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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Former Miramichi Mayor Gerry Cormier is remembered by John Bethell....

Star New Brunswick cyclist Ellen Watters dies!!! WHAT HAPPENED?????

So? What happened in this case?????

Was the driver on the phone? Was the Driver on a computer???/ Was the cyclist listening to music while riding her bike? Did ice play a role? Was the driver drunk??? Was she over confident with her helmet???? Was she wearing a helmet??? Did the sunset play a role??? What happened????

When I rode a ten speed across Canada and the United States, we never heard of people being killed on the highways!!!

Picture 003Picture 005arizonaPicture 009

So? What happened????

My deepest sympathy to Family and Friends...:(

Ok.....just saw on the News where the tragedy's on a four lanes highway...My God? Lots of room...reminds me of a cyclist from New York who was killed outside of Saint John a few years ago.

Brunswick Baptist Church Pastor Nancy Murphy last Supper was last week!!!!

Pastor Terry Atkinson left us a few months ago and now this...

People needs changes in their lives and I'm certain Nancy will do just fine....:)..

These Activists for the less fortunate are getting burnt out and lets pray new faces will be as strong as the old ones....:)...

I wish Nancy the VERY best of luck in her new endeavors!!!

She will be just fine.....she's going to be VERY difficult to replace...that's for sure....Bonne Chance Nancy....till we meet again on the streets somewhere...:)

Fredericton Police are using the Irving Media as the Russian used Pravda to Brainwash the Citizens!!!

I am getting sick of these goody goody stories about the Fredericton Police Force in our local papers.

They are making the Chief sounds like a loving caring individual who cares about the citizens in this City.

This is a flat out lie and it's going to be proven in months ahead in a court of law.

There's problems in our Police Force and it's just a matter of time till the R.C.M.P. takes over.

This Russian Style of Police Force is VERY dangerous and someone is going to get killed during the next few months.

Has anyone ever found out the reason the Cops in combat gear arrested a innocent citizen on Westmorland Street at 5:30pm????

The S.W.A.T. Team are a bunch of pussies. Look at the time Cop killer Justin Bourque < which I DO NOT support > they put him on the ground and squeezed his balls. < Very brave eh? >

On another occasion, they busted into a person home and force the guy with a mental illness on the floor. The guy didn't know what what going on so he said - I will kill you guys....

These cry babies took that as a treat and charge him of wanting to harm officers of the law.

My God??? They even cried to Google to have my old Blog shut down because I was hurting their  feelings.

Come on???? Which Police Force across Canada goes out of their way to hunt down Indians or Welfare people who rides a bicycle without a helmet?

Lets not forget they accused MANY citizens to be Pedophiles!!!! < will be proven in court > They have used this false tactics against MANY citizens to gain entry in their homes.

Yes...this new media brainwash agenda to brainwash the citizens via the Irving media WILL NOT work!!!

We have a Police Force who refuses to listen to the Public concerns.

These days, the Cops are going to walk into people homes and do a video with their Body Cams. The citizens SHOULD NOT allow these so-called cops in their homes with cameras.

These idiots have no watch dogs < no more scanners > and nobody knows what they're up to. It's VERY scary times in Fredericton. Why do we have to wait till a innocent citizens gets killed by these steroid gorillas before we act???

Edmundston Police Force returns to Fredericton to arrest The Blogger!!!!

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Walk this

Guess where???



I was WAY OFF of my predictions for the year 2016......

: Carrie Fisher dead: 'Star Wars' icon dies at age 60!!!!

So young....

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia

Fredericton Police just ignore them.....

Phony Idiot Fredericton Mayor Mike O'Brien ruined a good shot.....

From Letters to the Editor to Blogging!!!!

Different ways to get some info for Media in New Brunswick!!!

Monday, 26 December 2016

The area always changes but the message will always be the same...

Blogger reflects in the evening in front of the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

Blogger views on Iron fence around the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

A rant about Fredericton....

La Messe de Minuit a L'Ascension ( Beaverbrook - Bellefond )

Blogger misses the good old days.....

All OUR prayers towards Wayne Grant for a speedy recovery!!!

Hi Everyone:

Just wanted to let you know that Wayne is in the DECH, ct scan shows small stroke and it has affected his coordination for walking, touching things, etc. We think it happened during Friday night but had all kinds of symptoms Saturday and yesterday when we finally convinced him to go to the Oromocto Hospital where they sent him straight to the DECH with an I.V. already in. Dr. says he will have another ct scan this afternoon and will be in for a few days for more tests, and has to have a neurologist see him. I know it could be so much worse but this came as such a blow, you never expect these things. I spent the night at the DECH and will again tonight but I have just run home to get a few more things for Wayne. I know he would like you guys to know too. Take care, and will keep in touch but probably not until tomorrow now.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

Your old friends,

Jackie and Wayne

Someone with a BAD sense of humor bought me this gift....

I miss my McCafe.....:(

Relaxing Christmas music at the Brunswick Baptist Church in Fredericton!!

Singing and playing beautiful Christmas Songs at the Brunswick Baptist Church in Fredericton!!!!