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Friday, 30 June 2017

Where are they now? Haven't saw them in years!!!

The City of Fredericton still refuse to return the Portable Toilet at Carleton Park!!!!

Pee behind a Pee???? Just looking at the Idiot Mayor's face makes me sick....:P

Heroes in saving Babies!!!!

President Donald Trump have all the solutions!!!!

Rice King Restaurant in Miramichi needs to return to school!!!!

Lucy Jarratt from Bathurst celebrate 100 years old!!!!!

Protesting in Fredericton!!!

What's stronger Bull Frog or high tech???




June 30th


Welcoming Guests

1:30pm - Opening Ceremony

Smudge People Entering

Sacred Pipe & Water Ceremony

Passing out Tobacco

Collecting Tobacco

Offering Tobacco to Wolastoq

2:30pm – Welcoming Remarks

Grand Chief spasaqasit possesom Ron Tremblay

2:45pm - Remarks

Wolastoqewi Chiefs

The Honourable Jocelyne Roy Vienneau, Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick

Federal Representative

Provincial Representatives

Municipal Representative

Peace & Friendship Allie

3:30pm – United Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Grandmother Alma Brooks will read the commitment Canada has made at the Global Level in supporting the UN Declaration

3:45 – 4:30 Discussion on the United Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Honored Guests will share their comments pertaining to the UN Declaration 5:00pm – Supper

Thursday, 29 June 2017

It was one year ago today I was found NOT GUILTY! Battle for Justice will continue for years!!!

Here's my complaint -

Here's my today's update -


Fredericton blogger Charles LeBlanc was pronounced not guilty Wednesday of assaulting a busker in downtown Fredericton in July of 2014.

Provincial court Judge Julian Dickson delivered his verdict Wednesday on the summary conviction charge.

In delivering his ruling, Dickson said "we have two very divergent stories" and three versions of the incident. Dickson also noted the testimony of a third witness tended to support LeBlanc's version of events.

Dickson said it was up to the Crown to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt and that while he did not necessarily believe LeBlanc's story, he did have reasonable doubt as to whether an assault took place.

Dickson had reserved his decision after hearing testimony May 4 in a one-day trial on the summary conviction charge of assault.

Charles LeBlanc says he punched busker in self-defence

LeBlanc was charged with assault after busker Andrew Spencer complained to Fredericton police that he was sucker-punched by LeBlanc in the city's downtown area on July 3, 2014.


Busker Andrew Spencer testified he was sucker-punched by blogger Charles LeBlanc in July 2014. (CBC)

LeBlanc admitted on the stand during the trial that he punched Spencer, but said he did so in self-defence.

Crown witness Terry Wishart testified it was Spencer who initiated the confrontation and he was being aggressive and "provocative" toward LeBlanc.

LeBlanc was pleased with the verdict, thanking people who contributed to his defence fund.

"There's a lot of people on the street who couldn't believe how this made it to court in the first place," he said.

The Miramichi Police Force investigated the case due to LeBlanc's acrimonious relationship withthe Fredericton Police Force.

LeBlanc writes a blog on politics and social justice issues and has had repeated run-ins with the Fredericton police.

He was charged with criminal libel in 2012 for allegedly damaging the reputation of a Fredericton police officer in a 2011 post on his blog.

The provincial attorney general's office later ordered a stay of proceedings in the case because the section of the Criminal Code used to charge LeBlanc had been deemed unconstitutional in other jurisdictions.


To Minister of Justice, Attorney General, Minister of Public Safety
cc. Premier Brian Gallant


I request the Government of New Brunswick launch an investigation on the charges laid against me, Charles Leblanc, by the Miramichi Police Force on January 8th, 2015. 

This strange case should have NEVER been accepted by the New Brunswick Justice System. As a matter of fact it should have never seen the light of day in a Court Room. 

There were no pictures taken by the police because there was no physical injuries. 

Why did the police not seek some resolution on this matter between Mr. Spencer and Charles Leblanc?  The accuser, Mr. Spencer, is a known public nuisance in the downtown of Fredericton.  And Mr. Spencer is the same person who was videotaped yelling at the large crowd of women assembled at a Take Back The Night rally in front of Fredericton City Hall.

Here's the link -

Here's another occasion he was drunk and bothering people on the street.

Who acts like this? Who would treat Mr. Spencer as a credible witness?

I was charged with a Summary charge!!!  No preliminary hearing.  No legal aid.  No court transcripts unless you pay 100s of dollars. But you still have stiff jail sentences.  The poor are at the mercy of the court system.

A summary charge means New Brunswick Legal Aid will not grant the individual a funded Lawyer because there is very LITTLE chance the person will end up in jail.

But once in Court. I was told by the Judge that I could end up in provincial jail for six months.

Something is VERY WRONG with the present provincial court system in its treatment of the less fortunate and people with mental illness. Many innocent people are forced to plead guilty because they can't represent themselves or don't understand the Court system.

I might add that all this targeting of me by the Fredericton Police began when I made the huge mistake of filming a Cop arresting a soldier in front of the I-Rock on July 17, 2009.

The following is a timeline of my treatment before, during, and after my charge:

1. (January 5, 2015) The first instant, I learned that I was being charged by the Miramichi Police was when I read about it in the Fredericton Daily Gleaner on January 5th 2015.

Click below for link:

2.  (January 8, 2015) Miramichi Police Officer Greg Scott and Fredericton Police Officer Seargent Tim Sowers showed up at my door with a Summon.  This was 3 days after the story was in the Newspaper.  Why would this be in the Media before I was told of this charge?

Click below for video:

This summon was signed by Provincial Judge Julian Dickson. It was signed 6 months to the day dating back to the day when Andrew Spencer attacked me on the street in Fredericton.

3.  I went to the Justice Building to get the disclosure but nobody could help me. I wanted full disclosure on why I was being charged.  I was told to go to the Attorney General’s office. They directed me to the location on King Street.

4.  The same day I went to the Attorney General Office. Senior Prosecutor Cameron Gunn came out from his office as he was expecting me. It was Mr. Gunn and Jeff Mockler who pushed this issue and I want to know why?

5.  (January 14, 2015) In the Attorney General’s Office, I met the individual who was going to prosecute this case - Sebastien Michaud.  


Before we began, I should have been told a lawyer should be present on my behalf.  Prosecutor Sebastien Michaud told me while putting his hand over a pile of disclosures papers that there was enough evidence here to convict.  He gave me a copy of the disclosure after I signed a confidentiality agreement.

6.  (January 14, 2015) Once at McDonald's, I quickly sat down with a coffee and looked through the disclosures. I quickly turned page after page to find out why there was enough evidence to charge me, but I didn't find anything. I was VERY confused.

In the statement by the Fredericton Police they said that I was exploiting children for financial gain. I was VERY concerned that the lawyers at the Attorney General Office and City of Fredericton were ONCE AGAIN labelling me as a pedophile in the disclosures.

Click below for link:

In the disclosure, Andrew Spencer told the Police that I made a video of a Father and Son. He says that the parents begged me NOT TO film their son and I was exploiting kids between the age of 8-12 for financial gain!!  Excuse me but isn't this producing Child Porn????

This is the video that Mr. Andrew is upset about.  Click below for video:

Andrew Spencer made himself look like a God.  He told Cst. John Lally that he just approached me on the street to question me about my style of reporting issues.

But what really happened was this guy was screaming and I was certain that I was going to be attacked.  And I had a witness that was with me when Andrew Spencer did this.

7.  A lawyer friend of mine agreed to look over the disclosure papers for me. A couple of weeks later we sat down to debate the disclosures and the first thing my lawyer friend said, “I'm surprised the Prosecutor accepted this case.” We were both VERY confused. He suggested that I go to New Brunswick Legal Aid and apply for a lawyer.

8.  I visited the New Brunswick Legal Aid office on Queen Street in downtown Fredericton and videotaped my attempt to ask for funding.  I submitted an application but it was rejected because they told me it was a summary charge.  They denied me the right to a lawyer.

9.  (February 16, 2015) I made my first Court appearance! Representing the Crown was Prosecutor Cory Roberts from the New Brunswick Special Team of Prosecutors.


I was confused why there was a Special Team of Prosecutors assigned to my case, and it was very intimidated, especially since I was alone because I was denied Legal Aid for a lawyer.  Why was a Special team of Prosecutors necessary for this summary assault case? What was he told? Why use this title to intimidate people with mental illness who denied me the right to a lawyer? The term - " Special Team " should never be use in the Court Room.  I told the Court that there was no case and suggested to the Crown Prosecutor that they drop the charge but he refused! Why?

10.  (March 2, 2015) I had my 3rd hearing but still no Prosecutor Sebastien Michaud present in Court.

Click below for link:

 ‘The Justice System in Fredericton and the Fredericton Police are working against the less fortunate!!!!’ (Tuesday, 3 March 2015)

11.  On another Court appearance, the Attorney General Office was represented by Kathryn Gregory.

She stood up and said she was representing the New Brunswick Special Team of Prosecutors.  Again, why do we need a special team of Prosecutors to try to convict a person with a mental illness who doesn't have the right to a lawyer?

Click below for link:

I wanted more disclosures such as what was said via phone and email exchanges between the two Police Departments, and also the exchange between the Police Department and the Prosecutors.

Sitting beside her was Fredericton Crown Prosecutor Hilary Drain. (She was part of the team that had my place raided on January 20th, 2012.) They were chatting together while I made my plea to Judge Julian Dickson.

I said, “Excuse me? I'm talking!” I told the court that I have ADHD, therefore it's a mental illness and I hate to be distracted while I'm talking!

Special Team Prosecutor Kathryn Gregory quickly stood up and told Judge Julian Dickson, “I am sick and tired of these delay tactics!”.

“Delay tactics??? These are not delay tactics. I just want disclosure!”. When you are charged with a Summary there are no Preliminary Hearings to find out if there is enough evidence to proceed to Trial.

The Prosecutors and the Police are throwing a Hail Mary and praying that the Judge will catch it in the end zone.

There I was with a mental illness and no lawyer. I had to fight this strange case that was laid by the Fredericton Police, Miramichi Police, and with a special Team of Prosecutors from the Attorney General Office.

I asked Judge Julian Dickson if he signed the papers that I be charged with assault on the last day of the 6 months limitation?  At first, he said “No!”  But he quickly changed his mind seconds later after viewing the papers that I showed him in Court.

The e-mail correspondence between the two Police Chiefs of Fredericton and Miramichi (Fitch and Not Fitch) included: “BIG ASK.”  “Give me a phone call.”

If you are charge with a summary charge? You don't have any preliminary hearings to determine if there's enough evidence to proceed to trial.  A supporter told me I could have asked for a Voir Dire but I'm not educated in a Court of Law.

I asked the Judge, “Who was in the room when you signed these papers?”.  In an arrogant manner he answered, “I don't have to answer that question!”

This is the problem. The Fredericton Police and the people at the Justice Building are working together to charge certain people, ESPECIALLY THE LESS FORTUNATE WITH MENTAL ISSUES. I was VERY confused because this was my 3rd hearing and there were three different Prosecutors and Judges. This style of China Justice System SHOULD NOT be allowed in Canada!

They are calling themselves - The New Brunswick Special Prosecutors and I don't get it! What am I, some kind of Drug Lord?  This is WAY too much for a person with a mental illness who was denied the right to a Lawyer by New Brunswick Legal Aid to handle.  Around 99% of the time the accused would just plead Guilty and ask for mercy by the Court.

I wanted to read a few of my concerns for the Court Record but I was distracted by the change of avenues and this was my 3rd different Judge.

(Of course, Julian Dickson is the same Judge who sent me to Jail for 2 days back in 2011 because I refused to sign a tricky ‘Terms of Condition’ not to travel across the Westmorland Bridge. I told Judge Dickson that I did not like his past record and told him the example when he asked Panhandler Mike Gaudet to leave the City < because Mr. Gaudet wasn't born in Fredericton > by Noon or he would be jailed!


The poor panhandler had lived in Fredericton since 1989! Weeks later, Mike Gaudet was jailed because he came back to the City. Judge Dickson did not respond to my concerns and instead he ordered me in Jail for two days without my medication.)

The Court system intimidate people with mental illness.  A police officer sits out front and stares at you! I was distracted on one case and asked the Judge if the police officer could sit behind me because I just haven't been the same since they raided my place and told my internet Provider that I was exploiting kids for sex!

Provincial Judge Mary Jane Richards denied my request.

The Provincial Judges in Fredericton have a hate for me and I want to know why?

Provincial Judge Mary Jane Richards signed a warrant to have my place raided believing I was a pedophile. There was no charge afterwards. The Police and the Justice System went fishing looking for child porn photos and failed.

This is why I asked Judge Julian Dickson, “Are there any penalties for lying to the Police?” The Judge said, “I certainly hope so!”. It's up to the Judge I guess?


12.  I went again to the Attorney General’s office (King and Carleton) to drop off information and ask to see the Prosecutors.  Prosecutors Cameron Gunn and Jeff Mockler REPEATEDLY told me to get a lawyer as soon as possible but you told them that New Brunswick Legal Aid had already denied me in writing the right to a lawyer. (this begs the question of summary conviction vs. poverty).  They told me again to get a lawyer.

As I told Judge Julian Dickson, “If this is happening to me? What other people have went through the same action that will never see the light of day in the media?”.

Judge Dickson answered, “Mr.LeBlanc? You shouldn't be concern of other people! YOU SHOULD ONLY BE CONCERN ABOUT YOURSELF!”

The only witness who saw everything, Terry Wishart, was threatened by the Fredericton Police if he didn't tell the truth? He would go to Jail for 14 years!!!!

Why did the Police try to scare and intimidate the only witness in this case?

He had to sign a KGB Form while Andrew Spencer didn't have to sign nothing or put his hand on the Bible.

You mean someone can lie to the Police without any consequences? What was Fredericton Police Officer Bobbi Simmons-Beauchamps doing in that room???!

I began filling motion papers trying to find out what the hell was going on?

Because this is a summary charge, this was the only way that I could try to get answers and maybe a Judge would throw this foolish charge out?

13.  In the next court appearance, Judge Brian McLean took over the case and more people from the Attorney General office began to appear at my hearings.

They were the expertise and I was the Rookie! Trust me they knew it!

After many hearings, over a year, people were confused why would the Attorney General Office fight to have this strange case go to trial?

14.  At one point, I wanted the transcripts of the last hearing so I could counter all the questions Sebastien Michaud asked in the Court Room.

Here's the link:

I wanted the transcript but I was degraded by Justice worker Katherine Theriault < She change her last name > who works at the Justice Building.

She told me in front of everyone that I will have to pay $499.00, fully knowing that I was on Welfare.

The Transcript stayed there while I left the Building.  I believe they are still in the Building under lock and key.  What a waste of Taxpayers money!

Why did she do all that work knowing that I wouldn't be able to afford buying the Transcript Papers?

I want an Inquiry to investigate this because I believe they were setting me up to lose my temper and GOD knows what would have happened?

15.  At one point during the hearings, Miramichi Police Officers Shane Henderson and Greg Scott offered me to sign a peace bond.

I told the two cops that Andrew Spencer can sign all the papers he wants. I'm not signing nothing! I had nothing to hide because I knew I wasn't guilty!

16.  (May 6th, 2016)  Crown Prosecutor Sebastien Michaud made his FIRST appearance. He told a supporter outside the court building that, “Charles LeBlanc IS NOT above the Law!”

I might add Sebastien's attitude during the hearing was disgusting! He was laughing at my supporters in the Court Room who were telling him that he WAS WRONG in charging Charles LeBlanc with assault.

During the summer months, he was getting upset after all these hearings but I knew I wasn't guilty.

I replayed in my head the confrontation between me and Spencer over one million times and I just COULD NOT understand why the Lawyers from the Attorney General Office accepted this case?

After all the witnesses, Fredericton Police, testified in Court. I was told by Judge McLean that there was enough evidence to proceed to trial.

The Prosecutor and Police were shaking hands congratulating themselves for the Victory.

There was no surprise because the media wasn't there during the final day and I noticed the attitude of the Judge change.

17.  In the Daily Gleaner headline and secondary headline reported that Charles Leblanc had been ordered to stand trial for assaulting a Fredericton police officer.  I called Brunswick News immediately and complained about the mistake.  They issued a correction the following day but it was in small print and in the corner of the 2nd page. 

Charles Leblanc's Other Blog: Irving Media says Blogger Charles LeBlanc to be charge with Assault!!!
Addressing political, legal and social issues in New Brunswick
Charles Leblanc
9/11, 11:40pm
Charles Leblanc

18.  I tried my best but I failed. I needed a Lawyer but I had no money. My supporters raised $4,400 so I could get a lawyer. There was no way in the world a lawyer from Fredericton would have taken this case because it's too close to home. We landed a lawyer from Moncton. 

I felt comfortable with the guy.

19.  The trial for Mr. Leblanc lasted one full day.  At the end, I'm glad I did testify but Judge Julian Dickson in his decision told the Court that he didn't believe my story? Myself and the witness had the same facts. Why would the Judge not believe me?

There's a lot of injustice that happened in that Court room which I will not bore you with but you can listen to the details in this video:

20.  (June 29, 2016) I went to Court for the verdict!  Before the verdict was read, I sat in the back row against the wall.

I was found Not Guilty by Judge Julian Dickson but he made it VERY clear to the public that he didn't believe my story! He was never was critical of the Prosecutors who bought this strange case to Court in the first place.

I want the Government to investigate the Law Society of New Brunswick and the Attorney General office for some much needed answers.

This case should have never seen the light of day in the Justice Building. Something is VERY wrong with our Justice System in this Province.

The Fredericton Police are supposed to be neutral while collecting all the facts. But in this case it never happen.

Fredericton Police Officer Cst John Lally wrote: Charles LeBlanc punch Mr.Spencer while they were having a discussion. This was a FLAT OUT Lie! Fredericton Sgt Matt Myers wanted me charge with Aggravated assault.

Did Matt Myers add aggravated assault to fool the prosecutor?

Why is that now?  How come the Police never asked me questions on the street about this confrontation? Why not have a chat with me over a coffee? Why was there the need to do this in front of a camera at the Police Station?

As I told many people, many innocent citizens are in jail because of our crooked or rotten system. The Police are arresting these individuals and they are force to sign conditions, peace bonds that are impossible to follow. I might add many are pleading Guilty because they have no choice. The issue of summary must be investigated!

I want an Independent Party to investigate the Attorney General Office, Fredericton Police Force, Miramichi Police Force and the Justice System on this case. If this happened to me, I can just imagine how many others went through this shameful act!

I ask the Government of New Brunswick to act on the following:

1.  I want to know who approved this strange case from the Prosecutor Office in the Justice Building in Fredericton? Why was this case turned over to the Attorney General Office? What was said between the Justice Officials and the Attorney General Office? I wish to know what was said between these individuals behind closed doors to push this strange case of assault against me?  The same day I went to the Attorney General Office, Senior Prosecutor Cameron Gunn came out from his office as if he was expecting me. It was Mr. Gunn and Jeff Mockler who pushed this issue and I want to know why?

2. I want to know why was this case was turned over to the Miramichi Police before anyone asked me for my side of the story when I was attacked by Andrew Spencer on the street in Fredericton?

3. I want to know why did Fredericton Police Cst. John Lally from the Fredericton Police lied in his report when he wrote that Charles LeBlanc punched Mr. Spencer while they were having a discussion.  This wasn't a discussion.  Instead, this was a dangerous confrontation by a drunken individual.

4. Why did Cst. John Lally write in his report that I was exploiting children for financial gain, especially when he had no evidence, and did not follow up with the appropriate people involved who would have quickly dismissed this claim by Mr. Spencer?

5. Why did lawyers from the Attorney Office, Cameron Gun and Jeff Mockler, accept this case, knowing the history between the Fredericton Police and Mr.LeBlanc? What was said between Justice Officials?

6. Why did Provincial Judge Julian Dickson sign this Summon 6 months to the hour of this so-called assault?

7.  In one instance in the disclosure SGT Matt Myers suggested to the Miramichi Police that I be charged with Aggravated Assault.

Why? Was this taken into consideration by Justice Officials?

8.   I want the Law Society or New Brunswick Legal Aid to investigate the reason why the less fortunate, and people with mental illness, are denied the right to a funded Lawyer because it's a Summary Charge. Many innocent people are forced to plead guilty because they can't represent themselves, or don't understand the Court system.

9.  I want to know why the Prosecutor, or Attorney General Office, are intimidating the accused by telling the Court that they represent the New Brunswick Special Team of Prosecutors while the accused with a mental illness don't have the right to a lawyer.

10.  I want Prosecutor Kathryn Gregory investigated on the matter she told Judge Julian Dickson that she was sick of these delay tactics because I was asking for full disclosure.  I believe that I do have the right to FULL disclosure from the Police and the Crown, disclosure which I was denied.  For example, I wanted to have email exchanges between justice and police officials, but they were denied to me.

I want am inquiry to investigate why this the Special Team of Prosecutors believe I was using delay tactics???

I asked for more disclosures but was denied by the Judge. He made a plea of not guilty on my behalf.

I asked - Are you going to be my lawyer in the future????

Why would a Judge make a plea on my behalf? Why did he denied me full disclosures? Why did they have a Special Team of Prosecutors to go against an individual with a mental illness who is denied the right to a funded lawyer????

11. Why did Prosecutor Sebastien Michaud, Cameron Gunn, and Jeff Mockler arrange a meeting for me to received disclosures and chat about this case without insisting a lawyer be present?

12. What was Prosecutor Sebastien Michaud told in order to accept this case?

13. I filled motions for hearings. The Crown Prosecutor Sebastien Michaud told some lies about my video, such as the false statement that the video said that I knew Mr. Spencer.

I wanted the transcripts to respond to the Prosecutor accusations in Court. I was told by Justice worker Katherine Theriault at the last minute in front of 4 workers that I would have to pay $499.00 for a photocopy of the Transcript. I believe that this was a set up for me to lose my temper. People with mental illness, or the less fortunate, SHOULD NOT be treated in this way. I want Katherine Theriault investigated of the manner she treats people who asked for documents. Especially people with Mental Illness or the less fortunate.

14. Once again in the Fredericton Police report. They are labeling me as a pedophile (“exploiting children for financial gain”) in their statement. This is the 2nd time that this happened while having the support of the Prosecutor Office. I want this to end or find out the reason they are connecting me with pedophilia?

15. While in Court, the Fredericton Police are sitting on my right side in Court to intimidate me. I asked the judge if they would sit behind me instead and the police volunteered to sit behind me.  But in another instance, I was told by Judge Mary Jane Richards that it was OK because we live in a democratic system. Therefore Police are allow to intimidate people with mental illness in the Court Room?  Why is the Justice System allowing this intimidation to proceed? Why is Frdericton Police Officer David Bemrose allowed to do this???

16. I want the Attorney General office to investigate the reason that it was so important for me to sign a peace bond?  During the recess on two different court appearances, I was made to feel that I should sign a peace bond, which I refused on both occasions.  I answered Prosecutor Sebastien Michaud that I would gladly sign the peace bond if Mr. Spencer would also sign one.  That way I will never have to communicate with Mr. Spencer for the next hundred years.  But Mr. Michaud said, “No, no you must sign with conditions!”  The Prosecutor Sebastien Michaud spent 2 to 3 hours trying to convince me to sign a Peace Bond with the promise for me to keep good behaviour. I want the Attorney General office to investigate the reason it was so important for me to sign a peace bond? I can understand of suggesting ONCE but many times? I might add this wasn't done in private.

 I offered to sign a Peace bond that I wouldn't talk to Andrew Spencer for the next 100 years and he would sign to the same conditions but Prosecutor Sebastien Michaud insisted that I sign with conditions? Why was it so important to have conditions?

17.  Why was Judge Julian Dickson allowed to hear my trial when he was the very same judge that signed the summons in 2012 to have me jailed over a previous blowhorn complaint.  I made a reclusal motion and told Judge Julian Dickson in court that I didn't want him to preside over this trial.  Judge Dickson did not recluse himself from this case.

18. I want to know the reason there are no preliminary hearings before a person goes to Trial on a Summary charge. The Justice system is charging MANY people with Summary offense.

19. Andrew Spencer gave a statement to the police, and told the court during his testimony, that the whole reason for this confrontation with Mr. Leblanc was a video that Mr. Leblanc took in front of the Victory Meat Market in downtown Fredericton.
 Mr. Spencer testified that the father of the child begged me in the video not to film their child.  But this is clearly untrue since the father was beside his child in the video and was chatting with Mr. Leblanc during the video.  I brought this fact up MANY TIMES during my testimony and the issue of the video was also brought up again by the Crown Prosecutor. 

Here's the video that proves my point. The video is entitled “Little Kid is very afraid of the Fredericton Police Force” and currently has over 1900 views on YouTube.  Here is the video link:

Why wasn’t this video ever followed up by the Miramichi Police Force in their investigation of Mr. Spencer’s statement?  Why wasn’t this video shown in court, especially if the Crown Prosecutor was making repeated reference to the video?  Mr. Spencer lied in court.  Why wasn’t Andrew Spencer charged with Contempt of Court?  Instead, the Judge in his final verdict mentioned this specific video on 5 different times.

20. I require an investigation into this and an explanation why Crown Prosecutor Sebastien Michaud LIED during my hearings??? He told the Court that I mentioned Andrew Spencer's name in a video, but that was a lie.

21. Why did this trial ever happen in the first place, at considerable expense to the taxpayers of New Brunswick?  Many New Brunswickers couldn't understand why this case went to trial in the first place.

22. Why did Police Officer Shane Henderson intimidate the only witness in this case? Officer Henderson threatened Terry Wishart with years in jail if he didn't sign a KGB statement that declares everthing that he said is true.  Mr. Wishart was told by Miramichi Police Officer Shane Henderson that he could leave the building if he did not want to sign the KGB statement. 

23. Why was Mr. Spencer not asked to sign the same KGB statement, a requirement in taking all statements?

24. Why was Shane Henderson hired by the Fredericton Police one week before my verdict, transferring him from the Miramichi Police Force?


Was he promised a job for investigating this case?  Was this an attempt to prevent an investigation into the conduct of both police forces during their investigation into Mr. Spencer’s allegations?  The New Brunswick Police Commission told me that since Officer Henderson no longer works for the Miramichi Police Force, they cannot investigate him.

25. Why were there three different Prosecutors in this case? Why was there a special Team of Prosecutors working behind the scene?  This is crazy and a waste of taxpayers’ money when they did not have a valid case. 

26.  Fredericton Police Officer Bobby Simmons was a central investigating officer in the raid of Mr. Leblanc home, as reported in the Bernard Richard report.  Yet Ms. Simmons was also involved in this present case against Mr. Leblanc, swearing in the KGB statement given by Terry Wishart.  How is this possible?

Charles LeBlanc

UPDATE - On November 8th, I was arrested on the streets by the Edmundston Police. I was told this was from an order by a lawyer who was hired by the members of the Fredericton Police Force. I guess a Prosecutor will OK these defamation charge that was suppose to be settle in 2012. I want to know which lawyer ordered my arrest?