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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Accident on Sainte Anne Point Drive Fredericton!!! STAY HOME!!!!

I first heard on the Police Scanner - All cars come to Headquarters!!!! We will only respond to Emergencies!!!!

I was going to blog - WHAT A BUNCH OF WHIMPS!!!!

Then came the Accident!!!!

I wasn't going to go out but I'm just TOO DAMN NOSY!!!!

Out the door I went....I was directed by the Lighthouse and Suddenly WHITE OUT!!!!

I was scare Shitless!!!! The last time I was in a position like that was in 1990 while traveling in Newfoundland!!!!

A transport drove by us and we couldn't see anything!!!< God wasn't ready for me yet >

I saw the Cops and Apologized for calling them a bunch of Whimps!!!!

They are right - STAY HOME IDIOTS!!!!

Here's the video -

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