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Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Buying Local TRULY matters at the Victory Meat Market in Fredericton.....

Is the Mactaquac Dam safe???

Soleman Shoe Store at King's Place in Fredericton is truly Done and over!!!!

Am I far off the mark????

New Currency....

Saint John River Flood 2019 the begining or the end (Full lenght)

Saint John River Flood 2019 the begining or the end (Full lenght)

The final days at McDonald's at King's place before shutting down forever on May 11th!!!!......

Mactaquac Dam on April 27th, 2019

April 29th, 2019 during Flood in Fredericton!!!

Carleton Park during huge 2019 Flood!!!

2019 huge flood in New Brunswick!!

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Will the closing of Macdonald's at King's Place in Fredericton change the image of Downtown???

You have to be kidding me right????

2019 huge Flood in Fredericton on April 27th!!!


New Brunswick Green Party Leader David Coon debate 2019 Flood and Clear-Cutting!!!

Farmer's Market open on a Sunday....

Picaroons is dry after the 2019 HUGE Flood in Fredericton!!!

Behind the Art Gallery in Fredericton during the HUGE 2019 Flood!!!

Man beaten up at Tannery and Cab driver charge $52.00 for ride to Police!!!

Returning to the house fire on Regent and Charlotte Street in Fredericton!!!

Mactaquac Dam!!!

Fire at Regent and Charlotte Street in Fredericton shuts down Farmer's Market!!!

Saturday, 27 April 2019

Flood Officials told Blogger they NEVER saw Idiot Fredericton Mayor Mike O'brien once!!!

Future Fredericton Police Chief Roger Brown viewed by individual......

I have said all along Charlie, as you know, that this police force needs a chief from away. Someone far and away removed from all of the politics, fiascos, and shananigans that have plagued this force over the past number of years, someone not lookin' to get the medal of bravery, someone not lookin' to chase the hell outta panhandlers. WELL PRAISE THE LORD, ALLAHLOUYAH, AND AMEN, MY FRIEND, OUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED. We have had a police chief delivered to us on a silver platter. You will never, ever find anyone with the personality and more qualified for the role, than Roger Brown. He just simply is not gonna be obsessed and pre-occupied with cyclists on the sidewalk, bicycle helmets, blogger-mania, blogger-phobia, or the sargent-at-arms. He's gonna run a tight ship, smooth sailin' with a steady hand on the throttle The only way, Charlie we could have had a better choice for the job is if the Good Lord Himself took the job. He's a gift from Heaven, my friend, just what we need to STRAIGHTEN THE WHOLE DAMN WORKS OF US OUT!!!!


Blogger returns to the Mactaquac Dam during the 2019 Huge Flood in Fredericton on April 27, 2019!!!

House Fire at Corner of Charlotte and Regent Street in Fredericton!!!!

Blogger returns to the Mactaquac Dam during the 2019 Huge Flood in Fredericton!!

The unexpected........

Friday, 26 April 2019

This meeting have cut down on my swearing in these videos 95%!!!!

April 26th, 2019 during the HUGE Flood in Fredericton....

Officer's Square on April 26th, 2019 during HUGE Flood!!!!


Mactaquac Dam Friday on April 26 during the HUGE 2019 Flood.....

Where and what was the cause???

Walking in the Downtown area during the HUGE 2019 Flood in Fredericton!!

Canadian Armed Forces sand bags work during the HUGE 2019 Flood in Fredericton!!!

New Brunswick Liberal Interim leader Denis Landry heated debate on Flood and Forestry Act!!!

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

CTV Journalist Jessica Ng is doing Fantastic work covering the huge 2019 Flood in Fredericton!!!

2019 HUGE Flood in Fredericton on a Wednesday night....

Forest in 5 years from now is predicted by Blogger and MORE FLOODS ARE COMING!!!!!!

Who suggested to Fredericton Transit free Bus Rides???

Idiot Fredericton Mayor Mike O'Brien gave false hope on social media about Flood!!!

If you want RUBBER BOOTS??? River valley footwear is the place to keep your feet dry!!!! Always giving shoes to the less fortunate.....:)...:)..:)

Today on the South side April 24, 2019 during the HUGE Flood in Fredericton!!!

U.S. grand jury indicts former radio host Trevor Doyle on sex crime charge!!!!!!

Idiots going around during the HUGE 2019 Flood in Fredericton!!!!!

Wednesday April 24th update of HUGE 2019 Flood in Fredericton!!!

New Brunswick Minister of Forestry Mike Holland hunted down by Blogger about HUGE 2019 Flood!!

NBPOWER Communication dude Marc Belliveau chat with Blogger about huge 2019 Flood!

Traffic in Fredericton during HUGE 2019 Flood in Fredericton!!!

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Fredericton Idiot Mayor Mike O'Brien tells Citizens Water level will go down tonight but .....

Racist Idiot Non educated Redneck with Blogger during HUGE 2019 Flood in Fredericton!

Blogger almost fell in the dirty St.John River!!!!

St.John River during 2019 Flood!!!

Dangerous St.John River can be peaceful looking!!!


CTV Host Bruce Frisko interview with Premier Blaine Higgs is viewed by Blogger!!!

Smoking a Joint during the HUGE 2019 Flood in Fredericton!!!!

Huge 2019 Flood in Fredericton!!!!!!!!!

Huge 2019 Flood in Fredericton!!!!

2019 HUGE Flood in Fredericton.............

2019 HUGE Flood in Fredericton......

2019 HUGE Flood in Fredericton!!!!!!!

2019 HUGE Flood in Fredericton!!!!




Will New Brunswick MLA's vote themselves a huge raise in pension as they did 11 years ago?

Macdonald's at King's Place in Fredericton is shutting down for good on May 11th!!!

Clear-Cutting will destroy homes during the Flood in 2019!!!

Monday, 22 April 2019

Blogger heads into unknown territory in Fredericton!!!

Beautiful Sunset during the 2019 Flood in Fredericton!!!

The Blaine Higgs Government continues to play games with Kingclears First Nation!!!

Why do Idiots take dangerous Selfies????


Mcdonald's Restaurant at King's Place in Fredericton to shut down for good on May 11th!!!!!!

Ssd to hear the News...:(

Going down VERY CLOSE with the Mactaquac Dam!!!!!

Road rage during the 2019 Flood in Fredericton!!!

CBC Journalist Shaun Waters is interviewed by Pain in the Ass Blogger about HUGE 2019 Flood!!!

After hearing BAD News...Blogger tempted to just off Walking Bridge in Fredericton this morning!!!!

Daily Gleaner Journalist have a VERY good column every Saturday on Page three!!!!

2019 Flood of the St.John River behind the Crown Plaza in Fredericton!!!!

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Walking slowly during the 2019 flood in Fredericton!!!

Continue walking around in Fredericton during the 2019 huge Flood!!!

Walking in the Downtown Floated area in Fredericton!!!!

Fredericton Idiot Mayor Mike O'Brien should spend money on Officer's Square to save from Flood!!!!

Singing away at the Brunswick Street Baptist Church on Ester morning in Fredericton!!!

4 youths killed in Nelson Miramichi last night...:(

Does anyone know what happened...any pictures of today's site...just sympathy to the Family....< especially on Easter >...:(

This news release from Miramichi Police. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and the first responders too. So very sad ~Michelle

At 10:36pm on April 20th, 2019 the Miramichi Police Force, Miramichi Fire Department and Paramedics responded to a single vehicle accident that occurred on Nelson Street just South of its intersection with Rt# 118.

The vehicle had left the road and came to rest upside down in deep water. There were four teenage occupants in the vehicle, two males and two females. All four were transported to Miramichi Hospital where they later succumbed from their injuries.

Nelson Street remains closed to all traffic while a Miramichi Police Force accident reconstructionist investigates the scene. Detours are in place.

The names of the four teenagers are not being released at this time pending notification to their families.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by this tragedy.

Further details will be made available at a press conference, hosted by the responding agencies, at 2:30pm today at Police Head

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Behind the Crown Plaza during he huge 2019 flood by the St.John River in Fredericton!!!

The powerful Flooded St.John River in Fredericton!!!!

Drivers during the GIANT Flood of the St.John River in Fredericton!!!!

Walking beside the flooded St.John River in Fredericton!!!

Fredericton Idiot Mayor Mike O'Brien puts washroom at Carleton Park!!!

Debris floating down St.John River during the BIG Flood in Fredericton!!!

Picaroons Traditional Ales in Fredericton just announced their last call for a few weeks...:(

Picaroons Traditional Ales getting ready for the Flood in Fredericton!!

Blogger arrives at BIG Flood in Fredericton!!!!

The HEAVY Rain is a HUGE present from God to the Irvings!!!!

My favorite Movie is on..Must have watched it 50 times....:)..It's on ABC!!!!

The Irvings steps forward with help for the flood victims!!!

Pere Serge Comeau a donner un TRES bon message pendant la messe de Vendredi Saint!!

Thursday, 18 April 2019

The Grinch pops his ugly head after a long cold windy winter.....

Kevin Vickers va etre le Chef du Parti libéral du Nouveau-Brunswick le 24 Avril, 2019....

Why not bring your own cup at Coffee Shops???

New Brunswck Flood Officials refuse to blame the Clear-Cutting the cause of HUGE Floods and MEDIA refuse to ask questions????

Another concern citizen about the Flooding and Clear-Cutting!!!!

Hey Charles, with the flood coming I thought I would share what someone told me. I live in Minto and travel the #10 to get to work. Irving has been clear cutting savagely in our area. So what I will share is that they’ve clear cut everything out the 18 road on both sides of the little river all the way to Durham. Because of this the snow is melting at a astronomical rate. The little river empties into Indian lake which then flows though french, maquapit, then Grand lake. Everyone blames the damn but it’s not the damn. It’s the evil corrupt assholes! The sad part is that some haven’t got help yet and they will be flooded again. They will most likely have their check books out to compensate Irving in some way. I just know you hate them as much as me.

I also have a super idea. Wouldn’t it be something if a person had a good drone. Go all over the province videoing the destruction and it would be narrated by you. People have no clue. If you look at satellite video it’s all blurred out. Would be a eye opener for many.

Why not spend money to protect from GIANT flood beside Officer's Square???


Prediction flood in. Downtown Fredericton as bad as last year , maybe not last as long. Question why are we spending 9,10, 11 mill on officers square. Something no one really wants. Why not spend that money to protect infrastructure. In particular ramps on and off bridge/ parking lots etc. Business will shut down for a week and getting across the bridge will take 2 hours . This stuff is not going away. Officer square will flood as well

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Mayor Mike pushes the developers to become wealthy yet ignores the roads

Friend wants people NEVER to forget Brady Francis...Always making certain the Hoodie stays clean....picture starting to fade...:(

Blaine Higgs Government should jack up Price to $2.00 per Litre on Gasoline!!!

Kevin Vickers will be the Leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Party on April 24th!!!

When I saw the word - " Fucking " I was going to ignore it but it is so fucking true!!!!

New Brunswick Public Safety Deputy Minister Mike Comeau MUST be fired of his treatment of Prisoners!!!

The day Alberta Premier Jason Kenny was in Fredericton!!

Monday, 15 April 2019

Former Commanding Officer at “J” Division Roger Brown is the new Chief of the Fredericton Police Force!!!!

Here's the video of our first meeting....

Idiot Fredericton Mayor Mike O'Brien denies Public OPEN access to Council Chambers!! $15,000??

King's Place Flasher returns to Fredericton after short stay in Jail and once again arrested!!!!

He spent 60 days in Jail after his last stunt < story and video below >..He told the Court that he learned his lesson...I guess he DIDN'T!!!...Caught again this morning in a washroom at King's Place and was arrested under one hour about.....

King's Place Flasher in Fredericton arrested!!!!...Getting worst and worst!!! How MANY time do I have to say - FREDERICTON POLICE MUST WALK THE BEAT!!!!...Maybe we should look at the R.C.M.P. to do the job....I would love to follow Security for a whole day...Now that would be a TRUE Fredericton reality Show!!!!!

Friday, 5 April 2019

Fredericton Radio show host Trevor Doyle should have watch this show before leaving for Puerto Rico!!!!

Fredericton Radio Talk Host Trevor Doyle issue is viewed by Blogger!!!!

MANY people are sending me messages about the Trevor Doyle situation. Like anyone else I was dumb-folded when I first heard the News by CTV News Anchor Steve Murphy.

I immediately made my contacts and sure enough it was true but I was told Innocent till proven Guilty!!! Wait and see what happens in Court.

I would have been the first one to post this issue on Social Media but decided against it.

I said to myself - Let other mainstream Media handle this one.

Close to one hour later, the story hit Social Media < BIG TIME >..and the comments came and they were vicious.

It reminded me when the Fredericton Police and the R.C.M.P. Sex Child exploitation raided my place. The Fredericton Police falsely accused me of exploiting kids for Sex.

The comments on Social media were terrible. Every instance I'm arrested these idiots coward Jerkface comes out.

I always told these idiots who are upset that I won't post their comments. I say - Listen....tell you what I will do....Sit down with me over cafe and we will discuss your issues.....if I'm in a good mood...I will do a video of your issues...If I'm in a VERY good mood I will let you take a swing at me and we will take it to the next step!!!

I have NEVER received one invitation from these cowards.

These talk show hosts...Television and radio have been in the family homes for decades and they are part of the Family.

This morning on the streets everyone is talking about it and saying there HAVE to be more to this story????

Like myself they are in shock!!!!

It doesn't matter what happens...his life as he knew it is ruined!!!! Tout fini....Reminds me of another individual but I will not mention any names.

Everyone should take a DEEP breath and wait till this story goes in the Courts.

I am NOT defending Trevor Doyle. I am just stating the Facts.

I do feel VERY bad for his wife if the story is true. Can you imagine going on a Vacation and this Bullshit happens?

Lots of questions and tears this morning and lets wait and see what happens.

P.S. If he's found Guilty?..I will be the first one to condemn Trevor.....

UPDATE - If these facts are true????  WHAT AN PERVERTED ASSHOLE!!!!!! < Thank God for the CBC >

He should have watch this show before leaving for Puerto Rico ----

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Fredericton Idiot Mayor Mike O'Brien is putting citizens lives in Danger!!!

New Brunswick Green Party Leader David Coon confronted about MLA Kevin Arseneau to remove Prayer!!!!

We can learn....

A big fan of my youtubes....

The Native Culture will continue to thrive forever....


Green Party Leader David Coon speaks at the 2019 Pow Wow at U.N.B.!!!!

Wolastoq grand chief Ron Tremblay speaks at the 2019 Pow Wow at U.N.B.!

2019 Grand Entry at the U.N.B. Pow Wow!!!

Native from Elsipogtog at the U.N.B. Pow Wow!!!