Only Wife and Mother clapped of support after Fredericton Idiot Mayor Mike O'Brien Canada Day speech!!!! WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU??? Here's the proof....

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Monday, 15 July 2019

A question for CBC New Brunswick.......


Ask CBC how long the article has been on the website, on the right hand side bottom, it talks about Fredericton Artist Goes Against the Grain. AND ask them how many more months they expect it will be there. Who edits this stuff? I swear to God it's been there 3 months or more... really? Is there nothing else they could advertise for a change. God, everyday - it's like - wow, it's still there..... Just ask first how long it's been on their website or when it was posted to it. Really..... must be SOMETHING OR SOMEONE else that is of a bit of interest to the public?? Seriously - that editor needs to wake up and realize that some of us are getting really annoyed. Is it laziness? Is someone being paid to leave it up?

Walky Walky!!!!!

Racist Non-Education idiot Asshole Redneck debate issues with Blogger..P.S. Keep kids away!!!!

Former director of the Maritime College of Forest Technology Gerald Redmond chat with Blogger about being Fired!!!!

PANB MLA Rick DeSaulniers and Blogger attend Anti-Spray News Conference!!!

Public Safety Minister Carl Urquhart is denounce by Blogger and other issues!!!

God spared Fredericton yesterday....:)

All ready to warn or rescue the best Ribs in New Brunswick, Tony's Prime Cut is the best!!!

Get your Hat!!!!!!

This is a NEW BRUNSWICK outfit!!!!! Good Hat to wear ...:)..:)..:)..Here's their website

This video was made 10 years ago and the issue was Clear-cutting!!!! CAN YOU IMAGINE NOW?????

Found People's Alliance Leader Kris Austin's office in Minto!!!!