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Friday, 29 January 2016

Imelda Perley Wolastoqew (Maliseet) from Tobique First Nation!!!

NB Provincial Judge Mary Jane Richards and Fredericton Police Officer David Bemrose must be investigated on the manner they treat people with Mental Illness!!!

How come Blogger is always beside the Death Section??? Is this a sign of what's to come??


What Judge Mary Jane Richards allow in the Courtroom was shameful. I might add that Cst David Bemrose should be remove from his post in the Justice Building.

I'm not sure but I believe David Bemrose was involved in the investigation in falsely accusing me to be a Pedophile.

To have the Fredericton Police intimidate with with mental illness in the Courtroom SHOULD NOT be allow!!!

Of course someone with a gun MUST BE in the courtroom but let him sit in the back and not in front of the defendant to distract the poor individual.

Racist Police Chief Leanne Fitch seem to support this so I will be making a complaint to the Government next week.

I just wish people would open their eyes and pay attention to what is going on here!!

Our Judges and treating people with mental illness like blacks, french and natives were treated 60 years ago!!

They deport them to cities far away from Fredericton.

Often it's on false charges or it could have been handle in a different manner.

To allow a member of the Fredericton Police Force to take advantage of people with mental illness is unacceptable!!!

Here's the story from the Irving media -

Fredericton blogger butts heads with judge over bylaw matter


A downtown resident who has repeatedly clashed with police and the justice system in recent years was back in court Wednesday, this time fighting a City of Fredericton bylaw ticket.

Charles Joseph LeBlanc, 56, of 1-145 Westmorland St., appeared in provincial court Wednesday to face an allegation he violated a city bylaw by riding his bicycle on a city sidewalk on July 30.

Judge Mary Jane Richards noted Wednesday that LeBlanc had filed a letter with the provincial attorney general and the chief judge of the provincial court, raising various issues with the case. Richards noted that LeBlanc, as he’d been directed, raised those issues in a motion filed with the court.

Among the issues the controversial blogger and social activist has raised were the constitutionality of the bylaw, the issue of whether the bylaw was in full force and effect at the time, and the possibility he was served with a phonysummons.

In court documentation, he also asked for Richards to recuse herself from the case. She told him Wednesday that motion wasn’t necessary, as she wouldn’t be the judge hearing the trial. The judge urged him to refile his motion,removing the recusal elements, as they were moot.

However, LeBlanc kept telling the court he couldn’t focus. He said because there was a police officer in the courtroom, seated near the prosecution table, he wasn’t able to deal with the matter. The officer in question was the Fredericton Police Force’s court liaison, who’s responsible for laying charges and ensuring police witnesses are available for trial, among other duties. He’s routinely present in Fredericton’s provincial courtrooms. LeBlanc asked the judge to remove the officer from the courtroom, but Richards refused.

“I’ll have to lay a complaint then,” the defendant said.

The judge explained the courtroom is open to the public and that he doesn’t have the right to demand the removal of people who have cause to be in court. Richards said the other matter to address Wednesday was LeBlanc’s plea.

“I can’t put a plea until I receive full disclosure,” LeBlanc said, acknowledging while he had received the disclosure package from the city, he had further questions he wanted answered.

The judge said the case can’t proceed without a plea and that he could file a motion with the court about a month ahead of trial if the disclosure issue hadn’t been resolved.

“I’m entering a not-guilty plea on your behalf,”Richards said.

She scheduled the trial for April 11, noting the presiding judge would also hear arguments on his motions regarding constitutional issues and other matters.

On his blog, LeBlanc has contended the bylaw ticket was issued on a third-party complaint, and police officers issued him the ticket a couple of months after the alleged infraction.

In the past, the blogger has claimed the Fredericton Police Force has a vendetta against him and have been targeting him unfairly.

He has said the problems began after he recorded a video of a violent arrest in downtown Fredericton a few years ago that led to a city police officer being charged with assault. That officer was acquitted at trial.

LeBlanc has argued the alleged police grudge against him is one of the reasons he’s been charged with a summary count of assault, alleging an incident involving a downtown panhandler on July 3.

That case is scheduled to go to trial May 4.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

2016 New Brunswick State of the Province Address was tonight!!!!!


It was good...I just love going at these Events....I only shook hand once with Pat Riley from Saint John....if there's a place where germs flies???...This is the event....Nice hard firm hand reminds me of the old television show was good...Brian Gallant address was feel good New Brunswicker event....everyone left the building with wings on their was a beautiful sight watching humans believe it would have been a good place to tell the public about the cuts but that's me.....we have a Premier who can speak good but as he said many times - I can't tell you what's going to be cut tonight....lets see what Roger Melanson says on Tuesday...P.S. The food for FANTASTIC!!!!...Mrci for the invite...I believe this was my 5th one.....:) ...By the way....he never mentioned Shale Gas or Mines once...:)...< not when I was listening >

Former New Brunswick Speaker and Miramichi MLA John McKay debate with Blogger!!!

I spotted the former Speaker today at the Delta. I stepped forward and congratulating John McKay for the fine speech he gave last summer in Miramichi. I wasn't there and watched it on youtube.

Click below -

So I had my turn. My God...we went all over the place.

P.S. P.S. he had MANY more stories after our little chat. Interesting guy...:)

Fredericton Police Officer Cst David Bemrose should be remove for the Justice Building!!!!


I was in Court yesterday and I noticed more people than usual from City Hall but I will admit that I was VERY upset.

The Courts as any other workplace works together. Police, Lawyers, Judges and Staff.

It's impossible to have a fair hearing because you enter their world. It's a intermediating world!!! People with giant robes who speaks another language that most ordinary DO NOT understand!!! I might add they whisper so the people in the gallery can't hear.

It didn't take any language to understand my concerns yesterday in Court.

By now? I'm not as nervous in those Courtroom. It's a place you get ready but unfortunately you don't know who's going to be the Judge or which direction the hearings will go!

You have no lawyer to direct you so you can argue.

Yesterday, Judge Mary Jane Richards asked me to look at her and not my notes. That's almost a impossible task especially there are issues I want to bring up. I only have a few minutes in that Court Room so I have to move quickly.

Why am I in Court? The Cops showed up at my door.

Check video below -

I can't no answers from my questions? They told me to go to Court!!! I am just following orders. All this because of a 3rd Party complaint and the Cops don't even talk to the accuse.

But as I wrote earlier...something was in the Courtroom that REALLY disturb this Blogger.

A Cop Cst David Bemrose was sitting next to me....< on my right > in past court appearance..I asked the Judge and the Police Officer if he could sit behind me? In the past Cst David Bemrose would act on my concern by sitting behind me.



As a person who has ADHD. I told the Judge that I am distracted by the Police Officer beside me. Judge Mary Jane Richards didn't care and you could see Cst David Bemrose smiling that he could intimidate the accuse who suffers with a mental disability!!!

This is discussing!!!! To have A police officer sitting down in a Court Room like a Courtroom in China should not be allowed!!!

At least in China sometime they sit behind the accuse.

  1. china

I wonder how many other people who suffers with mental illness have gone through the same thing as I did!!

To be standing in front of a Judge who accused you to be a Pedophile is BAD ENOUGH but to add the Cops in that room is unacceptable!!!!

Lets get one thing straight. I used to be the biggest supporter of our local police force but ever since they falsely accuse me to exploit kids for Sex? I just haven't been the same since.

Fredericton Cst David Bemrose believe this is a Big Joke? Well I am not amuse. I am sending a complaint to the Justice Minister and others.
I might add he always goes outside and smokes cigarettes!! Many accuse are allergic to that deadly habit!!!

He should be remove for the Justice Building or have sympathy for people will mental illness!!!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Blogger to face Provincial Judge Mary Jane Richards who labelled Blogger as a Pedophile tomorrow at 1:30pm!!!! < Wednesday >

Should be interesting because it's the same Judge who labelled me as a Pedophile. She ordered the Police to search all my pictures on my hard drive. < 300,000 pics > to look for child porn.

Of course, the inquiry didn't include the Judge. There should have been a Provincial Inquiry of the matter the Fredericton Police and the Judge came after me!!!

Here's the paper -

It's going to be VERY difficult for this guy if the Judge don't recluse herself from this case.

I must stay calm in there tomorrow!!!

I didn't get the Racist Prosecutor name who took this case the last time.

I will get the name tomorrow!!!


Reverend Dr. Terry Atkinson from the Brunswick Baptist Church message last Sunday!

Time for a new update!!!!


Are you Boycotting Covered Bridge Potato Chips???

  1. Union-Covered-Bridge

Cafe Loka on York Street in Fredericton is the place to go for a all organic meal!!!


Good service and VERY filling...:)

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Maurice the Homeless views on Racist Fredericton Police Officer Dana Eardley en Chiac!!!



Ter sure que c la meme bitch su les 2 portrais? A doi etre sur la dope ou les steroids ou tchuk chouse....dam!!! Ste bunch de Tin Tin la deverion toute etre drug tester, fuck les truck drivers son drug tester...How come que ster glin glin la son pas drug tester? What a Bunch...... I pouvon toute me fripper le tchu as far as Im concerned. Charles a don, give pas up, tes apres de les exposer pi tu va finally gagner, charles a pas de quit dans lui. --maurice the homeless guy-- on Maurice the Homeless views en chiac on Fredericton Police Officer Dana Roberts or Dana Eardley!!!

Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside is going to be somewhere in May!!!!!


Low life non educated Racist Redneck debate JIMMY with Blogger!!

I wonder if the issue of the Blogger was part of the course???


Maurice the Homeless views en chiac on Fredericton Police Officer Dana Roberts or Dana Eardley!!!

  1. IMGP3033danaroberts1

  2. Charles,

    En CHIAC Waiyyy A la pas mall balooner ste bitch ! A deverai slower down sur les tim horton donuts ou a les su sa memopause ou tchuk chouse but see toute da fuckin bullshit. In fuckin de tickit pour driver une bike san une helmet.....fuck off! Aver vou pas e rien de meieure de faire? Charle a don va fair des fou de vous in autre foi Sa sra pas la premiere foi. Si vous arierer da brain vous le resterier tranchille parce qui va gagner encore. --maurice the homeless guy

Friday, 22 January 2016

It was 4 years ago today Fredericton Fascist Mayor Brad Woodside and his Fredericton Police Force created a Monster???

Fredericton Fascist Mayor Brad Woodside didn't want the City to pay that I have a lawyer during the Bernard Richard investigation. So? I was all alone!!!!

I just got this little note!

The Cops never made it public what they did with the Computer and Hard Drive?

Female Fredericton Police Officers goes to the EXTREME to play to role of undercover Cops!!!



Now..this is Dana Eardley that showed up at my door a couple of months ago.

This is when Fredericton Police Officer Danielle Carmichael attack me!!!!

Now..this is the Dana Roberts who supported her Master Dan Bussieres that I be arrested at the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

Dana Roberts or Dana Eardley who lied by telling me that she will watched the evidence that I was assaulted!!! But she never did!!!

Here's the assault!!!

The Quebec Goons Security grab and assaulted me!!!

Here she is in front of the New Brunswick Legislature but I didn't reconize her. She must be working for Dan Bussieres.

My question is this? Why is Dana Roberts or Dana Eardley issued me a ticket on a 3rd Party complaint??? Why weren't a Police Force outside of the City got involved???

Why did she changed her Family Name anyway??? Should she be allow to do this especially being a dirty Cop???

Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside still plan to run Somewhere???


Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside should run for Mayor of Saint John???


Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside should run for Mayor of Saint John???

It was 4 years ago today Fredericton Police raided Blogger's home with HUGE false accusation of child Porn!!!

CBC New Brunswick story from the Victory Meat Market in Fredericton!!!



It was been a emotional ride but the fight will continue because no Mayor or Police are going to labelled me as a pedophile and get away with it!!!

I'm a fighter and I will continue to fight until we can come to a agreement but Fascist Mayor Brad Woodside don't want any part of it because he's a Racist against the less fortunate!!!!

Stay tuned!!!

Enjoy these stories from 2012!!!!!- has been a terrible year for this Blogger....I am VERY surprise that I never took a stroke this year.

It has been a VERY emotional roller Coaster and I don't believe that I will ever be the same individual again.

There's just something about a corrupted Justice System working hand in hand with the Police Force in jailing the less fortunate.

I said it MANY times - If it happened to me? What other individual this happened to them but they didn't received any media attention??

It all began on January 19th when Racist Cop Cpl. Bobbi Simmons-Beauchamp lead 8 to 10 Police Officers to my place.


I'll let the pictures and videos do the blogging of the year 2012!!! < Since this all began with Tyrant Dan Bussieres? I'll add his pictures also. >

All began when my supporters and myself were tricked by the Racist Members of the Fredericton Police Force in pleading Guilty. I had no right to a lawyer!!!

Click below -

Then three days later Racist Cop Cpl. Bobbi Simmons-Beauchamp raids my place -



A VERY confuse Blogger!!!

Then the media came < THANK GOD!!! >

IMGP9821 (Large)


Racist Chief Barry MacKnight is confronted by the media and Blogger!!!

Picture 232

Fredericton Councillor Jordan Graham gives his views -


Picture 279Picture 275Picture 276


A Camouflage gift -

Picture 345

Protection -


Click below for link -