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Thursday, 27 February 2020

Should have....

Blockade along Route 126 in Harcourt viewed by Bloger!!!!

Ready for the Summer of 2020!!!!


Westmorland Street in Fredericton......

Donald Trump.....

Fredericton Camera Service does it AGAIN!!!!

What is the Canadian Unitarian Council???

Found in front of King's Place.....

Vaughn Barnett Supporters after he has been sentence to 100 days in Jail!!!!

Reaction from Activists after Vaughn Barnett is sentence to 100 days in Jail!!!

Vaughn Barnett case in Fredericton debated before verdict!!!!

St.Thomas University Journalism School questioning Blogger comes to an end!!!

St.Thomas University Journalism School continues questioning Blogger!!

St.Thomas Journalism School continues to question Blogger on issues!!!!

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

This is one of the MANY reasons Jenica Atwin will be Fredericton MP for a long time.....:)

Blogger applies for a position at New Brunswick Family Income Security Appeals Board!!

Professor Journalist Jan Wong welcomes Blogger at St.Thomas Journalist School!!

Getting ready to make a presentation to the St.Thomas Journalism Class....haven't done this is 6 years...this was the last one.....

Blogger gets ready to apply for a position at Family Income Security Appeals Board!! MANY SHOULD ALSO APPLY!! LAST DAY TO APPLY IS THIS FRIDAY!!!

The Case of Fredericton activist Vaughn Barnett is debated by Activist Robert MacKay and Blogger!


24 February 2020 - Fredericton activist Vaughn Barnett will be returning to court on 27 February 2020, to learn whether he will be spending six months in prison for the unauthorized practice of law. Barnett was previously sentenced to ten days in a provincial jail for the same alleged offence, in January 2007, following a contempt application brought by the Law Society of New Brunswick. After a decade of no complaints against Barnett, the Law Society is now seeking a stiffer sentence for him, due to his legal arguments on behalf of two friends.

In the Court of Queen's Bench, before Chief Justice Tracey DeWare, on 27 January 2020, Barnett argued that he was engaging in community activism, not the practice of law. Aside from assisting one of these two friends in employment standards proceedings - with the prior written consent of the administrative bodies involved, as required by court order - his supposed legal practice comprised little more than writing letters about institutional unlawfulness, Barnett contended. One positive result, he pointed out, was that an illegal warrantless arrest of his other friend was averted, something which even the police should appreciate.

"Activists trying to protect marginalized people when the government or an institution is behaving unlawfully must have the freedom of expression to make arguments about the law," explains Claude Snow, who was awarded the Order of Canada for his work on behalf of the poor, including advocacy for their legal rights. Representing the Comité des 12, a community activist group in the Acadian Peninsula that is issuing a separate news release in support of Barnett, Snow states, "The most ironic thing is throwing in jail a citizen who exposes others' illegal behaviour."

Echoing this view, Dan Weston, Coordinator of the Fredericton Anti-Poverty Organization (FAPO), and recent candidate for the provincial Green Party, calls the Law Society's application for imprisonment "classic criminalization of dissent." He adds, "It's all the more abominable because its target is a person who is only trying to make up for the sorry state of access to justice in New Brunswick, with its deplorably low rates of legal aid and income assistance."

Media Event: 27 February 2020, Fredericton Justice Building (following 9:30 court hearing)

Contacts: Robert MacKay (506-961-7182), Dan Weston (506-440-4567 / 506-474-3476)

The Case of Fredericton activist Vaughn Barnett is debated by Activist Robert MacKay and Blogger!

Always nice to meet Fans of my Videos....:)...:)...:)

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Vaughn Barnett to be sentence to death Thursday Morning 9:30am!!!!

Blogger was in Paradise late this afternoon!!!!!

Why is Fredericton City Hall the only place in New Brunswick you have to remove your hat at Council meetings???

People's Alliance of New Brunswick and Acadian Blogger!!!!

Activist Brian Jones is rewarded for his work by the City of Fredericton!!!

Blogger reflects his visit to Fredericton City Hall for the first time in two years!!!

Blogger to lay complaint against Commissionaire! Why this hateful individual single out Blogger?

Brian Jones acknowledge by City of Fredericton for fine work to educate the public on Mental issues!

Security at Fredericton City Hall shouldn't intermediate Blogger at Council Meeting!!!!

Monday, 24 February 2020

Blogger gets a little edgy at Fredericton Council Meeting!!!!

Blogger gets ready to attend a Fredericton Council meeting for the first time in 2 years!!!

Blogger will apply for position on Income Family Appeal Board. Others should also!!!

Fredericton Camera Service is the place to good to fix ANY electronic device!!!!

New Brunswick Family Income Security Appeals Board can be eliminated by this Friday!!

What your best story?

Here's one!!----

What is your best story at Tim Horton's????..Here's one from a worker --- I've actually made 4x4, extra large with 7 splenda! Ewe. Even one cup was more than half of cream, then they complained coffee was cold! Well no wonder, so I remade it and showed her how much cream she was adding! 9 medium shots!!! She changed her mind. She didn't realize, the cream machines are calibrated to each size of coffee you get.

2020 Coldest night of the year event was a success!!!

Sunday, 23 February 2020

Snobby Dirty Dog......

Always nice to meet Fans of my Videos......:)

True Unsung Hero in Fredericton....< 30 years >

True Unsung Hero in Fredericton....< 30 years >

Did someone lose a Bumper???

Poor Deogy...

Deogy playing around.....

Deogy in Deep Thought!!!!

Grumpy Scottish ADHD Jerk VS Calm Minded Bi Polar Simpleton!!!

Snowmobile is no longer on the St.John River in Fredericton!!!

Fredericton Walking Bridge should be shut down before someone gets seriously hurt!!!

How long is snowmobile and helmet going to stay in the middle of the St.John River??

Always nice to meet these young Fans of my Videos...:)..:)..:)

She mentioned she loved this one....I didn't make the film but the guy used a lot of my videos....:)


Saturday, 22 February 2020

Fredericton Firefighters connects Scanner to Website!!! VERY GOOD NEWS!!!!

Non Educated Racist piece of shit Redneck and Blogger debate man arrested on the St.John River by the Fredericton Police Force!!!!

So beside attitude what's the different between a Snowmobile on the ice or a Bicycle??? I had a chat with the Non-educated redneck last's the video ----

Here's a video of the man walking on the river and arrested ---

Once I left his place, I witnessed a snowmobile breaking down in the middle of the St.John River.... here's the video....

So really.....what's more dangerous? A man walking across the ice or a snowmobile????

Blogger gives his views on the Railway Barricades across Canada!!!

Halifax Town Crier meets Fredericton Town Crier!!!!!

Two buddies meets for the first time in 25 years.....


Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Marshall just hit by a Cab....

Marshall just hit by a Cab in front of the Victory Meat Market....he's ok...hit in the Ass...ADHD clicked in....had to tell him to relax...:(...funny part is I just went to buy something at the store and guess what?? NO CAMERA!!!!! Never leave home without it....:(..:(..:(

Anonymous donors wish to donate a new camera but under strict conditions!!!!!

New Brunswick Health Minister Ted Flemming feels better....

Would you believe me if I said - $3,500!!!!!!!

Fredericton Councillor Stephen Chase on hiring Scabs to defeat Outside Workers!!!!

Looking for Green Party Leader David Coon on issue of Emergency Hours cut in Hospitals!!!

Last week was quite a week for the Blaine Higgs Government!!!!

What's the big issue about DOGS these days anyway????

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Fredericton Police carries Bicycle of man who was in the middle of the St.John River back to shore!

Fredericton Police escort man from the middle of the St.John River to Jail!!!

Fredericton Police Officers arrest man in the middle of the St.John River!!!

Nobody had a good set of Binoculars to watch man on the St.John River in Fredericton!!!

Blogger decides to go see Man on River but meets Deogy best Friend!!!!

Man in the middle of the St.John River in Fredericton!!!!

I got home..Deogy landed on the floor..I took my sweaty clothes off to relax...them I began to received pictures and messages that a guy was in the middle of the St.John River...guess what? I had no interest of going down there...I WAS VERY TIRED!!!!!

Fredericton Lawyer Danny Watters and Blogger debate the issue of Dogs!!!!

Blogger and Deogy come face to face with Heroes Dog Owners!!!!

Breaking some ice on Union Street!!!

Deogy meets a Fan on Union Street!!!!

Deogy having fun on Cliff Street after leaving Marysville!!!!

Nice to meet these Facebook Friends on the Streets in Marysville!!!

Deogy relaxing in Marysville!!!!

Quebec Scabs to work for the locked out Outside Workers lands in Marysville!!!!

Deogy exercising on the Walking Bridge in Fredericton....

Sirens all over the City of Fredericton....

Deogy ready to go for the day....

Deogy on the Walki Bridge before heading to Marysville!!!!

Began the Day at Joe Diner's this morning before walking to Marysville!!