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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Who are TRULY the crazy people anyway???

Gun shots fired in or out the Walmart Store in Miramichi????

Forensic Team from the Fredericton Police at the house fire on Regent Street in Fredericton!!!

Fredericton Police still at House Fire on Regent Street 3 days after!!!

Fredericton Police Officer almost gave a Heart Attack to Pain in the Ass Blogger!!!!

Fredericton Police still at House Fire on Regent Street in Fredericton!!

Maritimes Union!!!

Wilmot f Ross Nashwaak Bridge...

Who would have believe the Fredericton Police would have take advantage of this Law to go after certain people!!!...:(

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Huge Collision at Corner of Queen and Regent Street in Fredericton this morning after High Speed Chase with the Fredericton Police Force!!!! WHY???? Thank God nobody got killed!!!

Blogger re-visits Crime Scene on Regent Street! News will come in near future!!!

Ambulance New Brunswick being debated inside New Brunswick Legislature but it WILL NEVER change because of maudit Francophone!!!!

Fredericton Non-Profit BANS smoking from it's Units!!!!

New Brunswick P.C. Party are asked by Blogger about last week in Opposition!!!

Député pour Kent-Nord Kevin Arseneau rencontre le Blogger!!!


Old Guard.....

Going back in time....

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Acadian Flag...


What's better for you at the Victory Meat Market???


Blogger Video make CTV News!!!!

Arriving at House Fire at 530 Regent Street in Fredericton!!!

Going at Fire at House Fire at 530 Regent Street in Fredericton!!!

Fredericton Police racing at House Fire at 530 Regent Street in Fredericton!!!

Dead body found in a Hockey Bag on Warrick Road in Renous??? Fake News??

Blue Ridge Water in Fredericton worker calls Blogger - "Crazy Guy "

I often can't understand the meaning of the word - Death......Why some live so old while others die so young...:(

Friday, 26 October 2018

Fredericton-Grand Lake P.C. MLA Pam Lynch did a good job!!!!

Good exercise on a Friday evening!!!!

Age and Politics....

the old days....

New Brunswick Human Rights Commission joins in on Straight Pride Flag in Chipman!!!!

New Brunswick P.C. Leader Blaine Higgs sets the record straight on the Shale Gas issue!!!

Protect yourself from others! Get your Flu shot at King Street Pharmacy in Fredericton!!!

Blogger left his mark in Saint John but will he do the same in Fredericton????

Going back in time.....

John R Barry from Saint John!!!

No difference......

Enjoying the walking Bridge under a full Moon in Fredericton!!!

Shale Gas and Blaine Higgs viewed by Blogger....

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Fox Barber Shop on Queen Street in Fredericton is giving FREE items!!! Hurry before they are gone!!!

Leader of the People's Alliance Kris Austin first statement in New Brunswick Legislature is viewed by Blogger!!!

New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant Throne Speech is viewed by D..O.G.!!!

N&J Convenience Store in Miramichi came through!!!!!...:)

New Brunswick Minister of Health Benoît Bourque confronted on Suicide Epidemic coming to this Province!!!!

New Brunswick Ombudsman Charles Murray debate Throne Speech with Blogger!!!!

MLA Jake Stewart Southwest Miramichi confronted by Pain in the Ass Blogger!!!

Two old guys shooting the shits in the early hours!!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Des Promesses de Putin and Max White views on issues!!!!

Idiot Fredericton Mayor Mike O'Brien walks inside the New Brunswick Legislature!!!!

Two ADHD individuals meets in front of the New Brunswick Legislature for the very first time....:)

Decisions, decisions, decisions in front of the New Brunswick Legislature!!!!!

Views on different issues after Throne Speech at the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

CTV Journalist Laura Brown in action in front of the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

NEW Albert MLA Mike Holland is asked about how he won the Nomination???

Fredericton West-Hanwell P.C. MLA Dominic Cardy views on Straight Pride Flag in Chipman!!!!

New Brunswick P.C. Leader Blaine Higgs on Straight Pride Flag in Chipman!!

Going to buy a Straight Pride Flag in Chipman!!!

Fredericton-North MLA Stephen Horsman and Blogger heated exchange over Bus Shelter at the Welfare Building!!!!

Bored Blogger with two Liberals MLA's...

CBC Journalist Jacques Poitras asked about Straight Pride Flag in Chipman???

People's Alliance Fredericton-York MLA Rick Desaulniers meets Blogger!!!!!

People Alliance Miramichi MLA Michelle Conroy comes face to face with Pain in the Ass Blogger for the very first time!!!

Kent South Benoît Bourque confronted by Blogger!!!



Here's a picture of her Niece. She sent me a couple of email last week.


Hi Charles, I am from Regina. My dad Francis Smith (deceased 1988) , Isabella's only sibling moved to Weyburn, Sk during WWII. There was an airforce base there. He met my mom while he was in Weyburn. They married in 1945. Settled in Regina. He died never knowing what happened on that night of Oct 19/65. He always felt that there was fowl play involved. Isabella was only married to Jack Felsing for a few months when she passed away. She was in her 40's when she married Jack. She stayed at home looking after her ailing mom and dad (my grandparents). After they passed away she married Jack. They lived in my grandparents home after they got married at 679 Churchill Row. My grandfather was a Professor of Music at the University I believe. He was also the head organist at Christ Church Cathedral. Anyways my father always had bad feelings toward Jack's sister, Betty Lees. You see, after the autopsy and inquiry it was determined that Isabella died first - probably almost instantly and 1/2 of her face was blown off and she lost an entire breast in the shotgun blast. I think 3 pellets entered Jack's jugular vein and he bled to death probably within 20 minutes. So, because there was no will everything went from my Aunt Isabella to Jack and from there it went from Jack to his sister Betty Lees. The house and all of it's contents went to Jack Felsing's family who my dad never knew. They willingly took everything with no concern for my father. My father grew up in 679 Churchill Row. When he arrived in Frederiction the day after the shooting the Betty and Tom Lee's would not even let him in to his childhood home. He was shocked. He had to get a lawyer--I believe his name was Ross Emerson to get in to his own house. My dad always had suspicion about the Lees as they showed very little remorse. Everyone has their own theories as to why they were shot. It is very interesting indeed! I just wish my father would have found something out before he passed away. Every year around Oct. 19 I have tried to stir up interest by sending in a letter to the Daily Gleaner. I do get a few letters from people who remember this incident. It's nice to know that there are other's out there that haven't forgotten. Dad always felt that the shot was only intended for Isabella - and Jack just happened to be unlucky. Also, Jack's body was turned over my someone. Their black Lab, Heather was with them at the time. Dad said that Heather would not have let anyone near them if he did not know them.. So whoever turned Jack over must have known them. They were eventually found by a cab driver who contacted the police. When the police arrived they had to laso Heather and tie her to a tree before they could get to the bodies. It stated in the Coroner's report that Jack could not have turned himself over - he had to be turned over by someone. They thought maybe Heather could have some how managed to turn him over. But who knows? The RCMP have assured me that this is still an active file and they do work on it. They have told me that they will get back to me and report what is going on. But I never hear from them. The only way it is going to be solved is if that someone comes forward with some information -- and I am sure they are out there. Nice to hear from you. You sound like a pretty interesting guy. Cindy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Charles: Thanks for your prompt reply to my blog. I've attached a picture that was taken just today--midway between my Aunt Isabella's birthdate of Oct 13 thand her sudden passing on Oct 19. I hope the picture works out for you. Thank you so much for taking the time to have this unfortunate and sad tragedy put on your blog. I am so glad that I came across it last nite. It is very interesting. If there's anything more you need, please let me know. Coincidently, we are going to our granddaughter's baptism this afternoon. Her name is Brooklyn Isabelle Sebastian. I am so glad that my daughter and son-in-law have named this precious little girl in memory of my late father's sister. Cindy Taylor Here's the story I wrote a few years ago - img_3598img_3488 Last year someone told me of a Double murder in the Oromocto Area in the 60s. It was just mentioned during a little chat. I guess the couple were two bureaucrats. I reminded the individual a few weeks ago that I would love to see where the couple were shot. The area is called Oromocto Flats. I never heard of this place. Once there, I quickly found out it was the perfect place for a nice walk beside the Oromocto River. Here's a few pictures. I can only imagine what the area would look like in the fall? Should be very pretty. The road used to be a connection from Orocmoto to Fredericton. The road was closed in the late 50s. Click below for very nice pictures - Oromocto Flat We began walking on the old flat road. No hills in this area. It didn't take long to meet an old couple who were enjoying a nice walk. img_3476 We asked - Do you know anything about the Couple who got shot dead in the year 1965? They replied - Ohhh...they were shot by accident. It was hunting season on October 19th, 1965. We continued our little walk and we bumped into a MacDougall. His Father bought the land years ago. He owns the land and he was cutting some wood for the cold winter months. img_3550 We began asking a few questions but this time I did a youtube. Click below - [youtube] Isabella was buried with her parents. img_3724 Their names are located in the back. img_3720img_3727img_3723img_3722 The couple knew each other for 14 years and were only married for 3 months. Very sad ending!!! Well? This is the end of this sad story. The reason I decided to spent a few hours on this issue is because they will be on the Information Highway from now on. They are dead and silent forever!!! img_3717 They can't speak or tell the public of their concerns. Does anyone out there have any pictures of the Couple? Please email them to me at So? What really happened in this case? Accident or murder??? Who knows???? May they rest in peace.... IMG_5681_edited================================================================================================ felsing-i-largefelsing-j-largeimg_3598 Did they knew too much? Click below for story - WERE JOHN AND ISABELLA FELSING MURDERED AT OROMOCTO FLATS ON OCTOBER 19TH, 1965 OR WAS IT AN ACCIDENT??? I guess John Felsing was working for Public Safety. He was suppose to come out with stories from the Kingsclear Youth Training Centre. Those were the days before anyone knew of what was going on in those buildings. Here's a reader comment - Thanks Mr. Leblanc for having the courage to post on the Felsing murders. I walked the Oromocto flats many times and although I was born after 1965 I have researched the Felsing murders for years. What I found were a series of coincidences pertaining to dates around 1965 when the Felsings were found murdered. Agent Orange was in its infancy and was being sprayed around the same area. This was extremely confidential at the time as the Vietnam War was on and the USA did not want military secrets to be public news. I believe the Felsings discovered cannisters by the waters edge, seeing what they were not supposed to see. My mother talked about this often. Ironic as she died from complications of agent orange exposure (type three pancreatic lesion). Growing up in the area I have seen hunters around the area. I suppose there could have been a shooting accident. That does not explain why the bodies were moved after the discovery. The person who discovered the Felsings went to notify the authorities. It was reported that Mr. felsing was laying with his legs spread open and the family dog was sitting on the pavement between his legs. When the police arrived Mr. Felsing's legs were closed. Why? There has been no person brave enough to come forward with any credible evidence. If it were an accident someone, even a family member or friend of the "shooter" would have come forward. I do not believe this was a random act. 1965 was a different era, people kept their mouths shut about everything. I'm not like that. I hope people that comment on your blog have the same attitude and actually leave their names. Marc Trefry Halifax NS Interesting!!! =============================================================================================== img_1823 Then we met these guys - img_1736 We continue our walk to enjoy the beautiful view of Oromocto Flats. img_1828 This is the location the Felsing's were murdered!! img_3598 Click below for story - John and Isabella Felsing murdered img_1742img_1742 With the hunters around in the area? I got a little paranoid!!! Could be some Liberals around with a rifle? img_1749 I decided to change my jacket inside out. img_1750 Safer this way!! img_1745img_1754img_1839img_1746woodimg_1765img_1764img_1780 =============================================================================================== You newcomers can read some old blog I wrote on this murdered couple. Click below - WERE JOHN AND ISABELLA FELSING MURDERED AT OROMOCTO FLATS ON OCTOBER 19TH, 1965 OR WAS IT AN ACCIDENT??? WENT FOR A NICE WALK AT THE OROMOCTO FLATS ON THANKSGIVING!!! I received this mail and it was strange. My mailing address was the same as the sender. img_6583 I opened the letter and got this!!! img_6588 I have been asking for a picture of the murdered couple. A big Merci Beaucoup to the anonymous sender. =============================================================================================== img_9501img_9498img_9499img_9496 This is where the Double Murder happened - img_6588img_9494 Click below for story - WERE JOHN AND ISABELLA FELSING MURDERED AT OROMOCTO FLATS ON OCTOBER 19TH, 1965 OR WAS IT AN ACCIDENT?? img_9468img_9470img_9472img_9479img_9481img_9482img_9427img_9428img_9491img_9490img_9457img_9453img_9449img_9441img_9440img_9433img_9430img_9420img_9416img_9413img_9407img_0340img_0339img_0341img_0342img_0344img_0345img_0346img_0347img_0350img_0351img_0353img_0355img_0356img_0357img_0361img_0368img_0374img_0381img_0382img_0395img_0388img_0399 UPDATE- Someone told me a few weeks ago that he was playing ball the day the murder happened. He approached an R.C.M.P. Officer to tell him that he heard two shots compared to the story there was only one shot. The R.C.M.P. told the child to mind his own business!!! Very strange.