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Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Great way to finish my last walk for 2019!!!!!

The year 2020 predictions are made by Blogger!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

HAPPY NEW 2020 YEAR!!!!!!

My friend gave $5.00 but think about it? There's no Soup Kitchen in Miramichi compare to LOTS of food in Fredericton!!!

Nice to meet Fans of my Videos......:)..:)...:)

A driver who tried to flee the scene of a collision in the 100 block of Mill Road in Moncton was apprehended by police this afternoon in the 300 block of Elmwood Drive. Firefighters helped locate the driver while following his movements and reporting to police. An ambulance treated the man on scene and he was subsequently transported to hospital with a police escort.

There's LOTS of drug problems such as Crystal Meth in the First Nation Territories but there are also great Talent...Took this picture today in Elsipogtog...:)...:)...:)

Monday, 30 December 2019

Maurice Johnson coming Trial in weeks for the death of Brady Francis is viewed by Blogger! Something is VERY wrong!!!

Maurice Johnson coming Trial in weeks for the death of Brady Francis is viewed by Blogger!!!

...from behind I taught it was the Chief....I'm getting old....:(....

...from behind I taught it was the Chief....I'm getting old....:(....

New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs sits down with Blogger!!!

Spending a nice quiet Sunday evening with Tyson....

Look who's standing front of the New Brunswick Legislature?

Brian Jones is set to begin his trek to the South Pole!!!!

Brian Jone is set to begin for walk to the South Pole this morning....I wish him all the luck...he's doing it for himself and to raise money to set up a place for people who have the suicide feeling will have a place to turn too for help...Here's the link.....

Friday, 27 December 2019

Bird watcher....

Anglicans in Newcastle in Miramichi serves great Meals every Friday at Noon!!!

Someone recognized me at a Tim Horton's and told me they were serving meals every Friday. I went there to see what kind of people goes to this needy place?

At first, I was confuse because I was serve by a Mormon from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I was a little confuse because the sign outside said - Anglican!!!!

I was told two Mormons volunteers to serve the needy with the members of the Anglican Church.

Siiighhhhh...try to do this 50 years good...

In Fredericton most of the users are in their 30s, 40s and 50s.

In this case..most are Seniors.......

Sure nice to have people giving their time to feed the needy...:)

Anglicans in Newcastle in Miramichi serves great Meals every Friday at Noon!!!

Quoi???? Je jamais fait la Liste????

Thursday, 26 December 2019

New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs comes out with a solution to battle Crystal Meth in 2020!!!!

In training during the Christmas Holidays.....

Visiting the bridge in Saint George....

Deogy not too please during the Holidays......

Stray Cat??? Find it hard to believe.....Just showed up at my friend's door one day....

Blogger almost hit Deer near Flashing Moose Warning in Boiestown!!! It was a close one....:(

The little Coastal Village of Beaver Harbour on Christmas Day!!!

Blacks Harbour Community Cemetery is in VERY bad shape!!!!

Christmas Day in New Brunswick.....

Walking in the ditch on Route 8 in New Brunswick....

Ambulance New Brunswick workers are Unsung Heroes...Francais ou English!!!!

Joyeux Noel day....

Fredericton Police Officers orders Blogger Harm or Killed????

Edmundston Citizen apologizes for the action of the Edmundston Police Force!!!

Charles, Edmundston Citizen apologizes for the action of the Edmundston Police Force!!! Where was the warrant for the arrest??? And ain't they were out of their jurisdiction ,they should had have someone from the Fredericton police or RCMP with them to stop you before they even put a hand on you, I'm so ashamed to say that those cops represent my city of Edmundston, hope you didn't let this go and that you have press charges! I have the biggest respect for the police force but not for those who think they are bigger than the law just because they have a badge...from a citizen of the Edmundston city i want to send you my apologies for the way those cops acted with you, they don't represent what Edmundston people are like... Click below for video that Blogger COULD have been SHOT AND MURDERED!!!!!......

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Joyeux Noel et Bonne Heureuse Annee.....:)

It's been quite a year....Ups and Downs....something tells me next year will be a year of huge battles....At the end of this year...I noticed the Bureaucrats of Social Development are cranking down on the less fortunate and I just COULDN'T believe some workers who used to work with the poor have turned against them to make their lives more difficult....I have a feeling that my battle with our Local Police Force will once again begin because I have a feeling that my complaints have been ignored so therefore the fight will continue....Because as I always said - If these issues are happening to moi? What are they doing to other people???? All is not bad....we will have a NEW Mayor and there will be no Provincial Election for a while yet....The year was a good one in meeting new people via Social Media....Many of my supporters wish to remain anonymous and I respect this because I TRULY understand this is a world of survival of the fittest....this is the reason that I MUST continue to walky walky with or without Noel to all my supporters on Social Media who gave me the tools to continue the fight against our corrupt system. Maybe the Bureaucrats will once again try to shut me down on Social Media? Who truly all my supporters on and off Social Media un Bon Joyeux Noel et Bonne Heureuse Annee....:)..:)..:) ...Stay tuned for next's going to be a dozy....

Blogger's reaction of Bathurst Police Constables Mathieu Boudreau and Patrick Bulger keeping their Jobs!!!

Bathurst Police Constables Mathieu Boudreau and Patrick Bulger will lose their jobs predicted by Blogger!!!!

Looking for reports of two naked Females on Jane Street in Miramichi!!!!

Société des Acadiens et Acadiennes du Nouveau-Brunswick demands a Bilingual Lieutenant Governor!!!!

VERY difficult to drive at night on King George Highway in Miramichi!!!

Saturday, 21 December 2019

Pere Emery Brien celebrate 55 years of Priesthood......:)

But seriously....look at his facial expression when I'm close to the door...can you imagine what would happen if I left him alone???

Nice to meet these Facebook Friends in person...:)..:).:)

If wild Animals don't like vegetables? What does that tell yas????

I am not too observant....might NEVER drink Molson again...:(

An old shipyard Foreman....I didn't recolonize him but he sure did...I guess I haven't change in 25 years...:(

TRACC in Minto WAS the Place to go for used Tires!!!!

2008 Bathurst Boys in Red tragedy is reflected by Blogger......


BAD ONE!!!!!

Someone send me this note about the CBC new policy.....

Dear CBC i find myself most puzzled, as i read online, a recent Friday Dec 20th 2019 story re the legislatures passing of a bill to ensure nursing home workers..which i am not..yet a long time tax paying citizen to be "essential service folks". Within the comment section, it appears i have no ability to vote with a":thumbs down" comment to what i consider to be something i disagree with. I would at this time include the name of Johnny Horton, whom by all appearances is KIng of the Union busters, and leader of the nonsense brigade. Is this to be considered as your policy, and your standing has changed that WE the TAXPAYER and owner of CBC broadcasting, not allowing a simple gesture, as opposed to an onslaught of verbalness towards those we disagree with? If this is the case, consider me on the side of immediate dismantling of this network. Your reporting has been shoddy and of bias in the last few years,with content aimed at entertainment often.. Shame that a legacy of great public service to the public has stooped to such a low level. Consider me NOT any longer a fan, after 50 years and counting.