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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Why are Foster Home Care going down in New Brunswick???

It's touch the kids and raise your voice? You go to Jail!!! So why be bothered????..Simple as that!!!


  1. many people foster kids for the money, nothing else, and are more abusive than the parents they were taken from in the first place. It sucks but no-one really cares.

  2. You think you can't raise a kid without screaming and hitting them?? There are a LOT of foster homes out there, you only hear about the bad ones in media. The rest do a thankless job of raising kids their parents and society have tossed out. Foster care pays for the basic needs of the child, thats it. Anybody that thinks people 'do it for the money' doesn't know squat.

  3. I am pretty disgusted with the comment at 08:57 - no, you don't need to scream at kids, or hit them while raising them, and people certainly do foster for the money. Mikel, as usual, talking without knowing the facts.