shit employers, who don't give a rats ass about their employee's, they tend to create working conditions that are worse than when Charles Dickens was alive and kicking.

I have an associate, who thirty years ago told me the secret of his business is to find people who are in a state of desperation because they will work for peanuts and you don't have to provide anything to them, in terms of safety, and optimised working conditions relative to the job. According to him/her, you can work the hell out of these people, and when they burn out you just replace them with another desperate.

Back to Charles, Charl does have his own unique style of blogging, I have often said his style of blogging is reminiscent of the Jerry Springer show. Charles has produced both, shit work, and excellent work.

From my observations, Charles has gained both the recognition and respect from another journalist.

Charles has a big advantage over mainstream media, he doesn't have the to depend on advertising revenue. That allows him to be aggressive in his questioning that the other journalist doesn't have the luxury, for that journalist, that aggression would mean the loss of revenue.

Back in the seventies, there was a rag called the Plain Dealer a local weekly that was similar to what Charles does. The weekly would cover stories that at times was not complementary to some business and government departments. However, the weekly had an extremely high circulation rate in the City. Because the Plain Dealer was so critical it lost it's advertisement revenue which led to its demise.

The Plain Dealer had its own printing press, For those young, enough they were located where the old Capital theatre was located across from the bank of Montreal adjacent to kings place. The dealer had 5 some reporters and writers, several press operators.

Because of they critical of the power elites in Fredericton they lost their revenue. With Charles, they can not do that.

The only way shut Charles down (at least Temporarily) is to find him guilty of some offence and sentence him for a couple of months.

Why is so much money, human resources and so on that is being spent on Charles? The bottom line it's to shut him up.

Keep up the good work Charles, get the information out there and let each individual decide on the quality of the content.

If he can survive the forces that have unlimited human and financial resources to us against him they will go away.

19 -BRAVO What get me is how much money they spend trying to shut him up. Is there no crime being committed in freddy town?? People should be out there following the police around all day see why they do what they do to Charles. How much has the Capital of NB spent on Charles?? I w.ant to know. That money could be spent on crime no harasement

20- Actually what they are doing to Charles is anything new. When you challenge authority, authority will do everything in its power to be perceived as the authority. It doesn't matter if its a police, a church, a Boss.

For now, in theWestern World. we see ourselves as a little more civilised than some other countries where someone like Charles would mysteriously disappear. Here how it is normally handled is that the person is denied employment or dismissed from their job which is a very powerful control mechanism to guarantee conformity to the elites objectives.

Since Charles is not employed they cannot control him. Unless he leaves the province or is away for an extended time would he loose his monthly check and subsidised housing.

This is speculation, but I think the reason why they are attempting to pursue the criminal avenue with section 300 is that to get a conviction they don't have to show any damage to their reputation, whereas in a civil case they would have to show that as a consequence his commentaries, they lost their job, or lost opportunities from what he published. In civil court, the amount of dollars and cents is determined from the damages that the plaintiff suffered. The other motive is that if they are successful at getting a conviction the judge may render a lengthy sentence which would mean Charles would lose his housing and income.

For a guy on "Welfare", he has access to people in high places. I don't think that there is a politician in New Brunswick who doesn't know Charles on a first name base. Old Leblanc must be doing something right ...

21- I believe there would be hell to pay should the city or police try putting Charles in jail...surely the good folks of Frederiction would make ALOT OF NOISE.

ABUSE at it's finest by those who are suppose to serve and protect...mockery of justice...

22- the thing is they are trying to get him put in jail on a trumped up charge and a sentence of 5 years as opposed to 2 years under the code of 301.

23- Well they tried with 301, but 301 was struck down by the appeals court in several provinces. The appeals court found that 301 was in contravention of the charter of rights. outside of the sentencing, the difference between 301 and 300 is. under 301 one you could say something that was true about a person yet you could still be liable under that section.

The courts ruled that 301 contravened the freedom of speech because it prevents one from making comments, about anyone, politicians, corporate heads and so on even if the comments are factual so it is for this reason that the upper courts struck down 301.

While I can understand why those officers who were called pedos, would be pissed off, but no one took the pedo comments seriously, so therefore no harm was made to the officer's reputation.

anecdotally I was told that one officer told one of the officers to whom the pedo comment directed to, "to basically suck it up" and going on with business rather than dwell on it.

24- Further more, defamatory libel is a civil suit, is my understanding, which the officers who feel they have been defamed should have to retain a lawyer. So my question is, why is the whole darn police station after him?

Or is this how police work, and are they unionized, could be another reason?

25- Your correct defamatory libel is a tort as well. It is quite common that a criminal offence can also be a civil action. Eig, One is all liquored up, drives a vehicle, kills someone. The criminal charges, impaired driving and culpable homicide. The person's family can know take a civil lawsuit against the defendant for the death of their loved one. Civil laws suites, monetary awards is issued for the specific damage, general damage and punitive damage.

The problem for the officers with a civil action is that they can't show that Charles comments cause any damage, however, if they were fired for his comments then they would have a claim for damages. The best that they could sue Charles would be for punitory reason, which in a likely hood the court would award nominal damages. So the cost of litigation for either the individual officers or the Union would be grossly disproportional the award. Civil suits are all about the money.

The challenge for Charles with section 300, is the black and white definition of defamatory libel section 298 and 299 of the criminal code.

When the crown considers to pursue on a criminal action on the offence there are several considerations that they have to take in, the offence, the facts and is for the public interests to pursue the action. In Charles case, I can't see how the crown would conclude that it would serve public interests to go forward. So fingers crossed that the crown decides not to proceed.

Lawyers love Charles, that how they a afford the lifestyle that lawyers enjoy if it wasn't for people like Charles they be on social assistance .. lol

26-Most likely a family member of the police who BOTCHED their illegal arrest of Charles and BOTCHED a warrant that was also illegal to gain access to Charles's computer, so yah, take a hike, loser.

27- WHAT do the pollytickers have to hide in Freddy town??

28- don't know , but this story gets more shadier, the more I read...

29- Keep up the great work Charles

30 - Nothing wrong with having a hobby, maybe anonymous coward should take notes and follow the KPMG/CRA amnesty secret deal. Canada has a Two Tiered Canada Revenue Tax Collection System.( Canada has a tax system for the Rich and a different Tax System for the poor) Truth.

We're talking millions and millions of tax dollars lost. But nah, let's pick on those at the bottom of the totem pole, because we're so gawd damn ignorant to REAL FACTS, kinda makes the HATER look awfully foolish/stupid, in my books.

31 - WOW is this pick on Charles week ? Charles does what does to occupy his mind and the fact the Liberal Party of New Brunswick in power at the time caused him his job ,this after being dismissed by Irving cause his has ADHD. So good for Charles for being a pain in the ASS to Politicians , Police and anyone else in power.

32- Good one !! Public safe !!! Lmao. The video i have seen !! It was the police attack him .

33- I caught on right away, lol.

34- Blah , leave Charles alone and attack some real issues, Like job loss, homelessness, lack of Mental Health |Care, Carbon tax, and that is the short list,

35- don't let the nasty slime balls knock you off your mission! You have a lot of supporters. Stomp on the malicious note.. Or put it in a safe place as evidence.. Just don't ruminate. Want coffee some day soon??

36- Gutless creature & a coward how dare he/she be such an ass. Think you might nee some time away to rethink your attitude!!

37 - Dont have much use for anyone complaning and not having the nuts to sign their name.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Who needs to walk the Bridges anyway????...:P

MLA Hedard Albert is hunted down by Blogger from Vehicle!!!

Tonight at 7:00pm in Fredericton!!!!

Former Attorney General Kelly Lamrock caught driving with a suspended License!!!!


How come former Attorney General gets specially appointed prosecutor as well as appointed judge for a traffic ticket? Blogger has to settle for luck of the draw and usually gets the hanging judge Julian Dickson.. Sure supports your claim of two different justice systems.

Concern citizen.

Panhandler Robbie Macdonald just from jail AGAIN but with good News!!

I spent a BEAUTIFUL Valentin evening last night...:)

Brian Gallant Government Ministers are confronted by the Blogger of the Sisson Mine deal!!!!

Monday, 13 February 2017

How times have change in Fredericton eh????

This is the reason I respect St.Louis Goalie Jake Allen....

goos stroy -…/allen-credits-letter-of-i…/c-286730302 []

I first met the guy last summer not knowing who he was < did hear about him > but I have an attitude with today's goalie so I step forward with my camera....Met two guys that Day..Jake Allen and Bill Hunt < sport reporter >

Enjoy -

Idiot almost stuck during Blizzard in Fredericton!!!!

Fredericton Police on Huge manhunt for Cyclist riding a Bicycle without a helmet in Blizzard!!!!

Idiots on the road during Blizzard in Fredericton!!!

R.C.M.P. are out there in the Blizzard but no Members of the Fredericton Police Force!!!

The only way to travel in Fredericton as of 3:00pm!!!!

Fredericton Police Force SHOULD NOT be trolling on the Internet during working hours!!!

New Brunswick Hateful Language Commissioner is due!! Can she hauled people in Court???

Fredericton Police to grab and Jail Blogger during the next few days! Racist Justice System???

Walking in blizzard storm in Fredericton!!!!

Brian Gallant Ministers are going to be confronted about Fredericton Police and about Racist officials in the Justice Department this week!!!!

Racist non-educated idiot Redneck and Blogger debate ice storm in The Acadian Peninsula!!!