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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The battle in 2016 will be...

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My Predictions for the past year of 2015.....:(

Not quitting my day job...:P

Who needs Ritalin???


Blogger's views before going to Court for riding a Bicycle on Sidewalk in Fredericton!

Fredericton Police and Fire Fighters looking for citizen lost in the Woods near Gabriel Avenue in Fredericton!!!

Excuse me? Shouldn't the guy just follow his foot track in the snow???

Last chat of the year 2015 with Commissionaire Wayne Grant!!!

The Evil Racist City of Fredericton on a Christmas Day!!!!

Fredericton's Singer Mike Bravener singing away Christmas Songs at the Farmer's Market!!!!

Hit and Run at corner of Regent and Brunswick Street in Fredericton!!!!

Fredericton elm city echoes Ladies Barbershop Chorus in Fredericton!

Picaroons Brewing Company new Landmark in Fredericton North is visited by Blogger!!!

A new Journalist for Global News in New Brunswick???

Monday, 28 December 2015

Testimony by Fredericton Police Officer Sgt Ed Smith at the Cherie Campbell hearing should be dismiss!!!

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He's the guy who accuse me of exploiting kids for Sex.

Fascist Leanne Fitch support this guy. They were sitting together all through the hearings.

See his name? -

Here's an old Blog about this sad issue -

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I will do everyone a favor by not showing up the coming hearings!!!

I had the ADHD Firefighter beside me.

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During the first break, I decided to stay out of the hearing.

Mrs.ADHD walked by and said - My God? You're Extreme ADHD!!!!

It was so boring and repetitive.

Look at this paper?

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It's a long detail hearing. It sounded more like a trial but then again Cherie Campbell is indeed fighting for her job.

There seem to be lots of support for this female Officer. < Including the Blogger >

I wish Cherie well.....:)...

Playing beautiful Piano Music at the Brunswick Baptist Church in Fredericton!!!

Fredericton Legion sergeant-at-arms Wayne Reid views on Minister of National Defence The Honourable Harjit Sajjan!!!

Pnhandling for a few buck in the cold windy Evil City of Fredericton...


What is Noel truly all about anyway??


Blogger Charles LeBlanc hunting down Fredericton Police to give them a Bullet!!!!


At the end, I had to give it to someone else...:(

How come me Scottish Gene will not allow this to happen???


Discussing Bilingualism and not hatred must be the issue in New Brunswick in the year 2016!!!

École Les Éclaireurs in Fredericton!!!!

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Former Premier David Alward and Former Police Chief Barry MacKnight returns to Fredericton to celebrate Noel with Blogger!!!!

Fredericton's Super Star Singer Mike Bravener is action with Christmas Songs at the Farmer's Market!!


Unfortunetely some will not have.....


Tyrant Quebecois Dan Bussieres ordered his Staff to dance around the Christmas Tree inside the New Brunswick Legislature!!!


This is what the issue of Refugee is all about I guess???


Someone set up a booth at a Mall and collected $100.00 for my Legal Fund!!!

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We are getting there...Close to the $5,000.00 limit!!!!..:)...Many Thanks for the support!!...:)..

Hit and Run at Brunswick and Regent Street in Fredericton!!

Friday, 18 December 2015

What am I going to do without my McCafé during the Christmas Holidays???


Blogger Charles LeBlanc filled in 3 counts of Assault against former CBC Journalist Roy Gjelstad!!!


It had to be done because I wasn't going to end up on another assault charge.

I told MANY people there was something VERY wrong with this idiot and MANY agreed that Roy was heading towards a dangerous path.

My God...this idiot wanted to fist fight another CBC Journalist in a drunken rage.

After thinking about it? I decided to put in a complaint.

Here's the video -

It is going to be interesting because after I had that HUGE fist fight in the middle of the street with Bully Mike Gaudet?  Does Roy truly believe he can handle moi??? NUTS!!!<br/>
The Cops were called but no one showed up!!! I was told from an inside source that the 911 Dispatchers didn't like moi.

Can you imagine 911 dispatchers have opinions on different citizens. I just heard this one a few weeks ago...found it VERY strange.

Truly stay tuned....

New Brunswick Politicians hard at work for the Holiday!!!

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Bring Dr. Cleary Back for the Holidays Campaign!!!



Bring Dr. Cleary Back for the Holidays Campaign

Press Conference – Crown Plaza Fredericton December 16 at 10:30am

A coalition of community groups, academics, health professionals, and labour unions is ready to take a stand for Dr. Eilish Cleary. We are ready to announce a province-wide campaign: Bring Dr. Cleary Back for the Holidays

The Bring Dr. Cleary Back for the Holidays campaign will be spreading to communities in every corner of the province. The purpose of our campaign is to encourage all New Brunswick MLAs to publicly call for Dr. Eilish Cleary to be reinstated as the Chief Medical Officer for New Brunswick.

We invite you to our press conference on Wednesday, December 16th at 10:30am at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Fredericton.

There will be a presentation in English and French.


Maggie Connell (bilingual) (506) 459-8081

This is what Life is all about I guess....


New Brunswick Green Party Leader David Coon is questioned by Blogger on Voice of the Province!

Syrian Immigrants must be warn of Racist Fredericton Officer D. Eardly!!!

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What's this Cop first name anyway???

The immigrants are use to ride a bicycle without a helmet. This Cop main focus is to hunt down the less fortunate and immigrants who dares to exercise.

Blogger to come face to face with Racist Fredericton Police Officer Cst Eardley and Racist Judge Mary Jane Richards wednesday afternoon at 1:30pm!!!

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It should be interesting because this officer could be the one who accuse me to be a Pedophile and had my place raided.

She seem to have a mission and they is the reason I told her off in this video -

A couple of months earlier this Racist Cop showed up at my door giving me a ticket because I was seen
months earlier riding a bicycle on a sidewalk.

This could turn ugly VERY fast because all the racist people will be in the same room. < Including racist city worker Madonna Peddle >

The City of Fredericton with Brad Woodside continue to go against the less fortunate on foolish issues like this one.

A new Cop will officially be on my shitlist after tomorrow.

Who is this Cst Eardley anyway??? Why is she coming after me? Who is she???


We truly need to replace this so-called Police Force!!!! A Police Force who waste their time chasing people on Bicycle while dead people are appearing on the street isn't a good Force who are supposing to protect the citizens.

Stay tuned...

Praying for the Politicians at the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

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Fredericton MP Matt DeCourcey first interview with Blogger!! His office will be Downtown!!


Dec 12th 2015...

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