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Friday, 30 August 2019

Greater Moncton Homelessness Steering Committee must educate themselves on the issue of Crystal Meth!!!

Four vehicles accident on King George Highway in Miramichi Friday night at 5:00pm!!!

Crystal Meth is a HUGE problem in the City of Miramichi......:(

During the Tent City last winter...a guy stopped by and try to give the people in there $3,000.00. Thank God someone from the Victoria Hospital grabbed the money and kept it for safe keeping...just heard that guy just died....He was in the Army and suffered from PTSD < Another one >..May he rest in Peace...:(..:(..:(

Fredericton Police got orders from the Government to do something about the issue of Crystal Meth!!! It's like going hunting!!! Grab them and put them in a padding cell for 6 months!!!

Thompson Washburn got 6 months in Jail for beating up Caretaker at 72 Regent in Fredericton...Sure takes a big man to beat her up eh???

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Where is he these days anyway????...Here's a video...I LOVE the ending talking to Brian < Black guy >..Here's the link....

Both gone...:(

This is where the battle truly began in 2007!!!!!

No high Class Dudes in this Picture....Parents of the Premier and former L-G stayed in the rain...They could have cut in line but never did...:)

Two VERY nosy Bastards in Fredericton.....

Is ANYONE going to replace Lieutenant Governor Jocelyne Roy-Vienneau??? I say put her Husband in there for the next few Months!!!!

Another what's his name died in see MANY of them walking around but you don't know them..What's his name and how did he die???..:(

Bilingualism not an issue with New Brunswick Paramedics! Only a few people are complaining!

Tabusintac New Brunswick is the place to buy Vegetables and Flowers!!!

Sunday, 25 August 2019

Jean-Paul Boudrau died 7 years ago this morning.....:(...ohhhhhh and Lance Armstrong did also......

Anyone with any pictures or comments can email them to me at


Here's some youtubes I made with him in 2008!!!

We have just lost one of the best......sympathy a Rachel, Henri et Raoul...:(


Very difficult to write with tears in my eyes but has to be done and maybe I will feel better.

Jean Paul Boudreau from Gayton died this morning.

I noticed someone left a message R.I.P. Jean-Paul. I didn't pay attention to it until an individual contacted me on facebook.

Many of you wouldn't know this guy. He was the Angel that many didn't know and will never hear of. Of course we all have our little Angels in each Community and THIS WAS A BIG ONE in Memramcook!

agSaint-Thomas de Memramcook Church

Jean-Paul was a welder and he was very well liked by a lot of People.

I don't remember how I came to meet Jean Paul but I was a Goalie and Jean-Paul rented one hour every Saturday night to play Hockey. He would called the bunch - THE FAT CATS!!!

I remember one line when he was behind my net and got ready to go..he said - UN AUTRE RUSH PUIS ONT SEN VA!!!!!!!

For years we would joke about that line.

Everything wasn't all gentlemen hockey with the Fat Cats and sometime it would turn to a Movie call - Slap-shot!!!


I was in my Teen and you had to treat the Goalie with respect if you wanted to have two goalies in the game.

...and respect he did!! BIG TIME!!! We used to go at Ben's Restaurant and he would buy me a meal. He didn't mind because we had some funny stories about the game.

For years he would remind me of the times at Ben'

It was one hour of hockey on a Saturday evening and was all in fun!!!

Jean-Paul and his wife Rachel had two boys - Henry and Raoul.

They weren't like their Father but good kids and love playing hockey.


Jean-Paul got involved in Minor Hockey and he was a busy body!!!

I was playing Goalie in the Memramcook Valley League and the League was in trouble.


We needed a President and I knew Jean-Paul had the public Relation skill to form a league.

At first, he wouldn't have nothing to do with it. I had to think of something to get Jean-Paul in the League.

I knew the Minor Hockey was making all kinds of money at the canteen so I said - If there's no Valley League? The kids are going to be hurt BIG TIME!!!

Well...that did it!!!! Jean-Paul volunteered his service and the League was a huge success.....

He didn't arrive there and took control...he wanted the people to work as a team.

I remember in the mid 1990s, I nominated Jean-Paul for a Builder in the Sports Hall of Fame but was denied!!

Jean-Paul saw me in my finest and lowest hours in life. No matter what stage I was at? He always had time for me. I would treasure the many cold Alpine Beers I had in his home. Didn't stay there and got drunk.

Just sat there and chat and chat we did!!! He would give me an idea and he knew that if I liked it? I would pursue the issue.

Of course, I moved away but every instance I would go to Memramcook? I would make certain to visit my friend in Gayton for old time sake.

He never stood still!!! He was always on the go!!


Either by working with his Tractor of the 50s to giving his time to the Knight of Columbus. He would push to get food to the Poor!!!

Jean-Paul would have been a great Politician. He liked people and people did also!!


I'm sure he would have been the Abel LeBlanc of politic!!


Jean-Paul was sick but nobody told me. I chatted with him the phone once in a while and everything seem to be fine.

On July 21st I received an email that Jean-Paul Boudreau was rushed at the hospital and it didn't look good. I was told he had Cancer.


That evening, I didn't feel well...As anyone would do when they lose some they care for. I let my emotion go....

It's moments like this that I hate to be on Welfare. I have no family in this City or a car to drive in a moment notice.

A couple dropped by and they were going to to buy tickets for the Bruce Springsteen Concert.

I asked if I could be dropped off for one hour over the George-Dumont Hospital?

On July 26th I landed in Moncton and went to locate my friend at the Hospital. Once there, Jean-Paul and his wife Rachel was sitting down and they were surprised to see me.

Sure wasn't the same Jean-Paul and by then I knew he didn't have Cancer. He had Lou Gehrig's disease!!! I knew it was a death sentence but Jean-Paul was a strong guy!!

I always call him - La Grande Guele!!!

He's the only guy that I knew that had a bigger mouth than me!!..:)

No big mouth today. Jean-Paul smiled when he saw me but he couldn't talk and he has a lot of weight!!!!

Sure wasn't the same J.P!!!

The hospital staff was feeding him via a machine.

We sat down and his wife praised the staff and we should be very thankful of our medicare system.

I ordered Jean-Paul to squeeze my hand...come on...J.P Squeeze my hand!!!!!

OUCH!!!! He still had his muscles...:) Could barely talk but still had his strength.

His wife went outside for a smoke and I was alone with J.P! I broke down and told him that I appreciated all the things he has done to me since we met. He was very good to me....good to a lot of people....

His wife came I knew that I won't see Jean-Paul alive again.

I had a cross that I received from Rogerville.


Click below for that story -

Blogger Charles LeBlanc goes for a Six Days retreat at the Trappiates at Our Lady of Calvary Abbaye at Rogersville!!!

I put the Cross around his neck and he appreciated this.

But it makes us to asked the question? Why would God allow this to such a nice loving guy???

But as my Priest told me after we discuss the issue of death for hundreds of hours!! It's not for us to understand now but we will truly understand later!!!

I sometime wondered about that line and this is one strong case.

Seeing that my buddy with opinions was quiet because he couldn't talk. I said - After living like this? What's your view on Assistant Suicide???

The wife didn't like that question but I said - He's not going to commit suicide anyway!!! Jean-Paul is strong and that's not the Catholic way anyway!!!

But I could tell by Jean-Pail gesture that he had opinions on this issue.

He didn't totally lost lost voice. But you could barely understand what he was saying.

I was told that Majella Landry was next door dying of 5 types of cancer. I made a visit and she died a few weeks ago at the young of 52 years old!!


Not a happy atmosphere for sure. People were coming in to visit Jean-Paul and I got lucky to have a few minutes alone with my friend.

I told Jean-Paul - How does it feel to listen to all these people talk but you can't say a word??? was all in fun...he just smiled.

I gave my friend a little hug and out the door I went. It would be the last time that I would see my good buddy alive. :(

I was going to blog a story about Jean-Paul with a title - Jean-Paul Boudreau will give The Lou Gehrig's disease the fight of its life!!!!

I called his wife a few days ago and she told me that Jean-Pail was doing OK!!!! They would drive him around and he seem relax.

Sadly my friend died this morning and all of Memramcook are in mourning....We have lost a great one!!!

Jean-Paul is watching over us and he's no longer in pain. Many of us will see him again....:)

I hope a group of people arrange a memorial in his honour because it would be worth it.


Bye bye mon chum....tu vas etre vraiment manquer par des milliers des personnes mais ont sait que tu es au Ciel et tu amuse le bon Dieu avec tes histoires...


A la prochaine Jean-Paul....:)

Pere Emery Brien 1


I just glanced into my books of souvenirs and forgot that I wrote a letter to the editor about the guy in the Moncton Transcript in 1992.


Here it is -


1ecommunion[1].2007 023

On a funny note? I wish to know what he would have said of dying on the same day with the first man to walk on the Moon - Neil Armstrong???


First morning without Jean Paul ......I received a nice email last nice and I feel better...:)


A good song from Pere Brien will make me feel better...:)


Jean-Paul Boudreau 1947-2012

Jean-Paul Boudreau of Gayton’s passed away after a courageous battle with ALS at the Dr. Georges L. Dumont university hospital center on Saturday August 25, 2012 at the age of 65. Born on June 19, 1947, he was the son of the late Henri and the late Evangeline (LeBlanc) Boudreau.

He is survived by his wife, Rachel (Léger) Boudreau, his two sons Henri (Debbie) and Raoul (Margot-Lyne), his beloved grandchildren Amélie, Katia, Janica and Yanik, his brother Charles-Henri (Hélène) Boudreau and his mother-in-law Raymonde all of Memramcook and by several sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law as well as several nieces and nephews.

After 33 years of service, Jean-Paul was a retired Boilermaker by trade and was devoted to his work and his fellow co-workers.

He enjoyed spending his winters in the woods, at his camp and enjoyed working with his antique tractor.

He was President of the Memramcook Valley Hockey League for 10 years and served several years on different committees in the Memramcook Minor Hockey Association.

He was an active member of the local chapter of the Knights of Colombus. Jean-Paul was instrumental in the fund raising for the Fondation Mélissa et ses ami(e)s and he volunteered on a weekly basis at the local food bank.

He enjoyed organizing the Memramcook Antique Car Show and was the President of the Golden Oldies Snowmobile Club.

Involved in local issues of his community, Jean-Paul helped and stood up for those who could not.

He managed to help several community parks and programs for all to enjoy.

Visitation will be held at Dupuis Funeral Home, 15 rte La Vallée, Memramcook on Monday August 27 from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 pm. and Tuesday August 28 from 1to 3 pm. and from 3:00 pm to the time of the funeral it will be private for the family. Funeral mass will be held at Saint Thomas de Memramcook church, St-Joseph on Tuesday August 28 at 4:00 pm. Interment will be held in the parish cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Fondation Mélissa et ses ami(e)s or a charity of the donor’s choice.

Here's my story -


Should be a lot of People there.

It's strange that if I crossed the street and got killed by a car?

I presume the story would be in the media - Idiot Blogger killed!!!!

But a great man like Jean-Paul dies? The family have to pay the Irving's Papers to let the world know about the loss of a great individual.


Very strange world we live in.....



I need to go to the Funeral of Jean-Paul Boudreau.

I have 40 bucks left in my name. or going to Moncton?

If I could rent a car? I would but I can't!...:(

But I need to be at that Funeral because I couldn't live with myself if I don't attend...:(

If you can help? Email me at



I'll be there......:)


It's going to be a sad day but a comfortable car to drive in.....:)'s my trip to Memramcook to attend the funeral of Jean-Paul Boudreau!!!

A friend joined me to keep me company.

We made the trip and immediately landed at Dupuis Funeral Home in Memramcook.

For a Tuesday afternoon there was a lot of people there.

I made my way to the coffin and he looked as he was asleep and at ease.

I wasn't as emotional as I believe that I would be? I believe it's because once I opened the door, you can hear all the people chatting and laughing.

Sure not the same atmosphere as I used to attend when I grew up. I learned this when my Grand Mother died in the 1980s. I expected a quiet atmosphere but everyone was chatting away!!!

So maybe this is a good thing?

While I waited to greet the family, A guy standing behind me told me that Jean-Paul was a great singer!!!

I was surprised to hear this one. Once I met Jean-Paul Boudreau Wife Rachel?

I said - I didn't know Jean-Paul could sing???

I guess Jean-Paul sang at work and when he was alone.

Rachel asked me if I noticed my Cross in the coffin? I never did because I was staring at his face. I went back and sure enough the I gave Jean-Paul at the Hospital was around his neck and on his chest.


Very nice gesture...Merci.....

I proceeded to chat with the Family but couldn't talk long because of the huge lined up.

They enjoyed the videos I made of Jean-Paul and the Blog I wrote.

The Family was holding it together but it was a battle.

I met many people that I didn't recognized.

I noticed an old buddy Frankie Saulnier from College Bridge. He just sat in the waiting room and was puzzled by the lost of Jean-Paul Boudreau.

Of all the guys to be gone? Why him....he said???

Very sad....

My friend and I made it to the Church.


Very windy and cool in Memramcook!!!



Once there, I noticed a group of people that I didn't know. They were all Boiler Makers who used to work with Jean-Paul.


The Hearst arrived so I quickly went and locate a seat in the pack house.

I noticed My Favorite Priest Pere Brien was there.

Picture 195

I had a little chat with Pere Brien until the funeral began.

I was seated in the seat in the right side of the Church and it was better that way because I couldn't see the coffin.

Immediately before the ceremony began the local MLA Bernard LeBlanc gave a lecture on Jean -Paul Boudreau!!


Éloge funèbre

Jean-Paul Boudreau

Pour une grande partie de ma vie, j’ai eu le privilège de connaître mon ami, Jean-Paul, toujours là pour moi.

A boilermaker by trade, J P was well respected by his co-workers. He was known as a fighter, a debater for any cause or injustice his co-workers were subjected to.

He will be remembered as a strong advocate, a one-of-a-kind defender for the lay person: a man of great faith, a true believer, a man of conviction.

He was a Black Hawks supporter and long-time Bobby Hull admirer.

He liked to call his antiques by nick-name:

his old blue Ford - Old Yeller
his antique tractor - ‘petit’ cub

Il était un homme avec un esprit familial extraordinaire surtout pour son épouse Rachel, ses deux fils Henri et Raoul et les soleils de sa vie, ses petits-enfants : Amélie, Katia, Janica et Yanik.

Il aimait couper son bois de chauffage d’hiver, prendre des photos à plusieurs évènements et les afficher dans son garage – une vraie exposition pour chacun des visiteurs qui lui rendait visite.

Il nettoyait avec une passion son parterre et le petit parc des enfants de Gayton qu’il avait créé avec son frère, Charles-Henri.

Frustré à l’occasion mais comme tout bon père et bon citoyen, dans la majorité du temps, ‘he cared’ pour sa famille et sa communauté.

Je suis certain que les personnes dans le besoin de notre communauté ont perdu un champion, un organisateur à la banque alimentaire pour la nourriture de chaque mois – les boîtes de Noël ainsi que la ‘food drive’ annuelle pour la chandeleur.

Jean-Paul était doué de talents. Un homme de tête mais surtout connu comme un homme de cœur – ‘stubborn’ à la cause, il le faisait sans récompense.

Une grande partie de sa vie fut consacrée à ramasser des fonds.

Membre de la Fondation Mélissa à Memramcook – chaque année, il participait à la collecte de fonds et aidait tout spécialement à l’exposition d’autos antiques de Memramcook,

‘Show and Shine’, organisme qui retourne ses revenus à la Fondation.

Il était 3e degré Chevalier de Colomb, organisateur de plusieurs loteries et un ‘Grand Chevalier’ pour l’Église et les pauvres dans le besoin.

Jean-Paul avait de nombreux amis – je pense qu’il en a touché plusieurs pendant son séjour avec nous.

Il était si fort et indépendant. Il organisait toujours par lui-même. Nous admirions sa ténacité et je suis

Certain que par celle-ci, il en a touché plusieurs d’entre vous.

Il vivait sa vie quotidienne en faisant compter chaque heure de la journée. ‘Ésharber’ dans son jardin – visite chez ‘Esso’ du coin pour le café du matin – apprendre les nouvelles de la communauté. Homme simple mais toujours brillant.

Voilà comment sa vie se déroule. Tous ses sourires, ses ‘jokes’ qu’on a ‘enjoyées’ avec lui resteront dans nos mémoires et le garderont toujours en vie dans nos cœurs.

Quelle maladie pour un homme doué de mâchoires rouges de politicien! Mais, même lorsqu’il ne pouvait plus communiquer facilement dans les derniers mois, il réussissait toujours à transmettre sa chaleur et sa foi par un geste manuel qu’il faisait confiance à la vie.

(Faire son geste)
Jean-Paul, nous te disons ‘Merci, adieu et à plus tard’ funèbre Jean-Paul Boudreau

It was great and I wish to thank Bernard for sending me his lecture...:)

The Priest gave his words on Jean-Paul and I decided to turned on my video.

Click below -

The Funeral was going to be over so I decided that I would do a video from across the street of the final walk for Jean-Paul.

I took a quick picture before leaving the Church!!





Click below for video -

Afterwards, I chatted with some friends that I haven't seen for a very long time!!!


Many people were watching from far away while the family gave their last tearful Good Bye.



I decided to join the emotional Good Bye.

This was it!!! The last Hurrah!!!!!

As Jean-Paul would say - Un autre rush et ont S'en va!!!!

This isn't the normal rush but a rush full of emotions....

Members of the Family threw Orange roses in the ground were the coffin was located.

Very emotional.

Many began grabbing some earth and threw it in the hole.

I decided to do the same and I might add this was my first time. Once I threw my little pile? I Heard Bang!!! Must have been a stone in there.

Yeah....Jean-Paul must have been watching and said - Ahhh Charles always have to go out with a Bang!!..:)

I quickly left and began to feel emotional AGAIN!!

Later on the Family once again thanked me to make the drive to Memramcook and really wanted me to thank the individual who lent me his car for I could attend the Funeral. :)


There was a little reception afterwards at Lourdes and the Volunteers of Les Chevaliers de Colomb gave an emotional speech that Jean-Pail Boudreau could not will never be replace but we have to move on without Jean-Paul!!!




We had a little meal and chatted with a few members of the Family. Jean-Paul was VERY good hearted right till the end of his life.

He broke down ONCE and that's when he found out that he had Gehrig's disease. The hardship that he was going to put his Family through would be terrible.

But the Family didn't care. As long Jean-Paul was alive? It didn't in what condition he was in because they love him. know something? I believe that's the best thing that ever happen....He left without the pain of Gehrig's disease was really going to set in but that it's still very sad.

We are going to make sure when the dust settles and we have to make sure there's a memorial for Jean-Paul Boudreau so he will never be forgotten by our future Generations.

While leaving Memramcook I noticed this nice picture -


A final message from Jean-Paul maybe???


and back to Fredericton for a 2 hours ride!!!!


Yes....we have lost the Giant of all Giants!!! It's an impossible task to replace Jean-Paul and I am very honored to have met this Saint and I'm glad that he invited me into his little world.

Aurevoire mon chum et je te promet qu'on va faire quelques chose a ta memoire!!



P.S. I wish to everyone who emailed me asking me if I had a ride to the funeral? This is very much appreciated and a special Merci Beaucoup to the couple who lend me their car.....:)

I chatted with Denis Landry an mla from the North about Jean-Paul!!