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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Friday, 29 August 2014

Blogger Charles LeBlanc walks into Private Citizen home Jay Leno style!!!!

I bumped into ADHD Drummer Boy this evening. Remember him? 

Click below -


Getting bigger these days...anyway he wanted to introduce me to a fan of the Blog so I decided to turn my camera on the last few seconds. 

First time I ever pull a stunt like this one...:P 

Blogger could have been shot by the members of the Fredericton Police Force?

Cute...I'm surprise the Fredericton Police Force didn't give them a ticket????

Getting ready for the final weeks of the New Brunswick Provincial Election!!!!!

Katherine d'Entremont Commissioner of Official Languages for New Brunswick will not investigate complint against Radio-Canada!!!!

I told you she have useless!!!!  Time get rid of this post!!!!

We acknowledge receipt of your complaint received on August 29, 2014.
The Official Languages Act of New Brunswick seeks to enhance the fulfillment and vitality of the two linguistic communities by guaranteeing equal access, for all citizens, to the services of the institutions of the Legislature and the provincial government in either official language.  To that end, the Act provides that members of the public have the right to communicate with and receive services from provincial institutions in the official language of their choice.
The Commissioner of Official Languages’ mandate includes the fair and equitable investigation of public complaints.  To fulfill that mandate, a preliminary determination must be made as to the admissibility of these complaints according to the conditions set out in the Act.  The Commissioner’s authority to act in the matter under the conferred mandate must also be ascertained.
Accordingly, since your complaint involves a federal institution rather than a provincial institution, this office does not have the authority to proceed with an investigation. We therefore suggest you contact the Atlantic Region office of the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages for Canada at the following:
Nicole Beaulieu, LL.B.

Tribute to Jean Paul Boudreau from Memramcook!!!

When it rains it pours!!!! I have major computer pictures and videos will not copy and paste....the end is near......:(

Here's his story -

I took this picture last night...guess where??? 

I have to take the bucket somewhere.....

Blogger sent a email of complaint to the CRTC against Radio-Canada Acadie!!!!

To whom it may concern, I am an Acadian and I wish the CRTC to investigate an issue that I am VERY concern with. We are in the middle of an Provincial Election here in New Brunswick. Radio-Canada Acadie are going to have a debate with the Provincial Leaders but they have not invited the Leader of the Green Party David Coon. The reason? They claimed his French is not good enough. I was VERY upset once I heard the News because I have seen first hand the Leader < 3 years > taking a French course with a French Teacher. < one on one > Radio-Canada Acadie is basing their decision on the last debate where the former Leader Jack McDougall had an awful time with his French. I must admit that it was terrible but with this new Leader? This is not the case. I feel this is Russian style of television once a Television station decides who's french is good enough to address the Acadian Population. This could stop a future Leader to be Premier. A person could come from the French Immersion program and would love to be Premier but Radio-Canada says NON!!!! Let the Acadians decide for themselves. This is VERY scary stuff. I want the CRTC to investigate this issue as soon as possible because the debate set for September 9th. Merci Beaucoup. Charles LeBlanc P.S. You can send an email to this guy from Radio-Canada Acadie

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Charles LeBlanc’s blog shut down and what warning it may send [audio]...

 Some time on Monday, Aug 18, 2014, the popular and often politically charged and controversial blog of Fredericton’s Charles LeBlanc was shut down. The blog is probably best known for LeBlanc’s hounding of politicians and police over their statements, decisions and actions. 

The removal of the blog was the result of City of Fredericton Chief Administrative Officer Chris MacPherson contacting Google to have the blog removed because it allegedly contained “inaccurate and hurtful content about Fredericton police,” as reported by CBC.

 At least that is the summary reason that the City of Fredericton communicated to the media in the days following.

 In the interview From the Margins did with LeBlanc, which follows this writing, he gives background to the shut down. As well, he gives a message of warning to other bloggers and media activists.

 Where is the line being drawn around freedom of expression? As the interview reveals, the efforts of the City of Fredericton and the Fredericton Police Force (FPF) to put LeBlanc into legal trouble for the content of his blog – if not to restrict or end it – date back years. 

In January 2012, LeBlanc’s computer was seized and he was arrested, officially as part of a FPF investigation into allegedly libelous content about a member of the FPF. The officer in question complained months earlier regarding LeBlanc’s statements about him. 

LeBlanc alleged inappropriate contact during his arrest in the summer of 2011 by the officer – for a bylaw infraction involving biking without a helmet on a sidewalk – and wondered out loud, in a number of blog posts, what other questionable behaviours the officer might engage in. 

When his apartment was invaded by police during the investigation, LeBlanc was led to the impression that they were after something other than libelous information about a police officer. He thought they were conducting a search for information regarding child sexual exploitation. 

He was outraged. In fact, as part of their investigation, when the FPF tried to obtain information about LeBlanc from his Internet Service Provider (ISP), they used a form designed for investigations of child sexual exploitation, which Click below for the rest of the story - Media Co-op write about Blogger!!!

Rare moment to be able to sing safely in Fredericton!!!!

New Brunswick Green Party Leader David Coon still haven't been invited to the French Debate by Radio-Canada Acadie!!!

I am sending a complaint letter to the CRTC in the morning and the Federal Government must launch an inquiry on this issue.

Joan Kingston of UNB's Faculty of Nursing chat with Blogger about the Downtown Fredericton Community Health Clinic!!!

I would post my old blog post on this issue but the City of Fredericton had it shut down!!!!

I ran into Joan Kingston in the Parking Garage across the Centennial Building and I asked for an update of the Downtown Fredericton Community Health Clinic! She agreed and we walked across the street.

Joan suggested we do the one on one in a certain location but I disagreed because the wind would have been against me and if I went on the other side? There were three people sitting under a tree and I knew they weren't Bureaucrats.

 I know these people on Methadone are ten time angrier than me and much more hyper than me. I didn't wish to break the peaceful atmosphere.

 So? After a few minutes of debating, we decided to go to another location.

 We walked past the three individuals.

One guy shouted - I DON'T WANT TO BE ON VIDEO!!!! I SEEN YOUR VIDEOS!!!!

I replied - Good!!! Keep on watching!!!

He got angry and shouted - YOU'RE A LOW LIFE!!!!!

I said to myself - My God? Am I going to have another fist fight??? < My 3rd in three months >

I shot back - I'M A LOW LIFE?????? HEY??? I'M ON YOUR SIDE!!!! I FIGHT FOR YOU PEOPLE!!!

He continued to be angry and shouted - YOU'RE A FAGOT!!!!

I wish that I was Gay because I would have more rights!!!...:P

Poor Joan was watching the whole episode and she looked very uncomfortable witnessing the exchange.

 You could call this exchange - Abel LeBlanc style!!!


                                     I quickly turned on my camera!! Here's the video -

I am certain if the three individuals knew who was with me? They would have kept their mouth shut!!!

 I walked across the street and they challenge me to walk by them. What a bunch!!

I noticed a Commissionaire having a chat with them and they female security is a true nutcase!!!

Interesting time ahead but I am happy everything is going well...


Finally the citizens of Fredericton can use the Trails and exercise in peace!!!!!...:)

Because Freedom of speech is not allowed in Fredericton companies are moving out!!!!

People must make some money somehow!!!!! He told me a funny story...darn shame I didn't have the camera on....maybe next time...


New Part of the Fredericton Walking Trail is empty!! The Fredericton Park Patrol will be gone after this long weekend!!!

The Trails are empty because of the Rat Patrol!!!!

 I heard a VERY sad story last evening....I'm waiting to get the ok to go public....

The Rat Patrol made a young girl cry and the Parents flipped out!!!! 

I will share the story with our so-called politicians at City Hall. 

These people are not politicians....they are against freedom of speech and many citizens in this City are in great danger.....Fredericton is not the place to make a living....very dangerous.... 

They made a Movie on the Fredericton Park Patrol - 

Why don't those people leave me alone???

Didn't receive a good reception at P.C. Fredericton North Candidate Troy Lifford Headquarters......

That's blog was shut down by the City of Fredericton!!! I'm a nobody now!!!!...:(

Radio-Canada Atlantique never replied to their email about David Coon be allow in the French Political Debate!!

Here he is with his French Teacher that he had for the last 3 years!!!! SHAME SHAME SHAME ON RADIO-CANADA!!!! 
This is not right!!!!  Those Quebecois are ignoring the issue therefore causing conflict between the English and French!!!!

I will send the same email to the Federal Government and the CRTC asking to hold an inquiry over this issue!!!

Pauvre Radio-Canada...this could go on for years!!!


Here's the email....EMAIL THEM!!!

 Email a letter at -

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Can the New Brunswick Green Party win some Seats???


14 years old!!!!

In human years that would be????

Westmorland Bridge in Fredericton is open for traffic!!!

Don't be too comfortable because I heard the Fredericton Police Force wish to cause the citizens more grief by setting up road blocks at the Bridge......

Time to bring in the R.C.M.P.!!!!!

Coming out to rally the Liberals???

Brian Gallant only has to breath to be the next Premier of New Brunswick...

NDP Fredericton South Candidate Kelly Lamrock sign is destroyed in front of the Police Station!!!

He's the only one that was destroyed!!!! 

Was does this mean???? 

Good policing by the Fredericton Police eh? Right on their door steps....Keystones Cops!!!!

Irving Stands To Lose 63 Million Dollars If Alward Looses Election

Irving wants Alward Elected so that he won't lose his tax breaks

Re Blogged from The Left Eye

Irving has a vested interest if the Alward government were to win this election on September 22. Brian Gallant announced that his party would start to make the 1% pay their share of taxes, which would represent $63 million dollars in tax savings for the province. There is consensus among the other alternative parties that if the 1% paid their share of the taxes, the province would not be in the financial state that it currently experiencing.

Brian Gallant is the first leader speak out on tax inequality between rich and the poor, which is a reflection of new political ideologies which has permeated liberal party over the last four years.
Vote yes is to vote yes for selling the province short, for example the royalty deal that he has made with the shale gas industry is only pennies that that province would receive as compared royalties paid out in the province of Alberta. Recently Alward has basically given Irving all of the forest on Crown lands for virtually receiving nothing from the Irvings.

Vote yes means a government that will represent the will of the corporations not the will of the citizens.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Send a letter of complaint to Radio-Canada Atlantique demanding Green Party Leader David Coon to be in the French Debate!!!

 Email a letter at -

A qui sa Concerne,

 J'ai pas un keyboard qui est Francais so je vais ecrire en Anglais. Je viens de Memramcook and I must say that I am VERY angry of the position that Radio-Canada Atlantique took of not allowing the Leader of the Green Party to attend the French debate.

Some people reminded me of the former Green Party Leader Jack MacDougall because of his poor performance during the political debate four years ago.

Oui c'etais un disaster!!!!

Mais David est pas Jack.

Je reste a Fredericton et j'ai vu David Coon assit avec une Femme pour apprendre le Francais. I would say he spent 2 to 3 years learning to speak French.

 I spoke with the guy and I believe he does a good job and he's not Jack!!!

I believe it's a HUGE step backward for Radio-Canada to say a leader cannot join an election debate because he or she is not French enough!!

That is Russian style of television and SHOULD NOT be allowed in Canada!!!

A future leader could be denied to be Premier because RADIO-CANADA is telling the French population that the leader is not French enough!!

Let the viewer decide!!!!

If you don't reverse your Russian style decision? I sent a complaint to the CRTC and demand who are telling the Acadian Population that a Leader should be ignore because his/her Francais is not good enough!!

I will make certain this battle continues for years!!!

Who is making these Russian decisions??? Quebecois????

I'm looking forward to your reprisal.....


Charles LeBlanc

The Acadian Population must get rid of Radio-Canada Atlantique!!!!

Mon Dieu...j'ai meme eu un journalist de Radio-Canada qui ma appeler un Racist!!!

Once we have Quebecois telling New Brunswickois who can speak prper Francais???

By not allowing Green Party Leader David Coon in the French Debate is showing the true Quebecois Arrogance!!!!

After the election, we must work hard together and get rid of Radio-Canada Atlantique. We must have a French Acadian Station that is run par La Population Acadienne et non Quebec!!!!

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


I am making one promise...I will never and I mean NEVER be interviewed by these people again!!!

 It's shameful to have a culture of maudit Quebecois telling nous les Acadiens qui peut parler le bon Francais et qui peut pas!!! 

 Je suis Acadien!!! Je viens de Memramcook et I say that David Coon can speak French!!!!

 Here he is with his French teacher that he's been with for the last 2 years!!! I just happened to walk by notice this picture - 

Fredericton Councillor Bruce Grandy is hunted down on the Streets about Charles LeBlanc's Blog shut down by the City and the Fredericton Police Force!!!!

I don't believe you will see any good stories Blogs about the City of Fredericton....

I am VERY PISSED that the Mayor and Council would support the elimination of my Blog. 

Something is not right. I don't feel like posting praising or News of people on this Blog. 

 For example....last night I heard some Bad News about Councillor David Kelly but I never ran home and blog this story last night or this morning. 

 I don't feel good about my new attitude towards the City...sort of reminds me the same feelings against Dan Bussieres and the Fredericton Police Force. 

You know...they were nice to my face and stabbed me in the back.... 

Last night, I wouldn't talk to them like I used to...I did chat with them outside over a few funny stories but it just wasn't the same. 

 I believe I will be questioning the politicians VERY HARSHLY over some issues. 

Stay tuned....I MUST NOT cross that line against our Municipal Politicians.

Natives will regroup and fight the Courts to save New Brunswick Forests!!!

New Brunswick Liberal Leader Brian Gallant arrives in Fredericton!!!!

New Brunswick Green Pary Leader David Coon can speak Francais for Radio-Canada Atlantique!!

Monday, 25 August 2014

Maurice the Homeless views on Charles's Battle with the Fredericton Police...

Maurice? Remind me to boot you up the arch next time I see you!!!!


Just like I said before, The more you go against Charles the more he will fight back and he will never stop no mater what. If you think he is bad now you should have seen him 20 or 30 years ago. What your seeing now is the very mellowed version of Charles.......believe it or not. The only way he will stop defending what he think is right is if you kill him.

So, Boobie, Lean Bitch, Dan Bustier, Loiseau, River Rat and all you that have spent years and made it a career of getting Charles......You wont win cause there is no quitting in that Scottish blogger.

My advice to you is to lay off Charles and move on with your life. He might do the same if your lucky.

He used to be friends with the fpd but he made the mistake of filming one of you beating the crap out of a innocent citizen. You have been trying to frame him ever since but you didn't succeed..

Dan Bustiere also was buddy with Charles, he even brought Charles to church with his family...then all of a sudden Charles is public enemy and gets banned from the leg? It maybe because of a rumor I heard that Dan's wife had the hots for Charles but I doubt that cause Charles is one ugly dude.

The thing is: If Dan would have left Charles do his thing Charles wouldn't have anything against him, he would have been a Dan Bustiere supporter but Dan has tried and tried to get Charles arrested what? a dozen times and has always failed.

Dan should just admit failure and just move on. He wouldn't have his ugly mug on Charles blog every day.

The fpd....same thing. Admit defeat and move on, You cant win with someone that wont quit. You all know that he wont quit so whatever you trow at him wont stick and you will end up looking like fools so make peace with the Scottish blogger and your life will be a hell of a lot better because as hard as it is to wont win.

Charles wont quit so let him be. --maurice the homeless guy--

Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside is asked about Charles LeBlanc Blog shut down!!!!

I showed up at Council this evening and I was in his ball park!!! What do you think??? 


 Brad made some great points, but I still understand why you feel there is unfinished business. The police accused you of being a pedophile, and when they couldn't find any evidence, they just wanted it to go away. They did not apologize, or attempt to clear your name. They just make a mess of a man's life and walked away. Given half a chance, they would have ruined your whole life, no joke. But if you do the same to them, they elicit the help of an international search engine. It's gross. The way the force treated you is gross. They're pompous and self-righteous. I hope you do move on from this, but I ALSO hope they learn something from this, for a change. I'm still with ya Charles

Way of communicating sure have change eh???

                                                                1978 -    


                                                                2014 -


 Can you imagine in 30 years from now???

Fredericton Police Force will continue to be condemn after the Provincial Election!!!!

If you DO NOT VOTE in the New Brunswick Provincial Election? DO NOT BITCH!!!!

The City of Fredericton declares itself to be the VERY first Fascist City in Canada!!!!

I guess Brad Woodside will make it official tonight by praising the action of City Manager!!!

Lots of empty chairs during the 2014 New Brunswick Provincial Campaign!!!!

Loud Mouth Liberal Supporter in Fredericton!!!

Sun News Network are confronted by the Blogger in Fredericton!!!

Liberal Leader Brian Gallant lands in Fredericton!!!

New Brunswick Liberal campaign Bus driver is confronted by the Blogger!!!!

Avahs Take-Out have the best cheeseburgers in the City of Fredericton!!!!

Memramcook lost a giant 2 years ago today!!!! JEAN-PAUL BOUDREAU NOUS A LAISSER 2 ANS PASSER!!!!

 I would have posted his life story but the City of Fredericton ordered Google to remove it!!!! Poor Jean-Paul....he died of ALS...I sure would take the ice bucket on behalf of my good friend.....
Sad day for the Village of Memramcook!!

Here's a video of Jean-Paul....


A straight forward view on New Brunswick Politics!!!!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Blogger Charles LeBlanc apologized to the Members of the Fredericton Police Force......

I must admit that I am VERY surprised by the amount of support I'm getting on the streets from the citizens of this City.

Of course, I also get dirty looks from some of the people I walk by but that's ok, I'm used to it!!!!

But I will admit that it's hard on my brains. (All five of them)

I have had people come to me and tell me that two wrongs don't make a right. You're both acting like children but even children forgive and move on.   Their words have made me stop and think…scary, me thinking.  lol

Maybe it's time that someone makes the first step and apologizes???  Well, maybe it is.  With that being said ……. Let me take the first step.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that if I have offended any members of the Fredericton Police Force, their family members, or their friends by calling these officers Pedophiles, I am sorry for letting my feelings cloud my judgment.  To the officer I called a black piece of shit, again I am sorry.  I was out of line and should never have called you such a name.

Hmmmmmmm.....I'm starting to feel better already .... :)

Fredericton Councillor Dan Keenan supports City Staff shuting down Charles LeBlanc Blog!!!!

But seriously......we don't need a Mayor and council...listen to this one!!!!

coruption in mayor and council in fred
that is pretty scary ,,
they are a disgrace to the people they are supposed to serve and protect

Blogger offers members of the Fredericton PoLice Force a helping hand!!!



Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Blogger face media scrum after City of Fredericton admit they had the Blog shut down!!!

UGH!!!!!! This is why I need a lawyer but you cannot find any in New Brunswick!!!

 Before the Scrum, I place my camera on the table. 

Here's the whole conference.


CTV Journalist Nick Moore covers the City of Fredericton shuts down Charles LeBlanc Blog!!!!

City of Fredericton just held a News Conference......

Just came from there....I believe the City is trying to label me as a Racist....The Cop Robb Costello is the one who told my internet provider that I was into child porn and I called him a black piece of shit.....That was a boo boo i guess....I did asked a black female friend a few months ago if it was racist? She said - Yes! So I stopped....interesting times ahead and no apology for telling my internet provider that I was into child porn....the battle will continue i guess....:(

Should Fredericton’s Chief Administrative Officer Chris MacPherson be fired?????

Will the City of Fredericton make the letter of complaint to Google Public???

I would be curious to know what was said that Google decided to shut down the whole Blog????

Update with CTV News!!!!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Blogger is back after City of Fredericton ordered Google to shut him down!!! LETS GET READY FOR THE PROVINCIAL ELECTION!!!!


I just couldn't believe the City would do this especially since I live around the corner.

The Phoenix has risen - Blogger Charles Leblanc Lives

Blog will continue

Blog will continue, Stay Tuned.

Save this Url:

Social Activist's Blog Removed by Google following complaint

Re-blogged from The left Eye

By André Faust

Upon receiving a complaint against controversial social political activist Charles LeBlanc blog, Google removed the polemical blog from its servers after notifying the blogger of their action.

The blog was an irritant to the Fredericton city police and Sergeant at Arms Daniel Bussières because of his sometimes not to kind criticisms of their actions. Above and beyond criticizing the FPD and Bussières, LeBlanc confronted and challenged the provincial MLAs and the Premier on many delicate issues that mainstream media does not cover.

While the blog has been the center of controversy for quite some time, it appears very convenient to have the blog shut down prior to the provincial election.

Was the motive behind the complaint to Google politically motivated to keep the issues of pensions fracturing and forestry from being presented to the New Brunswick audience? Blogs like Charles's blog are a threat to government and big business because their propagandist no longer have control over the message given to the public.