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Monday, 25 February 2019

Stubborn Deogy and crazy Blogger walked the Bridges tonight in crazy weather!!!

First responders in New Brunswickers should receive help!! What about innocent victims hunted down by Police???


You are right too many murders in NB were not and are not properly investigated. You indeed are a VIP in NB since every leader of the main parties gives you his time to discuss the issues. Different stories are with some immigrants treated like ..... But if the immigrants die like the NS Syrian family people a grieving, because grieving and showing your sympathy for the dead one are POLITICALLY CORRECT and would show that the grieving person is indeed a decent individual It cost pennies to by a candle and forces people to go outside on fresh air, mingle with many, which is good for their health. Keep doing what you like to do, because you inquisitive action is valuable and needed.

Yours, Vladimir S

Depressing area outside King’s Place usurps Brookside Mall parking lot as best place to buy drugs!!!

Fredericton — Second Cup is long gone and Starbucks has yet to arrive, meaning that the little area near the bus stops outside King’s Place is temporarily Fredericton’s best place to buy and sell drugs — stealing the honour from the Brookside Mall parking lot.

“The windows are covered with this brown paper, there are bums everywhere, it reeks of pot, there’s McDonald’s wrappers blowing past the trash can — and druggies and dealers are coming and going on city buses. Really, it’s effin’ perfect,” said a shifty-eyed Robbie Leavitt of George Street, who was loitering on the sidewalk outside Scotiabank. “You never see cops anywhere nearby, either. Probably because it’s just too bleak a spot to even patrol.”

Other drugs users agree.

Important issues are NOT covered by New Brunswick Mainstream Media by David Coon!!!

Depression time in New Brunswick!!!!

Communications New Brunswick Jean-Francois Pelletier believes Blogger is not a Journalist!

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Deogy being an asshole!!!

Le funéraire de Rachel Boudreau de Memramcook!!!

I still say this is one of my best interviews!!!-----New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs sits down with Blogger!!!

Coldest Night of the Year 2019 in Fredericton....

The good old days...:)

Well, well, well, Danny Boy, where ta fuck have ya been. We've been lookin' all over fer ya. I mean, holy shit man, we're dealin' here with the likes of Mayor Mike, Blaine Higgs, Justin Trudeau, Uncle Donnie Trump the FAKE PRESIDENT, the list goes on and on. We need ya man, take da damn blogger and blow him his ass off. Ya gotta come back to the peoples house, moi maison. And if any hooligans comes 'round, we'll jis tell 'em ta STAY TA FUCK OFF THE DAMN PROPERTY!!!!Specially the damn maple leaf ass holes, closet fans communists, they LOVE ta brag, but aint got the balls to wear their paraphernalia. UP YOURS!!!! GMM says GO SENS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on The good old days...:)

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

BREAKING NEWS IN FREDERICTON - Cabin Restaurant was emptied at Noon yesterday!!!

Seeking autograph from Movie Star Barber in Fredericton!!!!

Maire de Memramcook Michel Gaudet et Blogger!!!! Le temps change....Je m'en souvient que je le coachait au Hockey...Le temps fly!!!!

Now this wouldn't be the Fredericton shooter from 5 years ago would it??..I'm not sure......

Fredericton Police are in no hurry to collect evidence of Blogger being assaulted at King's Place!!!

King's Place Flasher sentence to 2 months in Jail!!!!!

King's Place Flasher in Fredericton arrested!!!!...Getting worst and worst!!! How MANY time do I have to say - FREDERICTON POLICE MUST WALK THE BEAT!!!!...Maybe we should look at the R.C.M.P. to do the job....I would love to follow Security for a whole day...Now that would be a TRUE Fredericton reality Show!!!!!