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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Pumpkin Heads at a VERY cheap price in Fredericton!!!


Halloween in Fredericton...

Picture 1542


I was asked twice to blog this issue but I just don't get it!!! No information no noting but here it goes...

Passing on a message:

The New Brunswick government has refused to give me benefits for which it admits I am eligible on health and economic grounds. Rather, to meet the government's residential requirement, I have to stay in an unhealthy house that is involved in a legal case, contrary to advice from both my doctor and my lawyer, or in a tent outside my house. Even after I have set up a tent in my yard, to accommodate the government, I am still being asked to go through a stressful application process for the umpteenth time, despite the government having all the necessary information, and being aware that this repetitive process triggers serious anxiety attacks. Yet, there is no guarantee that this application will be the last one, and that my home address will finally qualify me for the benefits. Ironically, my home address was acceptable for receipt of my voting card, but not for receipt of benefits as a Canadian citizen.


Justice being debated in Fredericton last night....

New Brunswick Common Front for Social Justice Inc.never fough and never will fight for protection of the less fortunate in the Court System!!!


I bought up this issue at a meeting and they turned it down!!!

It always bug me to see Union people at the helm fighting for poverty issues!!!

Of course these people can afford a lawyer!!!!

P.S. What I mean by those people if the individuals in the New Brunswick Common Front for Social Justice Inc.!!

Everyone has a new costume for Halloween!!!


To replace the Crooked members of the Fredericton Police Force!!!


Tyrant Quebecois Dan Bussieres celebrates Halloween in Fredericton!!!!


Stephen Harper is gone FOREVER!!!!


Native relaxing.....


Blogger had a blind date tonight....


Thursday, 29 October 2015

Difficult task ahead???


Blogger just died a horrifying death...


Fredericton Green Party Federal Candidate Mary Lou Babineau on Election night!!!


The Citizens of New Brunswick should demand Blood!!!!






How will the future treat our Seniors????


Move over CTV Meteorologist Cindy Day!!! Blogger says - 12 feet of snow this winter!!


Less kids in the community so redo the old schools!!!!


Where have time went????


The end of the Oromocto Flat for another year...:(

Fredericton Police hunting down adult female who dared to exercise without a helmet!!!!


It is TIME we get rid of this so-called Police Force. Lets bring in the R.C.M.P.!!!! Once the public have lost faith in their local police force? It's all over!!!!

Quebecois getting ready for the New Brunswick Legislature!!!


Never to be seen AGAIN!!!!


Evil is coming....


Riding Bicycle right till the end of the Oromocto Flat!!!

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Friends of Odell Park in Fredericton confronted by the Blogger!!!

70% of the people have forgotten - JE SUIS CHARLIE!!!!

Minister of Education Serge Roussell to start no style to keep your school open!!!!

Former Fredericton Police Chief Barry MacKnight is Back!



Barry MacKnight is Back!

Barry MacKnight is to conduct the investigation into Saint John’s deputy chief, Glen McCloskey, who allegedly attempted to persuade an officer to conceal information while testifying under oath at the Oland trial. MacKnight was unable to manage his own Fredericton Police Force and retired in 2012 at the very young age of 49 years, under the large dark cloud of a failed attempt to criminally charge our Blogger, Charles LeBlanc, with the unconstitutional section 301 of the Criminal Code.


MacKnight’s lack of competence and leadership resulted in complaints against the FPF rising to an incredible high in 2010-2011, when the NB Police Commission received 129 complaints against its Chief and officers. Second place went to the Miramichi police, with around 9 complaints. MacKnight’s legacy continued under Chief Fitch, who has failed to regain control of the FPF and, again, has the highest number of suspended and criminally charged officers in New Brunswick.

If you want to whitewash the misconduct of dirty cops in this province appoint a FPF officer, or ex-officer. Chief Fitch created a report in 2014 that exonerated the Codiac RCMP for shooting and killing Daniel Levesque.


Chief Fitch’s report said Levesque died of prior knife wounds, not the bullets the RCMP pumped into him. Funny thing though, he was upright and moving until they shot him four times in quick succession, after which he never moved again.



Just two weeks after Fitch announced her findings Justin Bourque snapped, and went on the rampage that killed three Moncton RCMP officers. Bourque and Levesque were well acquainted. Justin’s friends believe he went out for revenge, following the release of Fitch’s findings (the report was not made public). Speculating whether Fitch’s report triggered Justin Bourque’s actions affirms the potential for disastrous outcomes, when police do not conduct themselves honestly, ethically and according to the law, and when those responsible fail to properly regulate, investigate and manage them – including mayors, the Minster of Public Safety and the Police Commission.


Police chiefs should never be involved with investigating complaints against one of their own officers. Police in New Brunswick should also not be investigating other police in New Brunswick. They are a band of brothers and protect each other. The proposed changes to the NB Police Act are, in the main, a disaster and do nothing to bring significant and necessary change.

The existing NB Police Act is sufficient to require officers to conduct themselves appropriately and for the Public Safety Minister, NB Police Commission and Chiefs of police to resolve conduct, service and policy complaints. The problem is, not one of them is doing their job properly and our Minister for Public Safety, Stephen Horsman, operates in a huge conflict of interests, since he is an ex-FPF cop. After 25 years in the Fredericton Force he never made it past corporal. He is not leadership material and he cannot impartially administer his ministerial duties relating to police in this province.


The Police Commission has just exonerated Chief Fitch and seven of her officers for their conduct in the Jeff Smiley investigation and charges.


Justice David Walker ruled the Fredericton Police and RCMP involved were “sloppy” to say the least, and their “investigation” failed in every way. The Police Commission has decided it is okay for the FPF to negligently investigate, criminally charge one of their own, when they had no authority, and spend a huge amount of public money to do that. This decision comes one week before Smiley’s Police Commission hearings at the Wu Centre. I predict Smiley will be found guilty of misconduct, in spite of Justice Walker’s findings.

Our provincial law enforcement and justice systems are broken, from the top to the bottom, and each of the players is hiding the wrongdoing of the others. Changing the Police Act isn’t going to fix that – the law will still be ignored by the same people who are ignoring it now. There is no transparency and no honesty in the very agents and officials charged, by law, with protecting our rights and freedoms.

I suggest people go to the NB Police Commission’s website and view the proposal to change the Police Act. It is not only written very poorly, it suggests changes that would be pointless and regressive.

Media is starting to cover the New Brunswick Commissionaire Wayne Grant issue!!!!

Wayne Grant Release - Final Copy by Charles LeBlanc!Peoples-Alliance-Calls-for-Changes-to-OLA-After-Complaint-Against-Commissionaire-Wayne-Grant/c17jj/562ea0530cf2d5c7c8f4836b

and the Language Commissioner response -

Many more videos on this awful issue in this link -

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Blogger Legal Fund is getting there!!!!


Getting there!!!! If you care to help? Please donate to the website -

or send me money to

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Pictures of Plaques stolen at Cenotaph in Fredericton!!!!


Someone told me that they were stolen because of hate!!!!

They just hate Wars and threw the plaques in the river.

Myself...I say it was Druggies!!!! They don't care where they get their money for their next fix!!!!

Where are they now?????

Pictures 606

Evil City of Fredericton this morning....

Picture 1722

Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside showed he's TRUE Hypocrite by offering $1,000 to catch those responsible in damaging the Cenotaph!!!!


This guy supported my freedom of speech blog being shut down and now he does what????

Enough is Enough!!!!

We must get rid of this guy in May!!!!

What a Hypocrite!!!!!

Moonrise over the Evil City of Fredericton last night....

Picture 1601

Assholes steals Plaques from Cenotaph in Fredericton!!!!

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