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Fredericton allege Shooter Matthew Vincent Raymond was interviewed by Blogger last year!!!

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Saturday, 13 October 2018


This year it's located in front of the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

Why did Idiot Mayor Mike O'Brien kicked them out from Officer's Square???

More Blogs than usual today.....

I am sure you noticed more videos that usual's cold out there and I have a cold so therefore I'm force to stay CNN and blogged away!!!!! Feel like i'm in Prison.....

Blogger rants on the Culture issue in New Brunswick!!!

Always carry a Map with yas....


Man ready to live off the Land...just like the old days but.....

Blogger joins Natives from Elsipogtog in going fishing Lobster!!!!

Why would any Government want to destroy the water FOREVER because of Shale Gas???

Tom Dunphy reflecting on old times.....

Riding a Bicycle on the Fredericton Walking Trails!!!

Fredericton Transit in action.....

Officer's Square in Fredericton before idiot Mayor Mike O'Brien destroys it!!!

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Fredericton MUST listen to people in the Rural Areas before they take matters in their own hands!!!

Miramichi Police Force in action!!!!!

The Citizens are VERY thankful after the explosion at the Oil Refinery in Saint John!!!!

Elsipogtog Native Fishermen in action 20 miles from Shore!!!

Elsipogtog Fishermen heading 20 miles from shore for Lobsters!!!

Fisherman Cyril Polchies of Elsipogtog First Nation educate Blogger about fishing Boat!!!!

Cleaning up boat by Elsipogtog Natives Lobster Fishermen!!

ADHD meets ADHD....

Monday, 8 October 2018

Saint John Refinery Explosion is viewed by the Blogger from the Deep Woods!!!

6 years ago.....

Sadly....Myra Stewart from Fredericton died two years ago this morning!!!!!!!....:(...:(...:( QUIT SMOKING!!!!!

Myra died one year ago this morning....I sure wish time didn't exist....:(

I read some old facebook messages we exchanged and it was quite a relationship.

Ever since she died I still DON'T understand why I feel this way? There's no way in the world  Myra would have mourn over me the way I'm doing.  I'm writing this note with tears in my eyes. < Very strange >

The morning she died, I was having this picture taken with a good friend < Young Doctor > and supporter of mine.

I haven't visited Myra for the last two weeks because I had a cold.

Once home, I emailed her Daughter asking her if it was OK for me to visit her mom at the hospital?

She asked me for my phone number? She called and cried on the phone telling me that her Mommy just died.

I will never forget that crying sound for the rest of my life.

People told me that once you're in Palliative Care? It's over!!!!

It was still a shock to this Scottish individual that she was gone.

She looked OK but nobody knew what that darn and deadly Cancer was doing to her body. was the beginning of a mourning period for this Blogger. I would preach to anyone who I saw puffing a cigarette!!!! I cried and cried that day. I didn't understand what I was doing because she would have never cried for this pain in the ass individual...:(

This is the only picture we took together...It goes to show you how heavy the drugs she was

So I went on an emotional roller coaster. I preached to strangers the danger of smoking. As Myra would say - I was told to Fuck off!!! < by a few >

Here's a video I made the day she died!!! I never mentioned her name because she never wanted to be on my bullshit blog < as many other of my friends >

Please share this video if you can -

This is going to be a VERY difficult day but I will manage.

We were like Sister and Brother who would look after each other.

We would fight and fight. As she would say - We don't get along because she always fight. The MAIN issue was smoking and she didn't want to hear it.

I remember telling her - Why do I even talk to you??? Other people did less and I never spoke to them again!!!

She answered - You know I won't tolerate your Bullshit!!!


I often wonder if Pete misses Myra???

I remember when I was a fat bastard and I didn't even know it. < 250 pounds > We made videos of me being the biggest loser and I lost 50 pounds. Myra was the pusher being me. I'm going to go on a another diet tirade this week in memory of my friend.

So...I am sending my prayers to her family < Lisa and Jeremy > and friends on this sad day.

Until we meet again my friend and it would be nice to hear you telling me off once again....:)


Your message was to the point, and your remininiscings very well presented. Smoking is a curse, dreadful addiction ruining every organ in the body, and too many times ending with dreadful cancer. Keep doing a good work. Yours, Vladimir Sokolowski from Miramichi NB

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Still waiting for New Brunswick P.C. Leader Blaine Higgs!!!

Waiting for New Brunswick P.C. Leader Blaine Higgs!!!!

Green Party Leader David Coon, P.C. Mla Jeff Carr and Blogger debate Minority Government!!!!

Citizen hit by Vehicle at corner of Brunswick and Regent in Fredericton!!


White Ribbon march in Fredericton!!!!

Why Fredericton Police doing at Paradise Imports on York Street in Fredericton this morning????

Blogger shows up at New Brunswick Green Party Leader David Coon Town Hall Meeting!!

David Coon and his Mama.....

Monday, 1 October 2018

Une Semaine apres 2918 L'election Provinciale - Chef du Parti Conservateur Blaine Higgs a qu'il allait faire les choses differente!!!

One week after the 2018 the 2018 New Brunswick Election - P.C. Party Leader Blaine Higgs did say he WILL do things different!!

Conversion disorder being debated in Fredericton!!!!!

Fredericton Police Force busy on a Monday Evening.....

El Castro Network interviews Blogger Charles LeBlanc!!!

El Centro Network is confronted by Pain in the Ass Blogger!!!

Every wondered why Fredericton is so Evil????,+NB/@45.957752,-66.6935278,12.25z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x4ca4220ba498fb2b:0xe7de2f297a415db4!8m2!3d45.9635895!4d-66.6431151

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Former Green Party Leader Jack MacDougall views on 2018 New Brunswick Provincial Election!!!

New Brunswick Green Party Leader David Coon confronted about joining the Liberal Party????

British Columbia are holding Coroner Inquest on inmate who died in custody! Why not New Brunswick???

Here's the link -

VERY ON Educated Redneck chat with Blogger about 2018 N.B. Provincial Election!!

All the debris from the old Centracare Building in Saint John was dump in St.John River!!!

Both side must share the Blame on the tragedy at the Gas Bar at Kingsclear First Nation!!!

I find it VERY strange when you drive on Route 8 between Fredericton and Miramichi, the speed limit drops when you arrive to any small town but at Kingsclear First Nation they tell the Drivers to speed on it!!!!!! What's wrong with this picture????

Friday, 28 September 2018

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

The Irving Family in Saint John should be ashamed of themselves!!! HUGE insult to the Natives!!!

The Irving Family in Saint John should be ashamed of themselves!!! HUGE insult to the Natives!!!

To make matters WORST???

The Irvings called the Park ---- Wolastoq Park!!!!!

What an insult!!!!

New Brunswick Premier in waiting Blaine Higgs chat with Green Party Leader David Coon!!!

CBC Journalist Catherine Harrop interviwing Green Party Leader David Coon!!!

Matthew Hayes and Blogger debate Electoral Reform after Minority Government is announce!!!

La Journee apres 2018 L'election Provincial est regarder par le Bloggeur!!!!

The day after the 2018 New Brunswick Provincial Election is viewed by Blogger!!!

New Brunswick Green Party Leader David Coon is re-elected as Fredericton-South MLA!!!

Friday, 21 September 2018

Looking for members of the People's Alliance at the 2018 CTV Election Roundtable debate at St.Thomas!!!!

New Brunswick Provincial Political Leaders walks in for CTV Election Roundtable debate at St.Thomas!!!!

Who is this guy who wanted to cause trouble with the Paramedics and Blogger at the Leader's Debate at St.Thomas???

UPDATE - Just saw the guy at the Farmer's Market with a girl and confronted him asking who he works for????

He answered - I don't work for anybody.

We had a little chat but you could tell he was very uncomfortable. Especially when I told him that I made a video and saying he might be an informant....

He quickly ended the conversation and left.

If he reads this - Please explain who you are and what did you plan to accomplish that evening????


La population Acadienne va surement voter pour Le Parti Liberal!!! Pas de question!!!

Three Days before the 2018 New Brunswick Provincial Election - Why Brain Gallant leave????

Why did Liberal Leader Brian Gallant quickly left minutes after the debate?

Why did Liberal Leader Brian Gallant quickly left minutes after the debate? In the past, Leaders would stick around to chat with the students. I never notice because my focus was on Steve Murphy. It was bought up to my attention this morning...look at the 1:53 part in the back......

New Maryland-Sunbury P.C. Candidate Jeff Carr hunted down by Blogger at the Boathouse Cafe in Fredericton!!!!

Thursday, 20 September 2018

CTV Host Steve Murphy begins CTV Election Roundtable debate at St.Thomas!!!!

N.B. Leader Brian Gallant at the CTV Election Roundtable debate at St.Thomas!!!!

New Brunswick P.C. Leader Blaine Higgs at the CTV Election Roundtable debate at St.Thomas!!!!

Greg McConaghy, president of CUPE Local 4848 is confronted by confuse Blogger on the issue of Paramedics!!!!!!

Fredericton-York MLA Kirk MacDonald is confronted by Pain in the Ass Blogger!!!

C.U.P.E. shows up at CTV New Brunswick Election Roundtable debate at St.Thomas!!!!

Blogger shows up at the CTV New Brunswick Election Roundtable debate at St.Thomas!!!

Blogger Charles LeBlanc goes to Journalism School!!!!

New Brunswick Green Party Leader David Coon learns by his mistakes!!!!

Election New Brunswick set up Poll at the Fredericton Shelter but at the wrong hours!!!!

Homeless in Fredericton proud to have voted in the 2018 New Brunswick Election!!!

New Brunswick Green Party Leader David Coon on Monopoly of media in Platform!!!

Brian Gallant Government waste of money AGAIN???

New Brunswickers goes to the Poll to elect their new MLA!!!!!

Shediac-Beaubassin-Cap-Pelé Candidat Liberal Jacques LeBlanc ont pas contacter le Blogger!!!!

J'ai sorti le video en promesse que le Candidat allait me contacter...< never happened >..So why vote for a Liberal Candidate who refuses to participate in a Debate????

Video about Brian Gallant incident in Miramichi got 10,000 views on Facebook in 24 hours!!!! But only 100 on Youtube!!!

Video about Brian Gallant incident in Miramichi got 10,000 views on Facebook in 24 hours!!!! But only 100 on Youtube!!!

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Four Days before 2018 New Brunswick Election - Natives must show up in BIG numbers!!!

4 jours avant 2018 Election N.B. - Les changes sont dans L'aire a cause de Miramichi!!!!

4 Days left before the New Brunswick Provincial Election - Miramichi incident WILL turn election around!!!!

Fredericton North Liberal Candidate Stephen Horsman's workers hunted by Blogger!!!

Premier Brian Gallant being ranted by Pain in the Ass Blogger!!!!

Game show was held in Fredericton but only intelligent citizens were allowed to participate!!!!

5 Jours avant L'Election 2018 au Nouveau-Brunswick - Bernard Lord et Brian Gallant sont la meme Personne????

5 Days before the 2018 New Brunswick Election - Brian Gallant and Bernard Lord the same???