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Friday, 27 March 2015

Where did the 50 Millions Dollars to Atcon went????

Charles, The huge uproar over ATCON is a rally cry by the public for "Follow the Money".

But Premier Brian Gallant is running away in the opposite direction. So let's keep the pressure on Brian Gallant until he releases the following information to the public: (1) Where did the money go? Did the first $20 million go to creditors (banks), but then the next $50 million go to pay off companies who were owed money by ATCON?

In other words, who benefited from the government giving this last $50 million to Atcon?

(2) And who are the Liberals protecting? That is, Why don't the Liberals want a forensic audit, an audit that would find out which companies received the $50 million dollars?

Here's a video I made a few days ago -

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  1. The Atcom was nothing but organised white collar crime.