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Wednesday, 30 January 2019

New Brunswick Communication Employee Jean-François Pelletier's action is reflected by Blogger!!!

Wonder why New Brunswick Communication Employee Jean-François Pelletier gave Blogger a difficult time this morning???

Getting ready to walk the Bridges in the cold on a Wednesday night.....:)

St Paul's United Church in Fredericton also offers shelter for the Homeless!!!

Idiot Fredericton Mayor Mike O'Brien broke safety By-Law!!!!

New Brunswick Communication Employee Jean-François Pelletier get Tips from Blogger!!!

New Brunswick Communication Employee Jean-François Pelletier goes after Blogger!!!

New Brunswick Communication Employee Jean-François Pelletier - From being rejected by the Blaine Higgs Government to the Fighter for the People!!!

JEAN-FRANÇOIS PELLETIER va contre Le Blogger!!!!

New Brunswick Communication Employee Jean-François Pelletier gets a message on #BellLetsTalk

Blaine Higgs Government Communication team turns against Blogger on LetstalkDAY!!!!!! Stay tuned!!!!!

Some heads must roll!!!!!

Lots to learn on #Bellletstalk Day!!!!

#BellLetsTalk's a struggle every single day but what can you's a death sentence or can be beneficial ...all depends on the support by Family or Your surrounding....I know for a fact our Justice System are singled out people with mental illness and this MUST stop!!!! In New Brunswick we are 20 years behind the times....People with Authorities are going after people with Mental Illness and this is not right...ohhhhh welllll Happy and educate people on #BellLetsTalk!!!!

Tuesday, 29 January 2019


There are MANY unanswered questions on the woman who was in the Clothing Bin in Miramichi!!! Media do your job!!!

Important issue in Fredericton???

Did Terry Seguin leave the CBC??? Someone just asked me???? BS Story???


Fredericton Convention Centre - Fredericton Tattoo Expo 2019!!!!

KHJ Radio morning host Brent Buchanan interviews Fredericton Blogger Charles LeBlanc!!!

Found each other....

I never took this picture but fell in love with it the second I saw it!!!

The tongue hanging, the hat, the smile and the hug...

This is one of the Mother's who lost her son in that Van crash in Bathurst.

She has been a lost soul ever since but getting better..:(

The dog was found in the wood and abandon....came very close to a needle I guess?

So they found each other and have been buddies ever since...:)

Monday, 28 January 2019

Huge Coffee Giants to merge in the future???

God called a few months ago.....

Dog first time and not too amuse......

Fredericton Police in the Northside tonight.....

Accident at corner of Northumberland and King Street in Fredericton!!!

Prochain ou Prochaine Chef du Parti Liberaux du Nouveau-Brunswick va supporter le fasciste!!!

New Leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Party will be known as a Fascist!!!!

New Leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Party will be known as a Fascist!!!!

Ever meet a Vegetarian Dog???

James Oickle arrested and held in custody.....So? What's the story in this case???

I know this guy came after me twice and threatened me....I told him to take a swing at me and we would take it to the next step but these days the Bully have more power in the Courts than the victims.....I said to myself - Now if I beat the shit out of this guy I can see the headlines - Blogger charged for assaulting Tent City Advocate!!!!...I went to the Police and asked for the R.C.M.P. but no luck...The cop was nice and I wanted to go on record that I WILL defend myself against this lunatic......I am surprise that I'm even posting this because I have been ignoring this idiot.....He came after me 2 summers ago and followed me in the Fredericton Soup Kitchen...He's been banned from a few places.....So what's the story in this case???? Here's a video --

Best Soup in Fredericton I guess???

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Ambulance New Brunswick and Extra Mural needs to be prepare for the Winter Months!!!

Individual with Autism does not live in the Fredericton Shelter!!!

When you have an Idiot as a Mayor in Fredericton.....

Wishful thinking???


Charles, I must say, I have been watching your videos for years, and for a long time I always thought you were some crazy guy with a camera. BUT...over the years I have come to realize your actually just a regular citizen voicing his opinion and I must say I find you very entertaining. I find myself on youtube every few days watching your videos and although sometimes I find your methods unorthodox, I feel that your videos do open a dialogue, and even though I'm sure some ppl don't always agree with you, I give you full thumbs up for giving your voice. Keep up the work. Maybe one day they will build a statue of you with your dog in Freddy!

Thursday, 17 January 2019

People with Authority in New Brunswick Canada uses Power to Jail Blogger Charles LeBlanc!!! PART ONE!!!!!

Well Charlie, where to begin. It seems like only yesterday that you left the little town of Memremcook to seek the good fortunes of fame and stardom. Landing in the great city of Saint John, you rubbed shoulders with none other than, you guessed it, THE IRVINGS!!! From there you came to know many faces and personalities among Saint John's elite society including many faces in their very, very distinguished journalistic field. And, oh, how well indeed, things were going, until the day when you had your most unfortunate run-in with the GREATER SAINT JOHN CHAPTER OF THE KGB, filmed on camera for all the world to see. So with the leg of a self-righteous city copper across your wind-pipe, the hijacking of your camera and some sort of kakamony criminal charge, which was thrown ta hell outta court and into the city septic system, it was off to the capital. And little did you know, Charlie, just what an enormous impact you would have or the star and celebrity you would become. Your achievememts, my friend, are far, far too numerous to mention. So many of them stand out, like the day we all woke up to hear about some idiot camping out on the front lawn of our very sacred HOUSE OF REPRESENTIVES!!!! Welcome to the Capital City, Mr. LeBlanc!!!! Your famous video of the ghestapo kickin' the shit out of an innocent downtown bar patron comes to mind, as well as your many interesting interviews with our most beloved mayor, one BRADLEY WOODSIDE; May He Live Forever!!!!

Ya gotta love the day when you were issued your official citation of bannishment from our democratic HOUSE OF THE PEOPLE, MOI MAISON!!!! This being your official introduction to our beloved, self important loud mouth, Daniel Bussieres!!! Numerous ensuing altercations with said dinkhead among many, as well with the local posse stand as major hilites!!!!

The idiot copper issuing you a citation for cycling on the sidewalk, THREE WEEKS AFTER THE FACT, while in the background, we see an equally guilty party doing the same damn thing WITHOUT A HELMET and he does absolutely SFA!!!! DEMOCRACY AT IT'S FINEST, my friend!!

And then, of course, we see Dapper Dan the suicide bomber, detonater in hand, coming at you ready to PUSH THE BUTTON.

We could go on and on, my friend, from here, on into eternity. YOU GET MY DRIFT, and we would merely scratch the surface.

We have but scratched the surface of your accomplishments since the day you set foot in our fair city.

The local constabularly thank you, the City of Fredericton thanks you, our provincial MLA's thank you, and above all, pal, DAN BUSSIERES THANKS YOU A THOUSAND TIMES OVER!!!!

LUV YA!!!!

Blogger on CBC Maritimes Noon for the issue of Dogs!!!!

Fredericton police ordered Blogger assaulted!!!!!

Minister of Transportation Bill Oliver is confronted of Speed Limit at Kingsclear First Nation!!!

Young 7 year old bullied by his own peers on Burnt Church First Nation!!!!

It was 7 years ago today Fredericton Police accuse Blogger to be a Pedophile in a Raid!!!

Smoke will destroy forever a beautiful face....

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Kyanna Kingbird speaks with Blogger at the Protest in Fredericton to support the Unist'ot'en Camp!!!

A final Adieu at the Protest in Fredericton to support the Unist'ot'en Camp!!!

A giant Circle at the Protest in Fredericton to support the Unist'ot'en Camp!!!

Some words at the Protest in Fredericton to support the Unist'ot'en Camp!!!

Blogger congratulate Irving Media at the support the Unist'ot'en Camp protest in Fredericton!!!

Protest in Fredericton to support the Unist'ot'en Camp leaving the Westmorland Bridge!!

Protest in Fredericton to support the Unist'ot'en Camp on the Westmorland Bridge!!!!!

Protest in Fredericton to support the Unist'ot'en Camp heading towards the Westmorland Bridge!!!!!

The beginning of the Protest in Fredericton to support the Unist'ot'en Camp!!!!!

Protest in Fredericton to support the Unist'ot'en Camp!!!!!

I was 7 years ago Blogger was force to plead guilty for protesting with a Blow Horn in front of the Police Station!!!

Monday, 14 January 2019

Walking Trails are clean but Parking Lot at Carleton Park is ignored!!!!

Fredericton CTV Journalist Jessica Ng tonight at 6:00pm!!!

New Brunswick Green Party Leader on the issue of Brady Francis!!!

Any lost their keys on the walking Trails in Fredericton North Side???? Please share!!!!

Should all NB Liquor employees be Bilingual????

English people could at least learn Chiac, suggests NB francophone!!!!

He's too scare to have a sit down with me but Crille Simard talks to the Manatee!! Edmundston — When it comes to anglophones learning French, it’s apparent to many that you can’t always get what you want.

After 50 years of bilingualism and countless hours of primary and secondary school instruction, less than 18 per cent of New Brunswick anglophones are bilingual. So, one prominent New Brunswick francophone is offering a compromise to English-speaking New Brunswickers.

“I mean, over 72 per cent of francophones became bilingual because we recognize that we are in the minority and it’s better for us if we know English,” said Edmundston Mayor Cyrille Simard. “It would be nice if English folks realized that francophones make up one-third of the province though and made some effort to learn French too!

“That said, I’m a realist…so, we are willing to meet them halfway. We are now asking English New Brunswickers to consider at least learning Chiac. I mean, like it would be a really nice gesture, right? And while you might not get a government job, at least we can have a decent conversation.”

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Kent Commission kicks out Moncton Homeless in the cod from Garage in Saint-Antoine!!!!

Why did the Blogger NEVER seen any guns when he traveled across the United States in 1978?

Why do many believe Donald Trump issent by God????

I never making a habit of commenting about Donald Trump...just this morning a guy sat with me and began taking about this so-called President. I quickly stopped him in his tracks and said - People know more about Donald Trump than their local Politics. Now.....There are MANY people who believes in the picture I just posted.....My question is why???? Why do did believe this??? Are these people TRULY insane?????? As Obama said - This is no reality show.....

This asshole Charlie, was sent by absolutely none other than Lucifer hisself. Satan in the flesh, straight from the hubs of hell. Ya gotta love the congresswoman, in an interview yesterday who said loud and clear "THE MOTHER-F----- SHOULD BE IMPEACHED"!!!!!! Good for her for havin' the balls to STAND UP AND SAY SOMETHING SENSIBLE!!!! God Bless her. And just who might this remind us of, you say??? Well she's Washington's very own Abel LeBlanc, of course, of whom we all here in New Brunswick are so very, very proud and honored to call our own. Not hard to see that she is one of Abel's biggest fans. She learned well. We need a lot more like her.

Why do so many citizens in Fredericton believe Mayor Mike O'Brien is doing a great job???? < 65% >

New Brunswick only Province in Canada that uses Electric Shock Treatment???

Miramichi Police arrest of Blogger three years ago is explain in details by Blogger himself!!!

Miramichi Police arrest of Blogger three years ago is explain by Blogger himself!!!

Sunday, 6 January 2019

VERY rare sight in Fredericton!!!!

Haven't seen this kid since I made this was funny..the mother shouted at me to turn around and pointed at her's the video ----

Here's the rare sight -

Dog still continues to make the homeless smile.....

Dog is finally FED UP with loud mouth Blogger!!!!

Looking for a vehicle in Fredericton!!!!


Hey good day. I'm a new father looking for a vehicle for my family. I do have some money for this venture so I don't expect free but cheap would be great. Let me know what you have available or are willing to sell relatively cheap . Thanks a bunch

Why do People ONLY go to Church when they're in their 60s??? Do they believe this will save them????

Ice Fishing on the St.John River in Fredericton!!! Is it safe???

Funny part is one guy said - I don't want any of my pictures on your Blog!!! that's funnnyyyyy....hundreds were taking pictures.....