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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Gilles always on the move at the Victory Meat Market in Fredericton!!!

Picture 12705Picture 12703

VERY deep future for the Racist City of Fredericton!!!

Picture 12749

Bigot, Racist and Fascist FRedericton Mayor Brad Woodside to denounce French and people's rights on Canada Day!!!

This man is totally out of control!!!!

My God? I wanted to rent the i-rock for $150,000 for himself so he can enjoy his last few days as Mayor!!

A well known racist against the less fortunate and he's suppose to denounce Canadians tomorrow afternoon!!!< especially the Gays >

I might disrupt his speech because he's a known bigot and MUST be stop!!!!


Hey???? Since he accused me of having Sex with Kids???? Maybe I can publicly question his Sex Life???

Truly stay tuned!!!!

P.S. You know this could all be done and over with in a few hours. All the City have to do is sit down with me and have the Chief of Police to apologize in calling me a Pedophile.

But we are dealing with VERY evil people so this issue could go on for years and years!!!!!

Just ask Dan Bussieres????

Smoky Mayor Brad Woodside can shut down my Blog as mush as he wants but I will continue the battle!!!!!

NOBODY labels me as a Pedophile of having sex with kids and gets away with it!!!

CBC Journalist Catherine Harrop asked of Commissionaire Wayne Grant being fired???

Saturday, 27 June 2015

The quiet one...

Fredericton Police to run over Blogger???


Blogger straight forward views on Bilingualism in New Brunswick!!!

Fredericton Police Officer is hunted down by Blogger!!!



New Brunswick Language Commissioner Katherine d'Entremont orders Hitman to eliminate Blogger!!!


Protest set for Fredericton on July 4th!!

Picture 12859

Blogger goes at the Cultural Expressions Festival in Fredericton and ends up with these pictures...

Picture 12887Picture 12886

Communication is the key but it only takes one jerk from the Force to ruin everything.....

Should be MORE Duncan's around...:)

Friday, 26 June 2015

Animaritime June 26-28, 2015 at Fredericton Convention Centre in Fredericton New Brunswick!!!

I was escorted out!!!!

My Blogger Jacket wasn't super hero enough!!!..

It was funny...I AM GETTING OLD!!!!

I noticed this young girl sitting on the steps at the Victory Meat Market...she had a pink and white dress...with white panties...and blacks shoe..oppppsss I also noticed Pink hair!!!

I asked - Can I take your picture? It's cute!

She asked - You Charles LeBlanc????? < In a frighten mood >

A old man came from behind and gently pushed me aside....< distracted me >

Then she said three times No thank you..No thank You...No thank!!!

I said to myself - Why would this girl be dressed as it was a Living Doll and be terrified of a picture????

I taught it was a new style of dressing???

The next few hours I noticed these people..< hundreds of them >

I took some pictures...

Picture 12867Picture 12870Picture 12871Picture 12872Picture 12874Picture 12875Picture 12876

New Brunswick Commissionaire Wayne Grant WILL NOT lose his job but will be transferred!!!!

New Brunswick Commissionaire Wayne Grant will be fired today at 4:00pm because he cannot speak French! 10 months away from his Retirement! Where's the Brian Gallant Government in all this??? Video is viewed by 10,000 people in 36 hours!!!


I was surprise of how many people are upset about this issue. 10,000 viewed in 36 hours?

I wonder if the Brian Gallant is going to intervene on this sad issue?

Wayne Grant will lose his job today at 4:00pm 10 months away from his retirement because he cannot speak le Francais!!!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Minister of Energy and Mines Donald Arsenault becomes FIRST Politician to be kissed by the Blogger!!!


While chatting with a bureaucrat about the Language Commissioner, I said - If I ever see Minister Donald Arsenault? I am am going to kiss him on the cheek!!!!

The bureaucrat replied - There he is across the street entering a building!!!

I quickly crossed the street and hunted down to kiss the politician!!

Enjoy the video -

Maybe this is the only guy who can fix the Fredericton Police Force!!

Picture 5445

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

New Brunswick Commissionaire at the Centennial Building is fired because he can't speak French 10 months before retirement!!!!!


This issue got me VERY upset!!!!

A guy with good public relation skill and a maudit quebecois gets him fired!!!!

You know something??? If this keeps up??? I might join the People's Alliance Party???


Bilingualism was brought in to make things fair for all NBers, not to make everyone in the prov need to speak both langs in order to have a job, not to harm NBers, and not to give jobs to Quebecers Just another way this has been perverted since it was enacted. If they want tto make the position bilingual, then they should at least wait until the guy retires in 10 months ..., this was likely done at least in part to save money, now they will not need to pay his full pension.

Blogger filed a complaint to the New Brunswick Police Commission against the Fredericton Police Force of the the cop hitting citizen with Cruiser!!!

145 Westmoreland St,
Apt. 1
Fredericton NB
E3B 3L4
24th June 2015
To the New Brunswick Police Commission
King Street,
Fredericton NB
Charles LeBlanc
On Saturday night < June 20th > at around 10:00pm. A pedestrian was struck by a Police Cruiser from the Fredericton Police Force. The Citizen was crossing the street on Westmorland Street. The episode lasted a few minutes. The Police Officer step outside and told the individual to sit in the back and he drove him to the Hospital.
Now...something is VERY wrong with this picture. How come the Ambulance wasn’t contacted??? How come other Police Officers weren’t called to the accident scene???
What would happened if a citizen followed the same action??? Would it be a crime to follow the same procedure???
To make the situation worst, the accident was filmed by some bystanders. They called the Police Station to explain what just happened.
The Police refuse to come to the scene of the crime and the concern citizens were told to come to the Police Station to filed in a complaint.
Mind you it was late on a Saturday night and you could tell by the video that the witnesses were having a good time so therefore they didn’t want to end up in the holding cell for the evening.
I want the Commission to investigate this issue. I want to know how come the Police Chief didn’t order a outside Force to investigate this issue and why the ambulance wasn’t called? Also the fact the Cops refuse to visit the scene of the crime scares me.
Your past record of truly investigating the Fredericton Police Force isn’t up to par so I will copy this letter to the Minister of Public Safety Stephen Horsman.
Have a nice day!!!
Charles LeBlanc

Blogger will filled a complaint to the New Brunswick Commission against the Fredericton Police of the Police Cruiser who hit the Pedestrian Saturday night!!

Someone have to do it because the Police are not taking this issue seriously. The Police are setting up a precedent that a person can hit a citizen and nobody have to call the ambulance.

They are investigating themselves!!!!

This is insane!!!!

We should do as in Nova Scotia. We should have a body to investigate Pol;ice Complaint.

The Commission is totally useless because they suppose the Fredericton Police accusing the Citizens in having sex with kids!!

I am going to forward a complaint this morning because if the other people who made the video showing the cops driving away with the injured party step forward?

They would be hunted down by the Cops as I was after I filmed the Soldier being beaten up by the Cops!

One thing about moi??? I am not afraid of those Keystones Cops!!!

You just CANNOT fix Stupid!!!!

I will lodged a complaint this morning!!!!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Fredericton Police sent person with mental illness to harm Blogger?

This is nuts and the Cops refuse to walk the beat in the Downtown Area during night or day!!!

Why don't the Cops walk the beat???

Ohhh??? Is it in their Union contract they don't walk???

While walking the street on a beautiful evening I was approached by a idiot!!!

After one minutes of being harass and push by this idiot, I remembered to turn on my camera!!!

Once you're confronted it's in my head to protect myself and not go for my weapon..I mean camera!!!

Sure wish I would have had it on when that idiot so-called Poet attack me on the street!!...:)..:

Here's the video -

I wonder if the Cops sent that idiot after me???

I was going to make a complaint to the Cops as I should have done with that Poet Ibiot but why bother???...idiot!!!!!

Daniel Guitard Député, Restigouche-Chaleur est le Godfather du Government Brian Gallant????


Mai Cashion died over one year ago.....


Time to get rid of the smokers from the City of Fredericton!!!


Fredericton Police are giving a ticket to someone for $29.70 for no bicycle helmet!!!!!!

This is the first time I heard it on the scanner!!!

No wonder crime is going up and bodies of dead people are showing up in this City!! The Cops are making up charges of Child Porn against innocent Citizens and the list continues...

These Cops are too busy chasing people for idiotic offense!!!!

I would have love to find out who it is??? Must be a Indian!!!

We must get rid of this so-called Police Force!!!

Monday, 22 June 2015

Fredericton Police Cruiser hits pedestrian and don't call for Ambulance!!! YOU JUST CANNOT FIX STUPID!!!!!!...:p


Tyrant Dan Bussieres sends Idiot New Brunswick Security after Blogger with false accusations!!!


Yes...a person must never let their guards down...< especially around the Legislature >

Dan Bussieres builted a fence at the New Brunswick Legislature because the Natives scared the Policians during a protest.

Myself...I have been going across the fence thousands of time without any hassle until a few weeks ago when Tyrant Dan Bussieres sent some Security after me.

I was chatting with a MLA until this happened!!!

I wonder why Dan Bussieres want to re-start the war????

At least it wasn't as the last time -

 continue to protest against Stephen Harper in Fredericton!

Fredericton Police hit Citizen with Cruiser Saturday night??? WHERE'S THE MEDIA????

OK!!!! Someone just told me that a Member of the Fredericton Police Force hit a citizen with his cruiser Saturday night and his show flew 25 feet!!! The Cop put the guy in the back seat and drove him to the Hospital!! No record nothing!!! Is this true???? Please let me know!!!!

Nothing in the local media on this issue!!!!

Fredericton Police Officers are now hitting the citizens with their cruisers and don't bother phoning the Ambulance??

Is this all part of the New Bill C-51 law???


if the accident happened in front of your place means they must of been looking for you since you haven't been around and he was not looking and paying attention. He was wrong and did not to say he was looking for you and threw the guy in the back like he did something. That's my twisted minds story and you better stay there or they will blame it on you

Here's a video -

Racist City of Fredericton wants to know!!!

City officials are urging you to take part in their biennial Citizen Attitude Survey.

Residents will be contacted at random for the 10-minute survey.

Officials say the goal of the survey is to determine citizen satisfaction levels with municipal programs and services.

You'll also have the chance to suggest ideas the City might want to consider over the next few years.

A final report will be presented in time for the 2016 budget process.

HA!!!!! This is the worst City in Canada that supports innocent citizens to be labeled as Pedophiles!!!

My God??? We even have a Bigot and Homophobic that will support citizens to arrested at no cost!!

This Fascist Mayor and Council WILL NOT even help the less fortunate to exercise freely!!

Who's taking part on this Survey???? Snobs only???

The Brian Gallant Government is killing Rural New Brunswick!!!

It's been 5 months since The Bathurst Police Force and the R.C.M.P. have shot dead Michel Vienneau!!!! STILL NO ANSWERS!!! WHERE'S THE MEDIA???


The Roman Empire have crumble in Bathurst. Fine example to say NO to big industries!!!!


George Hachey offers lots of talent to the Public...:)


Sunday, 21 June 2015

Les Anglais du Nouveau-Brunswick devrait etre capable de parler LE CHIAC!!

Good Talent in Downtown Fredericton...

Picture 12320

CBC New Brunswick Journalist Catherine Harrop and Blogger debate Language Commissioner post!

Nice to see old activist friends during the summer months...:)

Picture 12240

Remember her???? One of my best shots....


Evil and good over the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

Picture 10768

Fredericton Police on the hunt for Indian Youth!!!

Fredericton Police on the hunt for youth Indian who dares to bike long and free without a helmet!!!....The Fredericton Police main goal is to place this little guy on the criminal system!!!


The good old days???


Hélèyne D'Aigle left us a few weeks ago!!!

Picture 10870

Click link for story on how I met this fine woman!!!!



Replacing the Father I never had.....:(

He's the guy who gave me a life < Shipyard > for a few years and approached me that I had ADHD!!!!!

Darn shame that I never had him as a Father figure as a child...:(

Then again...Fredericton would have never met moi!!....:P

Elsipogtog Native Singer Hubert Francis continue to sing!!! MY GOD HE'S GOOD!!!

Picture 11417

This was the only picture I took of the 2015 Pow Wow at St.Mary's...

Picture 12191

I used to take great shots until some idiot brain dead female complained a few few years...

Oh's their lost...

Big Fans of the Blog!!!!!

Picture 12183

From Wisconsin!!!!...:)

Good people.....:)

Planting to keep the Evil City of Fredericton Green!!!

Picture 12294

Every Citizen should have a Police Scanner to be the Watch Dogs of the Racist Corrupted Fredericton Police Force!!!

Picture 12329

Very Evil and Racist City of Fredericton....

Picture 12357Picture 12367Picture 12387