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Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Fredericton Police Officer confronted by Pain in the Ass Blogger!!!!

Does anyone know THE NEW GUY WITH MENTAL ILLNESS who just landed in Fredericton?????

All bureaucrats should be friendly like this Gal......:)

Pine Grove Nursing Home on Woodstock Road in Fredericton shows the true FACTS of life!!!

Jean-Francois Pelletier from Communication New Brunswick denies people access to politicians!!! This guy should be fired!!! GoofBall!!!!

Mike Kennedy singing for a few bucks in Fredericton....

Carleton Park in Fredericton is the most unsafe Park in New Brunswick! Idiot Mayor Mike O'Brien's fault!!!!

There are WAY TOO MANY unanswered questions in the issues of St.Mary's Chief Allan (Chicky) Polchies Jr Legal issues....


Was at pride parade / chief polchies front and Center. Funny how people think he is a rock star in the gay world , and seem to forgive him for his sexual assault. Wonder if he was straight if they would be so forgiving???

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Fredericton Councillor John MacDermid is the First Rat to come out of its hole!!!

Why are Fredericton Firefighters so SECRETIVE????

Emergency vehicles flying by but the public don't have a clue what's going on??? This is the ONLY City in Canada that DON'T have an Emergency plan to warn the citizens of Danger!!!! SHAME...SHAME SHAME!!!!

Celebration of Life for Chasity Hughs, Wednesday, July 31 7-9 pm

PLEASE SHARE:Celebration of Life for Chasity Hughs, Wednesday, July 31 7-9 pm

It is with great sadness that we at the Fredericton Anti-Poverty Organization announce the passing of one of our volunteer family, Chasity Hughes.

Chasity gave FAPO countless hours of her time over many years. She was funny, kind and gentle, but above all, she was an artist who found joy in creating colourful masterpieces from recycled canvases and cast away paint.

The small apartment that she loved so much was an oasis in the heart of the city - a tiny corner filled with rejuvenating light, art and plants where friends could come for a chat, a meal or even a place to rest their weary head when times were tough.

Her artistic flair showed through with everything she did, from her sense of fashion (ever stylish!), to the way she organised her work area at FAPO to her love of gardening and home decorating. She respected all living things and loved animals, especially her two cats, Tink and Love who brought her great happiness right up to the end of her life.

Chasity had many friends in Fredericton who will miss her greatly. FAPO is organizing a celebration of her life at the Spirit Café, 340 King Street, Fredericton on Wednesday, July 31 from 7- 9 pm. Everyone is welcome to drop in and share their memories of our friend Chasity.

Refreshments and Chasity's favourite treat, strawberries and chocolate with cream, will be served in her honour.

For further information, please contact:

Dan Weston

Coordinator FAPO 458-9102

Deogy was VERY thirsty today.....

Deogy was HOT today!!!! This went on for 5 minutes before I turned on the camera.. touch...:(

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Justin have a mental Illness..He's NOT on Drugs!! DO NOT HIT HIM!!!! PLEAASSEEE!!!!

Blogger being Rude....

Former Saint John Mayor Bob Lockhart beautiful day ruined by Pain in the Ass Blogger!!!!

Does anyone know this guy??? He's been walking around going after people for fights and latest taking pictures inside King's Place!!!! WHERE'S THE COPS WALKING THE BEAT????

This young man's name is Justin. I have known him my whole life and with the consent from his mom I will respond. Justin is not on drugs. About 7yrs a go he started to develop signs. He is diagnosed with bi-polar and schizophrenia and is off his meds. There is nothing the family can do because he is an adult. The police know of him. He is a very kind person. Justin is amazingly smart and an avid guitar player. Please do not fight with him, its not his fault and we all know what kind of mental health situation we have here. He is new to the streets because he has been kicked out of his apt. Because he is an adult, unfortunately there is nothing that can be done, unless he is picked up by police and sent back to the hospital. Thank you and remember, don't be jumping to conclusions about people. His parents are devastated..:(

Terry Brown President& CEO of OKIMAW Leadership&HR Solutions is confronted by Blogger at the 2019 AFAG in Fredericton!!!

First responders busy tonight.....

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Should video of St.Mary's Chief Allan (Chicky) Polchies be shown at the 40th annual general assembly of the Assembly of First Nations in Fredericton???

Self proclaim Activist Jim Oickle is ONCE AGAIN arrested and Jailed!!!!

I was told he was arrested today at the Soup Kitchen. I have been hearing stories that he was ran out of Tent City and was screaming on the streets at people.

I predicted this one because he was just release from jail and had to be in good behavior. I still don't understand what that means?

Here's the video I made weeks ago -

40th annual general assembly of the Assembly of First Nations in Fredericton will covered by Irving Media only....just got the word....All Natives from Ottawa in charge...Shale Gas and Forestry Act will be promoted.....What a waste....

Fredericton Firefighters should learn and educate themselves from the Minto Firefighters....

Roundabout in Shediac....

Fredericton Firefighters should learn and educate themselves from the Minto Firefighters....

More trouble in Building on Cole Cresent in Miramichi. Tenant CANNOT be charge for destroying Room!!!! Camera screwed up...:(

Sunday, 21 July 2019

John just became my 2,000th so-called Facebook Friend...

John just became my 2,000th so-called Facebook Friend....I must have rejected around always asked if I know the individual??? Most are just followers....All good....any way to spread the News...:)..:)..:)... P.S. What's good about John is I sat with him often over Cafe...:)...Always nice to meet these so-called friend in person...:)...nice guy...:)

Homeless Tenant at Cole Crescent chat with Blogger until Camera shuts down!!!

Pass for Miramichi Speedway but couldn't find it.....

Chasity Hughes from Fredericton died a few days ago......

Processing the tragic news that our friend Chasity Hughs passed away this week. She was an artist at heart: from visual art to gardening, the landscapes she created with her hands were a joy to behold - even if she pulled up my peonies by mistake! So it not without a certain measure of creative irony that after viewing some gorgeous paintings at the Turps Art Exhibition in May we took the time to come back into the building and take a selfie of ourselves in front of this massive rose peony - just like the one she pulled out of my garden in June. You were special Chasity. May you never run out of art supplies in heaven.

Why kill yourself for a F@ckin MACHINE????

Miramichi Police Officer and Allison Mackenzie give an update to Blogger of tenants force to leave building on Cole Crescent!!!

Blogger shows up the day after 50 tenants were force to leave building in Miramichi!!

The accuse Sexual Assault Case of St.Mary's Chief Allan (Chicky) Polchies! Prosecutor - Grabbing Vagina with clothes on IS NOT Sexual Assault!!!!

Relaxing on a VERY hot evening......

Saturday, 20 July 2019

Another fire at Cole Crescent tonight......42 more left Homeless!!!! Time for an Emergency Measure in Miramichi????

Other identical building on Cole Crescent evacuated tonight!!!!...Building on the right was the one shut down by Fire Marshall...Now it's the one on the left.....Siiigghhhhh......:(..:(...:(

Strange I was there two days ago.....< next door >

Sarah Elizabeth McLain died 16 years ago.....

My God...I was living in a tent in front of the New Brunswick Legislature...Lots of Lighting that summer < 2003 > Saw the fatal Bolt..:(....My sympathy to her Family and Friends....

All set for Sunday!!!!

Man landed on the Moon 50 years ago tonight...I was 9 years old watching it in College Bridge....I remember going out and it was a clear sky...It was hard to imagine there were people on the Moon that night.....Do you remember that evening???

The Spirits were communicating with the Blogger last night in the deep woods.....


Correction. :: Delete or define "spirits".

As in Beer puts you in good spirits. Alcohol itself, is also called "spirits", at least we English people say that. So pick one fool? If you say spirits as in Ghostsl? Sounds like the beer would be the culprit..

If it isn't... well, drink more until you fall sound asleep in front of the fire.

.Then you sit there in front of your beautiful fire, terrified you don't wake up with a coyote or wolf growling at you drooling and licking it's lips - and you're terrified to move or make a sound.

Can't you hear your disciples comments? Wildlife yearning for a taste of Charles LeBlanc - you could become a crispy critter. sitting waiting for that fire to die down, and that wolf has all the time in the world for such a tasty dinner.... Where are all your supporters. Oh yeah, you don't dare move to send an e-mail out or call anyone or option #2, for your woman? She's sound asleep snoring peacefully, happily unaware of any problems your having, and of course you don't dare make any noise anyway, so......

You know Wendy's JBC (Junior Bacon Cheeseburger), well here in NB we'd have 2 kinds of JBC's - Just Burnt Charlie?? I can only hope this doesn't cause you a minute's thoughts tonight as you sit there dozing off and waiting for the attack. Hell - you are in the woods, and they get hungry, too.

Just sayin' Charlie.

Fan of my Videos....

Blogger returns at Hostel and Apartment complex at 15 Cole Cresent in Miramichi for an update!!!!

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Old Dorchester jail landlord Bill Steele meets Pain in The Ass Blogger!!!!

I was asked to delete the beginning of the video..the law papers and know just show the tour and Bill explaining the details and history of the old Jail....In my view it would have been BOOORRIIINNGGG....This video shows the Good, the Bad and the Ugly....Love Bill Steele ways of explaining the history of the Old Jail...The old Jail is a Gold Mine for the Village of Dorchester...everyone from BOTH side should TAKE A PILL and chilled out....I believe Bill Steele is doing a fantastic job and we NEED people like him to make this world a better place to live in harmony....Where's the local MLA in this situation??? < Will ask questions when I'm in Fredericton >...Merci Beaucoup for giving myself and my friend a GREAT tour of history...:)..:)...:)

Via Rail in Dorchester.....

Le Pain du College in Memramcook is the best!!!

Cameras and Hospitals....

Myself I had a confrontation at the hospital...< once >..I left the washroom and was surrounded by two guards asking me for my camera and look at the pictures..

Which I knew that I never taken any pictures...I told them I wanted to see the Boss...

The Boss cam and wanted to see my camera...I said - No problem but you ask for every Smart Phone in this Hospital....well that was the end of that...everyone have a phone these days..

In this case was the day of the shooting < 4 people dead >..maybe just maybe it was bad timing.....

Who's right and who's wrong in this case??

Hey Charles,

Remember last year I sent you an email about when I got arrested for taking a photo of an RCMP car at the hospital?

This is the video you made about it.

Anyway, I’ve been fighting with the Hospital to get the security camera video since the day it happened.

I served Horizon Health Network with a “Right To Information" request the day their security guards attacked me, they refused to give me the video or tell me the names of the security guards.

So I filed a complaint with the Office of the Integrity Commissioner, the investigators worked very hard to informally resolve the disagreement. Horizon Health Network again refused to give me the information I have a right to.

Then the Integrity Commissioner, Charles Murray took over, and he made a Report of Findings, I’ve got a copy, and it is attached for you to see.

The report goes in-depth into how the hospital tried to make excuse after excuse as to why they couldn’t or wouldn’t produce the video and the names, in the end they were told they need to, I have a right to the video and the names of the security guards involved.

That Report of Findings was sent to both the hospital and myself, and the hospital ignored the recommendations made by the commissioner, and yet again refused to give me the information I have a right to.

Now I get to take them before The Court of the Queen’s Bench and have a judge order them to give the video and names to me.

Which I’ll be doing as soon as I can get the money to file the papers with the court.

While all that was going on, I went to the Fredericton Police, they investigated and the one security guard who grabbed me was charged and pled guilty to assault. I wanted to avoid charging the security guard, it’s not his fault Horizon didn’t train him properly.

Attached is the audio I managed to record on my phone during the unlawful arrest.

The audio starts after I was grabbed by the left arm, dragged backwards, and pushed up against the windows of the ER waiting room and surrounded by security guards. At the end of the recording you can hear me ask a uniformed police officer for help, he was walking past to go inside, one of the security guards shouts over top of me asking for help, shouting “Fuck Off” twice followed by “Leave the police alone” obstructing justice by preventing me from reporting the crimes they were committing against me to a uniformed police officer.

Also it has come up time after time during this process, so many people don’t seem to understand our Canadian rights when it comes to taking photographs and video in public.

So I’ll include this link and quote from the site that I needed to tell others to go read again and again during this process.

> Subject to certain very limited constraints, it is not a crime in Canada for anyone to do any of the following things, and it is a violation of their Charter rights to prevent anyone from doing so: > > photographing or filming in any public place, or in any private place to which the public is admitted, and publishing those pictures and films, > > taking pictures of or filming in any government site other than “restricted access areas”* > > photographing or filming police officers in public, as long as the photographer/filmmaker does not obstruct or interfere with the execution of police duties. While everyone has a reasonable expectation of privacy in certain circumstances, police officers have no reasonable expectation of privacy as they go about their duties. > > A police officer does not have the right to confiscate cameras or recording equipment (including phones), unless the person in possession of such equipment is under arrest and such equipment is necessarily relevant to the alleged offence. A police officer cannot force anyone to show, unlock or decrypt cameras or recording equipment, or to delete images, even when that person is under arrest, unless the police officer has a warrant or a court order permitting him to do so. > > At no time, and under no circumstances, is anyone in Canada subject to arrest for the simple act of taking a photograph or filming, although he or she can be arrested if he or she is breaking another law in the process, such as, for example, trespassing or breaking or entering. Very important part to note in that quote;

It is NOT a crime to take photos, and stopping someone from doing so IS a violation of their Charter Rights.

I know you know this, but so many people don’t.

To refresh your memory, this was the day of the shootings last summer, and I was only at the hospital because I had a scheduled appointment for blood tests because there was a change to my medications for epilepsy.

I really like the videos you’ve been making, keep up the great work.

It’s refreshing to see you standing up for what’s right and expecting accountability from our government.

Thanks for taking the time to read, sorry it is such a long email.


Robert Edward Dixon

Former New Brunswick Speaker Eugene McGinley dies.......

Too bad..he was one of the best Gentleman Politician or human being I have ever met...Met him at Costco a few weeks ago....He went out of his way to say hello at the food court...He didn't want me to labeled him as a snob.....He was the best and will be missed by MANY!!! My deepest sympathy to his Family and Friends....:(..:(...:(.....

Monday, 15 July 2019

A question for CBC New Brunswick.......


Ask CBC how long the article has been on the website, on the right hand side bottom, it talks about Fredericton Artist Goes Against the Grain. AND ask them how many more months they expect it will be there. Who edits this stuff? I swear to God it's been there 3 months or more... really? Is there nothing else they could advertise for a change. God, everyday - it's like - wow, it's still there..... Just ask first how long it's been on their website or when it was posted to it. Really..... must be SOMETHING OR SOMEONE else that is of a bit of interest to the public?? Seriously - that editor needs to wake up and realize that some of us are getting really annoyed. Is it laziness? Is someone being paid to leave it up?

Walky Walky!!!!!

Racist Non-Education idiot Asshole Redneck debate issues with Blogger..P.S. Keep kids away!!!!

Former director of the Maritime College of Forest Technology Gerald Redmond chat with Blogger about being Fired!!!!

PANB MLA Rick DeSaulniers and Blogger attend Anti-Spray News Conference!!!

Public Safety Minister Carl Urquhart is denounce by Blogger and other issues!!!

God spared Fredericton yesterday....:)

All ready to warn or rescue the best Ribs in New Brunswick, Tony's Prime Cut is the best!!!

Get your Hat!!!!!!

This is a NEW BRUNSWICK outfit!!!!! Good Hat to wear ...:)..:)..:)..Here's their website

This video was made 10 years ago and the issue was Clear-cutting!!!! CAN YOU IMAGINE NOW?????

Found People's Alliance Leader Kris Austin's office in Minto!!!!

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Another one of my Facebook Friends who enjoys my Videos...:)

Do we REALLY need French New Brunswick Paramedics on Deer Island???

While we were lost and asking for directions...I found a fan of my Videos.... < and his wife I guess >..:)

Bureaucrat from New Brunswick Social Development Bruce Oliver is mourned by Blogger!!!

Here's a link -

My deepest sypathy to his family and friends...

Village of Dorchester and Dorchester Firefighters should be ashamed of themselves in the Bill Steele case!!!!

Long distance Cyclist meets Pain in the Ass Blogger former touring Cyclist!!!!

Have you EVER seen this in your neighborhood????