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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Fredericton Mayor Mike O'Brien is A TRUE Jack Ass!!!!!

Fredericton Mayor Mike O'Brien truly have mental issues!!!!


When he is talking about other industries he is talking about the pipeline, he has publicly admitted that he supports fracking and oil industries aspiration to connect the oil-rich Albertans with the Irving refinery. So there is an obvious contradiction here, how can you have a clean city with fossil fuel contaminate.

While it is the council as collective who votes, O'Brien being the CEO of the city has to take responsibility for the decision of his Councillors. Like the Captain of a ship, the captain has to take responsibility for the actions of his/her crew.

Predicting whether or not he will be successful in the next election if he chooses to run is a little premature at this time. Several factors will come into play, one is the personality of the person who runs against him assuming that the mayor's position will not be won by acclamation, which is a possible outcome and the other is the issues which may be present at that time.

Obrien personality, cannot be compared with (fibber) Wilkins and Brad Woodside. relative to these two individuals Obrien is bland. If the potential candidate has any colour in their personality the chance of a defeat for O'Brien is great. I am not saying that O'Brien is a bad guy, it's just that he is so normal that his boring.

Fredericton Idiot Lying Mayor Mike O'Brien finishes 2017 by showing the voters he is a TRUE idiot!!!!

Friday, 15 December 2017

MLA Victor Boudreau et Daniel Guitard sont confronter par le blogger du sujet Medavie!!!!!

Fredericton Idiot Lying Mayor Mike O'Brien wants to destroy the Fredericton Exhibition because of noise!!!!

Number one Asshole!!!!

There are TRUE assholes in this world....someone left a Rose at Peter Duffy workplace. I walked by there tonight and notice someone stole the Rose......ASSHOLE!!!!

Daily Gleaner Journalist Bill Hunt's column on Idiot Mayor Mike O'Brien and The Exhibition Ground is viewed by Blogger!!!

Definitely NOT my best Rant.....< ESPECIALLY THE ENDING > but something tells moi that I will visit this issue on MANY more occasions during the next few months!!!

Idiot lying Fredericton Mayor Mike O'Brien takes away Driver's License from Welfare individual for not paying helmet fine!!!

Saw her standing there chatting with someone. They don't come as tough as this.....I have two sets of sox and winter boots!!!

Reminds me of this song -

Father Michael McGowan from Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in Marysville views on Peter Duffy!

Fredericton Police Force praise to accuse innocent citizens to be Pedophiles!!

The Fredericton Exhibition future is debated between the non-educated Redneck and Blogger!!!

Thursday, 14 December 2017

New Brunswick Green Party Leader David Coon views on Fredericton Police in High Schools!!!

Peter Duffy Funeral....

Peter Duffy final Good Bye from Blogger!!!

Peter Duffy Funeral will be this morning.....:(

Billionaire Arthur Irving praise by Jack MacDougall and Blogger!!!!

Jack send me this little letter and said - I know you won't print this

I have no problem in posting stories with facts. Arthur Irving helped me out a few times while I was in Saint John but I will keep these stories to myself.

My battle have never been against the Irvings. I'm just against Irving Management!!!!! But then again who are giving the orders???


 The Irvings,

The other day, while I was selling my book, The Unemployed Taxi Driver, shameless I know, the gentleman said to me the only reason you folks got the theater is because of the Irvings. You have to have inside connections, they have to know you.

I assured the gentleman that if the Irvings knew me really well they probably would never give me money, but that is another story. No, the Imperial Theater did not succeed because of the Irvings, they participated, but I did not think we would fail if they didn't participate.

The gentleman went further and said that I had much success with the Irvings. It was true. Arthur Irving once saved my marriage when I foolishly, but totally willingly put up $6,000.00 in cash to send Yvon Durelle to Archie Moore's funeral. I tried to explain to Frances that I could get that money back, no problem, it would just take me a few months, that's all.

On Saturday morning my daughter Erin said, "Dad, there's a guy on the phone that says he's Mr. Irving." I was still in bed and asleep and I figured it was Dave saying something stupid like he always does, which gets me into trouble all the time. I won't repeat my greeting but after hearing his voice, "Are you up Jack. It's a beautiful morning. Have you been to the market yet?" I knew instantly it was Arthur Irving and he said he read an article in the paper about how I sent Yvon Durelle to Archie's funeral.

You see, you may not be aware of who Yvon Durelle was. He was a fisherman from the North Shore who boxed on the side and then kind of fished on the side, I guess. Anyway, Archie Moore was the undefeated middleweight champion of the world with 200 knockouts or some such ridiculous number and had never been defeated and Yvon was given a shot at Archie. Now if you have seen the Rocky movie then you know what happened. He knocked the crap out of Archie sending him to the mat three times and every time got a very slow count until Archie regained his strength. In the eleventh round, in one of the most exciting boxing matches in the total history of boxing, Yvon went down and the ref couldn't count fast enough.

Now here's where the story begins. Even though the win was credited to Archie, Archie told everyone that Yvonne beat him fair and square. They became life long friends, Yvonne becoming god father to Archie's children. They were fast friends and talked often. Archie went on to a life of fame and wealth and Yvonne went onto a life of tragedy and suffering. Yvonne wanted to go to Archie's funeral but because he was broke, disabled and would need a vigilant companion it seemed impossible. The funeral was somewhere in California in a few days. But the story in the paper said he wanted to go, was willing to go, could go if he could afford it, so I thought yes I could find sixty people to give me $100.00. But it would take me more than three days, so it was an easy call for me. Frances didn't get that.

"Yes, it is a beautiful Saturday morning," I coughed in his ear, as I desperately tried to clear my throat, sit up, open the curtain to see if it actually was a nice day, and wonder why he calling me.

"I was there. Ringside. Dad brought me Jim and Jack to the fight. We were, expletive deleted, robbed. I never saw Dad so mad in all of my life. Yvon was his friend too, from Bouctouche. Jack I want to pay that bill in total and thank you." Frances and I went out to dinner that night. I hadn't asked.

In fact, I was in a CBC interview with Costas Halaverezos in 1982. Costas asked me if the Irvings should give and I am pretty certain I said no. In fact, I suggested, if they tried to give it all, I would refuse it. Raising the million dollars was a way for the people to respond. However, I would love it if they participated, and they did, on committees, organizing events, attending meetings and all sorts of ways.

The gentleman said, "but you have to be a yes man" I said I have spoken freely, openly and critically of several Irving corporate practices. When I don't agree I say so and often write so. I was, after all, the first Leader of the Green Party of New Brunswick. I challenged them dozens of times throughout the campaign, often being rebuked by some as being ungrateful. I am not.

Here is the secret, I suggested. Start at the bottom, work your tail off, believe so hard in what you are doing that they soon want in on the action. If you do it right, by the end they are calling you to give, and every single time, that is what happened. Also, never approach them like the life of your project depends on them. If you do, you are already dead.

I got a beautiful, hand written, two page letter from Arthur and Sandra Irving and said thank you for the copy of the "The Unemployed Taxi Driver.". I will treasure it always.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Saint John Mayor Don Darling is NOT being truthful about living in Saint John!!!!

City of Saint John vote to get rid of Police Scanners!!!

City of Saint John always cries wolf for money but they are spending 3 Million Bucks to get rid of the Police Scanners!!!!...What a bunch!!!!

Minister of Health Minister Benoît Bourque is asked about Medavie.....

New Brunswick Minister Stephen Horsman debate Police State with Blogger!!!

Lots of tears for Peter Duffy at Soleman repair store in King's Place this morning....

Everyone is still in shock....I was surprise the store was open....Peter's friend and worker David was there to call customers to tell them the bad News.

It sure is different not noticing Peter behind the counter working or listening to youtubes on the internet.

Everything is left intact just the way People had it when he close up his store last Friday.

I remember Peter used to collect the free McDonald's cafe coupon and would give them to someone in need.

People are walking by with tears in their eyes and saying - I'm going to miss the Good Morning I had from Peter on a daily basis....

I had MANY debates on MANY different issues with Peter. I will keep these debates to myself but there's one issue I will say and it's the manner humans act. < especially Snobs >

People who runs businesses have to deal with them EVERY single day.

He would tell me some funny stories < especially people calling in via phone >...but I did see an episode right in front of my very eyes this morning.

This woman walked in for her shoes.

The grieving employee gave her her shoes.

She replied - How much?

He really didn't know so he raise his arms in the air and said - 10 Bucks!!!

She replied - Peter would have never charged me $10.00!!!

He shot back by saying keep your money. I am in no mood in debating the price of a repair shoe!!!

She left the money on the counter and suddenly change into a concern attitude..Ohhhh Was Peter sick? How's the Family??? Etc...etc ..etc....


I just had to bite my tongue < still hurts >

People are VERY strange even during a time of mourning.

But Peter was the type who would give breaks to anyone who he feels was going thought a difficult time.

That's the way he was....just a nice guy....:)

Peter used to sharpen skates but he stop that practice because people were just too fussy.

It's sure going to be difficult not seeing Peter sitting down on his old seat.

He will be truly miss by MANY people.

Here's some pictures from this morning < thanks to David for allowing me to take these pics >...:)

As I said in a video last night....he was one of the deepest sympathy to his Family and Friends.....

UPDATE - Peter's son Patrick showed up around noon and it looked like a funeral home all day...hundreds of people stopped by the Store to share their anguish over Peter's death....:(