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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

TransCanada and Energy East Kissing New Brunswick Ass to get Pipeline through



By André Faust (The Lefteye Aug 31, 2016)

The propaganda never stops, TransCanada Pipeline and Canada East have invaded social media to persuade public opinion that the pipeline is the magic bullet that is going to pull New Brunswick out of bowels of depth to a have province that will be the of the rest of Canada.

What they don’t tell you is that on average there is 3 major critical malfunctions in the pipeline per year that has cause major environmental damage, and billions of tax payers money to clean up their mess.

What they do tell you is the 100 of thousands a jobs that the construction of the pipeline will create, If those numbers are correct they are not going to be New Brunswick Jobs, that not to say that they will be a few jobs created in New Brunswick to construct the pipeline, a few contractors will stand to make good dollars in the short term, the bulk of the jobs will go to Alberta, possibly Ontario.

There will be a few jobs created at the Irving terminal, but the number of jobs are not going to be significant enough to really effect the New Brunswick Economy. At the end of the project there will be two Winners, Alberta because they will be able to get their land locked bitumen to world Market via the Irving terminal, and Irving. For the rest of us we won’t see much a change in the quality of life.

Currently the Liberal Government has already created more jobs in the province then what the pipeline could create, early indicators are that this tread is going to continue.
According to Fredericton Mayor Mike O’Brien, the population of Fredericton is expected to reach 100,000 by non-pipeline jobs by the year 2035. That is just Fredericton. The rest of New Brunswick is expecting to see significant population growth as well.

We are moving in the direction to depend less on getting energy from fossil fuels, which really is an inefficient use of that resource. Oil is not only used for energy but it is chemical base for many of our products as well. So let’s save our oil for our products, Oil, natural gas and so on is a finite resource that has trap the suns energy. With our current science and physics we still can’t produce artificial oil.

What taken the earth millions of years to create we can consume it in several hundred years if we keep using fossil fuel as a primary source for energy.

Currently it is either Hibernia or Sable island, it one of those two that is going to run out of natural gas in less than five years.

When they come knocking to our doors trying to bullshit us about this magic bullet, we know what finger to use to express thyself.

Saint John Mayor and M.P. Elsie Wayne is remembered by the Blogger!!!

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Fredericton Police Force proved they are Racists against the Natives of St.Mary's First Nation!!!! Why claim that Native Kyle McCoy was the Shooter??? Why did Media told the Public that he was a wanted man???

They sent out a HUGE public Alert for the arrest of Native Kyle McCoy!!! They jumped the gun and believe he was the shooter at the corner of Saunders and Westmorland Street in Fredericton.

The shooter is still on the loose and nothing from this so-called Police Force.

What do you expect from a Police Force who falsely accuse innocent citizens in this City < With the back up of Mayor Mike O'Brien!! > to be Pedophiles????

There need to be a HUGE public inquiry on these racist assholes...

P.S. The Irving Media must apologize to Kyle McCoy!!

RiverCross Church Live - Funeral of Dr. Elsie Eleanor Wayne

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Fredericton Police and Media are showing they are racist after the shooting of Pat O'Keefe at the corner of Saunders and Westmorland Street!!!!

Remember this and also in the Irving media -

Now that Native Kyle McCoy have been release? Nothing in the media.

Why did the Fredricton Cops quickly blame Kyle McCoy? Why did the Irving Media quickly posted his picture on their website but nothing when he was release?

We have a shooter loose on the streets in Fredericton and nothing from the Cops or the Media!!!

Why because he might be a white guy!!


WOW!!!! Shooter on the loose in Fredericton and nothing from Fredericton POlice or media???

Am I missing something here????

Kyle McCoy is release. Shooter who shot Pat O'Keefe at corner of Saunders and Westmorland Street is still loose in Fredericton!!!

The Public are not even warned that a possible killer is on the loose...the Public are in grave danger....we NEED a Police Force who cares about Public Safety!!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

I'm told that Pat O'keefe was shot at the corner of Saunders and Westmorland Street in Fredericton this morning!!! Cops are looking for Kyle McCoy!!!!

This is Pat O'Keefe...he's been attacking everyone on the streets lately....I mean everyone...but Cops don't care for the safety of its citizens...they are too busy chasing Indians and WElfare Bums who rides a bicycle without a helmet!!.....sighhhhh...

If he's sober and on medications he's ok but he's been attacking everyone on the streets during the last few months....Cops never did anything...

Now I have been told the shooter might be Kyle Mccoy????

Here he is -

What bothers me is this!!! If it's true? What the hell was Kyle doing with a gun????

He's like me....he can fight...he's one of those nuts that SHOULDN'T have a gun because WE are too tempted to use it.....I don't have a knife or weapon on me because you never know when you're going to be attack on the streets!!!

Something is wrong in this case because Kyle could handle question about it!!!!

Suspect with gun on loose from the Corner of Saunders and Westmorland but the public don't know any info!!!!

This is nuts!!! THe Fredericton POlice are just waiting till citizens are killed.

There are no Police Scanners or Twitting.

Scary times ahead in Fredericton...

Friday, 19 August 2016

Kindred Home Care is debated by Non-Educated racist redneck and the Blog...

Father and son enjoying a day in Fredericton!!!

Evil Fredericton Mayor Mike O'Brien to justify that Blogger is a pedophile...

This is going to get VERY dirty!!!!

I saw this idiot Mayor beginning to make a speech on Acadian....In a low voice I shouted - BOooooooooooo,,,,,I left the area because I didn't want to cause a scene......

The Citizens in this City < especially the less fortunate > are in big danger....

Fredericton Councillor Stephen Chase is asked about two face Fredericton...

Blogger in need of an external Hard Drive!!!

I had this one for 3 years and once I kick the bucket it goes to the New Brunswick Archives.....Can you imagine the people who will watch the videos and pictures in 100 years from now?....if you have a spare external hard drive? Let me know....I don't want to delete any of the videos or pictures...:(

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Citizen beaten up by Skateboarders on the Walking Bridge Sunday Night! Where's the Fredericton Police???

I was walking towards the hospital to visit a sick friend. I noticed a guy across the street leaning on his bike as he was suffering from chest pain...What happened? Watch the video...time for the Fredericton Police to go after the real criminals and not stupid cases as chasing Indians or Welfare Bums riding a bicycle without a helmet...:P


Monday, 15 August 2016

New Brunswick Building Trades Union President Gary Ritchie is asked about Energy East Pipeline!!!!

Fredericton Park Patrol, Blogger and Danny Watters on the Walking Bridge!!!

New Candidate for Leadership of the New Brunswick P.C. Party!!!


Work on Carleton Street should be over at the end of the week???

Le Maire D'Edmundston Cyrille Simard debat le Energy East Pipeline avec le Blogger a Fredericton!!!

Energy Board of Canada Hearing in Fredericton is visited by the Blogger!!! A surprise Blogger!

Who's the native with the pony tail???

Larry Wilmore's 'The Nightly Show' has been canceled by Comedy Central!!!!!

Thursday, 11 August 2016



I just wanted to get the Cops and Justice officials going...but the Film Crew are from New York and they wanted to know more about the Blogger covering the issue of Shale Gas in Kent County in 2012!!!

I believe it went was difficult going back after everything I have been going through during the last few years with the Fredericton Police...they're in Kent County this week and next...:)...

Very nice people...:)..they work well as a team...:)