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Thursday, 30 January 2020

2020 State of the Province Address!!!! Difficult time to find Green Party Leader David Coon!!!!!!

2020 State of the Province Address!!!! Difficult time to find Green Party Leader David Coon!!!!!! BY THE WAY ---- DON'T GET EXCITED if you find some part of the video offensive....The Camera is broken....I can't see where the camera is filming...NO VISION!!!!

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

New Brunswicker pays $1,000 to get better or stay in Pain for six months!!!

Fredericton New Walking Bridge!!!!

Final video at Tent City in Fredericton with unexpected Guest!!!

Ripping a Power Meter off a Home in Fredericton ISN'T a VERY Bright idea!!!

Always nice to meet these Fans of my videos on the street....they came seconds apart.....:)

Burst Green celebrates 80 years old!!!!

Blogger at the wrong place at the wrong time!!!!

Ned Bear from Saint Mary's First Nation was VERY talented!!!! < Just found this picture >

Friday, 24 January 2020

Final video and views on the Destruction of Tent City in Fredericton!!!!

Some residents of Tent City in Fredericton were looking for help and Tips!!!

Fredericton Police Chief Roger Brown views on the destruction of Tent City!!!

Removing Tent City in Fredericton....

Fredericton Tent City....

Continue to remove Tent City in Fredericton!!!

Tent City in Fredericton is coming down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tent City in Fredericton is coming down!!!!!!!!!!!

Tent City in Fredericton is coming down!!!!

Is Blogger Charles LeBlanc a has-been????

Thursday, 23 January 2020

Fredericton Tent City is debated by Blogger and Andre Faust!!!

Too bad we were almost attack..could have been a beautiful shot from the air of the Lieutenant Governor Mansion and Tent City...Ohh well.....

Fredericton Tent City final Day!!!!

Fredericton Tent City Residents debate issues with Blogger!!!!

Fredericton Tent City visited by Blogger on their final day!!!

Will not let Deogy run free in Dirty Needles Area!!!!!

Shut the heat off and all windows re open!!!!!...FRESH AIR!!!!!...:)..:)..:)



Fredericton Mayor Mike O'Brien have destroyed Carleton Park in Fredericton!!!

Beautiful Day with Deogy!!!

Great Dane meets Deogy!!!

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Too much for Deogy....

It was 5 years ago the Fredericton Police laid these false charges against me!!!

This year 2020....I am going to be demanding some answers in this case....I am having a meeting this week with someone and we will take it from there......will say MUCH more later on this week......stay tuned!!!
Here's the video and I might add there was a front page headline that I was being charge with assault .let me see if I can find it???

Here it is---

 Courts Blogger says new charge is part of alleged Fredericton police vendetta

Dirty Cops showed up at my door the day after it was on the front page---

DON MACPHERSON Fredericton Daily Gleaner

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January 19, 2015

Charles LeBlanc speaks with reporters outside the Fredericton courthouse Monday after his first appearance on a charge of summary assault.

Photo: Don MacPherson/The Daily Gleaner

Fredericton’s best-known activist blogger is on the hunt for evidence that would prove his allegation that the Fredericton Police Force influenced or interfered with his assault investigation.

Charles Joseph LeBlanc, 55, of 1-145 Westmorland St. made his first appearance Monday in provincial court to answer to a count of summary assault, alleging an incident involving complainant Andrew Spencer in downtown Fredericton on July 3.

LeBlanc was joined by a handful of supporters in the courtroom.

Though the incident leading to the charge occurred in Fredericton, the matter was investigated by the Miramichi Police Force, which also laid the charge in Fredericton provincial court.

The Fredericton Police Force farmed the case out to the outside agency because it has a tumultuous history with LeBlanc.

The controversial blogger told Judge Brian McLean on Monday morning he wasn’t prepared to enter a plea and that he had some questions.

He first asked on the record if the disclosure package he’d already received from the Crown was complete and if the documents represented true copies of the evidence and reports.

Prosecutor Cory Roberts confirmed that was the case.

Then LeBlanc asked for copies of all emails between the Fredericton Police Force and its Miramichi counterpart in the case.

Roberts said LeBlanc could ask the Crown prosecutors’ office and someone could look into the issue to see if there was anything available on that point.

McLean adjourned the case to Feb. 16 for plea.

“This has Fredericton police all over it,” LeBlanc told reporters outside the Justice Building on Monday following his court appearance.

He has protested the city police force’s enforcement of cycling bylaws, suggested online the force is harbouring pedophiles and steroid users among its membership, and has alleged harassment.

The blogger points to his video-recording of a rough arrest effected by a member of the Fredericton force that was ultimately used as evidence against the officer in an assault trial.

That officer was acquitted, but LeBlanc points to that situation as the trigger for a campaign by the force to get back at him.

Members of the city police also raided his apartment three years ago and arrested him as part of a criminal libel investigation that alleged LeBlanc had unjustly smeared another one of its officers.

The case was scuttled when the Crown declined to prosecute, noting constitutional issues had arisen in other jurisdictions with that particular section of the Criminal Code of Canada.

LeBlanc learned last year that a document filed with his Internet service provider as part of that libel investigation referred to a child sex exploitation investigation.

The police force has explained it was a clerical error, as the document used in the case is typically filed with ISPs to get evidence in child-pornography cases, not libel matters.

LeBlanc has rejected that explanation, alleging the force was purposefully trying to label him a pedophile. In turn, he started suggesting on his blog that several members of the city police were pedophiles.

A complaint from City of Fredericton chief administrative officer Chris MacPherson to the free hosting service owned by Google about those comments led Google to take the blog down in its entirety last year.

LeBlanc has alleged the city has violated his right to free speech.

He has since launched a new blog on the same free hosting service, on which he has alleged that while the Miramichi police investigated the new assault complaint, the Fredericton Police Force has had its hands all over the case as part of its alleged vendetta against him.

“This is a waste of taxpayers’ money,” the blogger told reporters Monday.

LeBlanc told the court he hadn’t consulted with duty counsel Monday morning, and he told reporters later he didn’t know if he’d apply for legal aid.

He also noted in court his first court appearance on the Spencer assault complaint was three years to the day Fredericton police raided his apartment for the libel investigation.

The blogger also pointed out the new assault charge was laid the day before the limitation for the summary charge would have run out.

With a summary assault matter, police have six months from the time of the allegation to file a charge.

Miramichi police laid the July 3 charge in Fredericton court on Jan. 2, which was a Friday.

LeBlanc told reporters the police didn’t conduct a full investigation and didn’t ask him for his side of the story. However, he then admitted the Miramichi police did contact him for a statement, offering to meet with him either at the Fredericton police station or to drive him up to the Miramichi and back.

“I didn’t feel comfortable,” he told reporters, noting he’d rather give a statement over a cup of coffee instead of in a police interview room on video.

A fan views....

Well Charlie, where to begin. It seems like only yesterday that you left the little town of Memremcook to seek the good fortunes of fame and stardom. Landing in the great city of Saint John, you rubbed shoulders with none other than, you guessed it, THE IRVINGS!!! From there you came to know many faces and personalities among Saint John's elite society including many faces in their very, very distinguished journalistic field. And, oh, how well indeed, things were going, until the day when you had your most unfortunate run-in with the GREATER SAINT JOHN CHAPTER OF THE KGB, filmed on camera for all the world to see. So with the leg of a self-righteous city copper across your wind-pipe, the hijacking of your camera and some sort of kakamony criminal charge, which was thrown ta hell outta court and into the city septic system, it was off to the capital. And little did you know, Charlie, just what an enormous impact you would have or the star and celebrity you would become. Your achievememts, my friend, are far, far too numerous to mention. So many of them stand out, like the day we all woke up to hear about some idiot camping out on the front lawn of our very sacred HOUSE OF REPRESENTIVES!!!! Welcome to the Capital City, Mr. LeBlanc!!!! Your famous video of the ghestapo kickin' the shit out of an innocent downtown bar patron comes to mind, as well as your many interesting interviews with our most beloved mayor, one BRADLEY WOODSIDE; May He Live Forever!!!! Ya gotta love the day when you were issued your official citation of bannishment from our democratic HOUSE OF THE PEOPLE, MOI MAISON!!!! This being your official introduction to our beloved, self important loud mouth, Daniel Bussieres!!! Numerous ensuing altercations with said dinkhead among many, as well with the local posse stand as major hilites The idiot copper issuing you a citation for cycling on the sidewalk, THREE WEEKS AFTER THE FACT, while in the background, we see an equally guilty party doing the same damn thing WITHOUT A HELMET and he does absolutely SFA!!!! DEMOCRACY AT IT'S FINEST, my friend!! And then, of course, we see Dapper Dan the suicide bomber, detonater in hand, coming at you ready to PUSH THE BUTTON. We could go on and on, my friend, from here, on into eternity. YOU GET MY DRIFT, and we would merely scratch the surface. We have but scratched the surface of your accomplishments since the day you set foot in our fair city. The local constabularly thank you, the City of Fredericton thanks you, our provincial MLA's thank you, and above all, pal, DAN BUSSIERES THANKS YOU A THOUSAND TIMES OVER!!!! LUV YA!!!! 30

Thursday, 16 January 2020

The Brady Francis Trial......

Jessica J. Perley

5 mins ·

I just want to thank everyone who has been coming to court in support for Brady’s Justice. It means a lot to us, we need the support. For all who is wanting to come and is holding back for whatever reason, Just come. Don’t hold back, we need you. This is hard, I am not going to lie...he was our son, AND guess what?! He was your family, and your friend,,,he still needs you. This is OUR time as a community to show that we are strong and that we stand by each other. Please come. Yes it matters, WHY? Because #justiceforbrady

St.Mary's First Nation Council NEVER debate the issue of the Victim at Council meeting last Monday!!! CBC to do a follow up????

Out of the Cold Shelter in Fredericton was full at 7:30pm!!!

What's happening in Fredericton??? The Public should know...why the Secrecy????

Nice dedication to George Piers at the Fredericton Community Soup Kitchen!!!

Found phone on Sidewalk in Fredericton.....

Shooting this morning behind the SuperStore in Fredericton????

Anyone knows???

New Brunswick Social Development sends another letter to Blogger!!!

New Brunswick Social Development sends another letter to Blogger!!!

Monday, 13 January 2020

Only way to remove snow in Fredericton....

Maurice Johnson should have pleaded Guilty for the killing of Brady Francis!!!!

Travelling Bus driving like crazy!!!

Riding through the Danger Zone ...Danger Zone....


St.Mary's Chief Alan Polchies Jr sexual victim speaks out!!!!

WOW!!!! CBC FINALLY COMES OUT WITH STORY!!!! But to be fair...I contacted them about this story months ago but they couldn't do anything if the victim wouldn't talk....she finally decided to come out with her story...

Click on link below for today's story ---

See ...the problem with something like this...if you don't have the courts or people in the Government take action??? It will eat you me I know....this is the reason I will keep on fighting because the bureaucrats and MLA'S totally ignore my issues....Look at a video I made yesterday on an issue that happened close to 5 years ago.......

Ok..never mind me me me.....Here's her story-----

“The Alternative Measures Program is designed to divert individuals from the criminal court system while still holding accused persons responsible for their actions. ... When an individual is given a referral to the Alternative Measures Program, he or she must be willing to accept responsibility for the criminal charge.” I was told by crown prosecutor Hilary Drain in our meeting that I would be involved and have a say in chief Allan Polchies jr alternative measures program and if he did not finish or complete the program that on his court date in October he would not only be charged with assault he would be charged with sexual assault as well. I explained multiple times to Hilary Drain that what he did was sexual assault in the first place, she told me not to drive home wasted old men and it shouldn’t happen, I then told her that was my third time driving chief Allan polchies jr home but the first time he sexually assaulted me in front of my two friends, I also told her that he came to my nanny’s birthday party (which he never attend any other birthday parties of my nanny’s) making me feel uncomfortable in my own grandmothers house that I had to LEAVE! my aunt penny invited chief Allan polchies jr when she knew about everything that chief Allan polchies jr did to me from the very beginning. Why would she do that? Why does she still support the chief after what he did to her niece? She won’t give me an answer. I wanted this to be resolved in the community, for chief Allan polchies jr to take full responsibility for his actions and come to me for an apology. Tyler nason chief Allan polchies jr boyfriend apologized the next day after the incident but the chief can’t?I went to what I thought strong women were, penny Polches my aunt, Susan Sacobie and Gina brooks because my best friend wanted and knew in her heart her moms would want to help me or to give me some advice, they talked to me with care and told me something has to be done... did I ever hear anything that was going to be done? No, i assumed they went and talk to chief Allan polchies jr and dropped it all together. A week after the incident I went to someone who works with mental health and they led me in the right direction in coming forward to the police. I had chief Allan polchies jr personally call Ann Bilson from my “sisters of the drum” group and threaten her with “if jades plays at the AFN Gala, the drum group will not be performing”, Ann bilson calls me down to the smoke shop to come talk to her, I go down thinking it’s something about my ribbon skirt but she takes me outside and tells me “it’s a big deal we’re opening up for Jeremy dutcher”, “ we all need this “, “they don’t want you to play; they called and said if you play we can’t play and we need you to take one for the group” immediately I’m crying, how can they do that? I haven’t even went public. I didn’t know what to do, I went to my elder for advice, she was telling me to fight and stand up for myself and that I should go public because becoming public is letting people aware. I made my status after I left her house, after that my life changed. I got my position back after agreeing with Shasta Hitchcock that I would not protest or do anything that would affect chief Allan polchies jr role at the AFN Gala. Looking back I wish I didn’t perform or do anything for those people. Everything got worse from there, I have people who work in the band making posts about me, saying nasty things, making fake facebooks to post about me, slashing my tires, giving me dirty looks. Someone from my drum group even told me to “get over it” and i didn’t even bring it up, like how am I suppose to feel comfortable around my own people? Marvin Nash employee of st Mary’s band office said I should be ashamed to show my face around my community. Chief Allan polchies jr sent out a letter that I got on my doorstep basically saying innocent until proven guilty and that it’s not the first time someone discriminated against him because he’s gay.

Tj Burke even texting my mother saying he didn’t know it was me that chief Allan polchies jr assaulted, that’s coming from his own lawyer.

I lost friends because the community got divided along the way and now what? I’m trying to prove myself to who? I know what I did was right, Why did it feel completely wrong?

I called the diversion program six times leaving three different voicemails and she calls back a few weeks later explaining to me that she was on vacation and busy with other caseloads that she didn’t have time to call me back but had time to meet with chief Allan polchies jr to discuss his consequences. She then proceeded to tell me that he fully admits to assaulting me, I tried to tell her “well you were given orders by the head crown prosecutor Hilary drain that I would have a involvement” all I wanted was apology not only to me but the community for sending out that letter. I asked what was his agreement

1. Keep the peace

2. Make a donation to victim service

3. Write a reflection letter.

She told me I could write up a file complaint to the system but by then I already felt so hopeless. How could the system just do that? Let one walk away with a crime as big as any other? I now understand why females don’t come forward, the numbers are accurate and I’m just another statistic. The justice system failed me once again and I’m over it.

But I am not over holding chief Allan polchies jr accountable for his actions and you probably want to think well why? Well because any drunk intoxicated 50 year old man who sexually assaults a young sober women after just trying to help, needs to be hold accountable!! This isn’t the 80s or 90s era you don’t just go around touching young women!! Gay or not!!! Those are creepy predator vibes that we are trying to end, not support.

The justice system might have failed me, some of my community members might have failed me but chief Allan polchies jr if you are the leader you say you are then walk your talk! come forward, address the issues and find a solution for your behaviour because it’s been 9 months and I still haven’t heard any apology come from you.

To everyone who keeps adding their own lies to my situation.. This is my story..


Maurice Johnson to stand trial today. Praying he pleads Guilty!!!

Sunday, 12 January 2020


Brian Jones makes it to the South Pole!!!! ALL GOOD....:)

Michel Vienneau sa fais tirer 5 ans passer et Crime Stoppers est responsable!!!

Michel Vienneau was shot dead 5 years ago today because of Crime Stoppers!!!!!

Visiting the Boys "n" Red Graveyard on January 12th 2020...

Visiting the Memorial Site for the Boys "n" Red in Downtown Bathurst!!!!

Remembering the exact time when the Boys "n" Red were killed in Bathurst 12 years ago!!!

Arriving to the Site where the Boys in Red were killed 12 years ago....