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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Kris Austin from the People's Alliance of New Brunswick gives first details of Budget to Blogger!!


Canadian Taxpayers Federation Atlantic Director Kevin Lacey is confronted by the Blogger!!!

Justice Minister Stephen Horsman is asked about Justice Buildings being shut down!!!!

Les députés libéraux Benoît Bourque et Bertrand LeBlanc sont confronter par le Bloggeur!!!

Is Education Minister Serge Rousselle Arrogant or just plain Rude???

Health Minister Victor Boudreau hunted down by Blogger on Energy Drinks before Batteries dies!!!

Blogger needs cash for Camera Equipment!!!

Sorry but that's the way it is!!!...Could be coming to an end if I don't have some needed help...

I'm sick of hunting down someone and the Battery dies down!!!!

I am not mainstream media with new equipment.....Politicians are VERY happy once the Batteries shuts down!!!...:P

Care to help? Email me at

Wish to remain anonymous?

Send at Charles LeBlanc APT# 1 145 Westmorland Street Fredericton New Brunswick Canada E3B 3L4

Juanita McKnight died 9 years ago today!!!!

Time sure fly by eh?? I remember that day very well...:(

Here's the story -

Here's a blog I wrote in 2006.....:(

j, originally uploaded by Oldmaison.
    I don’t feel like writing a blog but I feel that I must with this one.

Juanita McKnight will be buried in the morning and it is indeed a sad story.

Once I heard the emotional story late on Friday evening? At first, I just couldn’t or wouldn’t believe it.

I phoned a friend and he told me that it was true that Juanita died earlier in the day.

What really got me was when the caller told me she was a mother of three young kids.

I met Juanita twice.

The only reason I went to 92.3 Fred FM was the way she was rallying the troops on the air.

In the past, I heard her encouraging the troops to give 1,000 winter jackets for the poor people.

Picture 014

This time around she was going all out for the Fredericton Soup Kitchen.

Picture 228

92.3 Fred FM heard the Soup Kitchen was broken into and they were coming to the rescue.

The damage was over $10,000 but she had in her mind that the radio station was going to collect $15,000!!!

Picture 013

At the end, the Soup Kitchen received over $30,000!!!

Picture 041

Myself, I just had to meet this General who was rallying the soldiers to help the poor.

Picture 040

She should have heard her voice??? That voice will stay in my mind till the end of times.

Once at the station, I was introduced to Juanita. She was very friendly. She just sat behind the mike and smile.

I told her to wave her arms in the air as she was rallying the citizens for money.

Picture 016

Days later, I showed up 20 minutes after the deadline and this was the last time I saw her alive.

Picture 039

I received this note from her-

Date:    Mon, 13 Mar 2006 21:40:38 -0800 (PST)
From:    "charles leblanc"    View Contact Details    Add Mobile Alert

Subject:    THANKS....

Thanks for the mention...

This was the last time I heard from her beside her voice on the radio.

I took this news very hard even if I hardly knew her as a person.

So once again, it was debate time with my best friend of 40 years the Priest.


I just couldn’t understand why this should be allowed to happen?

Months ago, it was Father Daniel Thivierge who died at a very young age of 31 years old.


Why do outspoken jerks like myself keep on living while good decent individuals dies?

Dominick Eden is another one who comes to my mind.

Picture 073

Ohh that’s right??? The good die young!!!…Sorry this is not a joking story but seriously?

Think for a minute of all the people who dies at a very young age every single day around this Globe that we will never heard about????

The question is why????

It sure puts your faith to the test???


As my Priest often say - It’s not for us to understand now but we will truly understand later.

Can you imagine if there was no life after death? Very scary tought?????

Juanita will be buried in the morning and the whole crew of 92.3 FRED FM will be there.


You won’t heard any voice from the radio station Tuesday and my blog will not allowed comments in respect of this fine individual.

I confronted Kelly Lamrock this afternoon and her name will be mentioned in the Legislature tomorrow.

Picture 048

There’s nothing more than I can do but to tell everyone that she was a fantastic human being!

Picture 037

As George Piers said - When she said that she was going to get something done? She truly got it done!


She sure did and we have lost a fantastic human being.

I walked into the station this morning and the crew allowed me to take this picture.

Picture 010
Picture 016

The atmosphere isn’t a happy one and who can blame them?

My deepest sympathy to her family.

Her three kids range between the age of 5 and 10!!!

Maybe the radio station with the help of the Soup Kitchen can set up a trust fund for her kids but that’s outta my league.

Good Bye Juanita!!!!

You sure left your mark in the Capital and we will never forget you!!!

God bless and good bye!!!!

Picture 009

You can read a note left by the staff at 92.3 Fred Fm by clicking here -


Picture 036

04/03/2006 MCKNIGHT, JUANITA C. Juanita C. McKnight, 31, of Irishtown, passed away at The Moncton Hospital on Friday, March 31, 2006 as the result of a pedestrian-car accident in Moncton on Thursday, March 30, 2006. Born in Moncton, Juanita was the daughter of Grant Davey of Irishtown and Carol-Ann (Beers) Davey-Gallant (Romeo) of Irishtown. Juanita was employed as a disc jockey with 92-3 FRED-FM in Fredericton and formerly with Rock 103, Moncton. Juanita attended Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church and was a graduate of Moncton High School and Atlantic Baptist University. She was a former member of McKee's Mills 4H Club and former Short Horn Lassie with the NB Short Horn Association (1991) and was a very active member of the Irishtown Boys and Girls Club. She was a former youth ambassador of Moncton and she presented a scroll desk to the then Governor General Honorable Ray Hnatyshyn. Juanita was very musical, she enjoyed playing the piano, writing and composing her own music and was a former member of the musical group Over Joy. An avid reader, she also loved to barbecue on the deck. Besides her parents, Juanita will be sadly missed by her husband, Brett and their 3 children, MacKenzie, Alex and Mikey; maternal grandparents, Ivan and Jean Beers of Irishtown, paternal grandmother, Dorothea (Dolly) Davey of Pictou, NS; sister, Tami Davey, Irishtown; brothers, Danny Davey (Cara) and Chris Davey (Angelina) both of Indian Mountain; one niece, Layne; one nephew, Hayden; several aunts, uncles and cousins. Visitation at Ferguson Knowles Funeral Home, 1657 Mountain Road, Moncton (858-1995), Monday, 2-4, 7-9pm. Funeral service at Ferguson Knowles Funeral Home Chapel, Tuesday, April 4, 2006 at 11am, Rev Sterling Penney officiating. Reception following the service. Interment Fairhaven Memorial Gardens. In Juanita's memory, donations to the Friends of The Moncton Hospital (Pediatrics) or memorial of choice would be appreciated by her family.
[Daily Gleaner]

Picture 014

Maybe she was an angel? Sure looks like it by this picture.

Picture { border: solid 2px #000000; }.flickr-yourcomment { }.flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; }.flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; }
Picture 009, originally uploaded by Oldmaison.
    This blog will shut down today for comments or bloggling in memory of this fine individual. She's being buried today.

( MATTHEW 11:28-30 *NIV )

Dear Charles,
As you already know, it is hard to find any rest with so many
trials, tribulations, conflicts, and burdens in our lives today.
However when we follow Jesus, He will provide us with rest and
make our burdens lighter.  For; THE LORD UPHOLDS ALL
DOWN.  ( PSALM 145:14 )

So when you feel stressed; CAST YOUR CARES ON THE
THE RIGHTEOUS FALL. ( PSALM 55:22 )  After all; GOD IS

Also remember that; BLESSED IS THE MAN WHO
HIM.  ( JAMES 1:12 )

( 2 CORINTHIANS 1:3-4 )

Now Charles, have a wonderful day that is filled with "Peace,"
and SMILE for after all God Loves You!  

With My Love & Prayers,
your servant Allen
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Monday, 30 March 2015

Second Bangladesh blogger gets murdered in a month!!!

Everyone is upset but Fredericton is not far off the mark!!!

Look what they did to this Blogger??!!!!

So-called Judge Julian Dickson ordered me in jail because I refuse to sign a condition not to go across the Westmorland Bridge!!!! I might add he ordered my medications cut off!!!

Our corrupt Justice System failed to kill the Blogger so they tried this -

FPF Application to ISP by Charles LeBlanc

Now..we have these false charge of assault!!!!

I am going to sue the City AGAIN and we must have a Provincial Inquiry...

Too many corrupt people in this City!!!!!

Yes...Fredericton is not far from Bangladesh of the manner they treat Bloggers!!!

But I am ready for the battle even if it kills me!!!!

I noticed many people are asking me on the street about my health...but I'm still fighting.....

Meet our Future New Brunswick Special Team of Prosecutors!!! OOOPPPPSSS...I meant Irving's Journalists!!!!


Who needs it more??? The Fredericton Police Force or the Blogger???

Picture 6998

Love this one....

Picture 7011

New Brunswick Provincial Judge Julian Dickson dead wife used to be a Law Partner of Fredericton Racist Liar Lawyer Kathryn Gregory!!!

Picture 5878

No wonder so-called Judge Julian Dickson supported New Brunswick Special Prosecutor Kathryn Gregory when she said I was just using delaying tactics!!!

...and they say this is not a Conflict of Interest?????

Where do you complain to??? Ottawa????

This is insane!!!!


Killer Energy drinks are Legal and kids are not allowed to exercise!!!!

What a bunch of Goof Balls!!!

What to know what happens if you dare to exercise????

If these kids would have stayed Downtown and took the Westmorland Bridge? They would have never been hunted down by the Rat Patrol!!

Christ Church Cathedral of the Anglican Diocese of Fredericton helping the less fortunate!!!

I no longer write long winded stories about the less fortunate because the Racist City of Fredericton might order this new Blog shut down!!!!

Picture 6982Picture 6991Picture 6990Picture 6989

Interesting video -

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Caught The Blogger!!!

Certainly one of the more interesting people in Freddie Beach is Charles LeBlanc…The Blogger. I’ve seen him camped out in a tent on the grounds of the Legislature to protest the use of Ritalin in schools. He had it right on that one. I’ve seen him walking the streets of Freddie Beach looking for things to blog and taking pictures of anyone who interests him. He’s a sort of Faces of Freddie Beach kinda guy.

I was talking with him today outside my writing studio, Read’s (unlike Studio4Ward, the rent’s the price of a coffee), when this beautiful woman came outside for a smoke. Charles immediately said, “My life will never be complete until I take her picture.” Or something like that. He made polite small talk for 2.00001 seconds and off he went.

I immediately went into Read’s, got my Canon G12 and finally, after all these years, captured The Blogger capturing another Face of Freddie Beach.

And this is what it looked like in the other direction. Nice to see a table and chairs set up outside.

Religious Protest against Bill 51 in front of the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

Religious Protest against Bill 51 today at 1:00pm in front of the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

Picture 6723

I told the poor girl and everyone it's impossible to organize a protest via the Information Highway because people won't show up!!

They will support you with a thumb up but that's it!!!

Just like that Bill 51 Protest at City Hall? This being a University City? There should have been 500 or more people there!!!!

Anyway...this protest is this afternoon at 1:00pm!!!!

The Battle continues in Fredericton against the Irving Forestry act!!!!

Picture 6900Picture 6897

Friday, 27 March 2015

Eyes on Bill 51!!!


Where did the 50 Millions Dollars to Atcon went????

Charles, The huge uproar over ATCON is a rally cry by the public for "Follow the Money".

But Premier Brian Gallant is running away in the opposite direction. So let's keep the pressure on Brian Gallant until he releases the following information to the public: (1) Where did the money go? Did the first $20 million go to creditors (banks), but then the next $50 million go to pay off companies who were owed money by ATCON?

In other words, who benefited from the government giving this last $50 million to Atcon?

(2) And who are the Liberals protecting? That is, Why don't the Liberals want a forensic audit, an audit that would find out which companies received the $50 million dollars?

Here's a video I made a few days ago -

House Fire on Union Street in Fredericton!!!

Picture 6764

More Pictures on my Facebook!!!

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Rogers Talk Show Voice of the Province is visited by the Blogger for the first time in 10 years!!!!

First time I call the show in 10 years!!!!

I had to remind myself - Charles, this is not your videos!!!! DON'T GO OVERBOARD!!!!..:(

Public Safety Minister Stephen Horsman is asked of free samples of liquor given to Liquor Inspectors by Restaurant Owners!!!

I might add this is NO APRIL'S FOOL JOKE!!!!!


i cannot understand how "elected officials and civil servants" cannot answer in a proper way to constituents.Is it beneath their dignity to do the job that WE the Taxpayer have hired them for? Does anyone else find it disturbing that our hires have little business acumen, and precious little common sense.

Digusted Taxpayer

Bill 51 will be first tested in Fredericton New Brunswick in a few weeks or months!!!!

We have the most Racist and Corrupt Police Force in Canada!!!!

I just saw them hunting down a person with a mental disability today!!! You should have seen the cruisers in the Downtown area???

The reason they will test this Bill in Fredericton?

Because there are no lawyers to fight for our Charter of Rights!!!!

My God?? Racist Judge Julian Dickson ordered a homeless person to leave the City. The poor guy been here since 1989!!!!

Our Justice System sucks BIG TIME!!!!

Look at my raid and accusing me to have Sex with kids???

In which Bigot Mayor Brad Woodside agreed with!!!!

You see? These Idiots Cops are going to grab people from the Streets and force them to sign Papers not to be on the Internet or be jailed for months or years!!

You heard it here first!!!!

Religious Protest against Bill 51 in front of the New Brunswick Legislature this Sunday at 1:00pm!!!!

Picture 6723

Different way of thinking during the Protest of the Irving Forestry Deal yesterday in Fredericton!!!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Little Native Girl tells Minister Steve Horsman to save the Forest!!!

This little Girl first grabbed my attention 7 years ago at a Pow Wow!!!!

My darn camera didn't work when she talk to Minister Horsman...:(..

Here's a video -

No coaching in this case...:)

Liberal Ministers from the Brian Gallant Government comes face to face with Anti Forestry Protesters

More pictures on my Facebook....

Ministers from the Brian Gallant Government comes face to face with Anti Forestry Protesters in Fredericton!!!

Liberal Minister Denis Landry is question about Atcon Scandal!!!

Low Life Non Educated Redneck debate Bill 51 in Fredericton!!!!

Bill 51 is debated in front of the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

We always need young Volunteers to keep the Fredericton Community Kitchen going for years and years!!!

New Brunswick Law Society once again lied!!!!!

Hey Charles,

New Brunswick's continuing lack of investigative journalism by the mainstream media is troubling. The latest is the CBC's reporting on the poor legal representation of Justin Bourque by NB lawyer David Lutz. Here are the CBC stories, as reported:

The CBC quoted the Law Society of New Brunswick's Executive Director, Marc Richard, as saying the "group" does not get involved in individual cases and "It's not in the Society's mandate to make judgements on the quality of service that Bourque's lawyer David Lutz provided..." Since the sole purpose of the law society is to regulate the legal profession, Mr. Richard is clearly lying. The Society's governing legislation requires them to investigate such failures as Mr. Lutz's, which include: agreeing with the Crown that his client is guilty of one of the most heinous crimes in Canadian history, not questioning the sentence (which broke all precedents even though it was nowhere near as heinous a crime as others have committed) and failing to obtain an independent psychiatric evaluation of Mr. Bourque.

Let's not forget another lawyer who recently failed to do that for his client - T. J. Burke. That failure contributed to Ron's death.

Mr. Richard lied again when he stated to the CBC that the Law Society could not investigate unless a complaint is made. Well, Mr. Hébert made a complaint and was ignored. Also, the Law Society Act empowers them to investigate even when no complaint has been filed.

The CBC let us down - they did not bother looking at the Law Society's actual mandates and duties and has participated in perpetuating the lies its Executive Director, Mr. Richard, told. They also failed to find out that David Lutz is on the Law Society's Discipline Committee!!! Of course they are not going to investigate or discipline him - he is one of their "chosen" ones.

No wonder this province is in the mess it's in.

Concerned Citizen

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Why are we talking about ATCON 7 years later????

First this so-called Road Rage and now this???

Is it me or is there something strange going on???

Never noticed Yellow Flasher on Fredericton Police Cruiser before...

Canada to extend their operations in Syria???

This is Nuts!!!!

Then once Canadians are attack in this Country? We will say - WHY?????

What a bunch of idiots we have as Canadian Leaders eh???

Oh wait??? I might be known as a Terrorist for posting my views!!!

Lets return to be Peacemakers...not War Lords!!!!

Friday, 20 March 2015

Fredericton Police Force in action on a Friday night. Blogger never noticed!!!

I got out to put the Garbage away and once I came back? I noticed the Cops across the Street talking to someone!!!

Moi never noticed Cops out my front window???? I'm making an appointment to see my Doctor next week!!!

Miramichi Bay-Neguac Liberal MLA Lisa Harris confronted by Blogger!!!!

MLA for tracidie-Sheila Serge Rousselle don't seem concern of shooting of Michel Vienneau by the Bathurst Police!!!

New Brunswick Government Liberal MLA's are once again hunted of the Irving Forestry Deal!!!

New Brunswick Minister of Health Victor Boudreau SHOULDN'T be Jaywalking!!!

What kind of sound does a Deer make anyway???

CTV Host Steve Murphy is ONCE AGAIN asking for your help!!!!!

Invitation to support Kids Help Phone (3)

Hello again!

If you’re anything like me, fundraising requests like this one often get lost or overlooked in the daily blizzard of e-mail. So I thought I’d resend it just this once, on the first day of spring (7:45pm ADT today)!

Kids Help Phone is the only organization I personally ask friends, associates, colleagues and viewers to consider supporting. I believe in it both as a parent and as a broadcaster. KHP is always there for our young people, helping them deal with some of the biggest challenges and issues in their young lives. It's a place for answers, not judgments; a safe place where a young person can talk openly and privately about the cruelty of bullying, the loneliness of depression or the pressure to succeed, compete or conform.

Kids Help Phone offers free, professional counselling, information and resources to kids when and how they need them.

If you believe in the value of this service, as I do, please consider making a donation using VISA, Mastercard or American Express. An electronic tax receipt is e-mailed within a day. Here’s the link.

The Walk for KHP is coming up the first week of May.

A special thanks to all who have supported Kids Help Phone in the past.


Steve Executive News Editor & Anchor

Confrontating the Liberals on the Irving Forestry deal!!!

Battery was going cold and went out....


Who is this Dude???

Public Safety Minister Stephen Horsman is asked about Forestry deal before Battery goes dead!

Thursday, 19 March 2015


Accident with Trius Taxi at Corner of Northumberland and King Street in Fredericton!!!!

There's more pictures on my Facebook!!!!!

More Pictures on my Facebook....

What are we going to do once this is gone because of Stephen Harper????

Canadians don't seem to care!!!!

What a bunch!!!

New Brunswick Sheriff Clarence Morency to retire next month!!!

When you hang around < no choice > in the Justice Building. You meet some interesting people. Clarence is leaving next month.

Every Sheriff should have the professional Public Relation this guy has!!!..:)...

Bonne Chance Clarence!!!


If the Fredericton Police Force are allow to eliminate Police Scanners? A trail of Blood will lead to the Emergengy Ward at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital!!!!

WOW!!!! Fredericton Police are adding to a Citizen's File that they are COP HATERS!!!! I might add WITHOUT PROOF!!!

I couldn't believe when a citizen approached me and told me on their file? He was labelled as a Cop Hater!!!

The only reason he knew if because his name was mentioned on the Police Scanner as " A COP HATER "

I asked - Have you ever been labelled in a Court of Law as " A COP HATER? "

The answer was "No "

So why are the Cops adding to the Citizens files that they are " COP HATER? "

Another False accusation by the Fredericton Police Force!!!!

What's a Cop Hater anyway???? If you're having a bad dad and you tell a Cop to " FUCK OFF!!!"

Will you be known as a Cop Hater??? What's in my file anyway???? Am I " A COP HATER?? "

This is not right and another reason we must get rid of these idiots and replace them with the R.C.M.P.!!!!

Fredericton Police Force move fast on Blogger's complaint....

Remember this story last week -

Someone bought this issue to my attention today....look at this mess!!!!!

If these Steroid Gorillas don't care of their image? Why should we give a damn about these Clowns???

Picture 6145Picture 6147Picture 6149

UPDATE - Walked by last night....sign is fix and new Canadian Flag!!!

Nice to see the Police Force doing something right!!!..:P

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Brian Gallant Government should cut the pay of the Fredericton Police working at the New Brunswick Legislature for $60.00 per hour!!!


They don't deserve that much money especially after following Dan Bussieres orders?

They cost the Province A LOT of money!!!

Irving at the Northside in Fredericton robbed and Police Scanner in action!!!!

River Rat Matt Myers from the Fredericton Police Force should educate his Daughter!!!


I would suspect Matt Myers' daughter is posting police info for all to see, location, dogs are being brought in, tracks.

Since Moncton it was advised that the general public shouldn't tweet or FB any info that a potential criminal could use.

Too bad the cops don't educate their kids.

You can use this yourself Charles, I don't need credit for it. Enjoy! he-he

Charles here and just for the record? I met his daughter once...nice kid...:)

But as for the Father? That's a total different Ballgame...

Why are Foster Home Care going down in New Brunswick???

It's touch the kids and raise your voice? You go to Jail!!! So why be bothered????..Simple as that!!!

Someone seen a HUGE attitude change in Blogger's views of the City and the Fredericton Police Force.

This individual told me that he remembered the days that I was the biggest supporter of the City and the Police Force!!!

He asked - What happened???

I replied - There's something about the City and the Cops trying to connect me with having Sex with Kids that pisses a person off!!!

Then I went on for 15 to 20 minutes until the guy understood what happened...:(

Why do People smoke anyway??? Suicidal????

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Saint Patrick's Day in Fredericton!!!

New Brunswick Liberal Government MLA's are hunted down by Blogger for views on Bill 51!!!

BREAKING News!!!! UNB Law Dean Jeremy Levitt resigns, UNB says in statement!!!

What happens now??? Why did he resign???

Lawyers in Fredericton are giving the less fortunate free advise but want money to act!!!

Maudit Quebecois debat Language de Tapette avec chiac Acadien!!!!!!

Charles -

Fuck y parlon mal ster quebecois las, y sonnon toute come der tapettes.

Y a un guy au magasin qui me contest un histoir about une ptite slut pi y lapellait "une couroieuse de jupe"

Jai dit what de fuck quer "une couroieuse de jupe"

Ji yer dit....

Vou parler tout comme des fuckin de tapette, vou devrier toute fucker off back a quebec parce que ya personne qui peu vou endurer par icite.

Vou croier que vous aver tout vu, vous aver tout fait pi vou saver tout but vous aver pas vu fuckall

vous aver pas fait fuck all

pis vous saver fuckall

so en aller vou toute bake a la bell province des tapettes

--maurice the homeless guy--

Minister of Energy and Mines Donald Arsenault is hunted down about Bill 51!!!!!

Trying to get info of Bill 51 from the Premier Office!!!!!

Going to chase after MLA'S at the New Brunswick Legislature on St.Patrick day!!!

Satan is all around Fredericton!!!!


This is another abuse! That is all that Fredericton seems to do is harass good people. They should fire the police chief as well as the one in charge of determining who gets prosecuted!

Very bad stuff here Charles. Bad people, evil people, almost demonic.

BTW Charles you seem to have some brain wave people who commented before me. They all sound very smart to me. Can they think do you think hahaha Just shed some light in the evil they are doing.

This is bullshit at it's worse. Fredericton should be given an award Best City to harass and charge good innocent people because they have a big fear to charge real criminals.

They were never trained to distinguish an innocent person from a real criminal. You have a right to be upset and anyone who does not see the injustice being done to you I would have to say they would be like your other commentators!

Those smart ones that finished grade 4? maybe 3 just a guess.

Fredericton Police Officers should have their name Tags on coat when entering a Home!!!

Just heard this story tonight!!

Now I know Fredericton so-called Cop Darell Carter goes into people's home and arrest the citizens without reading their rights!!!

So the Couple is VERY upset with the Fredericton Police Force!!!

This video last 12 minutes and make sure there's no kids around!!! IT'S A STRAIGHT FORWARD BAD ONE!!!!

The funny part is they are going to meet bad Cop River Rat Matt Myers in the morning!!! I wonder how they will do??? HA!!!!!

Monday, 16 March 2015

Fredericton New Brunswick Canada will be the first Canadian City to murder a Journalist!!!

Until 2014, 128 journalists killed in Turkey and 100's imprisoned. Fascism is scared of people exposing their dirty works.

Yes...we sure miss him......

Why do people die so young and others don't???

This death bothered me last summer -

She died in a car crash on Grand Manan Island last summer. Sadly her bf killed himself soon after. This girl was suppose to be the shinning star of the Community but this will never happen because she's dead.

Yes...I always had a VERY difficult time understanding this word - Death!!!...:(

Fredericton Shoplifter goes in Irving Paper while Registered Sex Offender is ignored!!

Poor Girl will have to panhandle to pay for her fine!!!! But wait??? The Cops will give her another huge fine!!!! Quite a system eh????

New Brunswick Attorney General Serge Rousselle supports Fascist style of going after the less fortunate!!!!

To: Serge Rousselle, NB Attorney General, Re: Complaint against Special Prosecutors Cory Roberts, Kathryn Gregory and Sebastien Michaud

I wish to submit complaints regarding the above Crown Prosecutors as follows:

1. Sebastien Michaud has failed to appear at all three of my hearings so far - that is unacceptable. He is preventing me from getting answers to serious issues and avoiding answering to the fact he is p rosecuting a charge with no evidence to support it.

2. Cory Roberts, Special Prosecutor, lied to the Court at my hearing on 16th February, 2015, when he said I was provided all disclosure. There are many documents mentioned in the Police/Crown case that have been concealed.

3. Kathryn Gregory (who was known as Kathryn El-Khoury) appeared at my hearing on Monday in a direct conflict of interests. She and her father both worked with the presiding Judge Julian Dickson's wife, in their law firm Athey, Gregory Dickson. They are clearly in a close relationship, that leads a reasonable person to believe they are friends, and gives the appearance that justice cannot be seen to be done if she represents the Crown against me and Dickson is the judge.

Picture 5878

4. Ms. Gregory lied on the Court record twice at the last hearing of my prosecution, Monday 2nd March, 2015, when she falsely stated I had all the disclosure and I was using delay tactics. The first hearing confirmed I was entitled to more disclosure - which I have not yet received - and the second hearing was during a snow storm when even the judge did not turn up, but I did.

I require an investigation into this and an explanation from you for Crown Prosecutors lying in my hearings.


Charles LeBlanc

Just received this email today -

Reply From AG March 2015 by Charles LeBlanc

I have been hearing some bad stories about this VERY snobbish female!!

Picture 5878

Stay tuned!!!

It was 7 years ago today Jesus showed up in one of my was at Carleton Park...See the abandon Church in the back????