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Monday, 31 December 2018


The Natives are a VERY forgivable bunch of people! Why can't Blogger do the same???

The Blogger and The Rat!!!!!

Don't be an Idiot this Winter!!! STAY ALIVE!!!!!

First Steve Murphy and 3 hours later the Blogger!!!!!

New Brunswick Police Commission should review all cases!!!! Bad Cops are protected!!!!

2019 will not be a good year for the Blogger......

I sit here with my morning coffee and thinking of the year 2018.

For me it has been a good harassment from the Fredericton Police Force.

I heard in June they were planning to raid my place AGAIN on some false charge but quickly back off once tragedy hit Fredericton.

For me it was confusing because I wasn't in this City and decided to stay out.

Rob Costello who falsely accused me to exploit kids for Sex was shot dead.

I had to back off from the Cops and the Fredericton Police did the same.

I stayed away from the funeral. I always wanted to attend a Police funeral but they didn't need any Pain in the Ass Blogger running around taking pictures.

I also had some deep conversations with many of the members of the Fredericton Police Force.

The conversation was deep, straight and emotional.

It looks and sounds the Police Force are going into a different direction. A way to communicate with the Public and regain the trust from the People.

I truly understand this Blogger is beginning to bring the past back to light by accusing the Police of Racism or whatever you call it.

Myself as I said in the past and I will say it AGAIN!!!! All I asked was a meeting with the members of the Fredericton Police and try to end this issue but they refuse therefore believing that I am a Pedophile.

The idiot lawyer Richard Scott who showed up at the Registrar Office mocking me in public suddenly drop dead from a heart Attack.

But he did succeed in stopping my appeal. He was an enemy of the less fortunate and I hope Richard Scott is frying in hell.

I understand I don't make it a habit of speaking ill of the dead but in this case? I will make it an exception. < May God forgive moi >

A good friend of mine showed me La Gaspesie during he summer...if you got the time and money? Go there!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

My camera didn't break down....I didn't need my assistance from the public for lawyer fees, camera or computer.

My supporters are always there to help me if something happens but my enemies with power will continue to come after me.

It's the support from the Public that keeps me going. Without the Public I'm nothing!!! I offer a service and ready to put my life on the line. I have no responsibilities so I'm in a unique position of doing this.

I believe 2019 will or could be the end for this Blogger. Because I'm going to bring my issues to a new level. The issues are going to be the Judges who came after me and try to do me harm.

We must denounce Judges who support violence on the streets. < will go into details in videos > Our Justice Sytem is VERY corrupt or Racist.

The two cops who came from Edmundston to harm me was a disgrace. This was done to halt my lawsuit against the same cops who falsely accuse me to be a pedophile.

I had a Christmas card from an old Lady < whom I never met > Here's something special for you. I believe the way you have been treated is just awful.

Yes....that was nice...many people knows the story but refuse to open their eyes because they are afraid of the system. It's a strong big circle of the elites or wanta be Elites.

I'm going to go after the new Government and questioned them on these issues. You have prisoners force to walk home and dying behind bars. No inquests!!!! No nothing!!!

I know for a fact the system will grabbed me from the street and haul me in court for writing or posting bad videos against the system.

They will TRY to make me sweat and offer my freedom if I agree to have no access to the internet pending my trial.

I will quickly tell the whole bunch in a polite way to go Fuck Themselves!!!!!

That will do it and the last time I was there for the Blow horn. Judge Julian Dickson ordered my medication cut off. We told him in court i needed them but he laughed.

I was in bad shape.

Same thing will happen here....Blogger dies behind for 24 hours < if that > and forgotten.

That's how they do it here in New Brunswick. No nothing.

Of course maybe not dying but become homeless.

So am I looking to 2019 in a good way? I have my doubts because if I have issues like this bothering me? Can you imagine what other issues there is out there???

Bonne chance to everyone in 2019 and TRY to have a Bonne Heureuse Annee....

Saturday, 29 December 2018


This is my BEST Video for the year 2018!!! It was done in February in Elsipogtog. It also change FOREVER how I do my videos... < swearing > because you don't know who watches these videos.....Bonne Heureuse Annee to my friend Jayden Augustine.....

Friday, 28 December 2018

Final chat with Kouchibouguac Acadian Legend Jackie Vautour!!!

A sign????

Chaos at the SuperStore in Miramichi!!!!

Chaos at the SuperStore in Miramichi!!!! All the cashiers were on but he one with 1 to 12 items. Many people with little items had to wait for 20 minutes!!!!!.........

When NOTHING goes right....


Fredericton Idiot Mayor Mike O'Brien is at it AGAIN!!!!

Colors could be good for former New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant????

New Brunswick People's Alliance MUST distant themselves from the Bigots of the C.O.R. Party!!!!

New Brunswick Politics views by Blogger!! How Government handles Media!!!!

Thursday, 27 December 2018

Native Lawyer Henry Bear is viewed by Kouchibouguac Acadian Legend Jackie Vautour!!!!!

Former Liberal MLA Mike Murphy better keep his mouth shut!!!!!

In the future, Former Liberal MLA Mike Murphy better keep his mouth shut if he wants family members elected as Politicians......just noticed this one....

Just received a flashback...What ever happen to Ellen Tucker??? She used to be a regular on CBC Radio!!!!!

It's TRULY is the time for Santa to fall on his face!!!!

Always nice to meet these Facebook Friends in Miramichi...Can someone guess what I said in French to the guy....hint- 12 words in a sentence....Bonne chance....

New Brunswick Justice System is VERY corrupt compare to the rest of Canada!!

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

New Brunswick Political Blogger Charles LeBlanc explains the Political Facts!!!!

Cyril Polchies from Elsipogtog must remain strong....

There are some private issues that NEVER makes my Blog but I feel I must share this sad story with the readers.....

This is going to be a VERY difficult week for my friend from Elsipogtog - Cyril Polchies ...I dropped by yesterday to give my Sympathy. His son died a few days ago....:(..

I was surprise when he told me his Father also died hours after his son's death...

Two VERY bad News in such period of time....:(...

Cyril Polchies IS a VERY strong individual < Mentally and Physically > I know he will go thought this.....

Stay strong Cyril..your family and friends needs you....:)..:)..:)

Acadian Kouchibouguac Legend Jackie Vautour chat with Acadian Blogger Charles LeBlanc on different issues on the eve of his 90th birthday!!!

Acadian Legend Jackie Vautour turns 90 years old today!!! BONNE FETE JACKIE!!!! See ya in 20 years!!!...:)

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Jackie Vautour Protecteur Hero Acadien du Parc Kouchibouquac a 90 ans!!!

If looks could kill on Christmas morning????

Joyeux Noel to all my supporters....:)...:)...:)

To all my supporters out there...I wish you a BIG Joyeux Noel...In the old days being alone on Christmas was a terrible thing or being alone all year round wasn't too shabby. But with this Internet...nobody s alone...If today you are down on yourself?...Get dress warmly...put your favorite music songs in your ears and GO for a nice walk...Many people can't handle this day so the best medicine iis right outside that door...Go for a nice walk....So once again have a Bon Joyeux Noel....:)..:)..:)

Monday, 24 December 2018

Educating the Blogger on Blackville!!!

Walking on the traffic Bridge in Doaktown......

Smoke two Joints and truly enjoy in Doaktown!!!!

Smoke a Joint in Doaktown and enjoy.....

Guess where???

A friend from a Friend of my Facebook Friends.....:) < Does that make any sense? >

Where else but Tim's would I take this selfie......:P

He's from New Brunswick....I began the conversation > surprise?? by asking - Tu parles Francais?...His answer was - Nope!!!....Sounded like a nice guy.....:)

Blogger is all alone dancing around the Christmas Tree....Bussieres, Macknight, Alward and L'oiseau....hold it...L'oiseau is still and him dancing together???..UGH!!!