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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Energy East Pipeline: a Water Shed Tragedy In The Making

Transcription of the video available here The Left Eye

Fredericton Police and Park Patrol hunting down Indians and Less fortunate who dares to exercise!!!!!

Heard another story a few days ago of a Black guy who was hunted down because of the color of his skin!!

Many people who exercising without a helmet and are daring the Cops to stop them.

Any Cops who stop someone from exercising is NOT cop in my books!!

There are no Police Scanners this means NO WATCH DOGS!!

It's time to bring these Cops to court and find out why the Racists Members of the Fredericton Police Force and allow to hunt down certain cultures??

Why don't they force this Frank McKenna law to everyone????

Just found this video I made 2 years ago...

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Did the Irvings steal the emblem from Humphrey All Wool in Moncton???


Which individual is TRULY full of it???


Year of Mercy Walking Pilgrimage reach St. Dunstan's church in Fredericton!!!


Year of Mercy Walking Pilgrimage in Fredericton!!!


Brunswick Street Church Senior Pastor Terry Atkinson bids farewell to Fredericton!!!!

Did you know we had some HEAVY rain on May 28th, 29th and 30th from past years....


It was 4 years ago and the battle continues with the Cops!!! Danielle Carmichael was behind this attack and nothing was done!?

The charges was drop but it should HAVE NEVER happened!!

These days Dan Bussieres is a totally different individual. It took years but he waved the white flag and he's taking his medications!!!< I think so >

He came VERY close of suffering a HUGE nervous breakdown!!

Now we move on but the battle with the Racists Members of the Fredericton Police Force continues because they have NEVER learn to leave me alone!!!!

Maybe one day they will learn but I doubt it!!

LeBlanc has been banned from the legislature grounds for six years. He was reportedly trying to get an interview with Energy Minister Margaret-Ann Blaney, who had announced earlier in the day that she is resigning from politics to become the chief executive officer of Efficiency New Brunswick. Fredericton police responded to a call from the legislature's sergeant-at-arms Daniel Bussières. The Fredericton Police declined to comment, or even confirm that it was LeBlanc who was arrested. In a written statement, Cpl. Rick Mooney said police responded to the legislature "regarding a complaint of assault. "Officers arrested a 52-year-old male at that location for assault and subsequently transported the man to the Fredericton Police station," Mooney said. The man was released from police custody about 4 p.m., he said. "The matter is still under investigation and police expect to have more to say on the matter on Thursday morning." The arrest comes just days after LeBlanc and his lawyer called for a public inquiry into the Fredericton Police Force's handling of a raid at LeBlanc's home in January. LeBlanc, who writes a controversial blog that is often critical of politicians and police officers, had his computer seized and was informed he would be facing charges of criminal libel. He was accused of damaging the reputation of a city police officer in blog posts last summer. But on May 4, the provincial government announced it would not be proceeding with criminal libel charges against LeBlanc. The attorney general said in a statement that section of the Criminal Code of Canada has been deemed unconstitutional in other jurisdictions and it was unlikely a New Brunswick court would come to a contrary decision. Inquiry possible Last week, Attorney General Marie-Claude Blais told CBC News she's not ruling out a provincial inquiry into the case. Meanwhile, the city has launched a review of whether police acted properly. Fredericton Police Chief Barry MacKnight has stepped back from the third-party investigation. He said the process must be viewed as "credible and beyond reproach." MacKnight had previously said he would pick who would conduct the review and establish the terms of reference. LeBlanc could be facing an assault charge. The banning notice he received in 2006 stated he would be charged with assault under the Criminal Code of Canada if he refused to stay away. Arrested before LeBlanc has often been spotted around the legislature since the ban was implemented, but he's only been arrested once before, in April 2009. LeBlanc, who had been attending a protest on the legislature's front lawn, was facing charges of mischief and assault. But the charges were never formally filed with the courts. LeBlanc was permanently barred from entering any buildings or stepping on any property within the provincial legislature district in June 2006. The barring notice, posted on his blog, accused him of demonstrating "unacceptable behaviour within the legislative precincts, which has included harassment and disrespectful behaviour toward legislative staff, members of the Security Detail and members of the public." At the time, legislature officials said the ban was to ensure employees could work in a secure environment free of harassment. LeBlanc was also arrested at an Atlantica conference protest in 2006. He was later acquitted of an obstruction charge related to that arrest.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Former Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside landed a new job???

If it is???

All I will say is - GOOD FOR HIM!!!...:) 


This piece of work or Art was done days before the election...

A few people told me that the former Mayor Tweeted he was going to have a new job??

Woodside blocked me from his twitter account..< I wonder why? >

So? If the news is true? All I can say is - GOOD FOR HIM!!!!

I hope it's a Senate

Does anyone know the scoop???? PLEASE TELL!!!!

Kevin Vickers landed in Fredericton late last night!!!


Why is Home for Battered Women in Fredericton shown to the Media??


Friend is having a Lung Cancer operation this morning...QUIT SMOKING!!!

New Brunswick Energy Minister Donald Arseneault and Blogger debate Moratorium on Fracking and Pipeline!


Leadership hopeful Southwest Miramichi Mla Jake Stewart at Media Scrum!!!


Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Fredericton ceremony of new 2016 Council!!!

Henri Mallet becomes 1st Acadien to be elected as a Fredericton Councillor!!!


Fredericton Mayor Mike O'Brien first speech as Mayor!!!!!!

Owner of Victory Meat Market in Fredericton comes face to face with Shoplifter Blogger!!!

Fredericton Mayor Mike O'Brien is questioned by the Blogger after being sworn in!!!!!

Fredericton MP Matthew "Matt" DeCourcey asked by Blogger about Justin Trudeau behavior in Ottaw

Fredericton Climber Noah Kingston is questioned by Blogger!!!

Video I made 48 hours ago during the long weekend will soon hit 4,000 viewed!!!! WHERE'S THE MEDIA???

Rosaireville Clearcuts!!!!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau losing his temper in Ottawa is debated by Racist Non educated idiot Redneck and Blogger!!!

Discussing new Fredericton Mayor Mike O'Brien and Brad Woodside on a Full Moon!!!!!

Monday, 23 May 2016

Halifax Police Force are responsible for the high numbers of Murders in their City!!!

The same is going to happen here in Fredericton once somebody dies at the hands of the Fredericton Police!!!

Why do I blame the Halifax Police you asked???

These are drive by shooting!!!!

The call goes to 9-11 and the Police responds to the Call!!!

Then around 1 hour later the Police are asking the Public for help if they seen anything????

Guess what?????

They got rid of their Police Scanners so they public don't know what's going on????

A call goes to 9-11 about a shooting and the people in the area would quickly run and look outside!!!!

But what do I know???

Sunday, 22 May 2016

If Brad Woodside would have kissed Blogger's ass during the last two weeks of the Municipal Election? Would he still be the Mayor????



We don't know what's going on!!! The Language Commissioner gave the order to the Emergency squad not to Twitt!!! This Blog is to warn the Cops are going toward Woodstock road in high speed!!! EVERYONE GO INSIDE!!!!

Fredericton Youths views on Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau or if they will vote???


Another BRAVE voter in action!!!...:)

Seeking Forgiveness in Fredericton!!!!

Blogger follows Fredericton Police at Fredericton Market!!!

Pets Unlimited in Fredericton going out of Business for Hamster charge by Fredericton Police!!!

Fredericton Fire Fighters haven't twitted since Katherine D'entremont gave orders to stop! Public in Great Danger!!!

Here's their twitter account -

Alma Brooks And The Origin of the Saint John River

For transcription of the video click here

Blogger meets Fredericton Police Cruiser on the Walking Trails tonight!!!

I was walking the Westmorland Bridge and came across this -

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Justin Trudeau is no Abel LeBlanc!!!


Brother Abel, where art thou??? Da Peoples Politician!!!! Here we have a total and absolute jack-ass, who, by name only, thinks that he owns the world. Well J.T. ole boy, Donald f----n' Stump has news for you!!!! Now put that in your Quebecois pipe and smoke it, ya big dork. Abel, THE only politician with BALLS we ever had here, can do, in a split second with one finger, what no other self-important, red liberal communist bastard could ever achieve in a lifetime, SPEAK DA LANGUAGE OF DA PEOPLE!!!! We need one fuckova lot more Abel LeBlanc's in this world to keep 'er on an even keel, ya big piece of shit, and don't you ever f----n' forget it!!!! Now you jist take yer packa chicken shits off to you're beloved Quebecois and let the rest of us REST IN PEACE!!!!

MEDIA MUST COVER THIS ONE - New Brunswick Language Commissioner Katherine d'entremont told the Fredericton Firefighters - I'M THE BOSS!!

Premier Brian Gallant must believe New Brunswickers are stupid?? Will he change Dress code????

Francine Lévesque et Blogger parle du sujet - glyphosate!!!


New Mayor of Fredericton comes with new Wharf at Carleton Park!!!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Jake Stewart P.C. MLA for Southwest Miramichi will announce on May 26th in Blackville at 11:00am to run for the P.C. Leadership!!


Pro Choice and Pro Life comes face to face in front of Abortion Clinic in Fredericton!!

This happened 3 years ago - MADE ME PROUD TO BE A CANADIAN!!!!

Pro Choice disrupts Protest Rally at New Brunswick Legislature!! Graydon Nicholas VERY stern!!!!

Roger LeBlanc from Eel River Crossing still protesting of the wrong doing done by Former Premier Frank McKenna!!!

The Irvings MUST help to rebuilt the Mispec Beach in Saint John!!

The Harmony Project is launch in Fredericton!!!



Model joins protest to save Gagetown Ferry.....I must admit that it did grab my ADHD attention....:)


Saint John East P.C. Glen Savoie and Liberal Denis Landry debate the need of a Donald Trump in New Brunswick!!!


Gagetown Protesters sings - BRING BACK BRING BACK THE FERRY TO ME!

Today -

March 2009!!!!

Fredericton Police is questioned by the Blogger in front of the New Brunswick Legislature!!

Sunday, 15 May 2016



Destroyed Mispec Beach in Saint John should be helped by the Irving Family!!!

Fredericton Climber Noah Kingston is viewed by the Blogger!!!

Brunswick Street Pastor Terry Atkinson picture taken with two ADHD individuals!!! This was his LAST Supper...he will be leaving the Church in Fredericton in a few weeks...:(


Protest against Pipeline in Saint John yesterday!!!




At least the citizens will know what part of the City to for the Cops? Who wants to listen to those idiots anyway?????

We will just have to wait till the Cops runs over a small child during a high speed chase or they beaten up an Indian or a welfare bum!!!!

The Cops have no watch dogs!!!

Listen to our Firemen by clicking below -

None Educated racist redneck filled a complaint to New Brunswick Language Commisioner Katherine d'entremont!!!

A stern message to New Brunswick Language Commissionaire Katherine d'entremont!!!!!

KATHEIRNE Miss d'entroment, Miss d'entroment, when, exactally, are you gonna give up on this famous f----n' diatribe of anti English Bigotry Shit?? Let the word go forth, from this time and place, to you and your fellow bigots alike, that we unilingual Anglophones are every damn bit as good as your most sacred francophone cronies ever thoughta bein'. It would appear to me, Miss d'etroment, that you have one helluva lot of growing up to do. You want respect for your mother tongue?? Then you damn well show respect for everyone else's mother tongue. However you slice it, my dear, it works the same both ways. And I mean BOTH ways!!!! We Anglophones are a part of your beloved society too, so get used to it. WE AIN'T GOIN AWAY by any stretch of your damn imagination, so you can take your damn language commission and shove right it up your arse, where it belongs. Now get over your anti English horniness and donate some of your beloved earnings to the good folks in Fort McMurray and stop catering to your own sacred ass all the time.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Three years ago with new Mayor Mike O'Brien!!!

Nice walk up Hanwell yesterday and my Doctor told me that at my age? I'm a Superman!!!!


I have a VERY smart doctor....I will not mention his name in this blog because he's the private guy type!!!

Not like my old Doctor Yogi Sehgal!!!..LOL


So therefore I will respect his privacy...< I don't fool around with Nurses or >

Remember the UNB Nurse who took my Blood Pressure and they were VERY concern because my left arm was 144/96 and my right arm was 137/92???

By the way? All Men in the Downtown area should contact her by phone or email!!!


They sent me a remainder to visit my Doctor and I did just that!!!

I walked from my place at the bottom of Westmorland Street to the top of Hanwell in 45 minutes...< not bad >

I showed this paper to my Doctor -


He told me that he saw me on the news and the numbers could be connected to stress but not really something to be concern about..


The secret to take your blood pressure the Doc told me if you have to relax in the Doctor's office or home for 2 minutes before going for the test!!!


My new Blood Pressure was 120/84!!!!

I got the results from my blood Tests I had at the Hospital last week and everything is FINE!!!! SUPERMAN FINE!!!...:p

P.S. Don't forget....relax for 2 minutes before test...:)