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Monday, 22 January 2018

Fredericton Community Soup Kitchen should communicate with the Public when something goes wrong!!!!

André Faust

You made a very good point in regards to the volunteers, What you described in your video if it accurate you are talking about gross exploitation of the volunteers because they are dragging their feet on either repairing the dishwasher or replacing it. The pool of volunteers is a limited pool, are they not considering "Burnout". Several years ago you invited me to go down to the kitchen with you at peak time so that I could see the operation. I was impressed by how well organized the volunteers were and how quickly they move considering that on that day the kitchen was filled to capacity.

It doesn't take rocket science to figure out the volume of dishes that would have to be cleaned and to accomplish that you would need the equipment to handle a load of that kind.

When a crisis or serious problem occurs, such as in this case, malfunctioning dishwasher. People for a short period of time can expend a tremendous amount of energy and time to keep the system operating. It becomes a problem when these volunteers have to work this hard over an extended period of time. Burning out their volunteers is not in the best interest of the "Soup Kitchen" and it's clients. The obvious is that the volunteers will eventually wear our and longer function efficiently, or they quit.

The other point that you made; Is why haven't the kitchen gone public with their problem?

In crises situations, Fredectonians are very good in helping out financially.

Common sense would dictate that they would try to remedy this problem as quickly as possible to take the pressure off of their volunteers.

Blogger is invited at the 2018 State of the Province Address on January25th!!!!


This was last year -

There must be some VERY bad stuff that's going to be said at that event. I might add someone connected VERY close to the Irvings is now on their staff!!!

Let them have their night...I will be asking questions of what was said on that evening until the next Provincial Election!!!

Stay tuned....