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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

ADHD Blogger with 5 DOUBLE DOUBLE confronts MLA'S at the New Brunswick Legislature!!!!!

When Child Protection Agencies Becomes the Instrument of Abuse

By André Faust (Mar 29, 2017)

When we think of child protection, Children’s aid, child social services we tend to think that they are there to protect children, and probably most of the time they do. Unless it is something major where these agencies messed up the public will never hear of it. These agencies hide their “F#@k ups” behind the firewall called privacy and privilege information that protects them from any public scrutiny.

How many foster kids eventually end up as commodities on the human traffic market? According to a 2015 report by Child Welfare Information Gateway;

 For rest of story click here

Mike Bravener Live!!!¬if_t=live_video¬if_id=1490828446688503

Les Deputes sont confronter a propos du cas de Michel Vienneau qui sa fait tuer par les Policiers de Bathurst!!!!

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Margaret-Ann Blaney filled a complaint with the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission!!!

Fredericton police officers with body cameras are ready to go after the Citizens in the Capital!

Daniel LeBlanc who was charged with threatening Brian Gallant is viewed by The Blogger!!!

Steve Murphy is asking for your help!!!!


Hello again. I hope you’re well.

This is the one and only time of year when I ask friends, associates and viewers to consider supporting a cause I personally believe in, both as a parent and as a broadcaster. Canada's Kids Hel Phopne is always there for our young people, helping them deal with some of the biggest challenges and issues in their young lives. It's a place for answers, not judgments; a safe place where a young person can talk openly and privately about the cruelty of bullying, the loneliness of depression or the pressure to succeed, compete or conform.

Kids Help Phone offers free, professional counselling, information and resources to kids when and how they need them.

If you believe in the value of this service, as I do, please consider making a donation using VISA, MasterCard or American Express. An electronic tax receipt is e-mailed within a day. Here’s the secure link.

The Walk is coming up the first week of May.

A special thanks to all who have supported Kids Help Phone in the past.


Steve Murphy

Chatting about the New Brunswick Green Party over Cafe.....


AU SUJET DE LA RÉPONSE POUR LE PROCÈS DIRECTE. J'ai fait un contact aujourd'hui afin d'avoir la réponse pour le procès directe. On a pas pu me mettre en contact avec personne aujourd'hui. On m'a dit qu'on me contactera demain. Je tiens à mentionner que j'ai également demandé une enquête du Coroner au Ministre de la justice Denis Landry mais je n'ai pas encore eu de réponse. J'ai aussi écrit au Président provincial et national d'échec au crime au mois de novembre 2016 afin d'avoir le nom du dénonciateur. Je ne lâcherai jamais pour que la justice soit rendu à ma famille. JE VEUX QUE LE NOM DU DÉNONCIATEUR D'ÉCHEC AU CRIME SOIT DÉVOILÉ PUBLIQUEMENT.

ABOUT THE RESPONSE TO THE DIRECT TRIAL. I made a contact today to have the answer for the direct trial. We could not get in touch with anyone today. I've been told they'll contact me tomorrow. I would like to mention that I have also requested an investigation from the Coroner at the Minister of Justice Denis Landry but I have not yet received an answer. I also wrote to the Provincial and National President of Crime Stoppers in November 2016 to have the name of the tipster of Crime Stopper. I will never let go for justice for my family. I WANT THAT THE NAME OF THE TIPSTER OF CRIME TO BE MADE PUBLIC.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Idiot Fredericton Mayor Mike O'Brien remove funding for snow removal at Carleton Park!!!!

Every winter the most beautiful relaxing spot in the City was always cleaned up but what do you expect when you have an idiot as a Mayor????

New super Hero to fight HUGE CRIME spree in Fredericton!!!!

Fredericton Police Cruisers are a mess!!!!

Something a Scotsman NEVER does!!!!

William MacLennan was spotted in Bus in Ontario heading towards British Columbia!!!!

Words is spreading and the story changes with each hour so I decided to blog the facts!!!!!

He was spotted in a Bus in Sault Ste. Marie thanks to my picture.

Here's a past Blog!!

I didn't mind in giving them the Picture I took of the missing guy!!!

I believe this is the only voice of the idiot....I never spoke to the guy after this little video.....

Fredericton Police are wearing Body-cam. Citizens should protect themselves!! We need Robot Cops!!!!

Rare Breed in Fredericton....

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Celebration of Youth Diversity in Fredericton and Energy Drinks ONCE AGAIN being debated at the Victory Meat Market!!!

New Brunswickers SURE KNOWS about Donald Trump but nothing about local Politics!!!

The thing is, Charlie, if you ask 100 people in New Brunswick who the cabinet ministers are, 50 per cent of ain't gonna know, don't wanna know. Charlie, NOBODY GIVES A SHIT, NOBODY'S WATCHIN!!! Government changes and cabinet shuffles are not events that are gonna be the cause of a major, shuddering earth quake. Nobody gives a rats sweet patootie who the hell the premier is, who the finance minister is, who the education minister is, or anybody else. There's not one of 'em that knows what the hell is goin' on. They have no idea what-so-ever, what they're supposed to be doin'. They're jis runnin' around aimlessly, in their own little world wonderin' whether the aliens are comin', or if the sky's gonna fall. Hell, maybe they should have a minister for that too, see if they can figure it all out. No, everybody is all lookin' at bigger picture, Charlie, and what's takin' place on the grander scale of things. Not that anybody really gives a shit whether or not Trudeau is getting married, because nobody does. But everybody's watchin', with great anticipation, to see just exactly HOW BIG OF A HORSES ARSE LITTLE DONNIE STUMP REALLY IS!!!!! HOLD ON TO YER HAT'S, FOLKS, WE'RE IN FER ONE HELLUVA RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Transportation Minister Bill Fraser will hold meeting in Hillsborough at 7:30pm at the Kiwanis Club about new bridge on Route 114!!!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

WorkSafeNB is a major problem for injured workers in New Brunswick!!!

New Brunswick Green Party Leader David Coon on Voice of the Province!!!

Judgement by Judge Paulette Garnett against Blogger is debated by Andre Faust and Charles LeBlanc!!!!


By the was this.....

Blogger Charles LeBlanc et Andre Faust debat le sujet de Michel Vienneau de Bathurst qui sa fais tuer par la Police de Bathurst!!!!

Supreme Court of Canada rule that Dennis Oland will always be a free man!!!!

Fredericton Fire Fighters are 200 years old!!!!

The Fredericton Fire Department, Charlie, was in service long, long, long before any language commissioner ever set their grimey feet on our beloved soil. I mean, hell, man, NOBOBY KNEW WHAT TA F--- A LANGUAGE COMMISSIONER WAS, AND NOBODY GIVES A FLYIN' F---!!!!

Two hundred years and counting, my friend, and if and when the day should come that moi needs to be pulled me to safety, Swahili will do just fine, thank ya very much.


Will Lincoln Bridge in Oromocto soon open??

200 years in service....but we no longer know what they are doing.....:(

Will Lincoln Bridge in Oromocto soon open????

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

New Brnswick MLA's Bruce Northrup, Denis Landry and Blogger Charles LeBlanc being silly!!!!

Blogger gives his views on the decision of Court of Queen's Bench Justice Paulette Garnett!

I wish we had true Journalists that would investigate issues. The Judge wants me to pay court cost.. < good luck with that one >..but seriously....How much money have the Lawyers made from the Taxpayers to pursue this case? < Trust me it's not over yet >

Must be well over $100,000!!!!

Blogger gives his views on Fredericton Police latest stunt!!!

Député Serge Rousselle est demander du cas de Michel Vienneau!!!!

Tonight in Fredericton....

Racism against the Natives still alive in New Brunswick!!!!

Crime Stoppers: The Social Experiment That Killed Michel Vienneau

By André Faust (Left Eye Mar 21, 2017)

What is troubling about the Michel Vienneau shooting death is no one wants to assume responsibility for the death of an innocent Canadian because Crime stoppers did not verify the accuracy of the tip that they received from the Tipster. Of course, Crimes stoppers will argue that they have no way of verifying the accuracy or the identity of the tipster so therefore are exonerated from the responsibility of being the catalyst which led to the police shooting of Michel Vienneau.

"Vienneau was not a drug dealer or drug runner. He was a well-respected businessman in the community"

Continue reading .... > Click here

Pamela Ross needs help .....Please share......

Monday, 20 March 2017

" Kiss New Brunswick " is the new Political Party in this Province!!!!

I couldn't get much info but do we need ANOTHER Political Party in New Brunswick????

Ministre Serge Rousselle rencontre la famille de Michel Vienneau qui as ete tuer par la Police de Bathurst aujourd'hui a 2:00pm!!!!!


Je viens tout juste de regarder ton vidéo, Charles, et ce que tu fais, devrait être fait par des JOURNALISTES! Je suis en beau maudit! Des policitiens qui disent ne pas être au courant du dossier!?! Des "&?%% de menteurs! Des crosseurs! Si c'était un membre de leur famille qui avait été tué, la politique ne s'en mêlerait pas? Nous ne sommes pas des 2 watts! Une gang de corrompus qui, une fois élus, font partie d'une gang à part! Tout d'un coup, ils ne sont plus au courant de ce qui se passe dans leur coin de pays! Que je suis de mauvaise humeur!!!!!!!!!!! J'ai beaucoup d'admiration pour ton courage, Charles, pour ton dévouement! Merci! Il y en a un qui a dit qu'il fallait poursuivre au civil; est-il au courant que nous n'avons pas les mêmes revenus, que celui de la famille de Michel n'égale pas le sien???? Il faut maintenant poursuivre au civil car au criminel, il y en a qui ne font pas leur job?????

Citizens in Fredericton are in great danger but Fredericton Police refuse to release details!!!

Citizens in Fredericton are in great danger but Fredericton Police refuse to release details!!!

Fredericton Police Blocked off area near New Brunswick Legislature Saturday evening but will not tell Public the reason!!!!

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Brian Gallant Government to Electrify Security Poles at New Brunswick Legislature???

It's an absolute given, Charlie, they didn't have these poles installed just to be statues of ornamental propaganda. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!! Twenty Four hour Blogger Patrol, riff raff patrol, and all other security against welfare bums, bicycle riders, fascists, helmet renegades, sidewalk intruders, seatbelt haters and God-fearing-Christians. Anyone who would have the very balls to arise, revolt, speak up against the status quo, the gestapo, the God-forsaken rigameral that constitutes our fairtale system of "JUSTICE", WAKE UP!!!! As our sacred blogger can attest to, BE PREPARED TO BE ZAPPED at the very doorstep of MOI MAISON, "The Peoples House. GOD SAVE THE QUEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!!!


George Dignard a fini vendre des éperlans cette saison a Fredericton!!!

Kelly Lamrock spotted at Chef Rick at the Farmer's Market in Fredericton this morning!!!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

How much of Taxpayers money have gone to Lawyer Leanne Murray???

A supporter gives a helping hand to the Blogger!!!!!

Demande des questions a La Maison Legislative a propos du sujet de Michel Vienneau. Asking questions at the Legislature about the issue of Michel Vienneau!!

Ministre Francine Landry est confroner par le Blogger a propos de la Justice pour Michel Vienneau de Bathurst!!!

Le Minister de Justice Denis Landry est confronter par le Blogger a propos la Justice pour Michel Vienneau de Bathurst!!!

Blogger Charles LeBlanc losing it????

After Blogger two day trial there's many questions unanswered!!!!

The city is spending an incredible amount of money on Prosecuting Leblanc and defending Leblanc's civil action suite, The solution was simple, all that Leblanc required was that the police chief writing him a letter of apology for intentionally or unintentionally misleading the internet service provider to gain access to Charles Computer.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Under the Privacy Act the Brian Gallant Government will not release how kids died!!!

J.D. Irving asked CBC to stop Jacques Poitras from reporting on them & restrict his Twitter account!!!!!

Two Twitter Accounts, One Reporter - It’s dangerous. Monday, March 13, 2017

William McDowell, legal counsel to J.D. Irving Limited (JDI), wrote to complain about the Twitter activity of the provincial affairs correspondent in New Brunswick, Jacques Poitras. He was concerned that the activity on both the reporter’s CBC Twitter account and the one he uses to promote his books put him in a conflict of interest because he was using his reputation as a reporter to sell his books - one of which is about the Irvings. Mr. McDowell’s Irving client also believed the book and other writings violated CBC’s policy on Opinion. The company asked that he stop tweeting and be banned from covering any Irving-related stories. I found the reporter’s work fell well within the bounds of balance and analysis. The question of potential perception of conflict of interest is more complicated, though. There is no need to stop tweeting or reporting, but there is a requirement for vigilance.


You are counsel to J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI), and in that capacity you complained to this office about the Twitter activity of a CBC New Brunswick reporter, Jacques Poitras. Mr. Poitras is the provincial affairs reporter for CBC News in New Brunswick. Because of the assignment, his work sometimes touches on matters involving various Irving interests when they intersect with public policy questions. He is also the author of a book entitled “Irving vs. Irving: Canada's Feuding Billionaires and The Stories They Won't Tell”, published in 2014. The book provides a history of the Irving family and its holdings in a variety of industries - energy, forestry, shipbuilding and newspapers among them. It largely focuses on the media holdings, Brunswick News, which includes 3 English dailies, 6 French and 6 English weekly publications. Mr. Poitras is currently writing a book about the Energy East Pipeline, which will bring oil to eastern Canadian refineries, Irving among them. You are concerned that while the “Irving vs. Irving” book “concerns Brunswick News’ newspapers, a great deal of it covers his views on the relationship between JDI and provincial governments.”

You point out that Mr. Poitras has two Twitter accounts - @poitrasCBC and @PoitrasBook. You provided two years of his tweets from the “book account” which are attached and state that the non-CBC account promotes his books but also has many tweets that are news reports. There are times when the tweet links to the same news story from both CBC and non-CBC accounts. You believe that there is a conflict of interest because Mr. Poitras “has used @PoitrasBook as well as his CBC account to tweet actual news.”

Insofar as Mr. Poitras acts as a reporter using @PoitrasBook as a platform for disseminating views while at the same time using the account for his promotional efforts, he has placed himself in a "real, apparent or potential conflict of interest between [his] official responsibilities and [his] private affairs ...". A reasonable observer would regard Mr. Poitras' news reporting as compromised by his desire and relentless efforts to promote sales of his books. CBC should enforce its Standards and Code and instruct Mr. Poitras to cease use of @PoitrasBook for news purposes.

You provided an example in an exchange from @PoitrasBook and the then Ombudsman for Brunswick News where he was seeking more information about a column she had written regarding an episode at one of the papers:

Feb 19[2015]: Mr. Poitras engaged in a series of questions with the BNI ombudswoman, and when she declined to share details of BN's information gathering with a competitor, he tweeted: "Fair enough & thanks, but to be clear, these questions are not for CBC; they're posed with my author hat on." This was disingenuous - Mr. Poitras was writing CBC stories about the subject, and on that same date tweeted about the column from his CBC account. This topic had been the subject of numerous tweets.

You also provided a series of tweets from the reporter’s CBC account on the same matter to illustrate the conflict of interest, and the pattern of using his role as a reporter to generate interest in the sale of his books. He wrote some stories for the website on this same matter.

Your further concern is that Mr. Poitras has, through his public pronouncements, the book and his Twitter activity, violated CBC policy on the expression of opinion. You referenced CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices which indicates CBC employees are not permitted to express personal opinions on controversial subjects. You provided many examples which you believed did just that, notably this one from a speech Mr. Poitras made when accepting an award for the book.

“The dramas of the Irving family affect the running of the most important private sector employers in New Brunswick – companies that have reshaped government policies, companies whose decisions can make or break an entire town, companies that have extended their influence to neighbouring provinces (and their City Halls) and one U.S. state – and that now are connecting themselves, by rail and pipeline, to the Alberta oil economy. They have done so with the participation of governments, and with massive subsidies from taxpayers. Their story is our story: a story about how power is accumulated and used in our society.”


Jack Nagler, the Director of Journalistic Accountability and Engagement, responded to your concerns. He acknowledged that you sent over 80 tweets and re-tweets from one of Mr. Poitras’ accounts, @PoitrasBook, that you believe support your case that he is in conflict of interest because his news reporting is used to bolster the sale of his books on this promotional account. He agreed that the @PoitrasBook account was used for promotional purposes, since that is why it was set up. He did not agree that his tweets linking to other articles and information can be considered reporting, as he characterized it:

… and I reject categorically the idea that these tweets would reasonably be considered a function of his role as a CBC journalist. The vast preponderance of activity that you shared sees Mr. Poitras re-tweeting the remarks of others, or sharing links to various stories published or broadcast elsewhere. This cannot reasonably be considered a journalistic act; it is simply something that millions of users of social media do every single day.

He pointed out that many of the tweets on the book account relate to several of the books Mr. Poitras has written, which include references to the Irving family and Irving interests. Of those tweets, he remarked that there are links to neutral, positive and negative articles or references.

He also told you that Mr. Poitras has the right to write books, and that he did so with the approval and knowledge of CBC management. He added that he did not use his CBC work or twitter account to promote those books, and if he had that would clearly be a conflict of interest.

By setting up a separate Twitter account to promote those books, Mr. Poitras is protecting the integrity of CBC’s journalism, not creating a conflict.

He also addressed your concern that Mr. Poitras was in violation of CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices because he had expressed opinions on matters of controversy. He reviewed the material you provided and concluded that Mr. Poitras was not expressing opinion. He told you that a reporter does not simply record facts, but provides context. He provided part of a blog written by the head of CBC News, Jennifer McGuire, that addressed this question:

The challenge for all of us at CBC News is defining the line between analysis and opinion, and who gets to express those views.

Our hosts and reporters don't have free rein to say what they want about the issues of the day. Our Journalistic Policy Guide makes it clear that we're guided by the principle of impartiality, and that CBC journalists don't express their own personal opinion because it affects the perception of impartiality and could affect an open and honest exploration of an issue.

The key word here is "personal". An observation based on the facts of the issue, and years of experience covering a beat, which I would describe as analysis, isn't the same as a view that comes out of left field without supporting arguments, or in other words, opinion.

Our senior reporters bring that experience to what they do. The backgrounder pieces they produce for The National, The World at Six, and online is where we showcase that experience.

It is an informed judgment call every time we decide to provide analysis. The decision is based on the journalist's grasp of the facts and ability to add perspective. Most times that comes with years of experience and a certain stature in the industry. But not always. And like everything else, it is an active conversation between the reporter, the producer and the people responsible for vetting the content. Sometimes it is a vigorous debate. In the end, we like to think that the result is adding value to the discussion.

He told you he reviewed the examples of writing from speeches and articles written by Mr. Poitras and he thought they all fell well within the parameters of analysis, and were not opinion. He characterized the work as “stating facts and drawing connections.”

He rejected your request that Mr. Poitras be re-assigned and prevented from covering stories involving Irving interests. He added that Mr. Poitras is the provincial affairs reporter in New Brunswick, and that from time to time his work “intersects with stories about JD Irving”, but that was a fraction of his work.

He would not be asking Mr. Poitras to stop using his book Twitter account for journalistic purposes because he disagreed that he was doing so, and that the activity on that account was acceptable and appropriate.


You believe that in his books and tweets, Mr. Poitras is showing bias and providing opinion. You cite the CBC policy on the expression of Opinion which states:

CBC journalists do not express their own personal opinion because it affects the perception of impartiality and could affect an open and honest exploration of an issue.

The book “Irving vs. Irving” provides fact and context. On almost every matter of controversy - the concentration of media ownership and coverage by the papers of other Irving interests, Mr. Poitras scrupulously provides different perspectives and opinions. A reader would have a range of facts and views to form his or her own conclusions. The book stays well within the parameters of CBC policy on impartiality and fairness. Here is the critical sentence which defines impartiality:

We provide professional judgment based on facts and expertise. We do not promote any particular point of view on matters of public debate.

I do not agree with your assessment - either in your characterization of the book, or the segment of the speech you cited that this is opinion. I agree with Mr. Nagler that this passage is contextual and providing and addressing issues in the public interest without drawing conclusions.

Tom Rosenstiel, co-author of “The Elements of Journalism”, as well as several other books recently observed in an article, states “Objectivity in news never meant neutrality. It always meant becoming more transparent and disciplined about how we gather the news.”

You quote my predecessor in this office, Kirk Lapointe, on this issue of the line between analysis and opinion. I agree it is a very coherent expression:

The principle of impartiality for CBC journalists is not lost when they provide analyses based on facts, particularly in this case involving facts gathered by the journalist highly familiar with Middle East issues [Neil Macdonald].

The policy creates a boundary of the expression of personal opinion but leaves open opportunity in some instances for journalists to synthesize and reflect upon facts in an issue. This boundary is sensible in light of the public's trust that CBC journalists do not inject personal views into their professional work. I doubt there is any more stringent boundary in Canadian media. (December 20, 2011)

Mr. Poitras’ book and journalism is within the boundaries Mr. Lapointe described. He has years of experience as a provincial affairs reporter so is well versed in public policy questions and has done extensive research on Irving interests. That expertise is reflected in his work.

Much of your complaint focused on the fact that Mr. Poitras has two Twitter accounts, one used to promote his outside work (@PoitrasBook) and the other to carry out his responsibilities as a CBC reporter (@poitrasCBC). Looking through Mr. Poitras’ book account, there is a wide range of material. More recently he has been tweeting about his work and the subject matter of the book he is currently writing. He shared some experiences as he travelled through the country researching work on his Energy East pipeline book. Here is a recent one:

Jacques Poitras

@PoitrasBook First-draft milestone: 50,000 words & the narrative has left the Prairies and entered Ontario.

He has also been tweeting links to articles about the recent surge in the number of people crossing into Canada, as this pertains to another book he wrote - “Imaginary Line: Life on an Unfinished Border” (2011). The links are to news stories, anecdotes and observations. He largely uses his book account to draw attention to material that relates to the subject of his four books, only one of which is about the Irvings. People use Twitter to share knowledge and information in areas in which they have interest and expertise. The Irving material clustered around the period when he was promoting the book. As Mr. Nagler informed you, had he done so from his CBC account, there would be an issue. CBC News management has given permission for Mr. Poitras’ book projects, and his supervisor in New Brunswick is aware of his twitter activity on both his accounts. You state that there is a conflict of interest because the tweets Mr. Poitras publishes are “reporting.” If it is, then we are all reporters. It is the convention of the platform to be used in this fashion, and that is not inherently a problem. In reviewing the links to Irving-related material, there is a range - some are critical articles, some are simply newsworthy and there are some that lead one to the company’s own material.

You had concerns about other exchanges that you thought were disrespectful to the Irvings. For example, someone tweeted Mr. Poitras and referred to the Telegraph Journal (TJ) newspaper as the TU (Telegraph Urinal). Mr. Poitras asked the person to explain TU. You saw this as engaging and encouraging the behavior. I asked Mr. Poitras about this and he said when he asked for clarification, it was quite literal; given the shorthand of Twitter, he thought other followers might be confused. Such is the peril of dialogue in 140 characters.

The fact that he does report on some of the same issues he also references from his book account poses a low risk of a perception of a conflict of interest. A perception of conflict of interest can occur when there is some basis for people to think it does.

While I believe there is no actual conflict of interest, I do see some concern for a perception of conflict. Mr. Poitras is a CBC journalist, no matter where he tweets from, even though he carefully confines mention of the books to his non-CBC account.

The one example where there was confusion of those roles was in a twitter exchange from his @PoitrasBook account with the then Ombudsman for Brunswick News, Patricia Graham. When he pushed her for some details, she informed him “sorry, not inclined to share details of our information gathering to a competitor. Response speaks for itself.” He replied “Fair enough and thanks but to be clear, these questions are not for CBC; they’re posed with my author’s hat on”.

In this instance, Mr. Poitras was updating a chapter for his book, but was also covering a topical story involving the inappropriate behavior of an Irving newspaper employee at the same time.

There are several lessons in this: first and foremost, a protocol must be in place that is rigidly and carefully monitored. The second is that Twitter is rarely a very effective or appropriate way to engage in meaningful dialogue.

I also note, to underline the basic integrity of Mr. Poitras’ work, the last tweet in the series with Ms. Graham was a correction and acknowledgment he had missed something in her writing on the matter: “Re: my query to @patriciagraham earlier about length of investigation. I missed reference to her column that it began Feb. 5”.

So while there can be a perception of conflict of interest, which is in violation of CBC standards, the remedy is not necessarily, as you request, to cease writing about the Irvings or to stop using his non-CBC Twitter account - that would amount to a form of censorship. This is a question of perception, which must be addressed. However it is reasonable to assume that some people might conclude there is a conflict when Mr. Poitras references Irving material on both his Twitter accounts. However, it is equally plausible they will understand that this is an experienced reporter with a body of work and interest he is sharing.

The number of stories Mr. Poitras has produced for CBC that focus on Irving companies or activity is pretty limited. In the last six months, there are have been stories about government policy regarding the forestry industry, but he did not single out Irving companies. His work conforms to CBC journalistic standards and practices and it is not reasonable to say he cannot report on Irving-related issues.

CBC news management might want to revisit the protocols they have in place and to take measures that minimize the risk of any perception of conflict.


Esther Enkin CBC Ombudsman Subscribe to receive complaint reviews in your inbox. CBC Ombudsman Radio-Canada Ombudsman (French) Complaint reviews Two Twitter Accounts, One Reporter - It’s dangerous. Balance and Perspective Privacy vs. The Public Good - Covering Personal Tragedy Balance and Opinion Recent tweets some guy Mar. 13, 2017 9:20 P.M.

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RT @BlackBeard20096: Your editors verified her claims right? Was advocacy for violence your desired result @CBCCalgary ? @CBCOmbudsman htt… noneofyourbusiness Mar. 13, 2017 9:16 P.M.

RT @BlackBeard20096: Your editors verified her claims right? Was advocacy for violence your desired result @CBCCalgary ? @CBCOmbudsman htt… Dan Perrins Mar. 13, 2017 9:12 P.M.

@erin_pizzey @UKChange @CBCOmbudsman Her CV looks a lil wonky too. Just saying Dan Perrins Mar. 13, 2017 9:10 P.M.

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#cbcombudsman #jdi #jacquespoitras Two Twitter Accounts, One Reporter - It’s dangerous. Torontonian🇨🇦🏹🏒 Mar. 9, 2017 6:27 P.M.

RT @CBCOmbudsman: #cbcombudsman #theconversationus #animals It’s Just Not Fair Torontonian🇨🇦🏹🏒 Mar. 9, 2017 6:27 P.M.

RT @CBCOmbudsman: #InternationalWomensDay #cbcombudsman #genderequality International Support for Gender Equality h… DorkSword Mar. 9, 2017 3:18 P.M.

RT @BlackBeard20096: Your editors verified her claims right? Was advocacy for violence your desired result @CBCCalgary ? @CBCOmbudsman htt…

Do you need a release form if you're filming someone???

I taught these people were filming the food vendors who were force to leave. They were on my friend property and they demanded a release form....of course the guy with smoke gave me attitude....:P

Blogger Charles LeBlanc and Andre Faust debate his Civil Court Case that was held this morning!!!!