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Friday, 29 May 2015

Life is a VERY short ride....


Fascist Tyrant Quebecois Dan Bussieres returns at the New Brunswick Legislature with Gift for Pain in the Ass Blogger!!!!

Yes...I never had any problems at the Legislature for a couple of years but Security came after me Thursday!!!!!

I knew something was up!!!

I will give more details soon..

I have a video of the confrontation!!!



So Dan the little bitch is back on a power trip?

osti, calice de tabernack.

ste dose la veut yink de lattention hin?

Y mankes sa que tu bloges pas about luis darnieremend hin?

So congrats mon fkin de quebecois, Charles va back te blogger.

ej tavais dit que si tu lessait charles trankille y te blogerai pas but I guess tu mankes lattention.

--maurice the homeless guy--

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Fredericton's Real News!!!!


Blogger puts a complaint against so-called Racist Prosecutor Sebastien Michaud!!!

This guy is the one who encourage the charge against me...Very scary to have someone like this in charge...

Cameron Gunn,

I just wanted to get some information on this guy you appointed to go after me against this false Charge!!!

I don't know where you are getting these so-called people from????

First I have met by Kathryn Gregory who lied in Court < twice > against me but she was allowed to do this because she used to be a law partner of Judge Julian Dickson dead Wife.

Now we have this Sebastien Michaud who's as worst as the others.

I couldn't believe Sebastien Michaud between the breaks was intimidating my supporters in Court.

This kind of action is unacceptable in our Court System and SHOULD BE investigated as soon as possible!!!

I asked around but nobody < Bureaucrats and politicians > have heard of this guy.

I want proof that he's a lawyer.

He seem to believe that I'm a pedophile who is exploiting children?

I want to know his history and if he was sexually abuse as a child? Because the Fredericton Police are pushing you and the Prosecutors that I'm a pedophile.

You haven't dealt with this case properly so if you don't look into these matters? I will be force to bring up these issues during my next court appearance.

Charles LeBlanc

Ernest Angley is still alive at 93 years old!!!!


I remember watching his television Programs every Sunday morning in the early 1980s. Those were the days I was working at the Shipyard in Saint John.

Then one day, Ernest Angley told his audience that he would be at the Lord Beaverbrook Arena in Saint John.

I told my Boss that I would arrive late at work because I wanted to attend his service.

The reason I wanted to attend was that I wanted to QUIT SMOKING!!!!

My Boss gave me the ok and away I went!!!!

Many people showed up at Mental or physical problems. Some were wheeled in in their beds by their parents. Hoping they would be cured by the so known Preacher of God!!!

Then came the time he asked the audience if anyone who wish to quit smoking???? PLEASE COME TO ME!!!

I was there with 50 others and he began to hit every on their forehead. One by one everyone fell to the floor. Lets not forget that I had ADHD in those days and I didn't know it!!!

It was scary watching all those people dropping like rain. Once it come to me, I did the same action and knocked out!!!

Once at work, the Boss asked me - Did you quit smoking????

I did quit for 2 days...but sadly the devil return to my body but I would learn that it takes my God to help me quit this awful habit. It takes self discipline. I would quit this awful habit 30 years later....:)

Preacher has Balls!!!

Picture 10104

Even though Mother Nature screws up 3/4 of the audio in this clip, Charlie, it is very, very clear and evident for all the world to see, that this man has far, far, far more of a head on his shoulders than what one could ever expect or even remotely dream of from the complete and entire cast of characters and shitheads which, by absolute and total coincidence, just happen to make up what has sadly and unfortunately come to be known in this corner of the universe, as the supreme court of Canada. This man, my friend, is of a very, very rare breed in this God-forsaken, bleeding-heart, ass-kissin' country. He has the balls, pal, to exercise his freedom of religion, which he should, as stated in the constitution, regardless of affiliation or what ta hell anyone else thinks. And if all the town halls, provincial legislatures, and our federal parliament, where the practice of prayer has always been an institution, had even half the balls to stand as one and tell the supreme f----n' court to take their snot-faced, self-righteous arseholes, bigotry, and holier-than-thou attitudes, and shove 'em right straight up their arse, where they belong, what a helluva constitution we would have. But, as we all know Charlie, when the scant few say "JUMP", the supreme court says "HOW HIGH, YOU'S ARSEHOLES, the senate says "GO FOR IT, YOU JIGOLOS, and our beloved elected parliament says "WE DON'T WANNA OFFEND ANYBODY!!!!

Freedom of religion??? BULL F----N' SHIT!!!

And if I may be permitted a case in point, Charlie, with no intended slander what-so-ever, it really was not that long ago that OUR rules and regulations were changed to allow for RCMP officers to wear turbins as religious symbols. Um, excuse me!!!!


Fredericton new K-9 Endzo is confuse....


Saturday, 23 May 2015



I couldn't believe what my ears were hearing Friday morning.

I was listening to the CBC Information Morning show in Fredericton with Terry Seguin.

Terry Seguin went on a tirade with his views against the Rock Group - Boston!!!

If you never heard of Boston? Here's a link -

Here's one of their many hits -

What's wrong with that song????

Why did CBC morning host Terry Seguin blasted the group Boston on his show????

It went on and on.

Many listeners began to voiced their disgust against Terry Seguin on Social Media.

The CBC morning host gave a quick not meant apology to the viewers!!!!

You can tell it wasn't a real apology to the listeners.

The people demand to know why would be blasted such a fine and talented Rock and Roll Group???

One concern citizen told me it was because of his Habs Team!!! His hatred toward the Group is because of the Bruins!!!


Here's another song -

Now...the listeners are not going to demand Terry Seguin's head on this issue but we need answers!!!!


A complaint to the CRTC wouldn't accomplish much!!

CBC Fredericton morning show host Terry Seguin must apologize to the viewers by playing Boston songs for one whole show!!!

Not only by Twitter -


I believe this is the only way out!!! If he's truly sorry? That's EXACTLY what he will do!!!!

P.S. This issue all began with the News that Boston was coming to Moncton and tickets were going to go on sale Friday morning!!! they say - Bad Publicity is better than no publicity at all eh????

This is how you get Free Parking in Fredericton!!!!


Friday, 22 May 2015

Fredericton Police raided 204 Douglas Avenue at Sunset tonight!!!

Nobody in the neighborhood knew what was happening!!!

The S.W.A.T. showed up from different direction.

A guy began screaming and the police took him away???

Does anyone know what happened??? Maybe the guy wasn't wearing a hemet while riding a bicycle??

A raid at sunset on a Friday evening is suspicious. Does anyone know????

Blogger got no mention in Book!!!!

Would love to promote book on battle in Kent county but I was surprised I got no mention at all......Maybe I never covered the issue in Rexton enough? Oh well....



It's funny because yesterday while chatting with Crazy Joe, I said - There's one thing I noticed about the Natives. Once the Natives noticed me in a area? They quickly come and thanked me for the coverage I did during the shale Gad Protest in Kent County.

15 hours later while chatting with someone at the Farmer's Market? This beautiful Native from Elsipogtog First Nation approached me and thanked me for the work I did!!!..:)

Picture 10453

She gave me a nice hug and continue on her way!!!!..:)

See??? You don't have to be mentioned in a Book for the fine work you have accomplished to the Natives in Kent County!!!..:) They never forget....:)

God shines on the Evil and Racist City of Fredericton!!!

Picture 10201

New Brunswick Courts are Protecting New Brunswick Cops!!!!

Hi Charles,

The New Brunswick courts continue to protect police officers guilty of serious misconduct. Saint John police constable Chris Messer is the latest example. His house was broken into and he took retribution on two men he believed were responsible, which led to Messer being criminally charged, convicted and incarcerated. After just one week in jail he was released, pending an appeal. The court of appeal set aside the convictions and ordered a new trial, before a new judge.

That judge was Judy Clendening. In January of this year Clendening exonerated Messer, by staying all the charges against him. She also ordered a publication ban on her reasons and decision. This is a disturbing trend. Not only are cops almost the only accused persons who are granted stays, Justice Clendening had no grounds to order a publication ban for such a public interest matter, that has been dragging on for years. The New Brunswick Police Commission website shows they received complaints against Messer, from the two victims, but suspended their investigations pending the outcome of the criminal prosecution. The Police Commission appears to have done nothing since Clendening stayed the charges – no doubt the Commission will use her secret decision to dismiss the complaints against a cop who assaulted two people.

New Brunswick courts and cops remain a law unto themselves. Courts Protecting Cops.

From a Concerned Citizen

God shines on the Evil and Racist City of Fredericton!!!!

Picture 10201

Real Estate Agent Robert Fanjoy can sell you the Washington Bridge!!!!

Picture 10147Picture 10148

I always wondered what was going to happen to this abandon Downtown Building???


So far 200 signed this piece of paper on the Information Highway!!

Come on???? This is News????? I wonder if the Government pays attention to on line Petition???

I did asked the Premier this question a few months ago -

Preaching the word of God in WINDY Fredericton!!

Picture 10104

Better then the idiot so-called drunken Poet!!!


Blogger Fishing Show on the St.John River in Fredericton!!!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The woman held on for dear life all day in Windy Fredericton!!!

Picture 10102

Ever heard of Fiddle Heads Chowder at Molly's on Queen Street in Fredericton???

Picture 10119

I really enjoyed it!!!

Bigot Fredericton Mayor was lucky his lovely wife was beside him!!!!


While chatting with someone in a building, I noticed the Mayor walking downtown.

Out the door I went while the guy shouted - Charles...leave him alone!!!!

I shouted and got the Mayor attention!! I said - YOU'RE LUCKY SHE'S BESIDE YOU!!!!!

I turned and walked away!!!

I can't wait to asks him a few hard core questions about agreeing that I have labelled as a Pedophile by the Cops, I was Homophobic,a racist and other's going to be a long run till next May Municipal Election!!!

We must confront and destroy Racism!!!!!

Stay tuned!!!

Youth out of control at 246 Charlotte Street in Fredericton!!!

Picture 10107Picture 10109Picture 10110Picture 10111Picture 10112Picture 10113Picture 10114Picture 10115

It happened very fast!!!

Youth out of control and broke windows.

Cops quickly arrive at the scene of the disturbance.

Female Volunteer for the Police quickly calms down the victim.

Police escorts youth to Cruiser < very professional > so he could seek help for his mental issues.

Then everyone went their different ways...

Did I just praised the Fredericton Police????

Crybabies of the Fredericton Police Force does it AGAIN!!!!

Picture 10068Picture 10065

The idiots of the Fredericton Police Force did it AGAIN!!!!

These so-called Cops are going after people with mental illness BIG TIME!!!!

They don't have the intelligent to deal with people who thinks different than them.

My God? River Rat Matt Myers ordered the tazing of a 16 year old!!!


People with mental or anger issues will say things that they are thinking about?

In this case -

Picture 10069


Caseloads????? You mean complaints to the Police Commission?????

These crybabies immediately went into LOCK-DOWN!!!

What a bunch of crybabies!!!

The Police are way too close with the officials of the Justice System. My God?? Even dating or having relationship!!!

There's no way this guy should have been sentenced to 5 months in Jail!!

Why didn't someone go talk to the guy???

But the Fredericton Police Force are allow to break the law and hunt down the citizens but that's ok!!!!

As falsely accusing the citizens of having sex with kids!!!

The old days of telling someone in anger - I'll kill you are over!!!!

MY GOD??? I heard a case on the scanner that a young guy shouted those words after they took his medications. The poor guy was charge.

These cops are not cops!!! They are steroid Gorillas!!!!

They are not good members of the Community! Any Police Force that waste their time to go after people exercising while riding a bicycle without a helmet are not Cops!!! This is happening while dead bodies are appearing in the River and the City!!!

We should eliminate this so-called Police Force and bring in the R.C.M.P.!!!!! The Citizens needs to be protected!!!!