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Monday, 31 October 2016

Justice and Public Safety Minister Denis Landry will be confronted by the Blogger!!!!


I have been trying to get some answers on this issue but the bureaucrats are telling the Minister to ignore moi!!!!!!

This is VERY strange and we will find out if Denis Landry have strange into a racist against the Less fortunate!!!!

Stay tuned....

Former New Brunswick Premier Richard Hatfield home in Fredericton!!!

Racist non educated Redneck and Blogger debate Freemen-on-the-Land in Canada!!!

How come Canadians knows more about American Politics than their own???

New good read in Fredericton......The Music Scene!!!!!

New Brunswick Legislature opens November 2th with Security Barricades!!!!

Fredericton Police refuse to release details of public take down on Westmorland Street!!!!

A few people asked me if it was me???

It sure wasn't but it's getting dangerous on Westmorland Street...someone was shot last month...:(

The Fredericton Police were way off on this one because the public are NO LONGER the watch dogs of these clowns.

With no Police Scanners the Cops are free to do anything they want.

It is just a matter of time till someone gets seriously injured or killed by the Cops. Even in New York the Police have Scanners so the citizens knows what's going on???

So??? What happened??? Was the citizen arrested at gun point because of a unpaid fine? Did the Police taught he was a drug dealer??? Why have such a public take down????

I know they are the people with Guns and Tasers but this is ridiculous!!!!!

Will the public ever find out what the Cops were going????

Hidden pictures brings back memories!!!!

This is insane but it did happened last night

Over three weeks of mourning or feeling bad for my good friend who died....I finally felt that it's time to let go and move on....a friend was over and I pull a piece of paper from the wall in front of my Computer....behind them were pictures I posted on my wall a couple of years ago

I was sitting at Fox's Barber Shop then suddenly she and her son in law showed up for a haircut....With them was Vivienne.....< did I spell it correctly? >

My friend was keeping her company...she didn't know I was taking these pictures....I put it on my wall because it truly showed the love between Grand Mother and Grand child

I gave her an enlargement of one of the is so strange that I totally forgot about these pictures until last night....looks like I have a hard time to forget her.


How come the media don't asked questions of the Fredericton Cop who stole $40,000????

I haven't heard nothing more of this issue.....I know the name of the Cop and people involved in this issue....All I will say is the Cop stole the money while he was in Las Vegas!!!!<br/>
Come on media....get the facts!!!!!!

Best Baker the Fredericton Community Soup Kitchen ever died last night...Brenda Alexander will be TRULY missed...:(....

She's one of many who have left the Kitchen during these past few years....:(

She made the best Banana Bread!!!,,,:)..

My deepest sympathy to Bob and family members.....

In Memory of Brenda Alexander Obituary for Brenda Alexander The passing of Brenda Joy Alexander of Fredericton, NB, wife of Bob Alexander, occurred on Saturday, October 29, 2016 at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital. Born on January 28, 1947 in Saint John,NB she was the daughter of the late Eugene and Rita (McIntosh) Mitton. Brenda was a long time volunteer at the Fredericton Community Kitchen. In addition to her husband, Brenda is survived by her daughters, Ann Craig and Helen Palacios both of Ottawa, ON, and grandchildren, Alex and Amber Craig, and Brandon Palacios. Besides her parents, Brenda was predeceased by her brother, Dale Mitton. There will be no services, by request of the family. A Private Family Graveside Service will be held at Harding Point Cemetery at a later date. For those who wish, remembrances may be made to the Fredericton Community Kitchen. Personal condolences may be offered through

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Fredericton Police calls Racist non-educated Redneck to buy tickets for Hockey Game!!!!

Calling people to buy tickets for a Hockey Game???? Lots of time on their hands eh???? Maybe they are collecting money for the missing $40,000 a cop stole from their fund???

How come the Cop < won't mention his name > at least I said he was a -" He "...:P that stole the money haven't showed up in court yet??? Hey Media...asks the question to the Chief????


$150.00 per ticket to watch a hockey game???? How much is a beer???? How much for fries or Hot Dog??? This is for a Senators Game...How much for a Canadian game??? or Toronto???

A much more Polite racist non educated Redneck on new P.C. Leader Blaine Higgs!!!

Attitude Ontario Guy and Attitude Blogger Guy debate the issue of Nestle and free water!!!

Hands gives Blogger away!!!!

Getting ready to open the New Brunswick Legislature for November 2th! Where's Dan Bussieres????

VERY smart member of the Fredericton Police Force!!!!

Educational Protest in Fredericton Defending Canada's Public Blood Collection Systemi!!!