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Friday, 31 August 2018

Federal Green Party Leader Elizabeth May views of why Canadians know more about Donald Trump than Canadian Local Politics????

New Brunswick Green Party Leader David Coon invites Media in his vehicle during Election Campaign!!!

Fredericton Police to act on Slander charge against Blogger????

I received this little note after posting this video -

Here's the comment -----P.S. I won't mention his name -----

Hi there I would like that post taking down or i will go to the Police for slander ing me all over the internet

 I wonder if this case will go to Trial????..:P

23 Days before the New Brunswick Provincial Election - A VERY confuse and can't focus Blogger!!!!

New Brunswick Green Party Leader David Coon invites Media in his vehicle during Election Campaign!!!

New Brunswick Green Party Leader David Coon questioned by media on Poverty!!!

New Brunswick Green Party Leader David Coon to tackle the issue of Poverty!!!!

Fredericton-Grand Lake - Dan Weston,Fredericton North - Tamara White and Green Party Leader David Coon talks about Poverty!!!!!!

Following Green Party Leader David Coon to a News Conference on Poverty!!!

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Blogger was a street Buddy of the guy who shot DEAD the two Cops and two Civilians in Fredericton!!!!

This is the guy taken 5 to 6 years ago.....


Sick Joke in front of the Tannery in Fredericton???

Ever had problems with Security Guards at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital???

Here's the picture ---

Fredericton Transit Bus in accident on Regent Street between King and Queen!

Facts or Fictions during the 2018 New Brunswick Provincial Election!!!

Reflecting on the shooting of two police officers and two citizens in Fredericton!!!

Blogger testing the patience of a CBC Camera....


Fredericton Police SLOWLY getting back to par....:)

24 Jours avant Élections Générales Néo-Brunswickoises de 2018 - Clear-cutting, Spraying et Flood!

24 Days until the 2018 New Brunswick Provincial Election- Clear-cutting, Flood and Spraying!!!!

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Going back in time with Shale Gas......

Federal Green Party Leader Elizabeth May views on Donald Trump!!!!

Federal Green Party Leader Elizabeth May debates with Blogger on different issues!!!

New Brunswick Green Party Leader David Coon is asked about Liberals freeze in Power Rate for 4 years!

Federal Green Party Leader Elizabeth May shows up at David Coon's Headquarters in Fredericton!!!

The 2018 New Brunswick Provincial Election!!!!

25 Days until the 2018 New Brunswick Provincial Election - Brian Gallant to freeze Power rate!!!!!

25 Jours avant Élections Générales Néo-Brunswickoises de 2018 - Regarder le Candidat ou la Candidate!

25 Days until the 2018 New Brunswick Provincial Election - Look at the Candidate and not the Party!

Fredericton North MLA Stephen Horsman should have fought for a Bus Shelter!!!!

People's Alliance Candidate Art O'Donnell's wife is question by Blogger!!!

Liberal Candidate Andy Hardy confronted by Pain in the Ass Blogger in Blackville!!!

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Elsie Wayne died two years ago today...Will we EVER see the likes of her again???

Saudi Arabia supports Blogger Charles LeBlanc!!!! Is this a Good or Bad thing??..:P..:P..:P

They mustn't have heard they they falsely accuse me to be a Pedophile and ordered my Blog shut down!!!!<br/>
 alesy Saudi Arabia is spreading some crazy rumours about Canada

Ali Amad 08/21/2018

This summer’s feud between Canada and Saudi Arabia is one of the more bizarre diplomatic spats in Canadian history. The whole affair started after the oil-rich Gulf nation arrested several female activists in late July, including Samar Badawi, the sister of jailed blogger Raif Badawi. On August 2, Canada’s foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland, tweeted her concern for both Samar and Raif Badawi and called for their release. The next day, the Canadian Foreign Ministry’s Twitter account urged Saudi authorities to release Samar and “all other peaceful #humanrights activists.”

A few days later, the Saudi government hit back with a barrage of tweets, calling Canada’s posts an “attack” and accusing the Canadian government of meddling in its affairs. But Saudi Arabia’s over-the-top retaliation didn’t stop there: it gave the Canadian ambassador 24 hours to leave the country, recalled its own ambassador and froze all new trade and investments with Canada. Over the next few days, the Saudis also suspended all flights to and from Toronto on their national airline and announced they were withdrawing more than 15,000 of their students from programs in Canada.

And the Saudis have also been striking back through the media, using every press outlet at their disposal to spread damaging information about Canada, much of it misleading or outright false. Here, fresh from the Arabic web, are a few of the more outlandish things Saudi Arabian media figures are telling the world.

Our prisons are basically death camps

تقارير لناشطين تطالب كندا بتحسين وضع السجناء بما يوافق حقوق الانسان — قناة العربية (@AlArabiya)

1:00 PM - Aug 6, 2018

Al Arabiya, a Saudi state-controlled news channel, published an online report outlining supposed abuses in Canadian prisons. The channel’s unsupported, unsourced claims include that “between 2015 and 2017, 75 per cent of detainees died before standing trial,” that “solitary confinement for more than 15 days may extend into years,” and that prisoners are “tortured” by being subjected to “shining lights inside glass rooms.”

Another Al Arabiya report, titled “Activists protest Canadian authorities’ oppression of dissenters,” lists supposed “prisoners of conscience” in Canada, including Donny Morris, a First Nations leader who was imprisoned for six months after protesting mining activity on indigenous lands. Another “prisoner”: Jordan Peterson, the Toronto psychology professor and internet celebrity, who has never been arrested (that we know of). We’re suicidal/genocidal

During a panel show on the Saudi 24 TV network, Ayed Al Rashidi, a sports journalist, called Canada “a racist country” and compared its treatment of First Nations peoples to Myanmar’s persecution of its Muslim Rohingya minority. Another panelist said “Canada has one of the highest suicide rates” in the world. In fact, Canada’s 15.3 suicide deaths per 100,000 residents lag far behind world leaders like Sri Lanka (58.5) and Guyana (46). And John Baird is somehow involved

Odder still, former Conservative foreign minister John Baird appeared on Al Arabiya, where he criticized his successor’s handling of Saudi affairs. Baird took Saudi Arabia’s side, saying that the current Canadian government has been “poking its finger in the eye of the Kingdom [of Saudi Arabia] for the past three years.” Just three years ago, Baird had his own concerns about the Saudi government’s treatment of Raif Badawi:

Canada is deeply concerned by flogging of @raif_badawi - it is a violation of human dignity and freedom of expression … — John Baird (@Baird) 10:49 PM - Jan 14, 2015

We’re basically ISIS

Saudi newspapers have also joined the pile-on. A column by Khalid bin Hamd Almalik, editor-in-chief of the Saudi newspaper Al-Jazirah, compared the ideas of ISIS, or Daesh, to the “foolish actions” and “policy of incitement and terrorism” of Canada’s foreign ministry.

In Okaz, another Saudi publication, a columnist accused the “racist” Canadian government of turning a blind eye to the violence it commits against First Nations peoples. In a similar vein, a columnist in the Saudi-owned Al Hayat newspaper described Canada as a country “founded on the skulls of millions of First Nations peoples,” before referring to Canada’s residential school era as the “Canadian holocaust.”

And there are Twitter trolls, of course

Like any self-respecting nation these days, Saudi Arabia also has a Twitter army, which has been busy criticizing Canada with hashtags like #Saudis_are_deeply_concerned_about and #Saudi_expels_Canadian_ambassador. Unsurprisingly, there are some misleading “facts” making the rounds.

Some Twitter users are claiming that Saudi Arabia, unlike Canada, has no homeless people. (Which is clearly ridiculous, but hard to refute. The Saudis don’t like to talk about this stuff.)

At least one Saudi tweeter has claimed that Canadians can “legally rape animals.”

#Saudis_are_deeply_concerned_about #كندا_إن_السعوديين_يشعرون_بقلق_بالغ_إزاء believe it or not! this heartwarming picture shows how Canadians can legally rape animals. The nation who lectures others about right abuse is clearly abusive. #Stop_animal_rapist_now #AnimalRights — Yasir | ياسر (@YasirKSA88) 11:54 PM - Aug 5, 2018

There have been calls for the freedom of blogger Kevin J. Johnston, who was ironically charged with a hate crime against Muslims in 2017. (Johnston is currently a free man, and he’s running for mayor of Mississauga.)

Then freedom for Charles LeBlanc, an arrested Canadian blogger, Kevin J. Johnston, also a Canadian journalist and blogger. both arrested in Canada.

if your house is made of glass, don't throw stones at a castle. — Hatim Makki (@HatimMakki) 11:23 PM - Aug 5, 2018 · Washington, DC

Other Saudi tweeters are calling for Canada to grant Quebec its independence, with one account claiming Canada is forcing Quebec’s people to remain in the country. Others have taken up the banner by demanding the immediate liberation of Quebec.

#Quebec needs to be liberated and given sovernity as any nation. Please rise up against oppression and unjust treatment. — محمد الزهراني (@themoonpearls) 6:38 AM - Aug 7, 2018

Monday, 20 August 2018

Something good MUST come out from the tragedy of four people being shot dead in Fredericton!

Only in La Gaspésie in Quebec!!!

Traveling on La Gaspésie in Quebec!!!

Somewhere in La Gaspésie in Quebec!!!

Somewhere in Quebec......

The House that Mr.Molson built at La Roche Percé in Quebec!!!

Percé in La Gaspésie should light up Le Rocher Percé AT NIGHT!!!

Somewhere in La Gaspésie in Quebec.......

Up close from Ferry with La Roche Percé in Quebec..

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Northern Gannet diving for food in Perce Quebec!!!!!

Close up of Roche Perce from Bonadventure Island in Quebec!!!

Percé Quebec receives a complaint from the Blogger!!!!

N&J Convenience in Miramichi will come through!!!!!

National Post Story on Fredericton Police Officers shot dead and Blogger is questioned.....Journalist must get their facts straight before printing!!!!

A la fin de la march sur l'Île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher a Quebec!!!

Bonadventure Island Quebec...................................

Seals on Bonadventure Island in Quebec!!!

Percé Quebec...

The Northern Gannet on Bonadventure Island in Quebec playing away.....

Over 10,000 or more Northern Gannet on Bonadventure Island in Quebec!!!

Bonadventure Island in Quebec from a distance.....

The Northern Gannet on Bonadventure Island in Quebec is huge!!!!

35 Jours avant L'Election 2018 Nouveau-Brunswick - Cyrille Simard Maire d'Edmundston!!!

35 Days before the 2018 New Brunswick Provincial Election - Mayor Cyrille Simard et Radio-Canada!!!!!

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Enjoying the GREAT view from The Perce Geopark in Quebec!!!

The Park in Gaspé Quebec the most beautiful view in Canada!!!

Blogger begins his walk on Bonadventure Island in La Gaspésie Quebec!!!

Landing at Bonadventure Island in La Gaspésie Quebec!!!

Getting VERY close to a Treasure in La Gaspésie Quebec!!!

Don't tell the Irvings Bonadventure Island in La Gaspésie Quebec!!!

On Ferry near Bonadventure Island in La Gaspésie Quebec!!! Look at all the Northern gannets!!!!

Chinese and Canadian Blogger covering Bonadventure Island in La Gaspésie Quebec!!!

On my way to La Roche Percé in La Gaspésie Quebec!!!

Relaxing and chatting on the cost of La Gaspésie Quebec!!!

Getting VERY close to La Roche Percé in La Gaspésie Quebec!!!

One VERY rare site in La Gaspésie Quebec!!!

Waiting to jump on Ferry to go to Bonaventure Island in La Gaspésie Quebec!!!

Walking in the unknown in La Gaspésie Quebec!!!

The hunt continues in La Gaspésie Quebec!!!

Trying to get lucky in La Gaspésie Quebec!!!

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Catholic Religion is dead in Quebec!!! Rules MUST change or Catholic Church will surely die!!!

Quebecois are smart Cyclists compare to idiot New Brunswickers!!!!

38 Days before the 2018 New Brunswick Provincial Election - Both Political Parties are Lazy!!!!

38 Jours avant L'Election 2018 Nouveau-Brunswick - Les deux Parti sont Paresseux!!!!

Blogger begins his voyage around La Gaspésie but.....

Le Fleuve Saint-Laurent est vide!!!! The St.Laurence Seaway is empty!!!

Only way to fish in Quebec...Catch them and cut their heads off on site!!!!

I must have took a wrong turn somewhere.....Guess where???

By the way.....I made the National Post 6 days ago.....I don't know if this is a good thing.....Nobody contacted me.....I was in La Gaspesie in Quebec.....

Here's the link -

Friday, 10 August 2018

Elsipogtog First Nation can strive with new Landmark!!!!

One female and one Male Fredericton Police Officers shot dead in Fredericton.....

I was just told the names of the two cops and one of them blew my female and one male.......:(...I am not mentioning the names in here.....

Many people are emailing me about the name...I got my info from social media so I can't be 100%!!! Remember the person who told me about the small swimming Pools being shut down and at the end it wasn't true.....One of the individual blew my mind. Not sure how I will react if it's true....but stay tune....the other was on the Force for 2 years.....:(

Two member of the Fredericton Police Force shot dead!!!!


Fredericton Police Officers and civilians shot dead!!!!

What a wake up call!!!!! Can't get no info....anyone knows what;s going nothing...please share!!!!!

45 Days before the 2018 New Brunswick Provincial Election - Kelly Lamrock. P.C. Adviser!!!!!!

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Drama Queen Kelly Lamrock to be appointed as a Provincial Judge by Blaine Higgs???

So Kelly Lamrock is now advising,

Blaine Higgs, of all people. He, like me, used to be in the Liberals, then he ran for the NDP, while I supported the Greens, in my taxi, a very effective place to support someone I might add, and now I am independent and he is advising the Conservatives. Why can't we find a home, or are we just malcontents, unable to find perfection.

Still, I always thought the jump from the Liberals to the non-existent Greens was more of a protest rather than a pursuit of opportunity or power. I am always baffled by Kelly's motives, well, not actually, but they are hard to line up publically with anything but self-benefit. For Kelly, there is always a prize at the end of the road. Sadly, for him, he did not get elected as an NDP which would have given him his gold-plated pension. He is only one elected year away from a million dollars plus, but no, he ain't doing it for the money. Maybe as a committed Conservative there is a job waiting for him, or maybe a judgeship, although his "judgement" is always in question, in my mind.

So, rather than promote Higgs, he is on the attack of Kris Austin, looking for answers, or tweets from some, from their past. He should talk. Blaine Higgs ran for the COR and Kelly's record wasn't so rosy either when he served as an MLA, but let's not go there.

Oh, never mind, I love gossip. He supported the sale of NB Power to Quebec. He supported the ATCON deal in cabinet, which virtually robbed New Brunswick taxpayers of $80,000,000.00. He gave a pension to Dana Clendenning with only four years of service, after the government was defeated but before the transfer of power. It actually required a special cabinet meeting to accomodate that decision. Dana spent most of his time in court, at taxpayers expense, defending himself from influence peddling. That's Kelly for you, ever the spineless wimp, willing to do anything, and I mean anything for his own benefit. His soft sympathetic voice grates on me like sand in my jello. I understand why Kelly loves Blaine, but why does Blaine love Kelly?

There is an old chinese proverb that he who points the finger accuses himself tenfold. I ain't Chinese but it seems perfectly appropriate at this time to borrow. Know what I'm saying?

Who am I to point the finger, or give it, for that matter. Blaine, if you are relying on Kelly Lamrock, you are making a huge mistake. That's my advice, for free.

Jack MacDougall

Which one of these three individuals is truly Superman????

47 Days before the 2018 New Brunswick Provincial Election - No more time and a half for Overtime work!!!

47 Jours avant L'Election 2018 Nouveau-Brunswick - Paient pu Double Time pour Overtime!

Sunday, 5 August 2018

This picture I took today sure reminded me of this Movie -----

Here's an update on the Ambulance racing through the City of Fredericton with two R.C.M.P. Cruisers the other day!!!! .Good ending..

Not a lot of people are fans of cops and frankly, neither was I but this guy right here has never failed me. He always seems to make me believe that there are good cops out there and over the past few days him and his colleague went above and beyond and no words or posts will ever be enough to thank them! JF Martel & Tara Trembley were the 2 cops that arrived at the scene of our accident and both played a huge part in my life and seriously touched my heart. They both made such a terrifying event a little less scary. With Jase going in and out of consciousness so frequently, she left her cruiser at the scene and rode to the hospital in the ambulance to help assist with keeping Jase awake. Tara called me the next day and even showed up at my house that evening with gifts for the kids because to her, they were hero’s! Jean Francois Martel took me with him so that the professionals could do what they needed to be. As soon as we started out and without a thought or delay, he reached out to dispatch and asked them to work with the city police department to shut down every intersection from brook side drive to the hospital and between him, dispatch and the city police, they did exactly that. Every intersection from brook side drive up regent until the hospital was blocked off by a police car allowing NOBODY to go through except police and ambulance. I don’t know any names but I know it took every police officer in Fredericton on shift to perform such an act - an act I will forever remember and hold close to my heart! I am baffled, lost for words and I cry just thinking about the act of kindness that was performed that day! The photos below were taken yesterday when JF showed up at our residence to see how we were all making out and a gift for Ryan and myself so we could relax and enjoy a night together. He also went above and beyond to show the kids his cruiser, turning on the lights, letting them sit in the drivers seat and play with the sirens! I’m teaching my babies that there are not only good people in this world but there are good cops also!

Because of these two and the paramedics, Hannah Scott & Felix Bradley, my baby was able to be worked on by several of the best doctors in trauma at the DECH. (I will also add that Felix Bradley even came back to the hospital on his own time after his shift to find out where we were and stopped in to check on us) Although I couldn’t get everyone’s name and I apologize, I was able to get a few! Dr Ouellette was the paediatrician who worked with us the entire stay at the DECH. Dr Woodbury was the doctor who stitched my son back up to perfection - yes he will have a scar but because of his amazing work, I’m sure it will be barely noticeable. There was also a nurse, Angela that came in every hour to check on Jase. I could hear her calling and talking to other doctors just to be sure nothing was wrong every-time the heart monitor would go off. And once again - I don’t know any of the city police officers names but they played just as big of a role and we wouldn’t have been able to get through town as quickly as we did without them!

These two officers and everyone else deserve the biggest shoutout anyone has ever seen because this right here is going above and beyond the call of duty! Please help me share this post so that they can be recognized for the fearless, selfless and kindness act they have performs the past few days because I don’t think they get the recognition they deserve!

Thursday at the Garrison could be too much????

FrederictonBeerFest ‏ @FrederictonBeer #EPIC #DownEastBrewFest thanks you for sharing some great beer with us @FredTourism @DowntownFred @KingStreetAle @PetitSault @GeaghanBros @seanvernon @GrimrossBrewing @maybeebrew @TridersBeer @TataBrew @RichardGarriott @PropellerBeer @RedRoverBrew @PollenAngels

Service New Brunswick in Doaktown shut down??? When did they move???

What's the problem with Idiot Fredericton Mayor Mike O'Brien and his Pants anyway???

Pouring rain at the Farmer's Market in Fredericton!!!

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Naked Man running around Fredericton!!!!

On Manuel's run today he happened to stumble across this man behind Ecole St Anne School. Its unclear whether he's a flasher or a pedophile but its pretty clear he's mentally disturbed and looking to victimize someone. Manuel called the police and watched him to make sure he didn't leave or hurt anyone. Unfortunately, another man walked by and spooked him before the police could catch him in the act. He went through the University stood out front of Vanier Hall on St. Thomas grounds. Because he left before the police could see him for themselves, they werent able to apprehend him so this guy is still out there flaunting his junk and maybe even hurting people. Everyone should be on the look out.¬if_t=share_wall_create

Lynn King People Alliance of New Brunswick Candidate for Fredericton North sits down with Blogger!!!


Blogger attends Anti Spray News Conference at the Crown Plaza in Fredericton!!!

Blogger gets CUT OFF Welfare. What message can be learn by both side???

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Many People who are driving machines or cycling are TRUE Idiots!!!!

MEDIA ADVISORY Stop Spraying New Brunswick Inc (SSNB) to hold a media conference!!!!


Stop Spraying New Brunswick Inc (SSNB) to hold a media conference

Thursday August 2, 2018 at 11:00 a.m.

St. Croix Room, Crown Plaza (Beaverbrook) Hotel, 659 Queen St., Fredericton


- Dr. Caroline Lubbe-D’Arcy, Chair, SSNB

- Donald Bowser, Vice-Chair SSNB, and President Integrity Management, Promoting Accountability and Transparency (I.M.P.A.C.T)

At the media conference, SSNB will issue a report card for the performance of the three political parties in the NB Legislature in response to a petition with 35,000 hand-written signatures to ban herbicide spraying on public land (crown forests, NB Power right of ways). SSNB will also release its assessment of each political party’s platform on herbicide spraying on crown land in the lead-up to the 2018 provincial election

Media will be invited to ask questions following presentations from the speakers.

Contact person: Dr. Caroline Lubbe-D’Arcy, Chair, SSNB (cell) (506) 292-7503

Green Party diminishes their credibility the very thing they wanted to avoid by banning Chris Smissaert as Candidate for Fredericton North

Chris Smissaert
Chris Smissaert former candidate Green Party Fredericton North
- Charles Leblanc photo
Reblogged from the Left Eye (2018)

Chris Smissaert former candidate Green Party Fredericton North Chris Smissaert was banned to run as a Green Party Candidate even though he won his nomination with a wide margin. He won his candidacy by a democratic process. Removing him as a candidate undermines the democracy that we as Canadians so cherish.

It appears that Political correctness was the justification for his removal. Anecdotally speaking the word is that he was removed because he wasn't the favored Candidate among some of the members of the Fredericton North Green Party Riding. The Green Party executive claimed that one of the reasons for banning Smissaert was because of his bullying tactics. What constitutes bullying, the concept has been watered down so much that simply raising one's voice or if one is assertive can be construed as bullying. Concepts such as bullying, character unbecoming, and public safety are contextual terms and there meaning is dependent on the spin that is given to them.  Continued

Do you wish to continue? yes  or no

Some ASSHOLE stole this woman purse from the Library!!!! She's a Saint that wouldn't hurt a fly and I might add Social Development cut off my Welfare Check!!!!1 Not a good day!!!!!

Chris Smissaert chained himself to an Elm Tree on Queen Street in Fredericton and debate with Blogger!!!

Chris Smissaert chained himself to an Elm Tree on Queen Street in Fredericton!!!!!!!


Boring reflecting time for Blogger...