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Saturday, 24 March 2018

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Why are the Irving media ignoring the Serena Woods and inmates forcing to walk home issue????

Le Prosecuteur du Nouveau-Brunswick ont pas mis des charges des le cas de Brady Francis en raison des cause politique???

Is the New Brunswick Crown Prosecutor not laying charge in the Brady Francis case for Political reason???

Blogger to visit Fredericton Police Station to pick up new Bike!!!

Fredericton's Citizen Serena Woods story goes Nation on the CBC Program - The Current!!!

Blogger Charles LeBlanc interviewed by CBC Program - The Current but didn't pass the screen test!

Fredericton Citizen Serena Woods arrested and given a Google Map to return home from Miramichi Provincial Jail!!

Also this disable Miramichi Citizen was force to walk home from the Shediac Provincial Jail!!!!

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Walking the Bridges on St.Patrick's Night in Fredericton..

Saint Patrick's Evening in Fredericton with a Dog!!!

Helping passing the time at work.....


Carolyn Warnock death is debate with Lisa Paul from St.Mary's and Blogger!!! Miramichi Provincial should be investigated!!!


Spreading the message Justice for Brady at the Farmer's Market in Fredericton!!!!!


Il faut que le conducteur qui a frapper et tuer Brady Francis a Saint-Charles? Ils faut qu'ils parlent a la Famille!!

New Brunswick Green Party Leader David Coon final statement from the New Brunswick Legislature!!!!

Did Jake Stewart (PC). MLA. Southwest Miramichi-Bay du Vin take this picture???

Friday, 16 March 2018

The People who killed Elsipogtog Native Brady Francis must step forward and talk!!!

Minister of Health Benoît Bourque is asked of Energy Drinks and Prisoners force to walk!!

Liberal MLA'S leaves the New Brunswick for the final time before Election!!!

Minister of Justice and Public Safety Denis Landry ignores Blogger and start singing like a Bird!!!! What does this mean???

This is where the Minister began singing!!!!!--

This is the reason he's all upset.....

Click below -

Blogger seek answers to Fredericton MP Matt DeCourcey office being Vandalized!!!!

Fredericton MP Matt DeCourcey office Vandalized!!!!

Jody Carr, MLA - Oromocto.Lincoln.Fredericton last day at New Brunswick Legislature!!!

New Brunswick P.C. MLA'S are confronted by Blogger on last day at the New Brunswick Legislature!

Blogger walks inside the New Brunswick Legislature!!!!

Thursday, 15 March 2018

J.D. Irving Woodlands Ltd. and Grand Lake Timber Ltd UN RECORD DE COUPAGE D'ARBRES!!

J.D. Irving Woodlands Ltd. and Grand Lake Timber Ltd cuts RECORD wood at Mill!!!

CBC New Brunswick Television News cover the issue of Serena Woods force to walk home!!!!!

New Brunswick Ombudsman Charles Murray gives his views on the issue of Serena Woods!!!

Députée de Madawaska-Les-Lacs-Edmundston, Francine Landry n'est pas inquiète!!!!

Justice for Brady Francis from Elsipogtog!!!!

Les Maudit Liberals sont confronter par le Blogger!!!.....La Crasse!!!

New Brunswick P.C. Party MLA'S are confronted of inmates forcing to walk home!!!

Global Television Camera Kevin Godwin last day on the job!!!

Liberal Minister Stephen Horsman called Scumbag by Blogger!!!

Serena Woods and Victor Poirier gives interview to the CBC!!!!

Serena Woods sad story is on the CBC Radio News.....The Liberal Government are staying firm of making the less fortunate walk home!!!! Liberals MUST be defeated in September!!!

Here's her detail story last week...

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Nothing better after a nice wet walk.....and I have 3 beers in the ice box.....

Today is @GlobalTV Television Cameraman Kevin Godwin Day!!! He's the Best!!!! Bonne Chance Kevin!!!...:)..:)..:)

Fredericton Playhouse members who gave Money to elect Idiot Mayor Mike O'Brien will campaign to erect Statue!!!

Health Officials are going over board in Fredericton!!!!!



Attorney General Serge Rousselle will not re-offer!!!!

I miss him.....:(

Fredericton Farmer's Market!!!!

Fredericton Idiot Mayor Mike O'Brien orders no Delivery Trucks on Brunswick Street!!!

Fredericton Idiot Mayor Mike O'Brien stop cleaning Snow from King and Queen Street!!!

Fredericton Idiot Mayor Mike O'Brien stop cleaning Snow from King and Queen Street!!!!

Le Maudit Government Liberal du Nouveau-Brunswick va fermer la Maison Legislative Vendredi!!!

The damn New Brunswick Liberal Government are shutting down the Legislature Friday!!!

What is NBPOWER Employee doing anyway????

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

The final leg in the snow storm in Fredericton!!!!

Heading for Downtown Fredericton!!!

Deogy hates Pizza!!!!

ADHD Deogy got distracted in the Fredericton North Side!!!!

Fredericton Police hunting down Native riding bicycle in snow without a helmet!!!

Fredericton Walking Bridge during snow storm!!!!

Beautiful weather for a nice walk around the Bridges in Fredericton!!!

Victory Meat Market wins Fredericton Fire Fighters Turkey Drive!!!

A citizen from Saskatchewan REALLY concern of the propose Sisson Mines in New Brunswick!!!

How much money did members of the Playhouse gave to Idiot Frdericton Mayor Mike O'Brien Campaign?

Angee Acquin has built her career improving the lives of at-risk kids. Now she needs her community’s help to save her own!!!!!

Angee Acquin dreams one day of being a little old woman with traditional regalia and shawls hanging over head in her tent, her grandchildren running around and laughing in her home in St. Mary’s. But the 41-year-old youth support worker now worries that may not be the case because her kidney is only functioning at 12 per cent after 15 years living with Type 1 diabetes.

Diabetes is a blood sugar disease that has ravaged First Nation communities. Diabetes Canada says First Nation people are three to five times more like to suffer from the glucose level disease.

Enter her mom, who has started an awareness campaign on Angee’s behalf by selling hoodies that dare people to “Be a Superhero Donate a Kidney.” There are already 50 in circulation.

“My mom wants to see her baby better,” said Acquin, who has been overwhelmed by the amount of people who are willing to go through the screening process to see if they are a match.

Acquin’s father died from complications related to Type 1 diabetes.

“I want to feel better, she says. “I was scared because Dad was walking and talking one Saturday and by the end day he had total organ failure.

She said her resilience comes out because she doesn’t let it get her down. She’d rather make people laugh and feel comfortable, but it comes off too casual at times and so people don’t think she’s that sick. But now the gravity of the situation is starting to set in.

Acquin, who will soon start dialysis, is hoping a new kidney will help get her way of life go back to normal. She’s extremely fatigued because diabetes affects the blood flow and sometimes can damage internal organs. Three years ago Acquin had a massive heart attack.

Acquin is a Wolstaq woman born and raised in Fredericton but now owns a home in St. Mary’s First Nation. She’s an activist, a traditional singer and works as a support worker at Devon middle school with at risk First Nations youth.

“If you sit them down and talk them through it they can get through most problems,” said Acquin.

She said the job is both heartbreaking and fulfilling. Acquin says some students have to deal with parents struggling with substance and alcohol abuse problems and some don’t have running water. But the reward is watching them grow into young adults and learn how to deal with issues on their own.

“I wish I could take them all in forever,” said Acquin.

She wants to be healthy again to continue in her activism and helping the kids. Acquin said she worked for years educating people about diabetes and healthcare but now she’s dealing with it.

“I never really had problems with anything else. Myy body was like go big or go home have a massive heart attack, need a kidney,” said Acquin with a smile.

This is how brave she is -


Saturday, 10 March 2018

Stanton Friedman is interviewed by the Blogger in Fredericton New Brunswick!!!

Perry's Furniture - 138 Millennium Dr, Quispamsis, NB 95% CANADIAN MADE PRODUCTS!

Brian Gallant Government force Fredericton resident Serena Woods to walk home in the dark from Miramichi to Fredericton!!!!

I admire this woman to be brave enough to share her story

This is happening ALL THE TIME and the Brian Gallant Government are laughing at this issue.

Listen to this video....I promise that I will go after the Liberal Government right till the next election.

As Trudeau said - Just watch me!!!! This must come to a stop!!!

Meals on Wheels in Fredericton needs Volunteers!!!!! They are the TRUE Unsung Heroes!!!!

Anyone seen Stephen Blechschmidt around????

Global News Television Journalist Jeremy Keefe leave Fredericton for Halifax!!!

Every Journalist seem to be leaving Fredericton...too bad..he was good and a VERY nice guy...Bonne Chance Jeremy...:)

Former Health Minister Dr.Dennis Furlong died!!!!!!

>A couple of days ago, I was walking by the Beaverbrook Hotel in the Capital.

I noticed the attractive reporter Monica Verma from ATV News fixing her camera while her guest was reading some papers.

Picture 052

Picture 029

On a closer look, it was Dr. Dennis Furlong.

He used to be the Minister of Health in the first term of the Bernard Lord Government.


I might add that he also used to be the Minister of Education.

Anyway? Being Charles? I couldn’t just walk by and just ignored the situation.

I quickly confronted Dr.Furlong pretending that I had a microphone in my hand and said - EXCUSE ME SIR??? As Minister of Education or Health? You used to say that there were no needs to do a study on Ritalin.

Picture 028

But as a private citizen? You say that ADHD is over diagnosed? Can you explain me that one Sir?

He replied- Ohhh Charles??? I heard that you’re a blogger now???

I quickly told Monica to continue filming because this is how you interview these individuals.

I once again asked the same questions but he was more concern of me being a blogger….lol…He believed that it was great that I was a blogger.

He heard the interview on CBC radio which was aired last week!

Picture 027

I told him to answer my questions? But I didn't received any answers!

Yes…it was all in fun and I did tell the former Minister that Vaughn Blaney was a very nice guy.


I always like Vaughn. As Minister? He would listen to the people’s concerns.

Yes, it’s so funny how they changed their views once they leave public office.

Maybe one day that the poor children of this province will get their study but not as Bernard Lord as Premier.

With Bernard Lord at the helm?

The drugging and the killing of our children will continue till Oct 15, 2007!


My deepest sympathy to his Family and Friends!!!!