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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The End of a Era in Fredericton!!!

Fredericton Police Force are VERY Evil!!!!


Happy New Year Charles! They've put you through hell. And then when you call them on it, they call it a typo, or a copy/paste mistake, or my personal favorite, a clerical error.

They were perfectly prepared for, and hoping for, ruining your life.

You know, I had a dear friend who was accused and convicted of child pornography, and it ruined his life, of course. And if indeed he was guilty, then it should have. I was so upset hearing about his conviction, because I knew him SO WELL since childhood, and could NOT believe it.

I tried to make myself believe it in honour of victimized children everywhere. I had to take a closer look.

So on closer inspection of his case, he was hated by two very powerful Fredericton cops, one of which is even more powerful now.

The private investigator they hired to catch him was immediate family of one of the cops in question. There was no chance, absolutely no chance of the man in question defending himself.

I think of him all the time, did they do to him what they tried to do to you? And how many others have they done it too? I know how evil they can be Charles, and my knowledge is first-hand.

It is my wish for you that you remain healthy, wrap God around ya Peace & Love

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Hoyt Fire Department lost one of their retired guys today!!!!!

Sad.....details later....

This is where the trouble REALLY began with the Blogger and the members of the Fredericton Police Force!!!!

The Police Male officer was fired but the female is Bobbi Simmons-Beauchamp and she's the one who accuse me of having Sex with Kids.....

Andrew MacDonald was soon fired after this but the scary part is once in Jail..they wanted me to sign papers that I didn't have the right to talk to one MLA!!!!!

I told them politely to go Fuck themselves!!!!!

To this day we don't know what Leanne Fitch was doing there????

2015 will be the year we will get some answers of the manner the Fredericton Police Force are going after the Minorities and the less fortunate.

Public Safety and Justice Minister must abolish the New Brunswick Police Commission because they are supporting the tactics use by the Fredericton Police Force of accusing innocent citizens of having Sex with Kids!

Pemier Brian Gallant sits down with CTV Host Steve Murphy TONIGHT!!!

Monday, 29 December 2014

The old Fredericton Preacher....

The year of 2014 New Brunswickers will remember the R.C.M.P. killings in Moncton and Tropical Storm Arthur!!!

Sitting down with head macho Roger Brown -

Tropical Storm Arthur -

These were my Predictions for the year 2014!!!!

Fredericton Police are allowing Rats and Informants to break the law in Fredericton????

It wouldn't surprise me since we have crooked Fredericton Cops Robb Costello and Bobbi Simmons-Beauchamp telling the public that good citizens are exploiting kids for sex.<br/><br/>



 Here is a example of why they don't do nothing to the nut. I was rear ended once and the car that hit me left the scene.

 I had the description of the car, licence plate #, description of the driver and passenger. I gave the info to the cops and after 3 weeks nothing was done and the cops were giving me the run around and treating me as if I was the criminal.. 

So I talked to my neighbor who is a cop and he looked into it. He called back and told me the reason nothing was getting done was because the guy that had hit my car was a police informant and was on parole. 

If he got charged he would go to jail and they didn't want that to happen. 

 One guy around here was caught 3 times when drunk. The third time I was at the scene and they had his car on the flat bed tow truck. 

A angry female cop showed up and told the the tow truck driver to unload the car and told the drunk informer to drive home. 

 You see....the cops take care of there rats

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Blogger Charles LeBlanc singularly important and positive contribution to the city of Fredericton!!!!!


 You have made a singularly important and positive contribution to the city of Fredericton and to the concept of open politics, public participation and freedom of speech.

 A democratic voice of the man in the street, rolling back hundreds of years of closed-minded conservatism! 

BRAVO and may 2015 be even bigger and better for you and the people of Fredericton who benefit from your work and example!

Friday, 26 December 2014

Is Racist Fredericton Police Officer Daryll Carter still walking into people's home and false arrest Citizens???

This idiot walked in my place and handcuff me under a false arrest!!!

We are dealing with a VERY bad cop who accuse me to be a pedophile.

You ever come across this Bozo? Put your camera on and demand the presence of the R.C.M.P.!!!!!

Anyone out there with any plain picture of this idiot so I can warn the public?

Email it to me at

Will 2015 be the year we get rid of the Bad Cops in the Fredericton Police Force???

Dan Bussieres on CNN???

We dirty minded people.....

Fredericton Fascist Police Chief Leanne Fitch once again is out of touch with the real world!!!

I just noticed she gave an year end interview to the Irving media!

She refuse all other media interviews.....find it funny she talk about the stabbing at the College....I heard an officer delayed going there because he was giving a ticket to a citizen because he wasn't wearing a helmet on a bicycle.

She never mentioned going after the less fortunate on accusations of having sex with kids!

This interview reminded me on Putin in Russia.

2015 will be the year this so-called Police Chief have got to go!!!!

Look at the way she runs from the media...

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

George Edward "Ed" MacLean from Fredericton died yesterday!!!

Often, you see them drive or walk by but you don't know their names or had a conversation with.

Ed was always seen riding his big bicycle on the sidewalk. I took many pictures of the guy.

Sadly he died yesterday....

Here's a video I made  -

My sympathy goes out to family and friends...:(

Joyeux Noel and Blogger reflects on the year 2014!!!

 I wish to say - Un Gros Joyeux Noel to my faithful Followers!!!..:)

Yes...time sure flies and 2014 was a rough one for the Blogger!

My health took a turn for the worst and 2014 was the year that the City of Fredericton cut ties with me for good.

It was a year that I found out in March that the Fredericton Police Force told the public that I was exploiting children for Sex!!

I wasn't a happy camper and just haven't been the same since.

I'm the type of guy who will fight back once I'm threaten and I found out in 2014 that at 55 years old? I still have it in me for a good old fashion Fist fight!!!!

The battle at high noon on Queen Street with Bully Mike Gaudet was quite a battle. If they wouldn't have stop me, the situation could have turned deadly.

You would believe that I would let go the Cop issue? Nope!!! I just don't know how? That darn Scottish genes is a - " DON'T FORGET " one!!!

I believe that with my battle with the Fredericton Police Force? I do have PTSD because every time I see these ASSH...I mean Cops around? I get upset and go after them!!!!

Yes....2014 was the year that Dan Bussieres will move to the Coast of British Columbia. I was surprised to hear this News because he made this Blog more enjoyable.

2014 was the year the Fredericton Police with the help of the City of Fredericton ordered Google to shut down my long winded Blog.

The City Manager Chris Macpherson lied to the media calling me a racist, homophobic and other lies.

The City politicians < except one > agreed and the war began.

My buddy politician Brad Woodside agreed that my Blog should be shut down therefore he made my list of enemies. Sad but what can you do when you have a Mayor that support Racism against the less fortunate?

Yes...with my health going down because of my seizures. it has been quite a battle in 2014.

I lost many readers because of my hate blogs against the City and the Cops but what am I suppose to do? We are dealing with a VERY bunch of Evil people here.

2014 was also a year that I refuse to promote this City with my pictures.< I just post them on my Facebook >

So? What will 2015 hold? Are the Fredericton Police finally going to murder the Pain in the Ass Blogger and make it look like an accident?

Will the Local Politicians be able to handle the Blogger on their ass till the next Municipal Election? Will they order Google to once again shut down my new Blog?

Truly stay tune for 2015....:)

Got it...Merci...:)

DO NOT call CHIMO or the Fredericton Police Force if you're down during the Christmas Holidays!!!

My God? They might accuse you to be a Pedophile and arrest you??? These Clowns are not train to deal with People with Mental Illness!!!!

Call the R.C.M.P. or a Priest!!!


What does this mean???

Nobody on Christmas Eve????

...and nobody asking for money!!!!!


They are really fighting for their Pensions eh????

Drunken Fredericton's Poet Andrew Spencer disrupts Take back the night Rally in Fredericton!!!


You give money to this Lunatic??? This what he does!!! He goes after the citizens and if they fight back?

He cries like a baby to the Cops!!!!

I'm glad I saved this clip because it truly shows the idiot he truly is!!!!

I believe the Fredericton Police sent this guy to disrupt the Female Rally because they never touched him!!!!

Watch this video -


Blogger shares his experience with the Black Issue when he was in St.Louis Missouri!!


Never told this story on line.....first time.....

Is this BS???

How old is this hat anyway??

Picture 3703

This is where the trouble began with the Fredericton Police Force!!!

I was in Court and this is where the trouble began!!!

The Police were doing their dirty business in Court taking care of business knowing they would raid my place three days later!!!

Listen to this one -

Little did we know the Fredericton Police told my Internet Provider that I was exploiting for Sex!!!

Three Days later my place was raided by 8 to 10 Cops!!!!

They have created a Monster!!!!

Will the issue of Abortion continue to be debated in New Brunswick for years to come??

Picture 3618

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Monday, 22 December 2014

Accident at corner of York and King Street in Frederictron!!!!!

Picture 3721

Fredericton Police Members are hunting down arresting the less fortunate for breach of Condition BEFORE CHRISTMAS????


They are hunting down the less fortunate on the streets!!!!!

What a bunch of Assh@oles!!!! They can't even wait till the Holidays are over!!!!

One of the recommendations by Bernard Richard is to have Social Workers at the Station!!!!! This is not happening!!!

We need a Public Inquiry on these Clowns!!!!!

People are being beaten up and murdered but these Steroid Gorillas are too busy chasing the Natives and the Less fortunate who dares to ride a bicycle without a helmet!!!

Ohhh Yes....Joyeux Noel!!!.. :P

Maudit Quebecois have ruined a once proud Fredericton Police Force!!!


Low Life Non-Educated Redneck chat with Blogger about Lawsuit against the Fredericton Police Force!!!

Fredericton Police Force Pensions should be cut!!!!


Come on now???? Should these clowns be allow to collect a rich pension?????

I don't think so!!!!

Sunday, 21 December 2014

In Deep Thought before the Holidays....

Picture 3572

Pere Emery Brien celebrates his 50th year in Priesthood!!!!

Picture 240Picture 131Picture 043
He's the best!!!! Hard to believe that he came into my life 50 years ago!!!! This Priest lust walks inside our classroom and began singing with his guitar......:) Hope he's around for another 50!!!...:)

Two cops shot dead in the car in New York!!! Is this the begining of a bad new Wave????


I'm telling you....I will not wish to be a Cop in the States.

You know the story, the killing of innocent citizens being shot dead by Cops!!!

The Cops down the states and here in Canada are attacking the citizens and there are not many ways for the poor citizens to fight back!!!

As a journalist once told me one day - We must stop out way of thinking of if a Cop said it? Therefore it must be true???

The Cops to be good standing members of the community is officially over!!!!


A Cop in the good old days would walk the streets and chat with the citizens who are paying their salary.

Just like the video I made last week!!!

Click below -

Cops are suppose to be good liaison of the Community. Help people in need and to make certain everyone is happy and safe!!! Making certain they are good standing members of the Community.

But unfortunately this is not the case in today's world. These so-called human beings loves the power to injure people especially if they are hidden behind a bullet proof vest and head gear. Plus you can't see their face.

These so-called human beings have the Justice system on the side and they have the power to jail people for years and years. Especially since the less fortunate don't have access to a high paying lawyer.

Look at the so-called Cops in this City? I tried and tried to get them to allow the citizens to used the expensive walking Trails. You know, ride a bicycle without a helmet. I made a presentation to the Safety Community a couple of years ago that the less fortunate should be allowed to use the walking trails without being harass by the Police.

Fredericton Police Chief Leanne Fitch completely denounce my suggestions and insisted the less fortunate be hunted down!


Not exactly her word but this Chief of Police is showing the public that she will only chat with the Irving media and will not recognized other media.

Sadly, our City Leaders are no better. Fredericton Councillor Mike O'Brien may mean well by his actions but they are not enough.


They are holding events but the less fortunate are not around. I attended this News Conference and the situation could have turned VERY ugly because my views were being ignored!!!

                        Former Councillor Jordan Graham was VERY upset of my arrest in 2012.


I often wondered what he would have said if he knew the Fredericton Police told my internet Provider that I was having sex with Kids?????

All Councillors < except for one > are praising the actions of the Police and will be confronted before the next Municipal Election by this Blogger. What else can the citizens do????

My God? Even a Cop told the media last week that the police are going after people's Rights in this City!!!!

What can we do? Cops are investigating Cops so therefore there's no action being taken!!!

My point is there's no communication by the Police to the Public. The cops main goal is to make certain many citizens are in the system. They hunt them down and make them sign conditions that are impossible to follow.

I hear it on the Police Scanner ALL THE TIME. Not COURT CONDITIONS  condition but Police!!!!

I remember when the Fredericton Police arrested me in 2008 at the New Brunswick Legislature!!!


Once at the Police Station they wanted me to sign conditions that I wasn't allow to talk to one MLA pending my trail!!!!

I told them that I WOULD NOT sign those papers!!!!

They told me if I didn't sign those papers? I would go to Jail.

These are Cops???? Sighh...but I still refuse to sign and the Cop lost his job months later!!

Look at the video...Police Chief Leanne Fitch is right there!!!!!

They have went to the extreme of falsely accusing citizens of having Sex with Kids????

To this day? Leanne Fitch refuse to apologize and support this type of policing!

Sorry...I went off topic but going back to the two Cops who were shot yesterday?

The head one of the New York Police told the media that the protest wasn't NO BIG DEAL and it will pass.

Well? The cold weather didn't stop the protest and something tells me a new style of civil war is under way against the Cops!

The Sates have the guns and the citizens of Canada don't have as many.

The Fredericton Police went out of their way to shut down my Blog so therefore they are showing they don't believe in freedom.

This Blogger don't have a gun and will never have one but I do have my voice.

Justice and Public Safety Stephen Horsman have been hunted down by this Blogger weeks ago.


Click below -


I never saw him again since that confrontation. But they is the way we do it in Canada! Or what this Blogger does anyway!!!

I am not afraid of these soldiers but many citizens are living in fear. I can't have someone to hold my camera while I do a rant against the Police. Many citizens believe that my blog was shut down because I called the Cops Pedophiles. They don't know the honest story of what's going on with this issue.

These Cops love to have their face hidden with the S.W.A.T. Team and going after protesters!!!! It's a coward way of policing!!!

I'm afraid you are going to hear of many shootings of more Cops in the States. It's going to be like a suicide bomber but the focus will be on Cops.

It's going to be trend that could go on for many years? < I hope I'm 100% wrong! >

But who's fault is this anyway? The Public???? I don't believe so!!!

My God? A few months ago Fredericton Police Sgt Matt Myers gave the orders to tazed an 16 years old Autistic kid. < I heard all the details on my scanner >


It was scary and that kid will never trust a Cop again!!!

Yes...if the Cops in the States or Canada don't change their macho attitude towards the citizens? I'm afraid you are going to hear about more Cops being shot dead!!!! It could be a new wave???

Communication not Ego is the Key!!!!!..:)

Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Irvings are destroying our Crown Land outside of Miramichi!!!

New Brunswick Legislature Speaker Christopher Colin and Bruce Fitch heated exchange!!!

Pro-Life Candlight Prayer Vigil in front of the New Brunswick Legislature sings Silent Night!!!

Fearless Leader Stephen Harper!!!!!

Former New Brunswick Premier David Alward views on Liberals moratorium on Shale Gas!!!!

Pro-Life Candlight Prayer Vigil in front of the New Brunswick Legislature!!!!

Picture 3610

Stephen Harper What A Guy

Re blogged from The Left Eye

Fredericton Homeless Shelters collecting a few Bucks for a needy cause....

Picture 3577Picture 3579


Picture 3581

What's that trying to come out????

Then Liberal Leader Brian Gallant chat with Blogger about Shale Gas!!!

I guess he did pretty good eh???<br/><br/>...:)

Low Life Non-educated Grinch Redneck views on Idiot Coward Jerkface!!!!

Victory Meat Market in Fredericton collected over 100 turkeys for the less fortunate!

Maybe it's time for the Blogger to sit down with my local MLA to discuss a few issues???

Picture 3506

Jean Beliveau was great....

Picture 3501

Family Enrichment & Counselling Services, Inc says NO to blogger for anger Management course!! Maybe Yoga would calm me down???

Picture 3504

Wishing a Joyeux Noel from the Bank of Nova Scotia....:)

Picture 3511

Idiot with a guitar...


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Minister of Health Victor Boudreau is confronted of Bicycle Helmets!!!!

Minister of Transport Roger Melanson is hunted down by Blogger!!!!

Little kids going to school at the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

Should the media have covered the manner The Fredericton S.W.A.T. Team have attack Cop Killer Justin Bourque???

Picture 3474

Should we be concern of the manner the Fredericton S.W.A.T. Team are beating up people after they are handcuff????

Lets not forget that Justin Bourque surrendered to the Police. This wasn't after a huge gun battle.

As debated with my Red Neck Buddy last week.....

Blogger goes after member of the Fredericton Police Force to enforce the law!!!!

A few day ago, I noticed a old citizen in his late 60s riding a bicycle without a helmet on King Street

I noticed a Police Cruiser outside of Read's Newsstand. Where's there's a Police Cruiser? There a Cop near-by!

I walked inside and noticed many people staring towards my direction but I couldn't see any Cops!

I heard a door close behind and it was a cop quickly walking towards Service New Brunswick!!!


The cop walked towards me and said - Charles...I don't give people tickets for not wearing a helmet...I'm too busy on other issues!!!!

I said - Either you enforce the law to everyone or you don't!!!!!

That was the end of that!!!

These guys will never to return again at the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

Charles Leblanc 005

Two Comedians?


Monday, 15 December 2014

Our Canadian Veterans will truly be Forgotten in a few years


The way our Police are taken over the ceremonies? It will be like the May Day Parade in Moscow!!!!

Who's this Cop????

Picture taken 11 years ago!!!

Time to go at Molly's on Queen Street in Fredericton..:)

Fredericton Police Officers are hunting down the less fortunate and Natives before Christmas!!!

You ever come across River Rat Matt Myers from the Fredericton Police Force? Don't tell him nothing!!!! This idiot even ordered an Autistic kid shot < tazed > a few months ago but we never heard nothing in the Irving media???

The Police are hunting down people!!!

This is crazy but what can a person do????

Cops are going after people who have signed Conditions!!!!!

These are not conditions given by the Courts. They are conditions set by the Police!!!!!

It's impossible to follow them!!! I remember one day, these idiots arrested me at the Legislature and they wanted me to sign conditions. One of them was to have no contact with any local MLA'S!!!!!

Can you imagine that one????

What charges are they dreaming up against people these days??? False Child Porn Charges???? < AGAIN???>

We need a Provincial Inquiry on this Police Force or lets get rid of them as soon as possible!!!

Heeeyyy??? What other City can the Mayor walk in and demand an employee who stoles $4,000.00 not to be charge but then again he supports the Blogger being accuse of Exploiting Kids for Sex?????

The Cops are so busy chasing people who who riding their bicycle without helmets that robberies and murders are going unnoticed!!!!

What a system eh????

Oh yeah...Joyeux Noel!!!...:P..:P..:P

Singing away at Tim Horton's in Fredericton!!!

Members of the Fredericton Police Force are paid $60.00 an hour for doing nothing!!!!

Will Minister of Public Safety and Justice Stephen Horsman support the crooked ways of the Fredericton Police Force????

Fredericton Fire Fighters are called because someone fell down and hurt themselves at the main Entrance of the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital!!!!

Excuse me but am I missing something here???

A call just came in - The Firemen cannot locate the guy????

Hey??? Maybe the people bought him inside the Hospital?????  DDDUUUHHHHHH!!!!!!

UPDATE - A doctor was on site and he's taken care of!!!



Sunday, 14 December 2014

Lincoln Christmas Light Show in Fredericton is great!!!!

Check out their website -

Anyone have a VCR to give away???

Mine fell on the floor last night and broke..:(

If you have one with remote control?

Please email me at you...:)

Blogger VS Doctor on the issue of Jogging!!!

I could never get into Jogging but many people are exercising this way!!

Look at Saint John? To breath that industrial Air while Jogging must be hard on your health!!!

The guy sure moves fast....I noticed him jogging by when I walked into Tim Horton's.

Bill Cosby hasn't sold one book in Fredericton....

Saturday, 13 December 2014

What does this means anyway????

Where can he go????

He is banned from going any place where people under 16 would be expected to be, such as schools, daycares, parks, playgrounds and similar places. He can’t work or volunteer with young people and can’t contact them over the Internet.

It's just a matter of time till the Fredericton Police Force murders a citizen!!!

These are not Police Officers!!!! Their name good is to place you on conditions you cannot follow!!

If they approach you for no reason? Put your Camera on and question them!!!!

Demand to talk to a R.C.M.P. Officer because these Steroid Gorillas are not educated on Chartered Rights Issues.

Especially if the S.W.A.T. Team comes in...they will encourage you to surrender. After you trust these Jerks, they will handcuff you and beat the shit out of you!!!!

Yes....a citizen will soon be murdered by this Keystones outfit and the only way to save a life is to call for a Provincial Inquiry on these Clowns before it's too late!!!!

Dead bodies are being found and people are getting beaten up but these Idiots are too busy chasing Natives and the less fortunate because they are not wearing a bicycle helmet.


Friday, 12 December 2014

I had a visitor over my place today...:)

Had a good Breakfast this morning...guess where???

Fredericton Police Officer Const Jeff Smiley says other might be in Jail because of crooked members of the Fredericton Police Force!!!

The Liberal Government must launch an inquiry on these Jerks!!!

If Justice Minister Stephen Horsman supports this kind of Police Tactics? He must resign!!!!!

Dennis Oland will go to trail for Murder!!!

Come on??? Can high paying lawyers win a Judge on their side because THEY HAVE $$$$$$?????


An Axe was used in this case so therefore it was personal!!!!!<br/><br/>

Can you imagine if the less fortunate would be allow to have a pre-trial procedures?<br/><br/>
My God? 3/4 of the less fortunate WOULD NOT be in Jail!!!!!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Blogger predictions for the year 2014!!!!

This was printed in 2006!!!!

What is a Journalist 2 by Charles LeBlanc

I just found this old article...My God...time sure flies eh???

Family Enrichment and Counselling Service Fredericton Inc denies Blogger Anger Management Course!!!!!

Ask Court of Queen's Bench Trial Division for a Judicial Review??

Hey Charles, I was thinking about your recent letter from the New Brunswick Police Commission, refusing to investigate the falsified ISP applications to your service provider. I notice the NBPC did not inform you of your right to apply to the Court of Queen's Bench Trial Division for a Judicial Review, under Rule 69 of the NB Rules of Court. Judicial Reviews can be applied for in respect of any administrative, or quasi-judicial decision, made by bodies such as the NBPC or Law Society of New Brunswick. One of the main grounds for such an application would be, for example, if the decision showed bias against the complainant. You could file for a Judicial Review on the grounds of acts and omissions in bad faith, or a reasonable apprehension of bias, for example, even Charter violations - not too difficult, given the NBPC's conduct towards you and total failure to fulfil their mandate. Bad decisions by the NBPC, and other government agents, seem to be the norm here, and more people need to be aware their administrative and quasi-judicial decisions are not final, and are subject to judicial review. Of course, the judges here are not better, but it's worth a go. The Rule for Judicial Review is here: Concerned Citizen

A member of the Fredericton Police Force says officers are going against the Citizens Chartered Rights in the Capital!!!

.......and the Council support this????

I might add the Fredericton Police have the support of the Liberal Government???

Many innocent are in Jail and the Government DO NOT care!!!!

Minister of Natural Resources Denis Landry is asked about New Brunswick Forestry Deal!!!


Isn't it strange the Fredericton Irving Paper don't make an editorial about my case and the Fredericton Police accusing me of having Sex with Kids???

I don't know who writes these editorials but I remember after the Bernard Richard Report came out? < without even talking to me >

They wrote an editorial that I should wear a bicycle helmet and that would be the end of that!!!!

To have a Police Force lying to my Internet Provider that I was exploiting Kids for Sex is a Big Faux Pas!!!!

The Provincial Government must hold a Public Inquiry on our so-called Police Force!!!!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

A new Beer in New Brunswick!!!!!

A new industry for NB - using AIS frack waste. It's only available for consumption by the Conservative pro frackers right now, but it might be opening up to the liberals to also start drinking it , if/when they cave in on fracking.

Who's Ben Eisen??? Goofball???

Are New Maryland Sunbury MLA Jeff Carr concern Legit???

Jeff Carr New Maryland Sunbury Mr. Speaker, For a government that claims to have jobs as their number one priority, they certainly have a strange way of showing it. Instead of working on jobs, they have busied themselves attacking democracy for their own purposes. In one day, this government appointed a committee, less than a day later had their liberal members ram through 31 changes to our democratic rules and in less than an hour, with no examination, discussion or proposal for alternatives, these changes were pushed along, and of course all done on a Friday afternoon in an attempt to avoid media scrutiny, which is becoming a pattern for this government. Mr. Speaker, a fellow can earn the paycheque of a Premier by simply getting enough votes. Earning the respect of New Brunswickers, that takes something more. Jeff Carr MLA New Maryland - Sunbury Critic for Transportation and Infrastructure

Why not debate the issue of Justin Bourque???


The first two commenters - you need to get real. Bourque has opened a public debate and if you people had bothered to read the transcript, and actually listen to him, you would realise he is very well educated and very intelligent. By his own admission he "snapped" and he also confirmed that he did not expect to live through the escapade. He pretty much went on a suicide mission. He also stated in his transcript that, while he was not looking forward to spending the rest of his life in prison, he felt life was pretty much a prison anyway. The people who tell us all to shut up, not debate and not listen to people like Justin need to get your minds right: he is a symptom, not a cause, and there will indeed be many more "hopeless" cases if this province doesn't smarten up and start creating real opportunity for the younger generation, whose only prospects right now are working endless hours for minimum wage.

Blogger Charles LeBlanc is lost in new Hunting Ground at the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

Today is International Human Rights Day but the New Brunswick Liberal Government still praise the Fredericton Police Force!!!

We should worry about our human rights in this Province FIRST!!!!

To support a So-called Police Force that accuses the citizens having sex with Kids is a huge faux pas against Human Rights!!!

To support a Police Force that takes advantage of people with mental illness in the Courts SHOULD NOT be allowed.

These issues could be the destruction of the Liberal Party if they don't take these issues seriously!!!!



Make no mistake about it Charlie, ole buddy, ole pal, Jesus will, indeed return, not only to Fredericton, but to the entire planet, the entire galaxy, HELL, MAN, YHE WHOLE DAMN UNIVERSE!!! And if you and all of yer welfare bum pals happen to find yourself totally and completely unprepared, my good and descent friend, then be prepared to CLEAN UP YER OWN DAMN MESS!!!! Much, much like classifying yerself as a true, blue maple leaf fan, Charlie. Leafs, Habs, nobody knows the difference. Fer the plain and simple fact, pal that THER AINT ONE!!!! ABSOLUTELY, TOTALLY, BAR NONE, AMEN!!!! Even GMM can tell ya that. So, have yerself a merry little f----n' Christmas, ole buddy, and remember, when the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve, remember me and ALL that I have passed on to you in the year that was, 2014. Adios, Dan!!! Live well and be happy!!! LUV YA SHITLESS, BOOBIE!!!!

Transport Truck just collided with vehicle on Route 8!!!!

It's's the new highway....I hope it's not those dangerous intersection without any signs......:(

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Poley Mountain Ski Lodge is destroyed by Fire!!!!

Happened tonight!!!!

Jack's Pizza on King Street in Fredericton is the only place that sells $3.00 Pizza Slice!!!!!!! EVERY TUESDAY!!!!!!!!

Next door Luna used to sell them on Monday but they put a end to that sell last week!!

Once Old Citizens are affraid of the Fredericton Police? It's game over as a Police Force!!!!!!!!

They sure must have some dirty secrets on the local politicians because they should have been shown the door many moons ago!!!!

Stephen Harper will call an Federal Election in February!!!!!

I heard this today and it sure makes sense because only the old die hard Voters will go out in the cold weather to cast their Ballot!!!!

New Brunswick Green Party Leader David Coon replies to the Throne Speech!!!!

Reply to the Speech from the Throne December 9, 2014 David Coon, MLA, Fredericton South Leader of the Green Party of NB Contact: Margot Malenfant, Legislative Assistant (506) 478-7781 Mr. Speaker, before I begin my response to the Speech from the Throne, I want to thank the people of Fredericton South for electing me to represent them in this Legislative Assembly. It is an honour and a tremendous responsibility to serve the community of Fredericton South in this House. I want to thank the many young women and men, some who voted for the first time in their lives, who put their faith in me. I also want to acknowledge all of the children and youth, too young to vote, who seemed galvanized by my candidacy and cheered me on during the campaign and celebrated my election. I will be forever thankful for their enthusiasm and I will be respectful of the trust they have put in me to give a voice to their hopes and dreams. Change we must, for everything around us is in motion. Maintaining a death grip on the way we have always done things will surely rob our children of their futures. Things we could count on in the past - the predictability of our seasons, the conviction that the power will come back on in hours, the assurance that sea level will remain at sea level, the availability of work in the woods when all else dried up, the certainty of economic growth, the faith that great wealth for some will ensure a decent livelihood for many - are gone. As our footing has become uncertain, some have taken advantage of our anxiety and spread fear to benefit themselves. They have been successful, as we have become fearful. We are fearful about the economy, fearful about our debts, even fearful of each other - francophone and Anglophone, First Nation and newcomer - thanks to those who would rather divide our people to serve their interests, rather than unite them to transform New Brunswick and ensure our children have a decent future in our province. As Plato said, "We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” Mr. Speaker, the hopes and dreams of young people are what I will keep at the forefront of my mind over the next four years. I will seek the views of youth, as much as I seek the views of the adults in my riding, and bring those views to our deliberations on the floor of this Legislative Assembly. Young people are hungry for change, even desperate for change. Youth want to play a role in transforming New Brunswick into a fairer and greener society. Youth want in. One way to let youth in is to lower the voting age to 16. This is something we can make possible as legislators. Mr. Speaker, a recent Report from the Human Development Council reported that 21% of New Brunswick children lived below the poverty line in 2012, an increase from 19.8% in 1989, despite a 40% increase in New Brunswick's per capita GDP over that period. Between 1989 and 2012 we saw the construction of not one, but two pipelines across our province, a massive expansion of the Irving Oil Refinery and a 61.5% increase in J.D. Irving’s allowable cut of softwood over the same period. Clearly, a growing economy has not reduced child poverty. In fact, it has increased, with the child poverty rate in Saint John, our most industrialized city, at 30.4%. If we want to reduce child poverty, parents need access to affordable childcare so they can afford to work. Parents need access to reliable public transportation so they can afford travel to work. While the government is committed to increasing the minimum wage, it's not enough. Parents earning minimum wage should not have to pay the provincial portion of income tax, so they can better cope with their week-to-week expenses. Mr. Speaker, children need access to early childhood education to help equip them with the skills they need to break out of the poverty trap. UNB's Early Childhood Research Centre has created impressive curriculum for early learning, but those children who need access to early learning the most cannot take advantage of it. It has been estimated that universal access to low-fee childcare in Quebec led to nearly 70,000 more mothers holding jobs than if the program had not existed, representing a 3.8% increase in women's employment. The resulting increase in tax revenue exceeds the costs of the childcare program. We need to look at ways of ensuring universal access to childcare and early learning. Children need access to meal programs in their schools so they can learn optimally, and they need greater access to our alternative education system operated by our school districts for those who cannot function within the regular system. It is overcharged and the waiting lists are long. Mr. Speaker, two weeks ago the Child and Youth Advocate released his State of the Child report. It shows that the New Brunswick rate of hospital admissions for children and youth struggling with mental diseases and disorder is 80% higher than the national rate. It is estimated that 22% of youth from Grade Six to Twelve have low mental fitness. There is an urgent need to guarantee rapid access to mental health care for our children and youth. The State of the Child report also indicates that New Brunswick has a rate of children and youths who are victims of family violence that is 37% higher than the national average. It is well established that boys who witness violence in the home are at a higher risk of committing violence against women in adulthood. Sixty-five percent of women seeking shelter in Transition Houses were witnesses to domestic violence as children. There is a pressing need for therapeutic treatment for these children, which is not something Transition House staff are able to provide. According to the State of the Child Report, the rate of persons charged with sexual violations against children in New Brunswick is 63% higher than the national rate, which the Office of the Child and Youth Advocate describes as cause for alarm. Mr. Speaker, I want to draw special attention to the difficulties faced by youth between the ages of 16 and 18 in finding a safe place to live when escaping violence, sexual abuse, neglect, or reaching the age where they are too old for foster care. The youth residences such as Chrysalis House in Fredericton and the Miramichi Youth House have long waiting lists, leaving youth at tremendous risk by lacking the ability to accommodate youth in emergency situations. Frankly, I was appalled that the Telegraph Journal, in its editorial commenting on findings of the State of the Child Report, chose to limits its focus to child obesity. I was also disappointed to see so little attention given to advancing the rights and well-being of children and youth in the Speech from the Throne, given the findings of the State of the Child Report. Parents will sacrifice much to ensure the health and well-being of their children. A similar priority must permeate our policy and budget priorities. We need to build an infrastructure of midwifery to provide the continuity of care for invents and support for Moms. We must invest in strengthening the infrastructure of childcare and early learning. We must invest in providing preventative mental health care and rapid access to diagnosis and treatment. We must invest in safeguarding women from domestic violence and that means investing in treating children who have been witness to violence in the home to break the chain of violence. As the Leader of the Third Party in this House, the criticisms I make regarding government policy and priorities are not to condemn, but to highlight our challenges so we can work together as legislators to better serve the common good. My arguments will be based on reason, on evidence, and on principles. Mr. Speaker, you have my word that my critiques will be directed toward ideas, not individual personalities on the other side of this House. Mr. Speaker, we can and must afford to build a just society based on fairness and equality. We can and must afford to build a sustainable society based on living within ecological constraints, reducing our fossil fuel use to safe levels, and living within our financial means. I will support, or work to improve those policies, budget commitments and legislation brought forward by government that are consistent with these goals. However, I will stand in opposition to initiatives that take our Province in the opposite direction and I will propose alternatives. Mr. Speaker, the Speech from the Throne acknowledges that our traditional approach to economic development has been dictated by politics and parochial interests. Like many New Brunswickers, I concur. And I agree that we need to diversify our economy, that we must build resilience into our economy, and - that our plans need to be designed for the next generation, not the next election (a favourite saying of the first full-time leader of the Green Party - Jack MacDougall). Like many New Brunswickers, I add that we have also allowed the private interests of powerful corporations to dictate our approach to economic development, giving the advantage to the few over the many, thus perpetuating our traditional approach to economic development. Nowhere is this clearer than in the case of the contract the past government signed with J.D Irving Ltd. I therefore welcome the commitment to re-examine the resulting forestry plan to ensure that it is sustainable and fair. However, I reject the caveat that the new government will only ensure it is as sustainable and fair as possible given the constraints imposed by the contract the Tories signed with J.D Irving Ltd. The problem is the terms of the contract make it impossible to have a forestry plan that is sustainable or fair. The consequences of the contract are unfair and unsustainable. Its very existence runs contrary to our Peace and Friendship treaties with First Nations communities, which legally define our relationship with them. Just to remind the House, Mr. Speaker, I will quote from the memorandum of agreement signed with J.D. Irving Ltd. on February 7, 2014. ". . . the intent of this agreement is to ensure the ongoing global competitiveness and sustainability of Irving's forestry operations in the Province of New Brunswick ..." ; that wood supply for spruce, fir and jack pine is to be increased by 25% and guaranteed for the next 25 years. The intent of the contract with J.D. Irving Ltd. is to tie the hands of government concerning the allocation of wood from Crown lands for a generation. It is unsustainable, unfair and unjust. The constraints it imposes on this Legislature will remain only if we, as legislators, tolerate them. It is the responsibility of this House to terminate it. I will be looking for the new government to bring forward a bill to accomplish this. Mr. Speaker, we repeatedly hear how export-dependent our economy is. Such heavy reliance on exports means our economy is brittle, not resilient - a goal set out in the Speech from the Throne. Between 65% and 70% of those exports are from the Irving Oil Refinery, which really is re-exporting crude oil purchased from outside the province that is has refined into gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel and other petroleum products. Mr. Speaker, TransCanada Pipelines proposes to build a pipeline from Alberta to the Port of Saint John to gain access to export markets for oil companies looking to expand their mining of the tar sands. To further deepen our economy's dependence on the export of fossil fuels brings up a red flag concerning the Speech from the Throne’s commitments to build a more diversified and resilient economy, and their commitment to never put our health, our environment or the sustainability of our resources at risk. The overproduction and overconsumption of fossil fuels is causing a global climate crisis and the acidification of our ocean waters. To deepen our economy's dependence on fossil fuel production and consumption with the Energy East pipeline is simply throwing gasoline onto the fire of the crises in our climate and our ocean waters. The International Energy Agency has said that we must not build new fossil fuel infrastructure that will lock us into the expanded production of fossil fuels for the next 50 years as they have concluded that two thirds of all proven fossil fuels reserves must stay in the ground if we are serious about avoiding dangerous climate change. This week in Lima, Peru, the world is gathering to draft an agreement to avoid dangerous climate change, which is to be signed in Paris a year from now. The Throne Speech failed to mention the role New Brunswick will play in tackling what is, overwhelmingly, the challenge our generation must come to grips with now. The Pembina Institute estimates that the upstream emissions from the expansions in tar sands mining needed to fill the Energy East pipeline would amount to 32 million tonnes per year, twice what our entire province emits annually. It would be like building six big new coal-fired power plants. And that's not even calculating the massive release of emissions that would result from burning the exported bitumen. Mr. Speaker, I was visited by the Vice-President of Marketing for TransCanada Pipelines last week and the economic analysis of the Energy East Pipeline he provided revealed that the pipeline would create only 78 permanent direct jobs. Seventy-eight jobs, Mr. Speaker? Clearly, if we are to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels we need to build a new, greener economy that grows away from consuming large quantities of oil, coal and natural gas. A key part of the solution is to lessen our demand for energy through energy efficiency and conservation - a mandate of Efficiency New Brunswick, the Crown Corporation created to develop the energy efficiency sector to help home and business owners to cut their heating costs and grow the energy efficiency service sector. Hundreds of jobs have been created by the incentives offered by Efficiency New Brunswick to ignite private investment in energy efficiency to the tune of more than $300 million dollars. A recent study by Canmac Economics, a consulting firm based in Nova Scotia, found that investment in energy efficiency in Nova Scotia is building a local industry that will grow at more than five times the rate of the provincial economy over the next five years and it has already created 1,200 full-time jobs. This sector of the economy is a shining example of sustainable economic development. It creates far more employment per dollar than any other sector of the energy economy, it ignites new business start-ups, creates new products and technologies, cuts costs for home and business owners, and shrinks our environmental impact. I want to help the government, Mr. Speaker, ensure that the full economic potential of energy efficiency is explored to create jobs, cuts costs and reduce our carbon footprint. This means not only restoring the home energy efficiency retrofit program, but the retrofit program for business and industry and the new home and commercial building programs. And not just for homes and businesses that use electricity, but for those who consume oil, propane, natural gas or wood. There are thousands of jobs that can be rapidly created in the energy efficiency sector in New Brunswick, but it requires that we have an effective delivery mechanism and that we set targets. I am happy to work with the government to look at how Efficiency New Brunswick can be improved to ensure it can exploit our efficiency resources to their fullest, or to examine an alternative delivery model such as the one used in Nova Scotia with Efficiency Nova Scotia. NB Power is not the appropriate means to deliver energy efficiency on the scale I am speaking about. First, only 30% of the energy used in New Brunswick is electricity. Second, it's mandate is not to grow the energy efficiency service sector or deliver energy retrofit programs. And, thirdly, it faces a conflict of interest when efficiency significantly diminishes its load, reducing the demand for the electricity it produces. Another way to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels while fuelling our economy is to reduce our need for imports. The growing percentage of food produced and processed locally remains a drop in the bucket compared to the potential. Still, the potential is clear, with young families establishing new farms, entrepreneurs creating processing operations, craft breweries, new grocery stores and retail outlets. Imagine the local jobs that would be created with clear targets to replace a percentage of the food we import with local food. The same approach can be taken for renewable energy production. If we set clear targets, there is no reason that we couldn't become a leader in renewable energy development from greening our grid with solar, tidal, wind, biogas and biomass to manufacturing heat pumps, solar furnaces, and wood pellet boilers. New Brunswick, Sackville in particular, once had the national reputation as the source of the very best wood stoves in the country. There is no reason we couldn't develop that reputation for heating technologies run by the new sources of renewable energy. Already, the research and development is going on in the engineering departments of UNB on solar power technologies, renewable liquid fuels, and the energy control systems needed to go with them. We have had a moratorium on new ideas, a moratorium on ingenuity for too long in government. To turn this around, we need to say yes to the new ideas and real innovation that we desperately need in an ear of rapid climate change. Our government must be courageous enough to seek out the ideas of our youth, of our public service, of our university scholars, and our entrepreneurs. We need to take the same approach to infrastructure. The Speech from the Throne speaks to investments in infrastructure and hints and expanding the definition of infrastructure, which I support. We need to be building publicly run community health centres to move health care out of our hospitals and into our communities. We need to build nursing homes and expand homecare to move senior out of hospital beds into the community. We need to provide publicly run reproductive health clinics to provide services to women in the most compassionate and appropriate manner. We need to build appropriate residential care centres for autistic adults and for those with mental disabilities. We need a centre for youth struggling with mental illness. We need public transportation infrastructure to provide convenient and regular transit within our cities and between them. However, the common thread that must tie our infrastructure investments is sustainability. Infrastructure projects must be carbon neutral or reduce the province's carbon emissions. They must reduce operating costs, not increase them. New buildings, for example, need to the degree possible be net zero energy buildings. New transportation infrastructure needs to reduce vehicle use, not increase it. We cannot afford to have investments in infrastructure increase our debt. Spending priorities will have to be re-ordered. For example, moving health care into the community and out of the hospitals will reduce health care costs. Paying for childcare to ensure single Moms can go to work will reduce social assistance costs. We must raise revenue by ensuring everyone pays their fair share. We must drastically reduce tax avoidance, we must get a fair return on the sale of natural resources by increasing royalties, we need to charge tolls on our provincial highways at the borders, so the companies which cause the most wear and tear to our highways pay up. To generate the income to support new health, social and green infrastructure we will need to charge for things we want less of, such as sugar sweetened drinks and carbon. What I will not support are initiatives that give advantage to the few over the many. I will not support initiatives only designed to maximize the profits of corporations at the expense of our people, our communities and our environment. Under the leadership of both Louis Robichaud and Mr. Richard Hatfield we built a society in New Brunswick that placed a high value on caring and sharing, values that are rooted in our families and in our communities. Since that time we have lost our way. It is time we find our way back home. Mr. Speaker, young people want a reason to stay in New Brunswick. There needs to be work, and meaningful work that is will build a fairer, greener and a more democratic society. We are small enough, we are smart enough and we are brave enough to do this. We can build a new society, a new economy that values everyone, no matter what their lot in life - where government works with people in their local communities to strengthen their local economies, to help them become more self-reliant and resilient. And we have a long overdue obligation to seek reconciliation with the Wolastoqiyik, the Passamaquoddy and Mi'kmaq people. As legislators we have a responsibility to pursue reconciliation and that means addressing aboriginal title, aboriginal languages and upholding our treaty obligations. Today we are meeting on the unseeded territory of the Wolastoqiyik or Maliseet people. New Brunswick will never be whole; we will never be able to truly move forward until justice is done towards the indigenous peoples of this land. None of this will be achievable until we staunch the hemorrhage in our democracy. Partisanship has become toxic. While robust debate may occur within party caucuses, it certainly has not been the case in the Legislative Assembly. This must change. The majority of MLAs have little to do in this House. It's is time to liberate them so they can truly represent their constituents, so they can work diligently as legislators without having to tow a party line, and so they can provide the kind of surveillance over the use of public funds that our citizens deserve. It is time to paint citizens back into the picture. As legislators we need to hear from New Brunswickers directly when considering important or complex bills. And New Brunswickers need to hear the testimony of expert witnesses to gain a greater appreciation for the strengths and weaknesses of proposed legislation so they can develop informed opinions. Major new policy initiatives need to go out to our citizenry as green papers or white papers so they can develop an understanding of the issues and an awareness of the options for resolving them, so they can develop informed opinions. We need to reinstate the viewpoint of former Premier Richard Hatfield which is that the business of government is the business of the people, and operate with a transparency that reflects that. When citizens request information, it should be provided. When citizens are seeking information they should be able to readily find it. We need to restore the role of our public service to serve the public and advise the government. Not stonewall the public and provide government with what it wants to hear. Let's banish bureaucrats and reinstate public servants. And we need to restore the reputation of politicians - regain the trust of the people of this province. That is at once the easiest and most difficult task in front of us. MLAs need to be able to do their jobs as representatives and legislators, and this cannot happen unless the parties take a step back. And this will not happen unless; we as MLAs take a personal stand and commit to do the job we were elected to do. As New Brunswickers, we agree on far more than we disagree. New Brunswickers wants us to cooperate to slay the dragons that hound us, rather than spending our time trying to run each other through, while the dragons ravage the countryside. This is a new Legislature; there is a new Executive Council. We have the chance to breathe fresh air into this place. John Lennon said, “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” My hope is that we can dream together in this house to face our challenges and conquer them for the sake of our children and their children. Now is not the time for conformity. Now is not the time for mediocrity. Now is the time for ingenuity, for transformation. As Tommy Douglas said, “We should never, never be afraid or ashamed about dreams. The dreams won’t all come true; we won’t always make it; but where there is no vision a people perish. Where people have no dreams and no hopes and aspirations, life becomes dull and a meaningless wilderness.” So let us dream no little dreams, but let us dream the dreams of of our peoples, First Nations, Acadians, angolophone and newcomers, young and old, and not let ourselves be distracted by that rich man behind the curtain who is trying his hardest to frighten us into submission. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

New Brunswick P.C. Party Leader Bruce Fitch is asked why is he so Bitchy???

Minister of Public Safety Stephen Horsman is asked about False accusations Sexual Child Exploitation by Fredericton Police Force!!!!

Health Minister Victor Boudreau is asked about French section in Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital!!!

Fredericton Police Force Const. Jeffrey Smiley will be found not guilty this morning!!!!

What else do you expect from a workplace that romance and socializing does on between the workers at the Justice system and the Cops????


Hi Charles, Our useless Fredericton City Police and RCMP!!!

I just left the decision hearing and I think you will enjoy this decision to acquit Constable Jeff Smiley - here is a summary, paraphrased.

Smiley was acquitted of breaching an undertaking, and the judge confirmed the FPF was incompetent. Justice David Smith said the question that had to be answered was: if the initial arrest for assault was unlawful, and the charge is not before the court, is the undertaking violation capable of enforcement? He stated, on the record, that Smiley is a highly decorated police office, who saved a life in the river rescue, and suffers from stress and PTSD. He reminded us that the allegations of the assault came from neighbours, to the Chief of Police, Leanne Fitch and that after Smiley was arrested, the initial FPF attempts to record statements failed - the equipment was not working and they had to be re-done.

Justice Smith said "the Fredericton City Police investigation was fundamentally flawed," and the allegations that there had been 20 other such assaults, committed by Smiley against his girlfriend, were not substantiated and the RCMP investigators found no grounds to proceed. Neither the FPF nor the RCMP had investigated sufficiently at any stage, since they did not discover for some time that the alleged assault, for which Smiley was arrested, charged and detained, did not happen in New Brunswick, therefore the FPF and NB RCMP had no jurisdiction to arrest or charge Smiley. They simply failed to ascertain the facts before arresting and charging him.

The Crown stated at the trial, in October, that they would not proceed with the assault charge, and would "present no evidence," but they would proceed with prosecuting the breach of an undertaking related to that charge. Justice Smith went on to say that, since Smiley was arrested without a warrant, for a summary offence, and the arresting officer actually had no grounds for this under the Criminal Code and section 9 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the arresting officer must have "reasonable and probable cause" to arrest. Since they had not even determined that the alleged event happened outside their jurisdiction, and the complaints came from third parties, they clearly did not satisfy these requirements.

Justice Smith confirmed the safeguards against arbitrary arrest must be protected, and the grounds for arrest must be objectively established. He stated categorically that the FPF arresting officer failed to do this, and had no grounds to arrest Smiley. He went on to say that, if the arrest is improper, then the related undertaking cannot be valid. If the original charge is not before the court, the undertaking cannot be either, and that would simply allow criminalisation of persons who should not be bound by the undertaking as a matter of law.

Justice Smith also pointed out that the wording of the FPF undertaking, that Smiley was forced to sign to be released, was "oddly worded." It stated he must not be in possession of any firearms and he must hand over all firearms in his possession to the Fredericton City Police. The judge said these two requirements were incompatible, since he must have been in possession of the firearms in order to hand them over, and this clause basically made Smiley guilty of possession without giving him reasonable time and opportunity to hand over any firearms he had. Justice Smith found that Jeff Smiley handed over his firearms as soon as he had consulted with his lawyer, so, he should not have been arrested by Sgt. Matt Myers when he went to hand them over!

As for RCMP officer, Lavoie, who testified that Smiley had been in possession of firearms, which he identified to the court from photographs and as a result of his "experience" with firearms, Justice Smith found he did not present any actual, credible evidence that proved the firearms were capable of firing, or even real. The Criminal Code defines a firearm as being capable of firing and injuring or killing a person, which was not established. So, Constable Smiley was free to go, with no conviction, after a huge waste of tax payers' money on cops, court staff, judges, Crown Prosecutors and defense counsel - paid for from union dues that originate from tax dollars.

All I can say is, this confirms we have really useless, inept and incompetent police and Crown Prosecution Services, who should know the law and case law they are charging and prosecuting people under. That this happened to a cop, with a lawyer who doesn't have to be a GNB patsy, since he was the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, is perfect because we now have evidence and a judicial precedent confirming they are incompetent and useless.

Way to go! So, Smiley will probably be back in his uniform on Monday and will, hopefully, file a Charter application against the FPC, City of Fredericton and GNB Attorney General for violating his section 9 Charter Rights to not be arbitrarily arrested or detained - which many more people might do now. The down side? The incompetent police and Crown might have let a woman-beater walk free, and that we will never know.