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Friday, 27 February 2015

Snobs and LOTS of Snow don't go hand in hand!!!

Is Fascist Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside now a Bigot???


It was bound to happen.

You just can't have someone growing up giving out personal views on different issues and expect this individual to change over night do you???

Sorry but Brad Woodside had to come out with his views on certain issues.

Of course, he did just that today and it's causing an uproar within the Acadian population.

Of course, in the old days? I would run over and interview the Mayor on this touchy issue but what can I do since this Mayor agreed that my Blog should be shut down therefore calling me an homophobic, racist and I was exploiting kids for Sex.

How does that old saying goes - What goes around comes......

By the way? Just for the record? The Mayor is not a Bigot and I understand what's he's trying to say about Bilingualism. He should have his views debated not crucified!!!!

You CANNOT condemn an individual for speaking about an issue that many New Brunswickers are thinking about!!!

Let him have his say!!

Did I just supported our Fascist Mayor?????

I better go see my Doctor!!!!

Here's an old video I found -

Blogger lands in Blackville and might get lucky???

Picture 5690

Blogger to face Assault Charge Monday at 9:30am!!!

Picture 4284

This is going to be VERY interesting!!!

Especially since the Prosecution are going by ALL LIES!!!!!

I am putting another lawsuit after this is all done!!!

Here's a story in the Irving Paper -

Fredericton’s best-known activist blogger is on the hunt for evidence that would prove his allegation that the Fredericton Police Force influenced or interfered with his assault investigation. Charles Joseph LeBlanc, 55, of 1-145 Westmorland St. made his first appearance Monday in provincial court to answer to a count of summary assault, alleging an incident involving complainant Andrew Spencer in downtown Fredericton on July 3.

LeBlanc was joined by a handful of supporters in the courtroom. Though the incident leading to the charge occurred in Fredericton, the matter was investigated by the Miramichi Police Force, which also laid the charge in Fredericton provincial court.

The Fredericton Police Force farmed the case out to the outside agency because it has a tumultuous history with LeBlanc. The controversial blogger told Judge Brian McLean on Monday morning he wasn’t prepared to enter a plea and that he had some questions.

He first asked on the record if the disclosure package he’d already received from the Crown was complete and if the documents represented true copies of the evidence and reports. Prosecutor Cory Roberts confirmed that was the case. Then LeBlanc asked for copies of all emails between the Fredericton Police Force and its Miramichi counterpart in the case. Roberts said LeBlanc could ask the Crown prosecutors’ office and someone could look into the issue to see if there was anything available on that point. McLean adjourned the case to Feb. 16 for plea. “This has Fredericton police all over it,” LeBlanc told reporters outside the Justice Building on Monday following his court appearance.

The Fredericton Police Force declined to comment on the allegation Monday. “Given the difficult and public relationship between Mr. LeBlanc and the Fredericton Police Force, at [police Chief Leanne Fitch’s] request, an outside agency was sought to assess and investigate the complaint,” spokeswoman Alycia Morehouse wrote in an email. “Miramichi police agreed to do it, therefore any questions pertaining to the investigation must be directed to them.” Sgt. Jody Whyte of the Miramichi Police Force said the Fredericton force had nothing to do with the assault probe. “It was investigated by our agency,” he said.

To his knowledge, Whyte said, the Fredericton police’s only involvement in the file would have been to request the Miramichi police to conduct the investigation, to receive a heads-up about the results of the investigation and for a Fredericton officer to give a fellow officer from Miramichi a ride to LeBlanc’s home to serve him a summons for court.

LeBlanc has protested the city police force’s enforcement of cycling bylaws, suggested online the force is harbouring pedophiles and steroid users among its membership, and has alleged harassment. The blogger points to his video-recording of a rough arrest effected by a member of the Fredericton force that was ultimately used as evidence against the officer in an assault trial. That officer was acquitted, but LeBlanc points to that situation as the trigger for a campaign by the force to get back at him. Members of the city police also raided his apartment three years ago and arrested him as part of a criminal libel investigation that alleged LeBlanc had unjustly smeared another one of its officers.

The case was scuttled when the Crown declined to prosecute, noting constitutional issues had arisen in other jurisdictions with that particular section of the Criminal Code of Canada. LeBlanc learned last year that a document filed with his Internet service provider as part of that libel investigation referred to a child sex exploitation investigation.

The police force has explained it was a clerical error, as the document used in the case is typically filed with ISPs to get evidence in child-pornography cases, not libel matters. LeBlanc has rejected that explanation, alleging the force was purposefully trying to label him a pedophile. In turn, he started suggesting on his blog that several members of the city police were pedophiles.

A complaint from City of Fredericton chief administrative officer Chris MacPherson to the free hosting service owned by Google about those comments led Google to take the blog down in its entirety last year.

LeBlanc has alleged the city has violated his right to free speech. He has since launched a new blog on the same free hosting service, on which he has alleged that while the Miramichi police investigated the new assault complaint, the Fredericton Police Force has had its hands all over the case as part of its alleged vendetta against him. “This is a waste of taxpayers’ money,” the blogger told reporters Monday. LeBlanc told the court he hadn’t consulted with duty counsel Monday morning, and he told reporters later he didn’t know if he’d apply for legal aid.

He also noted in court his first court appearance on the Spencer assault complaint was three years to the day Fredericton police raided his apartment for the libel investigation. The blogger also pointed out the new assault charge was laid the day before the limitation for the summary charge would have run out. With a summary assault matter, police have six months from the time of the allegation to file a charge.

Miramichi police laid the July 3 charge in Fredericton court on Jan. 2, which was a Friday. LeBlanc told reporters the police didn’t conduct a full investigation and didn’t ask him for his side of the story. However, he then admitted the Miramichi police did contact him for a statement, offering to meet with him either at the Fredericton police station or to drive him up to the Miramichi and back. “I didn’t feel comfortable,” he told reporters, noting he’d rather give a statement over a cup of coffee instead of in a police interview room on video.

Are you a Believer??? Yes or No???..I am!!!..:)

Picture 5625

Do you the Citizens in Fredericton know the true Mayor Brad Woodside???


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Who is Fredericton Cst Police Officer John Lally????? Another Cop who made my Shit list??

I never heard of this guy???

Was he the one who accuse me of having Sex with Kids????

Who is he????

Blogger demanded more disclosures today!!!

I promise you readers that the issue of these clowns telling the public that I having sex with kids will come up during the trial!!!

It's going to be interesting!!!

Would you believe me if I told you someone ordered 9 sugar and one cream in a medium Coffee???

Trans Canada Pipeline paid a huge Bribe to Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside to remain silent???

I believe the Mayor have accepted a Bride because he's VERY quiet on this issue!!!!

If something goes wrong? Fredericton is right in the target of a environmental disaster!!!!

Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside reign on Terror against the Citizens began on CFNB Radio 550 AM!!!!

Irving Forestry Act are forcing Moose to drop dead in people's lawn from poison in Rogerville!!!


I'm surprise the Fredericton Police didn't search these immigrants because they were hiding their face!!!!

It's just a matter of time until an immigrant gets injured or killed by this so-called Police Force!!! I heard many times on the Scanner the words - Languabe Barrier!!



What: Toronto based lawyer and founder of the not-for-profit organization “Our Horizon” Robert Shirkey will be giving a public lecture about a proposed bylaw that would require gasoline retailers to place climate change and air pollution information labels on gas pump nozzles. This proposal was made to the Public Safety & Environment Committee for the City of Fredericton on November 4th, 2014 (

Where: Kinsella Auditorium, St.Thomas University, Fredericton, New Brunswick

When: Tuesday, 24th of February from 6:00 to 7:30 pm.

Why: Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. We must reduce our consumption of fossil fuels to ensure a stable climate.

- The proposed labels are an innovative way to link our consumption of fossil fuels to the impacts of climate change right at the point of purchase. The idea challenges the status quo and contributes to the creation of social conditions that favour reform.

- Cities such as West Vancouver, Berkeley, and San Francisco have voted to pursue this idea.

Who: Our Horizon is a national not-for-profit organization that is asking municipalities to pass bylaws that would require climate change and air pollution information labels on gas pump nozzles. The campaign was launched by Toronto-based lawyer Robert Shirkey in 2013 and has already attracted interest from all over the world. To learn more, please visit

Contacts: Robert Shirkey Jean Louis Deveau, Council of Canadians Executive Director, Our Horizon Email: Email: (cell): 506-238-5277 (cell) 416-873-5052 (home): 506-459-2907 (office) 647-478-4599

The Irvings demand an Provincial Inquiry in the Chris Messer case!!! What about my case???

Telegraph-Journal ‏@TJProvincial 13m13 minutes ago

Editorial: Chris Messer case deserves full public inquiry

I did meet some people who agreed the Fredericton Police should lie as to accuse someone to have sex with Kids!!!

If the Citizen isn't into having sex with Kids? What's the big deal anyway???

The media refuse to show the details in my case.

Look at what they did -

FPF Application to ISP by Charles LeBlanc

But to show people this is ok.....If the Government announce a public Inquiry for the Saint John Cop? They better do the same for the citizens in Fredericton!!!!

My God??? We even have Cops lying in Court these days!!!

Monday, 23 February 2015


I have been listening to the Police Scanner all night and never once have I heard about helping the less fortunate from the Street!!!

Have Martin Gaudet reign of terror against the less fortunate began????

Homeless person to die on the streets tonight???

New Brunswick Health Minister Victor Boudreau is confronted by the Blogger of the Elimination of the less fortunate in Fredericton!!!!of the less fortunate

What does this mean anyway???

Fredericton Police Officer Martin Gaudet as Deputy Chief will set back the City for years!!!

This act is VERY selfish on the issue of the less fortunate and Immigrants in this City!!!

I said it before and I will SAY IT again!!!

It is just a matter of time till someone is shot dead by these Cops!!!

This man is the one who began the War between myself and the Police Force!!!

Can you imagine this idiot with Power???

The Citizens in this City are in grave Danger!!!!!

Fredericton Police Chief Leanne Fitch lied to the Citizens of the Capital!!!

This was bought to my attention today after the public learned that VERY bad Cop Martin Gaudet got promoted to Deputy Chief!!!

Didn't Leanne Fitch told the Citizens that the tile of Deputy Chief was eliminated?????

Shouldn't the Citizens have a say who our Leaders in the Police Force are going to be???

A man that was involved in the raid of my place and now this????

We must bring in the R.C.M.P. as soon as possible!!!!

Racist Acadien Cop Martin Gaudet will be the new Deputy Chief of the Fredericton Police Force!!!!

The News just came!!!

This is A HUGE step backward for this Police Force!!!

Thi8s idiot is the one who began all the trouble with the Police Force and I will be bring my concerns to the Police Commission and the Government!!!!

The Citizens in Fredericton are in grave danger with this idiot in power!!!!

Too long for a blog...I'll do a rant in days ahead!!!

This guy accuse me to be a pedophile......dangerous guy!!!

Damage Home from Snow on Charlotte Street in Fredericton!!

Two Languages system is almost gone in Fredericton....

Saturday, 21 February 2015

When have a cold? Ginger Ale and a Candle from the Farmer's Market.......

Excuse my humble language but WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?????


great spell caster

My name is joan, I never thought I will smile again, My husband left me with two kids for one year, All effort to bring him back failed I thought I'm not going to see him again not until I met a lady called Jesse who told me about a spell caster called Dr.Mudodo, She gave me his email address I contacted him and he assured me that within 48hours my husband will come back to me, In less than 48hours my husband came back and started begging for forgiveness saying it is the devils work, so I'm still surprise till now about this miracle, if you need any assistance from him you can contact him via:email drmudodo13@((((((.com

Irving pipeline gets retroactive approval from EUB!!!


Former New Brunswick Health Minister Ted Flemming straight forward one on one on Health Care!!!

Friday, 20 February 2015

Idiots Members of the Fredericton Police are on the hunt for a citizen!!!!

They're on a Tirade!!!

You would believe they were looking for a murderer

The crime? Someone didn't show up for weekend jail!!!

Of course, you have to travel to Saint John!!!! It's not everyone that can travel all the way down the Loyalist City!!!

Our Justice system < especially in Fredericton > are turning against the less fortunate and sending them to jail!!!

Why don't we a Provincial Jail in Fredericton????

When are Roof going to crash down in Fredericton??

New Brunswick Legislature shut down till March 10th!!!

The Debaters last night at St.Thomas in Fredericton!!!

Going to Larry's Gulch!!!!

Always nice to meet the true Journalist!!!!

Blogger launched a complaint against Cst Shane Henderson from the Miramichi Police Force!!!

NBPC Letter Feb 2015, complaint against Cst. Shane Henderson, Miramichi Police, NB by Charles LeBlanc

I'm planing to launch another lawsuit against the Justice system. This is insane but the citizens must fight these Bozos.

This guy Shane Henderson should be fired!!!

Another youth missing in Fredericton!!!

MY GOD???? Lots of people missing or disappears from the face of the Earth in Fredericton!!!

It's time we get rid of this so-called Police Force Force!!

These Clowns are too busy chasing Minorities who dares to exercise on a bicycle with a helmet!!!

They're also going around and charge people with false charge of exploiting kids for Sex!!!!

FPF Application to ISP by Charles LeBlanc

We need a police force!!!!

UPDATE - They found the youth.....they contacted the Father 30 minutes ago...IDIOTS!!!!!!...They searched all night or was it an excuse to search for other stuff???? Police Dog and everything!!!

Green Party Leader David Coon is asked about no coverage in Fredericton Irving Paper!!!!

Jesse Brown from Canadaland is confronted by the Blogger in Fredericton!!!!

All Pictures are on my facebook!!!!

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Time for Blogger to lay down his Hat???

Wishful thinking in Fredericton???


I wonder if they asked to buy Larry's Gulch????

John Howard Society in Fredericton will not help convict to get a second chance!!!!!

Green Party Leader David Coon Anti Forestry Bill is not covered by the Irving media!!!!

Reads Coffee on King Street in Fredericton is the best I guess???

Former New Brunswick Health Minister Ted Flemming!!!

Fredericton Councillor Dan Keenan is hunted by Blogger about Fredericton being a Racist City!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

New Brunswick Minister of Public Safety Stephen Horsman is once again hunted down by Blogger!!

Minister of Public Safety Stephen Horsman is once again hunted down by Blogger!!

Ever read the New Brunswick Free Press???

Robert Simmonds Clothing on King Street in Fredericton sells Canada Goose Winter Jacket!!!

I don't know if it's me??? But I never noticed these Winter Jackets until the last few weeks.

At first, I taught it was a Goose Club or something.

For the first time ever, I walked into Robert Simmonds to see for myself.

Very friendly people in there..:)...These Jackets cost over $600.00!!!!

Made in Canada stuff!!!!

They sure sell because they're all over the City!!!

New Brunswick Global News Journalist Laura Brown is asked about Healing circle in Kent County!!!

Fredericton's Idiot so-called Poet Andrew Spencer in action!!!!!

He was drunk the other morning screaming as people but the Cops don't touch the idiot. I wonder why???

Can you imagine if the Courts gives the OK to this mentally ill idiot to go after people and touch them????

Guys like this should be run out of the City!!!

Nice to see Irving Paper covering Corrupt Justice System in Fredericton!!!

As a lawyer told me - He's VERY surprise the Crown took this case???

I am not worried at all!!!!

I already filled a complaint against the Justice people and plan to launch another one next week!!!

There are so many unanswered questions in this case that it's VERY scary!!!!

Truly stay tuned!!!

Not clean around New Brunswick Legislature!!!

Getting my ADHD going.......

Collecting a few Pennies in Fredericton in a Colorful Manner!!!

Jack's Pizza on King Street in Fredericton the Best???

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

What's wrong with Journalists going at Larry's Gulch anyway???


Because it shows just how close to the government the Irving media really is-although its not like people didn't know that. But this issue is also the fact that an attempt was made to remove the journalists name from the register, and a denial was made that it occurred. It also shows just how lousy the media is in New Brunswick that the story is 'broke' from some website nobody heard of. Mind you, given that Charles 'broke' the story that rooming house tenants had no housing rights in New Brunswick, then that also isn't really news to anybody paying attention. But the fact is that lots of people DON"T pay attention.

Its also something of a travesty that the New Brunswick government even HAS a secret fishing lodge where it 'entertains' all manner of people. What, a hotel isn't good enough for them? Whats going on that they have to meet out in the woods under police protection? Combine that with the other fact that New Brunswick 'auctions' off pieces of rivers, something that is also illegal in every other province (technically you can't 'own' a waterway), and it shows just how much of a banana republic the province really is. That the crown has nothing better to do than prosecute an 'assault' with no actual witnesses also pretty much proves that as well. So somebody following Charles blog may very well think "hey, compared to most of the s&&& that goes on, who cares about who stays at a lodge?" But again, lots of people don't follow the blog, so this is pretty newsworthy.

Thanks to the article at Canadaland we are also reminded that a former Brunswick news official is now a high ranking official for Brian Gallant, showing that the more things change in NB, the more they stay the same.

Fredericton blogger urges Crown to drop assault charge against him!!!

Courts Fredericton blogger urges Crown to drop assault charge against him DON MACPHERSON Fredericton Daily Gleaner

Activist and blogger Charles LeBlanc emerges from the Justice Building in downtown Fredericton on Monday morning following a brief court appearance on an assault charge. He told the court if the Crown drops the case, he'll forget all about it.

Photo: Don MacPherson/The Daily Gleaner

Activist blogger Charles Joseph LeBlanc told a court on Monday he needs additional disclosure of the Crown file before he can enter a plea to a summary charge of assault.

LeBlanc, 55, of 1-145 Westmorland St. faces a charge alleging he assaulted Andrew Spencer in downtown Fredericton on July 3.

The blogger made his first appearance on the charge last month, when the case was adjourned to Monday for plea.

LeBlanc told provincial court Judge Mary Jane Richards he wasn’t prepared to enter a plea Monday, though.

Duty counsel Richard Cove noted the defendant hasn’t received full disclosure from the Crown in the case.

“The Crown’s position is all disclosure has been provided to Mr. LeBlanc,” said prosecutor Cory Roberts, appearing on behalf of Sebastien Michaud, the Crown prosecutor who’s handling the case.

LeBlanc said there were many unanswered questions in the case, though he didn’t elaborate before the judge on what they were.

Then he suggested Roberts was in a position to resolve the matter on Monday.

“If he’s ready to drop the case, I’m ready to forget this and go home,” LeBlanc said.

But the charge stood, and Richards adjourned the matter to March 2 before provincial court Judge Julian Dickson.

She said if the disclosure issue isn’t resolved by then, Dickson would likely schedule a date for a disclosure hearing.

LeBlanc has some long-standing beefs with the Fredericton Police Force, and he has alleged the charge was trumped up as a vendetta against him.

However, due to its past conflicts with LeBlanc, the city police force outsourced the investigation to the Miramichi Police Force.

While LeBlanc has in the past demanded outside agencies deal with his matters in Fredericton, he claimed last month the Fredericton Police Force had its hands in the assault investigation.

Outside the courthouse on Monday, LeBlanc said some of the additional information he’s seeking is communication between the Fredericton police and their counterparts in Miramichi. He said he wants copies of any phone conversations, faxes, emails or texts between the two policing agencies.

It wasn’t clear if any such communication exists.

The blogger also noted the documents he was provided were incomplete.

“There’s 38 pages that was supposed to be given to me. I was only given five,” he said.

“There’s many, many, many other issues.”

He also claimed a witness statement was missing from the disclosure package.

LeBlanc has come into conflict with members of the Fredericton Police Force for several years now.

His solo bullhorn protest in front of the city police station in the summer of 2011 led the Fredericton force to charge him with causing a disturbance, to which he pleaded guilty in January 2012. He was sentenced to probation.

The same week as that guilty plea and sentence, the city police raided LeBlanc’s apartment and seized his computer as part of a criminal libel investigation.

On his previous blog, LeBlanc had been calling a city police officer a sexual pervert and had claimed the officer had touched him inappropriately.

That libel investigation went nowhere because the Crown noted the relevant section of the Criminal Code of Canada had been deemed unconstitutional in other jurisdictions.

LeBlanc later started suggesting the city police force was a haven for pedophiles and steroid users.

The former unfounded allegation stemmed in part from his discovery that a document used by the city police force to get information from his Internet service provider referred to it being part of a child exploitation investigation.

The document in question also referred to the libel investigation, and the city police force explained the child-exploitation reference was a clerical error because those sorts of requests of Internet service providers are typically for child-pornography cases, not libel.

LeBlanc has rejected that explanation.

The blogger has maintained his problems with Fredericton police began with a recording he made of a July 2009 arrest in the city’s downtown bar district.

That video was used as evidence in the trial of Const. Stephen Stafford, a city police officer who was charged with assault as a result of his actions during that encounter.

Stafford was acquitted at trial, but LeBlanc has stated he feels the police turned on him as a result of his evidence in the trial.

LeBlanc has also blamed the Fredericton police for the removal of his previous blog from a free hosting service.

City of Fredericton chief administrative officer Chris MacPherson filed a complaint with Google about posts LeBlanc made referring to city police officers as pedophiles, asking for those posts to be removed.

Instead, Google removed blog in its entirety last summer. LeBlanc has since launched a new blog on the same free hosting service.

Public Safety Minister Stephen Horsman is asked of Bathurst Police shooting of Michel Vienneau from Tracadie-Sheila!!!

Bathurst West-Beresford MLA Brian Kenny is asked about Bathurst Police shooting of Michel Vienneau of Tracadie-Sheila!!!

Maybe the R.C.M.P. should go over this video I made during the Anti-Shale Protest in Kent County???

Mind you will see in the video...the R.C.M.P. treated me with respect...they let me do what I do best and that's taking videos....but I must asks one question?

Why were the Cops speaking French among themselves in front of the Natives and English people?

Monday, 16 February 2015

Who is this guy???

Jesse Brown’s CANADALAND will be live in Fredericton on Thursday, Feb. 19 at 7:30 pm at St. Thomas University’s Kinsella Auditorium!!!!!


Jesse Brown’s CANADALAND live in Fredericton: biting the hand that feeds in Irvingland

Jesse Brown’s CANADALAND will be live in Fredericton on Thursday, Feb. 19 at 7:30 pm at St. Thomas University’s Kinsella Auditorium.

Panelists: * Jacques Poitras, author of Irving Vs. Irving: Canada's Feuding Billionaires and the Stories They Won't Tell * Charles Theriault, documentary filmmaker, * Tracy Glynn, founder/editor of the NB Media Co-op * David Coon, MLA, Fredericton South, and long-time environmental activist * Introductions by Jan Wong, award-winning journalist and author.

The panel will examine the Irving-owned media in New Brunswick and how they cover resource giveaways, sweetheart tax deals, pollution, climate change, labour disputes, indigenous sovereignty and the nature of corporate influence on governments — all things that media critics are quick to charge affect the Irving group of companies, including forestry, pulp and paper, tissue, newsprint, building supplies, oil refining, oil tankers and distribution terminals, ship building, shipping lines, transportation, construction, security, frozen food and other sectors.

Jesse Brown and CANADALAND

Jesse Brown is known for breaking explosive stories that other media haven’t dared to touch. Brown was the first to break the story that CBC’s Jian Ghomeshi had allegedly engaged in non-consensual violent behaviour with a number of women.

Brown was heard on CBC airwaves as the host of The Contrarians and Search Engine. He has written for Toronto Life, The Walrus, Maclean’s and Saturday Night. Brown launched CANADALAND in October of 2013 with a video criticizing The Globe and Mail for running a series that depicted the Millennial generation as “narcissistic,” “selfish” and “lazy.” Brown has reported on CBC’s Peter Mansbridge getting paid to speak for the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, CBC’s Amanda Lang ties to RBC and her moves to shut down a story on RBC and temporary foreign workers and the reluctance of The Globe and Mail and CBC to investigate and publish news about surveillance in Canada. Brown’s crowdfunded CANADALAND podcast is posted every Monday and Thursday.

Jesse Brown’s CANADALAND live in Fredericton is co-presented by the NB Media Co-op and will include introductions by Jan Wong, award-winning journalist and author.

For more information, contact:

Facebook event page:

Blogger Charles LeBlanc face media after Court Appearance!!!!


This morning in Fredericton.....

Check for more pictures on my Facebook!!

I no longer post pictures in this Blog!!


A couple of more hours of delay.....

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Fredericton Police Force are at it AGAIN!!!!


When the FPD got caught trying to pull this fast one on Charles, without apology their excuse was "it was a clerical error." Like, a clerical error is a mis-date or a missing signature, etc. - Not two separate completed official requests. And Charles has been banned from here there and everywhere, everywhere a civilian has every right to tread. Now Charles is going to court for defending himself from a guy who provoked him on the street, but the police are calling it "assault" of course, because it's Charles :(

Victory Meat Market been closing a lot lately eh??

Blogger to show up in Court at 9:30am in the morning and the issue of Pedophiles and the Fredericton Police Force WILL BE an issue!!!

All depends what the Judge says in the morning!!

There could be charges laid against the members of the Fredericton so-called Police Force in the Afternoon???

It's time to eliminate this Force!!! Too many innocent citizens are in Jail because of these Steroid Gorillas!!!!

We need a Provincial Inquiry and bring in the R.C.M.P.!!!! A racist Police Force just won't do!!! The Taxpayers are sick of these clowns!!!

Tomorrow morning at 9:30am and it's going to be interesting!!!!


Someone was listening to me telling a group of people that we must stop believing the terrorists are bad but the people in authority are OK!!!

I mean charging people with false charge of having Sex with kids is a BIG FAUX PAS!!!!

The individual reminded me that all people from all sides are bad!!!!

Yes...I believe this song matches today's attitude from everyone!!!

Canadian Flag is 50 years old but why is the Racist City of Fredericton celebrating????

The City DOES NOT believe in freedom of speech!!!!

I might add they are racist against the less fortunate!!!!

Why celebrate????


Much better than Betty Crocker on Queen Street in Fredericton!!!

Blizzard hits Fredericton!!!


Only in

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Walter Cronkite, Lloyd Robertson and Blogger Charles LeBlanc are Journalists with Balls!!!


Well Danny, old pal, WELCOME HOME!!!!

You finally came to your God-given senses and came home to roost where you truly, truly belong.

When I was made aware of your untimely departing from our fair city, it was as if the world had come to an end, as if someone had thrust a knife deep into my chest, as if the Quebcc Nordiques had been resurrected and won the Stanley Cup deep in the heart of Montreal.

What a sad, sad day indeed it would have been had the local constabulary had no supreme ass to kiss, the New Brunswick legislature had no-one to man the detonator switch, and the world famous BLOGGER would have to dig for far, far, far more inferior material about which to write and entertain the masses of fans who so bravely and consistently endear him.

Who else, Dan, would, or could have been at the helm and throttle of MOI MAISON?

Who could have been there to call in the local posse to keep all the riff raff and scum off the very lawn of the democratic-house-of-the-people?

Who else could have been there to order our beloved blogger to STAY OFF THE PROPERTY, amid the very presence of various segments of the local media???

We who are the fans and devoted supporters of our most humble servant, CHARLES LeBLANC, have come to expect, and will expect nothing less than the absolute facts and truth which is proof of expert journalism.

So, in final summation, Dan, as far as the east is from the west, there have only been three who have had the capabilities, and the balls, to bring the two together, Walter Cronkite, Lloyd Robertson, and CHARLIE LeBLANC, BLOGGER EXTRAORDINAIRE!!!!

The very team of you and he, Danny, ole boy, have done, and will continue to do, one helluva fine, fine super fine job.

Fredericton is Dying!!!

This so-called project hasn't move in months!!!

First time Volunteer at the Fredericton Soup Kitchen!!!!


Pictures on Facebook!!!

Federal Government MUST investigate the Office of the New Brunswick Attorney General!!

My Court case is Monday morning and the more we're looking at this case? The angrier I'm getting

This is insane!!!! There are people in the Attorney Office who are pushing this and believe that I'm exploiting Kids between the age of 8-12!

The people in charge of this case are Jim Mockler < I believe that's his name? > and Cameron Gunn!

The Prosecutor Sebastien Micheau is being fooled in getting involved in this case.

We know the Fredericton Police lied to my internet provider that I was exploiting kids for sex!!!

FPF Application to ISP by Charles LeBlanc

So? Who would you see in New Brunswick to launch an investigation of the Attorney Office???

If Cameron Gunn and Mockler believe that I'm a pedophile? Something must be done!!!!

I believe we need a Provincial Inquiry on our Justice System. Too many innocents are being convicted by a corrupt Justice System!!!!

It's going to be interesting Monday morning. The games begins at 9:30am!!!

Quebecois Dan Bussieres signs new contract to stay at the New Brunswick Legislature and a nice peace offer to Blogger!!!!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Ernie Steeves MLA, Moncton Northwest is the first MLA to take his ritalin!!

First time I really chatted with this new MLA today!!!!

Interesting dude to listen.....

Fredericton Police are raiding people's Homes!!!! The Citizens must armed themselves!!!!

These are not Police!!!! DEMAND TO HAVE THE R.C.M.P. PRESENT!!!!!

Armed Yourself!!!!!

Not with guns BUT WITH YOUR CAMERA!!!!

These idiots are dangerous behind a Mask!!!!! Protect yourself!!!!

It is just a matter of weeks or months until a innocent citizen gets shot by these so-called Cops!!!

Any Police Force who falsely accuse citizens to be pedophiles don't play with a full deck!!!

I might add my Court case is Monday morning and the Fredericton Police accuse me AGAIN to be a Pedophile in the Disclosure. This will be bought up in front of the Judge and another law suit will soon follow.

Yes......once you're approach by these Bozos? ARMED YOURSELF WITH YOUR CAMERA!!!!! Do the video and sent it to me!!!! DO NOT TRUST THEM!!!!They are not good community people!!!!

Shut Down Canada protest in Fredericton attracts nobody!!!

Racists Members of the Fredericton Police Force ready to assault and arrest the Natives this morning at King's Place!!!

I only learned last night that it was a Native Protest. These so-called Cops are walking around lately with high powered rifles on the streets.

As I said...I don't know what's going on but I'll be in the area to see the action.

I'm making a prediction - There won't be any protest or much of it!

If there was a protest? The citizens in this City should protest to eliminate our Police Police.

Crime and murders are going up but the cops don't care...:(

Did New York Times Reporter David Carr predicted his own death at St.Thomas???

The poor guy died suddenly at the age of 58 years old...:(

Watch the video that he predicted his own death!!!

I interviewed the guy -


Click below - < Interesting >


Pretty straight forward eh???? His speech was fantastic..sure made me think....:)

But I will be honest by saying I never heard of this guy until a couple of weeks ago. Someone approached me and suggested that I should email this David Carr asking him for an interview.

I forgot about it until I heard him on CBC Information Morning in Fredericton with Terry Seguin.

He was directed and I contacted a friend and away we went.

I asked many other people if they have heard of a David Carr but they didn't either.

I quickly noticed that the place was packed and many journalists were just thrilled to be in present of this guy.

He was good and he was funny!!! Once the event was over, I wanted to go at the Washroom so BBAADDDD!!!!!


Then I noticed David Carr was walking from the stage and he was all alone so I quickly went to confront the well known Journalist with my Camera.


I should do these interviews < in BIG need of a Piss > more often because I'm calmer!!!..:P
Yep!!!..I'm glad I went and suggest anyone to attend a session of his talk if he's in your area. 

Here's some videos and pictures of the event tonight!!!